Welcome to Friends of Citizen Wells!

This site was created by a small group of former posters at the Citizen Wells blog, which we all dearly miss. We know there are several places others have created to fill the gap the decline of CW has left – and we have posted at most of them – but we missed the concept of a less directed discussion. We also wanted a place to vent and not feel we were infringing on someone’s hospitality.

Our intention is to simply link to some interesting news articles each day, if we can find any. These will most likely be political. We will not be writing editorials. Every thread will be open. There may be a new thread each day – we will figure that out as we go. There will only be one thread at a time.

We will ban major trouble-makers but other than that there will be no rules. We hope this open policy will not be abused.

Our ultimate hope is that the Citizen Wells blog will return to its former glory and we can close this blog and return to posting there.

Friends of CW


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  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Thank God!!!! PLEASE do NOT allow “free speech” to post here. He(?) wrecked “Citizen Well´s” site…….

  3. Hello? Anyone here?

    Happy Easter!

  4. Please get this site going ASAP. I’m not a regular poster at Citizen Wells,but go there everyday to get inform on the Obama issues, lately it’s been a nightmare trying to read anything with all the fighting going on.

  5. I would just like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Despite the circumstances we all find ourselves in, we have so much to be grateful for. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son…”

  6. Welcome to you all, we were not ready to launch yet – be we guess that we have! Post away. And please realize that we are new to this and may make some mistakes.

  7. Happy Easter to all!

  8. Happy Easter everyone..TY friendsofcw for this site…

  9. My Happy Easter greetings to all here, also!

    Can it be real that we are able to talk here? The other site has just gone downhill beyond belief, and it is so sad to see.

    Good to see you here, Ladyhawke, after your experience “over there.”

  10. madeleine7 | April 23, 2011 at 4:02 am |
    Thank God!!!! PLEASE do NOT allow “free speech” to post here. He(?) wrecked “Citizen Well´s” site…….
    Wow! I second that!!

  11. Happy Easter to all, Hope to be able to come here and catch up with the current events. I used to post sometimes at CW as Broker53

  12. I hope that I am welcome here! My wife (Obummer) and I accidentally discovered this blog a few days ago and outed it at CW. I sincerely apologize if you were not ready to launch. We were just very excited that such a place was possibly brewing.

    I agree with all the other posters that we miss intelligent discussion of the news of the day and prefer that Not Free Speech appears!

  13. What he said! LOL!

    Delighted to be here! Please do not hold my own Trump’s outing you against me. Or him. we will try try to post more substantively tomorrow. Congrats for creating this place.

    Happy Easter!

    It has just been reported on Fox that the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to put the Obamacare hearing on the fast track. This is the case which Virginia had requested to be taken directly by the Supremes.

  15. Morning!
    Glad to see some familiar names even if I posted sporadically…

    This link is a very good read……

  16. Glad to see that someone else has taken the initiative to pull away from the destruction taking place over at CW’s. I was one of those who was placed in moderation for speaking the truth at my own request. CW DID take my advice and even posted his Mission Statement right after my last comment to him and Cabby can attest to that.

    I am one of the co-owners over at HeyokaPatriots – If you need any help in wordpress, please feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to provide you any help you may need. We do NOT have trolls at our site and are very guarded and protected at all times.

    Good Luck to you and I am looking forward to reading all the great comments that I am sure will be posted here.

  17. Fernley Girl

    Hooray! Kudos to the “founders”. I really missed all the sane people that posted at CW’s. I hope they all find their way here.

  18. Well glad to see so many here! Got the link at my internet/wordpress home—HeyokaPatriots hosted by the best in the business, jr and Troy!! I have posted infrequently at CW but always look there for good links to current news in the fight against the Fraud Pres. I am looking forward to sharing the good information brought here from CW’s. Between Aussie’s, Dr.Kate’s and Heyoka’s, I feel there will be information abounding. Thanks for openeing this up.

  19. Trump4Potus | April 24, 2011 at 9:18 pm |

    I hope that I am welcome here! My wife (Obummer) and I accidentally discovered this blog a few days ago and outed it at CW. I sincerely apologize if you were not ready to launch. We were just very excited that such a place was possibly brewing.

    I agree with all the other posters that we miss intelligent discussion of the news of the day and prefer that Not Free Speech appears.
    Thanks, Mr. & Mrs. T4P.,
    Appreciate that you shared your discovery with us. I foresee it being a wonderful place. Especially if FS is kept locked in the bathroom over at CW/ Leo’s Loo ( indy’s description… wish I’d thought of it).

  20. Just heard Shep Smith from Fox News report that Rev. Franklin Graham questions Obama’s birthplace and says that Obama could settle that problem very easily by giving a full birth certificate. Then Shep had to add that Obama already has given a birth certificate – on the screen appears the COLB. These reporters spout this stuff like it is the absolute truth. It is so infuriating!! Talk about being willfully ignorant!! Tell a lie often enough and…..

  21. Cabby – AZ | April 25, 2011 at 7:32 pm |

    I heard that! Now I am listening to OReally use Trump coverage to boost his ratings. What is up with Brit Hume, who I really like? I think they are taking a risk branding Trump as a clown. Also, I have seen several polls where a large majority of likely Republican primary voters do not think Obama was born here or have serious questions about about his citizenship. Do these guys really not know that? Trump does, or he would not be talking about it.

    Do you guys get as mad as I do whenever the Republican elites trash Trump? I love that he is saying things that have wished someone would say for a long time.

  22. Welcome to all! We are delighted that you are here, so many familiar names, mostly by word of mouth – and the investigation of Trump4Potus. T4P, we do not know how you found us, but sometimes someone or something needs to be pushed into the pool and begin to swim!

    It is our intention to post very little and only administratively under this byline. No one should have any concern that any nefarious characters will show up here and be allowed to run amok! We doubt they will try. We admit that it would be great fun to publicly ban him or them!

    To: jrCarolinas | April 25, 2011 at 11:08 am
    We are grateful for the offer of help! Thank you! We will not hesitate to call if we have a need – and we mostly likely will!

    Again, welcome and post away!

  23. Looks like Ron Paul is formimg an exploratory committee…Who next? I wonder if Huckabee will run again. If he would announce, he would be required to leave his Fox show.. It doesnt look like Palin will be joining the others.. It is beginning to look more and more like Trump is realy serious this time. I bet Trump could wipe up the floor with the ONE in a debate… I would like to see more of Herman Cain… Anyone?

  24. amy | April 25, 2011 at 10:28 pm |

    (With thanks to the site hosts for their kind remarks)

    I actually salivate of the idea of watching Trump in a debate. Herman Cain is very impressive, for many of the same reasons as Trump. Perhaps they could be a team?

  25. Obummer | April 25, 2011 at 8:24 pm |
    Do you guys get as mad as I do whenever the Republican elites trash Trump? I love that he is saying things that have wished someone would say for a long time.
    Yes, definitely I get fed up with the elitists’ view of Trump! Of course, everyone is entitled to examine Trump fully, and we should; however, when I hear so many trashing him NOW before he has even officially entered the race, in my opinion, they are suspect. It appears to be overkill on their part. What are they so afraid of, for pity sakes? Afraid that someone will venture to tell truth that they don’t want to hear? It is all very strange.

    Furthermore, some patriots have fallen into the same trap. If I were digging around in known liberal blogs and news sites to search out stuff that would trash Trump, I would think twice about associating myself with O’Reilly, LSM in general, and even the Obama White House, which has made it very clear that they think Trump is a big joke. Would I want to be in agreement with the likes of such? Just askin’.

  26. BTW, thanks to the hosts of this site for giving us a forum where we can express our viewpoints without being vehemently attacked.

  27. Trump4Potus..Yes,They would make a great team….. I amgetting realy excited about the debates. Ido NOT have a clue as to whom I will be voting for. There are so many great ones to be in the primary.

  28. Cabby–AZ.. I agree.. This site is great and just what we need.

  29. Hello everyone. Good to see this place. Hope I’m welcome.

  30. Paxson | April 26, 2011 at 12:30 am |

    Hello everyone. Good to see this place. Hope I’m welcome.
    Seriously? Almost, if not everyone here watched you get attacked relentlessly – and my wife and I were new to the CW party! I for one, am delighted that you are here.

  31. Thanks Trump4potus. I’m a big boy and I can take it. It did get old though. The Leo (FS) character is not a good person. I was very disappointed with Citizen Wells for his “Orwellian” approach to “Free Speech”especially after 3 years of supporting his blog.

  32. test

  33. Paxson | April 26, 2011 at 12:49 am |

    I was only lurking most of the time and just recently joined CW. FS attacked you more than most. What was up with that? Perhaps you threatened him more than others?

    There are many theories as to whom is in charge of CW. Is it FS? Sewell? CW? Regardless, you were raked over the coals. Sorry.

  34. I take it that I am not welcome here. I found the link… but….

  35. Hi folks, nice to see you all here! ☺

  36. Hello folks! Found you!
    I’ll repost here some comments from the other place since certain individuals have a compulsion to make uninvited critiques of truthful and relevant comments in order to make themselves feel more legitimate.

    Hopefully others will gather here – esp. hoping for Gordo whose links are always very interesting and informative. But….I have to say I don’t especially love the new title of this blog : “Friends of CW” since yes, you’ve been great friends all the while that blog was used, now for some time, to be a place just for abusing you and allowing even perversion to find a home. I have no clue as to the identity of CW so I could not say in truth how I could ever be any type of “friend” to an unknown. All I know is that your own comments for clarification went ignored, unanswered, and even disrespected via lectures that simply were abusive toward you themselves. Better then something like “Friends of America” or “Concerned friends for America’s future” or the like.

    That place has become a water carrier for O’s re-election since the sources cited now repetitively are CNN, MSNBC, Stern, and all the apologizers and liars backing their chief liar. You have to wonder about the true relationship between the non-existent “moderator” and the chief loud mouth abuser.

    John DiStaso’s Granite Status: Trump has about eight ‘unannounced stops’ in NH on Wednesday


    Apparently the one announced stop was for 500 folks and was sold out in minutes. Now looking for larger venue since people are willing to pay thousands for scalped tickets and thousands are on waiting lists.

  37. Drudge’s current headline:

    And don’t you just love the picture – shows O’s maturity level – where he’s most comfortable – in storybook land!

  38. Trump has to get past the statements like he made on ACooper’s show yesterday. He cannot talk about the BC issue and say”Someone told me there is no BC but I won’t say who that someone is.” This just opens up a whole new class of trashing by the media, politicians, opinon writers and even average Mr. and Mrs. American. If he has info, put it out there. Most of us would be delighted to hear some irrefutable facts ala the Obama BC or any other info on the Fraudulent one’s past. The teaser route will just turn this all into a circus for him and he will become less believable as long as he continues this kind of thing.

  39. Hi, Aussie, Paxson, and others,
    It is my impression that those who were posters at CW’s and got tired of the tirades over there would be welcomed here. It feels good to be able to share with other former commenters without the threat of abuse. That is MY feeling. Good to see Observer and Indymac, as well as all of you.

    Please tell me why someone would want to quote Howard Stern re. Trump? Since when is he a reliable authority about political matters?

  40. I’m not endorsing Trump, YET, but those same Republican establishment types who reject Trump as too liberal give Mitt Romney a free pass.on an plethora of items. He didn’t get elected governor of Massachusetts as a rigid idealogue conservative. Then there is Huckabee who is practically a Democrat himself.

  41. Lt. Col. Lakin Free in Less Than 3 Weeks


    They want a few hundred people to be on hand to welcome him when he is released from prison. He is one brave man, and it sounds as though he has been reading up on constitutional matters while serving his time.

  42. Re endorsing Trump. I never thought I would vote for McCain, either. But I did. Like all of you, I’m playing the waiting game. Anyone but Obummer.

  43. Hi, Paxson –
    It is so good to see you in a friendly environment! I agree with you about Romney and also haven’t made up my mind for certain about Trump. I certainly like his straight forward approach and willingness to take on the media without regard to what anyone says or thinks about him.

    Huckabee rather scares me, since he is just too appeasing, imo. He is not the conservative that some would think he is. He seems very well suited to his entertainment exposure, and that is probably what he should stick with. Just my personal thoughts.

    My mind goes back to right after Obama was elected and Huck was interviewed by Hannity. Huck was very surprised that O was moving so fast down the socialistic path and had to give credit to Hannity for being right about O. Huck admitted he had been wrong – that he had missed the mark.

    Well, I think those of us who had been following and learning about O’s past and properly interpreting his statements, knew more than Huck did. It was not a surprise to many of us. Don’t forget, O made that statement to Joe the Plumber about spreading the wealth around BEFORE the election.

    Huck just hasn’t been very well informed about these matters, and I’m not certain that he gets it yet. Doesn’t he take O at his word that he is a Christian and that he is qualified to be president? That’s enough right there!

  44. Hi everybody……. great to be among FELLOW PATRIOTS!

  45. Paxson……………
    We meet again! This is my first communication with Friends of CW,and it went into moderation. So perhaps the person who is responsible for getting my email registered will do whatever is needed to eliminate the moderation.

  46. Mr. Bill(ms.helga)

    So glad to see so many names from CW and happy you have honored CW by naming it Friends of Citizen Wells. He is a true patriot and a firm believer in Freedom of Speech. I will still have to go over there and tussle with FS. I sometimes wonder if he is in Hillary’s pocket. He will never state anyone from the Conservative-Republican side that he would like. Remember Hillary was the first to question Obama’s eligibility. Leo Berg worked with Hillary.

  47. I think that some people get so accustomed to contrarian thought that they would argue that the sky wasn’t blue, and believe it.

  48. Aussie………………..
    Since there IS NO BICKERING here, I can’t see why you wouldn’t be welcome. I always found your comments to be quite informative, and pleasant.

  49. Does anybody know if Donald Trump is rubbing elbows with George Sores, this is the one thing that scares me about D.T. billionaries stick together.

  50. Ron Paul Supports Ground Zero Mosque; ‘You’re Closing The Door On What Makes America Great’


  51. I’m borrowing from Gordo – another great link he provided:

    Agnostic’s Dreaded Verdict: Birthers Are (Mainly) Right
    Posted by Erica
    Finally! A very serious article in a very serious newspaper regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility challenge. This is the first in a series of two articles in Investor’s Business Daily. This article consumes over half of the editorial page.

    Agnostic’s Dreaded Verdict: Birthers Are (Mainly) Right

    By John F. Gaski
    Investor’s Business Daily
    April 26, 2011

    First of Two Parts

    I will give you the unpleasant punch line upfront: There is sufficient evidence to reasonably conclude that Barack Obama is probably not a U.S. citizen, therefore constitutionally ineligible to be president of the United States.

    The fact that he has been serving in that office would then be not only the most audacious hoax in world history — at least since the Trojan Horse. It also creates a constitutional crisis of the first magnitude that will take decades to straighten out.

    We will now approach this one step at a time to break the news to you gradually.

    Read More …


  52. Hello Old Salt. Good to see you here. Many friendships were formed over at Citizen Wells the past three years. I was saddened that they may have been lost. At some point certain people tried to force people into thinking their way, rather than making cordial persuasive arguments. I’m really disappointed in Citizen Wells as to how he handled Leo/FS. It truly was Orwellian in scrubbing posts, banning certain perspectives that ran contrary to FS, and allowing FS to get away with so much vitriolic behavior for so long. When he took multiple shots at you I realized That he truly was insane and that Citizen Wells had lost his moral compass.

  53. NBC Vic Hern

    Hey ALL,

    Soooo happy to have a friendly place to come to.
    I feel like I have found the real home of my brothers
    and sisters united in this fight against tyranny, and freed
    from annoying Leo Speech.
    BTW, I don’t know why Aussie believes he has a problem.
    What did I miss over there?

    Aussie | April 26, 2011 at 3:29 am |
    I take it that I am not welcome here. I found the link… but….

  54. RadarZiva | April 26, 2011 at 12:12 pm |
    Does anybody know if Donald Trump is rubbing elbows with George Sores, this is the one thing that scares me about D.T. billionaries stick together.
    I remember that when Trump was in Florida the crowd was throwing out subjects for him to address and someone shouted “what about Soros” and he just said “he’s got enough troubles as it is” and went on. He probably knows the trouble Soros can wreak for him. Who knows!

  55. Aussie | April 26, 2011 at 3:29 am |
    I take it that I am not welcome here.

  56. http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2011/04/full-story-cnn-caught-lying-about.html

    More and more people are forced to at least look at the facts … and I think due to the Donald’s breaching the taboo of the subject … whether he goes on politically or not … he’s done a service.

  57. Everyone should feel welcome here!

    Also, as all first messages go to moderation, we are trying to be readily available to unlock them. Unfortunately, we are all very busy today and this board will likely be unwatched until about 6pm EDT. We apologize in advance and did not want anyone to think otherwise if their message does not instantly post.

  58. Observer: Great link to the IBD article. Now we’re talking when a respected financial publication comes out on the side of truth and actually looks at the facts that are out there re nbc requirements. If Trump can give proof and more media get in the game, then Obama will be toast, maybe sooner rather than later. Terrific stuff!!

  59. Observer. You articulated it perfectly. Trump, whether you will vote for him in the primaries or not, is one of us and is fed up with the usurper.

  60. And an attack on the elitists who haven’t stopped getting on Trump’s case with their “how dare him even think of ….”:

    April 26, 2011
    The Chord Donald Trump Strikes
    By Kyle-Anne Shiver
    So, dear readers, what’s the matter with Donald Trump? Well, apparently, just about everything.

    According to everyone who’s anyone in the entire Country, on every stage, from both sides of the aisle, in every news outlet, from every prominent mouth this side of Timbuktu, Donald Trump has no business whatsoever even considering a presidential run.

    Why, the nerve of this Donald Trump! It’s positively galling. It’s The Audacity of Hope on steroids. It’s a national embarrassment, I tell you.

    So there.

    As President Eloquent himself might opine — with drooling faux sophistication, no doubt — Donald Trump certainly has the whole commentariat class all “wee-weed up.” Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen this many oh-so-prestigious people wet their pants since Romper Room went off the air.

    Trump’s a “clown,” a “joke candidate,” a “vulgarity,” and the “Al Sharpton of the Republican Party.” Trump’s just throwing a “publicity stunt.” Trump is a “sideshow.” Trump is making everyone who’s anyone “somewhat uncomfortable.”

    But, wait, it gets better. According to Glenn Beck’s new author sidekick, Dr. Head-Shrink Albow, Trump’s candidacy could be “psychologically debilitating for the American people.” Now folks, even the most sophisticated among you must admit that’s rich. That’s pushing the we-prominent-people-know-what’s-good-for-you envelope just a bit far for me to stomach without a barf bag.

    So, please allow me to enlighten the oh-so-sophisticated crowd.

    Donald Trump is striking all-American chords during an anti-American presidency, and the supposedly very smart people don’t get that? Oh, I think they do get it, but are scared down to their little woolies over what national calamities might ensue if The Donald is “allowed” to continue rattling the presidential goal posts.

    more …. http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/04/the_chord_donald_trump_strikes.html

  61. observer | April 26, 2011 at 1:46 pm |
    And an attack on the elitists who haven’t stopped getting on Trump’s case with their “how dare him even think of ….”:

    April 26, 2011
    The Chord Donald Trump Strikes
    By Kyle-Anne Shiver

    That is a great article, Observer! I don’t know what the outcome will be but will say this in all confidence, the elitists are going to get worse as they face the threat of someone who is not afraid or beholden to anyone. It is really amusing to see how the talking heads try to get around this one!! And it doesn’t matter whether it is MSNBC or Fox. They all are infected with the bug!

  62. Well, here ya go – the status quo Republican talking points – yawn, snore:

    Video: Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus At “The Monitor Breakfast” Speaks On The Birther Issue


  63. Hi everyone and especially
    O L D S A L T

  64. Hi everyone. Great to see everyone here. I saw the link to here a few days ago but when I got here, there were not any posts yet. I don’t post a lot but will always be reading! Thanks FOCW for giving us a place to gather.

  65. It’s good to see the old gang from CW site. I did not post much, but I checked in everyday to keep up with what is going on.

  66. Air Force Brat

    I’m not really sure how much I like the name “Friends of CW”, because it sure looks like the only poster he is a “friend” to is FS. None of his former posters appear to mean diddly squat to him. But that’s only my opinion.

    Personally, although I still have concerns about (1) The Donald’s donations to prominent Democraps (most recently the $50K to Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign), (2) Whether Trump fully realizes that if he were to win the Presidency, he’d have to give up his reality show, real estate wheeling & dealing, etc. for four years, and (3) Whether Trump might become the modern-day Ross Perot if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, I absolutely LOVE how he is asking the questions that no one else dares to ask. If he were to win the nomination, I’d certainly vote for him. How about a Trump/West ticket?

  67. hockeyfan530

    I loved that Investors article….Man it’s just puts it out there…common sense….Even IF the COLB wasn’t forged why produce that instead of the LFBC!? Awesome

  68. Glad to see so many have come to this site. Just about everyone who had any sense has left CW. Don’t know about Donald Trump but at least he is probably getting under the democrats skin.

  69. friendsofcw | April 25, 2011 at 9:12 pm |

    To: jrCarolinas | April 25, 2011 at 11:08 am
    We are grateful for the offer of help! Thank you! We will not hesitate to call if we have a need – and we mostly likely will!
    Just let me know what I can do, whenever. You got my email.

    Good to see so many have found their way here. Aussie I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that you are indeed welcomed. You did an awesome thing to set up a site for CW’s posters as well. Bottom line, all of the patriotic sites, including mine, have one goal in common and we need to do all that we can to enlighten the public.

  70. Excellent piece:

    “Barack Obama has lost his re-election….With a gallon of milk and a gallon of gas. And a stick of celery on the side.”


  71. Hiya SueK and Everybody!
    Wonderful to know there are now 2 glorious sites to fill my achin’ void for erudite conversation. I lurk, therefore I am…
    Thanks for this site. It may be new, but it’s already super! Too bad about the devolution of the (former) one place we could trust for truth. sigh. However, hope to see ALL my fave peeps here soon.
    Kudos & hugs,

  72. Thanks for doing this; the absence of vitriole is delightful. I will revisit. If you keep out the vitriole, I could then recommend the site to others; something I was unwilling to do for CW’s blog.
    We are in SE Penn 5/13 for a wedding and are contemplating greeting Lakin at BWI.
    Encouraging to see how the eligibility story is spreading and that MSM defenses are anemic. I was amazed to learn of Rev Graham’s remarks. They will resonate with many of the faithful.
    Also, check out the Globe cover! They have stayed with this story for quite some time. Great visibility; everyone who buys groceries at least reads the cover of the Globe.

  73. Looks like the sane and relevant now have their comments in moderation over at “that other place” – now including myself too. Oh well, their loss!
    The comment “in moderation”:

    Mr. Bill(ms.helga) | April 26, 2011 at 1:56 pm |
    FS – The Whole country will be waiting with baited breath at the Swearing In Ceremony in front of the West Steps of the Capitol and the New President turns to Ex-President Obama and shouts out “You’re FIRED.”
    There will be a corps of people who will vote just for this scene alone!

    my reply: Really funny! What a picture to behold!
    I suppose that is now considered subversive speech! Well, maybe in Happy Dale where up is down and down is up!

  74. Priebus, Boehner, Cantor et al are going to be very surprised at what voters consider valid and important issues for the upcoming Presidential campaign. I bet they do understand it but are too clueless and in the ‘we-know -best-‘ mode to pay attention. They do this in peril of their jobs. The people have not gone back to sleep and are paying attention and will continue paying attention for the next year and a half. Trump gets attention because he is hitting on Constitutional issues which are very important to real patriotic Americans who have watched their country be trashed in front of their eyes and watched the Repubs let it happen. America gave the Repubs a chance by voting for them in Nov.2010. But if the Repubs keep ignoring the people, if they keep surrendering to the corrupt Dems and Obama, the repubs will be fired. Pay attention Boehner and friends. We are watching and evaluating you.

  75. Hi y’all. Sharzie here from SC…I lurk a lot, rarely post, but want to get my first one in and out of moderation just in case. It is nice to see all the familiar faces here and over at Aussie’s. Especially Old Salt. Welcome

  76. Uh Oh!

    Is This Person Employed by the Hawaii Department of Health?



  77. Proof again Boehner is a dedicated politician, worried only about his political career. You will be fired Mr. Boehner unless you get off the fence quickly before you’re pushed off by the American people.


  78. cjzak | April 26, 2011 at 4:43 pm |
    Some of these politicians have just been in the beltway too long. They need to get real and get out to where the rubber meets the road. I wonder if they ever will wake up and smell the coffee??

  79. Greetings, friends of CW!

    Thank you for breaking out of the realm of sites invaded by bots…and I am sorry it happened. drkatesview—I really try to keep them all out, so that the discussion can focus…the mission of bots is to disrupt and I don’t have anymore time for them. I was assisted by setting my blog so that every commenter would have to be approved first before a comment is let in. That way you can sleep at night! 😀 If they prove to be bots later on you can always put them on your black list.

    Am willing to help in any way…

  80. ps…you are already on my blogroll!

  81. Glenn Beck is having fun dissing the birthers again on his show right now. On one hand he says we need to protect and defend the Constitution which is being run around by Obama and friends and then he says the bc issue is ridiculous to pay attention to. More important things out there to chew on and solve. Does he not get it that being a NBC to be President/VP is at the heart of the Constitution? I would so love for someone to put that question to him right on his show. Sheeesh he is a moron sometimes and I went to his rally in DC last year so I do appreciate what he does—-sometimes. Why he’s so obstinate about the nbc issue is beyod me.

  82. Present!

    Hi Friends! Best of luck with your new site.



  83. Does anybody else find it to be odd that Leo/FS/Free Speech spends more time trying to take down Trump than he does on Obama? If somebody were to come along they’d think Citizen Wells was an offshoot of Daily Kos. Citizen Wells obviously agrees with the take down of Trump that Free Speech is attempting to influence. A person with a brain in their head would let Trump keep talking, especially right now with Corsi’s book coming out soon. As Bug’s Bunny would say, “What a maroon!” What I ask is, “whose side is Leo/FS/Free Speech on?” Even Rush said that the primaries were in the distance and Trump is doing all of the heavy lifting.

  84. There is plenty of time to vet the candidates. Why desire to shut Trump down when he is really influencing public opinion in such a bold manner. He is even taking on Hollywood. The dude has cajones.

  85. cjzak | April 26, 2011 at 5:28 pm |
    Exactly. All the drama Beck puts out there about historical facts and the Constitution and Obama’s Marxist policies and how this country is doomed, etc. and yet when it comes to putting an end to all those policies WITH THE FACTS they’re toooo afraid of being called “kooks” that the country can continue to go to hell. All the talk is therefore worthless except maybe the “gas” it provides.

    And on the FOX business channel just now when “birthers” was mentioned, even in a derogatory way by one of the panel, the host, “Liz”, said “oh you had to bring that up …. I hate that story”.

  86. drkate | April 26, 2011 at 5:24 pm | | Edit

    ps…you are already on my blogroll!
    Thank you so much! We will be creating our own blogroll overnight and plan to return the favor! Of course, we will also be including HeyokaPatriots and Aussie’s place!

    We do appreciate the offers of help from you and jrCarolinas!

  87. Hello Friends of CW! Looks like a lot of the regulars are popping in.

    I hope this site focuses on events of the day and pertinent info. rather than a re-hashing over and over and over again about what happened at CW’s. We may never know and it serves no purpose to continually direct the conversation to you-know-who. That’s exactly what he wants, and as I always say, “don’t feed the trolls”.

  88. (Thank you for freeing me from moderation 🙂 )

    WATCH THE MARXIST MEDIA INTERVIEW THE MARXIST MEDIA. Shepard Smith interviews the WSJ White House reporter – both owned by Newscorp. If this doesn’t give you a chill down your spine, you’re not listening.


  89. I’m here!! Thanks for this site, I still “surf” CW, but I can hardly put up with ths SH!T from FS & now Pat1949 or whatever the number!

  90. PS, I really miss CW and sure don’t understand why FS is allowed to do what he does. He is TRULY an OBOT plant, as outed by Indymac! I still think CW is no longer around, except by his posts, but them FS is always the first blogger there.

  91. I just received an email. Does anyone know if Obama said that his father served in WWII? The emailed message:

    Obama’s father served in WW II…really?How can we disbelieve any of the charges about citizenship, religion, etc., after hearing what he says about his father’s service in the military.

    Obama said his, “father served in WW II…”


    It MUST be true – he said so in a speech.

    Were there no reporters who checked these statements?

    Or called the Democratic party on this?

    They did so for everyone else, why not him?

    Here are the facts:

    Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (Obama’s biological father):

    Born: 4/4/36. Died: 11/24/82 at the age of 46.

    He was 5 years old when WW II started, and less than 9 1/2 yrs old when it ended.

    He must have served in the Kiddie Corps!

    Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s step-father):

    Born: 1935. Died: 3/2/87 at the age of 52.

    He was 6 years old when WW II started, and 10 years old when it ended.

    He must have been the youngest Veteran in the World War II!


    Here is the 18 second video:

    CNN News clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv4jnlkxOaw
    And the media doesn’t say anything?

    It appears this guy doesn’t know how to tell the truth — or he doesn’t
    care about telling the truth!

    Or perhaps he doesn’t know when he isn’t telling the truth (which is also
    a very scary thing).

    Had this been Bush, the Media would still be on the story!

    The CNN clip of Obama is surprising.

    He usually doesn’t leave a “trail.”

    He must have just “forgotten” the facts, again.

    Or perhaps he really doesn’t even know the difference between truth and fiction…

    Or an outright lie.

    This should be sent to every Veterans’ group in the USA.

  92. LOL! I did not realize that the message contained a link – I was just so outraged that my first thought was to run it by you very informed people!

  93. T4P,
    I think I heard this before. And many called Obama out on this because it is obviously untrue. Then he said something like “Sorry, meant to say my Grandfather.” I don’t know if Sr. Stanley served or not, but by saying that, he fooled many folks who don’t bother to listen to closely. The LSM depends on the fact that people don’t listen very closely……OR…..maybe Sr. Stanley really is his father!

  94. With breathless anticipation the crowd awaits the unveiling of the obama statue:


  95. indymac | April 26, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    We have no idea why your last message went to moderation. We apologize. Please realize that we are all climbing the learning curve! We just hope it is not Mt. Everest!

  96. Air Force Brat

    Hmm — FS didn’t utter a peep in response to my suggestion that he go change his diaper and STFU. I’m miffed, I tell you! Miffed! (As if!)

  97. NBC Vic Hern

    Hey T4P, you may be on to something.
    We know that in some Islamic places Hitler and Facism
    were popular, especially in places perhaps like Kenya that were
    totally anti-British.
    Maybe Hitler’s Youth Movement was popular in some
    quarters far beyond Berlin. Perhaps ZERO is somewhat
    truthful, LOL.

    Trump4Potus | April 26, 2011 at 7:15 pm |
    He must have served in the Kiddie Corps!

  98. NBC Vic Hern

    There is at least one photo of Stanley Sr in uniform outside
    his house from the 1940’s I believe.
    SueQ | April 26, 2011 at 7:36 pm |
    I don’t know if Sr. Stanley served or not, but by saying that, he fooled many folks who don’t bother to listen to closely. The LSM depends on the fact that people don’t listen very closely……
    OR….. maybe Sr. Stanley really is his father!
    You may have nailed it here, SueQ
    Excellent conclusion!

  99. NBC Vic Hern | April 26, 2011 at 8:31 pm |
    He must have served in the Kiddie Corps!
    I really didn’t write that, just passed it on, but I agree with all that you said.

  100. NBC Vic Hern

    I have thought for awhile now that the CW/FS relationship
    was an agreement to produce numbers for the blog, for
    whatever short or long-term benefit. Pure numbers of posts,
    numbers of words, whatever. So the more controversy, the more
    words, the more posts.
    Right before Trump showed up, the blog seemed to have exploded
    and has continued until now, and gave FS a different subject to pound
    away on. Someone posted a high number of views per day a little
    while ago. Can someone confirm a high number?

  101. NBC Vic Hern

    If someone here has a direct line to The Donald’s peeps,
    you should send them this site and welcome them to post
    (and view) at a supportive venue. It is believed that they view CW.

  102. Wow….Thanks, DrKate & Hi to All….This is MUCH better!!

  103. Just saying hello to my fellow posters, miss alot of you.

  104. ritabootoo | April 26, 2011 at 4:23 pm |

    Hiya, Rita!

    Glad to see you and everyone here :).

  105. IndyMac, lmao! That is really funny and so true.

  106. If anyone’s interested, here’s the latest on the Japan radiation plume:

    It seems to be dissipating throughout the country. Finally. Although some Iodine-131, Cesium and Strontium are still being detected in certain spots, it’s looking pretty good for the most part.

    From my perch I can tell you that rainwater, milk and air is clean, other than the background radiation we live with every day (and we’re still walkin’ around 🙂 ).

    Of course, all stations are still monitoring, testing, and analyzing, but I can say that everyone’s feeling a heck of a lot better than we were 2 weeks ago.


  107. Indy,

    I *still* say you should do stand-up!

  108. NBC Vic Hern | April 26, 2011 at 9:00 pm |

    I recall threads on CW that were once over 600 posts. With all the folks that FS and his alternate nics have caused to bolt, it’s no wonder that the threads are averaging a 1/4 of that or less, with a good percentage of the posts being made by either FS or one of his alternate personae. CW may or may not be the original, as nobody can seem to confirm with a voice call. Whomever it is, he ignores the elephant in the room. There is no doubt in my mind that FS is not simply a nutjob, but a nutjob actor playing the biggest role of his life. Yes, he is the KING OBOT and he’s wearing a thin disguise. As for CW, he’s either in on the game or impotent. Take your pick.

  109. Pick yer poison

  110. ALL RIGHT!! No FS,glad to see you all here.

  111. indymac | April 26, 2011 at 8:04 pm |

    Thanks for the laugh – definitely not what I expected!!

  112. scarolina | April 26, 2011 at 10:02 pm |


  113. The relationship between Pat and FS reminds me of that old Eddie Murphy movie “Trading Places”

    “Looking good, Billy Ray”
    “Feeling good, Louis”

    Except Leo/FS is looking in the mirror at the time.

  114. Wow! Check this out:

    Congressional Research Service – Internal Memo-What to Tell Your Constituents Regarding Obama Eligibility Questions


  115. NBC Vic Hern

    I just caught a small portion of Mark Levin raging on and on
    about The Donald and what he is doing.
    Methinks The Donald should start asking some of these rubes
    questions about what they are afraid of………………..etc, and who
    says something bad will happen?
    Methinks also that they fear Constitutional chaos when The Ones
    programs and appointments begin to unravel.
    They may fear what might happen to their friends and connections
    if the roles they played lead them into legal trouble. They perhaps see
    their circle crumbling and themselves losing power and influence
    because of those connections.
    So they will slight Our Constitution and US Constitutionalists out of
    pure and ugly fear of the unknown.
    What say you?
    What says the Donald?
    What should he say?

  116. Just popped over there for a few giggles and happened to click on the ‘About’ page. Here’s what it says:
    I have been meaning to do this for some time. I hate injustice. I despise inaccurate or biased news. I don’t like it when innocent people are wronged or taken advantage of. You get the picture, when it affects me the stakes go up. I don’t know where this is headed. I do have lot’s of ideas. Maybe a combination of crusader and accurate news reporter. Sounds good to me. And, oh yes, it is a play on words.
    ‘I do have LOT’S of ideas?’ What ‘journalist’ would use a possessive or a contraction for a standard word just because it has an ‘s’ on the end of it? Go back to 3rd grade and pay particular attention to the ‘Possessives and Contractions’ part of the class.

    Sounds like he’s defending someone, doesn’t it?

    Wonder who wrote that disconnected piece of trash? Wasn’t the former blog owner, that’s for sure.

  117. SueK | April 26, 2011 at 11:34 pm |

    Just to be clear, you are talking about cw, right?

    I just checked and saw what you quoted – go to CW and choose “About.”

    It is all very curious. “lot’s of ideas” makes no sense, as you pointed out.

    I am bleary eyed, so I will save any further comments for tomorrow.

  118. SO HAPPY to see this site! It’s like a breath of fresh air this morning. Just like the old days at CW’s a couple of years ago, an exchange of information & ideas without all the ridicule & nonsense. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  119. 🙂 🙂

  120. Air Force Brat

    SueK — agreed. The real CW at least knew how to write English properly. Wouldn’t be surprised if that little jewel was written by FS.

  121. Hello…..Am I still in moderation? Testing………

  122. Hang on, folks. We’re in for a bumpy ride…

    Headline w/ flashing light on Drudge now – OBAMA TO SHOW LONG FORM BIRTH CERT

    No link yet

    I just heard on Fox that about 45 min. from now (said 9:45 Eastern) Obama would give a report in the White House briefing room about the birth certificate!!

  124. It’s on Drudge. So where’s the hospital verification signature? Where’s the doctor’s signature? Where’s the father’s name (and signature?). Where’s the hospital record on file for verification? Obviously they couldn’t find THAT one! And where’s the allowance for forensic verification? And where’s the acknowledgement of his dual citizenship at time of birth? Conveniently left from public notice with this public view of a form.

  125. Rep. Allen West: ‘You’re Not Going to Intimidate Me’; Heckler Arrested at Town Hall


  126. Scrap my earlier comment but instead is the doctor/attendant now conveniently deceased? Why is there no record by the hospital? Does the hospital now have to accept this form even though they have nothing to back it up??? Why was this form with the little extra info purposefully kept hidden for soooo long with all kinds of coverup gymnastics by the dept? And where is the original for forensic examination? Most of all, WHY, IF A CITIZEN, DID HE GET AND USE A FRAUDULENT SSN? That info is now what ought to be publicly hammered along with the adoption and recorded by another “official” form Indonesian citizenship.

  127. Philo-Publius

    How convenient. Now watch the Ninth Circuit use it to say he is legit without allowing oral arguments in Gary Kreep’s case.

    That’s probably the real reason it was released.

  128. Please get me a barf bag!!! The Fraud is on now, and I can hardly bear to watch. He is such a……… Now making fun over how much interest has been shown in the certificate and HOW important is the gasoline price issue…
    “We have better stuff to do.!” Took no questions. Just ridicule and belittling.
    Such a bag of garbage and lies!

    BTW, Trump really gave a press conference and a half. He DID talk about all of the issues after addressing the certificate. He let the press have freedom to ask whatever they wanted. He stole the show, and what a difference between his conference and the feeble attempt by Obama.

  129. Obama, “We don’t have time for this kind of silliness.”

  130. You know something?
    The newspeople are asking “Why now?” This just occurred to me. Do you suppose that this is a “gift” to the royals for not being invited to the wedding?
    After all, the Obamas were snubbed royally and maybe the timing of the so-called release of so-called birth certificate is to try to detract from the big affair across the pond? Just a wild thought.

  131. SueK: Thanks for the radiation update. My husband LOVES milk, and some of the stuff he’d been reading on less-reputable sites was giving him stress-hives… Now I can put away the xanax. We both trust you more than practically anyone.
    OT: Have you heard anything from twe?

  132. Philo-Publius

    As many of us have said that all along, the birth certificate was a distraction. Now BHO’s supporters and the media will consider the question of citizenship put to rest without ever having to address NBC.

  133. Testing……….am I still in moderation? 😦

  134. Philo-Publius

    Bon Appetit Birth Certificate…

    I predicted multiple times that President Obama would produce the original long form birth certificate when it best served him to do so. Today that prophecy was fulfilled. I have always maintained that the birth certificate issue was a red herring smoke screen protecting Obama from facing the true issue of his ineligibility – dual nationality.

  135. Obummer could scarcely conceal his glee when releasing what he is calling his birth certificate. What is he so happy about? I worry when the usurper is happy. This latest supposed b.c. is no better than the COLB according to what I’m reading, so why the glee?

  136. Philo-Publius

    Beck still does not get it. They were mocking the fact that birthers are still not convinced. A co-host mentioned one birther said he was not an NBC because his father was born in Kenya. Beck then compared BHO to an anchor baby and said his father’s citizenship does not matter.

  137. So how does it compare to this one and what does Lucas Smith have to say?:


    Let the forensics begin … of BOTH bcs.

    I thought Trump also asked for any bc presented to be able to be forensically examined.

  138. ….an expertly forged document, as we expected.

    Still, the nationality of daddy is listed as ‘African;’ where are the certifying hospital signatures?


  139. Philo-Publius | April 27, 2011 at 11:04 am |
    Bon Appetit Birth Certificate…

    I predicted multiple times that President Obama would produce the original long form birth certificate when it best served him to do so.
    Did you predict that he would produce an authentic one or do you believe that this too can be challenged? And who the heck cares if there is a demand for examination for authenticity?

    In fact, if he balks people can simply re-issue the fake complaint and ask the question about the SSN he used/uses. If this bc is authentic he had no need for a fraudulent SSN. Who will be the first to challenge this I wonder?

  140. Philo-Publius

    I understand many folks are still skeptical about all this. However, if they insist on questioning this document it will only serve to continue the distraction of the real issue (NBC) and hamper any serious discussion beyond forums like this.

  141. I have a question about the Signature of Local Registrar with the 8-8-61 date . Did they have more than one Registrar that was charged with the duty of accepting the certificate? Because the one on the Nordyke twins certificate is definitely not the same name and it was certified on 8-11-61. Also can someone refresh my memory – were the Nordyke twins born before or after Obama?

  142. http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/04/27/has-the-white-house-has-released-obamas-long-from-birth-certificate/

    Has the White House Has Released Obama’s Long-From Birth Certificate?

    snip …

    Commentary from Miki Booth, who has released long-form birth certificates from Hawaii in recent days, states:

    This is a forgery.

    Is David A. Sinclair alive? NO

    Sinclair delivered Alan on Nov. 24, 1981. He was my OB/GYN.

    Also why isn’t it like Nordyke’s black with white? Microfische. They are implying it is in a bound book.

    His obituary from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin reads:

    Dr. David A. Sinclair, 81, of Honolulu , a retired physician, died Aug. 20, 2003, at home. He was born in Portland , Ore. He is survived by wife Ivalee; sons David, Karl and Brian; daughters Margaret Peterson, Rebekah Luke and Ruth and Katherine Sinclair; 11 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. Services: 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Central Union Church Atherton Chapel. Call after 4:30 p.m. Aloha attire. No flowers. Donations suggested to Alzheimer’s Association of Hawaii.

    If the original document has been available for the “three years” which Obama cited it has been an issue, why was a decorated U.S. Army medical doctor sentenced to six months at Ft. Leavenworth, forfeiture of pay, and expected discharge from the Army for asking the same question as everyone else?

    The document released today bears the certificate number 151 61 10641 and can be found on the White House website here.

    The COLB presented by Factcheck.org inn 2008 shows only a close-up of the number which cannot be confirmed as belonging to the paper document. That number is 151 1961-010641.

  143. Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and ChildrenFrom Wikipedia,

    The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Kapiʻolani Medical Center
    A new mother holds her baby who was born 10 weeks premature at Kapiʻolani Medical CenterKapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children is part of Hawaii Pacific Health’s network of hospitals. It is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, within the residential inner city district of Makiki. Kapiʻolani Medical Center is Hawaii’s only children’s hospital with a team of physicians and nurses and specialized technology trained specifically to care for children, from infants to young adults. It is the state’s only 24-hour pediatric emergency room, pediatric intensive care unit and adolescent unit.

    The facility was originally founded by Queen Kapiʻolani as the Kapiʻolani Maternity Home in 1890 for which she held bazaars and luaus to raise $8,000 needed to start the Home. Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital opened in 1909 named for Emma Kauikeolani Napoleon Mahelona (1862–1931), the wife of Albert Spencer Wilcox (1844–1919).[1] In 1978, it merged with Kapiʻolani Maternity Home to become Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children.[2][3][4]

    So it should have still said Kapi’olani Maternity Home in 1961? Not “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital” as is on form as presented today!

  144. scarolina | April 27, 2011 at 11:40 am |
    Also can someone refresh my memory – were the Nordyke twins born before or after Obama?
    sc – I was just reading at the following link this AM:


    Obama was born before the twins, but the twins mother has the following possible explanation:

    “Eleanor Nordyke told WND she thinks her twins got lower numbers because she went into the hospital Aug. 4, 1961, and was in labor for 20 hours before she delivered. She speculates that Ann Dunham came in after her and was given a later number, even though Dunham’s baby was born earlier. Nordyke’s twins were not born until the afternoon of the next day.”
    This has to be yet another fraudulent “work”. There are just too many unanswered questions. For one thing, everyone who has received actual copies of their Hawaiian certificates from about that period says that they are white printing on black background. Why would Obama’s be so different?

    Another person who had received a certificate from Hawaii from many years ago said that the typewriting is too dark on the one presented today. Age would have played a part in fading the typing. And so it goes. It just makes me furious that they think we are all such fools.

    On the other hand, isn’t this the way the lying, Marxist minds work? Everyone else is stupid but they are so astute and knowing.

  145. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/barack-obama/birth-obama-certer-movement-098513

    Will Release Of Obama’s Purported Birth Certificate Give Rise To New “Certer” Movement?

    What about those twins??

    In the “This Birth” box there are two mysterious Xs above “Twin” and “Triplet.” Is there a sibling or two unaccounted for?

    Finally, the “Signature of Local Registrar” in box 21 may be a desperate attempt at establishing the document’s Hawaiian authenticity. Note to forgers: It is spelled “Ukulele.”

    also mentions doctor used has been dead several years so conveniently can’t be questioned.

  146. If DT doesn’t now take up the cause that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen due to his foreign father and therefore, not eligible to be VP or PRES., then the trap will have been well and truly sprung on the American people. Trump either played his part well for Obama or he will take this to the conclusion it should have gone to in the first place. I am waiting to see which way he heads as he said there is no bc because someone told him there wasn’t. Will he have his investigators forensically check the now released bc out? Or will he proceed to let Obama off this made up ‘hook’ and go back to his billions and tv shows. Pass the popcorn as this will be very interesting.

  147. Also a question I’ve had all along: If the N twins were born at the same time–or almost—wouldn’t the mother remember seeing a blk baby in the nursery as that has been said was unusual for HA to have a blk child around? Wouldn’t she remember seeing possibly SA at the nursery window or in the hall etc.? Women routinely spent several days in the hospital after giving birth in those days. And wouldn’t she remember the very blk father spending time in the hospital seeing to his’wife’ and child? Were there that many babies in the nursery at that time? Never heard anyone comment on those issues.

  148. Everyone must be trying this link from Drudge:
    Composed of layers?

  149. Fernley Girl

    So it should have still said Kapi’olani Maternity Home in 1961? Not “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital” as is on form as presented today!
    The addition of the apostrophe in the word Kapi’olani is newer than the birth certificate. Back then all the Hawaiian words were completely Anglicized. Now the apostrophes have been added to many of the words in the Hawaiian language to reflect pronunciation. No discrepancy, the Nordyke twins’ certs both are spelled ” Kapiolani “.

  150. Fernley Girl | April 27, 2011 at 12:57 pm
    Yep! Saw that comparison.

  151. I am seeing ALL of the names that I know so well here at Friends of CW. I really like the name. Like everyone I hold a great deal of respect for CW. I do have a problem with one of his friends. For CW to sit idly by and allow someone to literally destroy his creation is something that I don’t understand …..yet. Perhaps someday I will. But you can rely upon me never to try to change your beliefs, but rather to simply state my own beliefs,as such. I personally think that it is not up to me to change anyone’s views. That is up to that person to do for themselves. Americans need to start thinking for themselves again. I think that this has been sorely lacking in our lives. Yet I fully understand the multitude of reasons why we have all become derelict in doing our own thinking. I believe that CW had a huge role in persuading all of us to once again DO OUR HOMEWORK. We have received our reward for failing to follow that premise. Now we have to work doubly hard to get back our PROCLIVITY OF THOUGHT, and a PROPENSITY to INVESTIGATE. We must never again allow ourselves to become so COMPLACENT that we simply take the word of PEOPLE WHO TELL US THAT they are going to “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA”. I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t want America FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED. Our system ,and way of life has been fine up until a person named SOETORO managed to sneak into the WH by making people believe that” UP” is “DOWN”. In addition we now have a whole generation of YUPPIES to RE-EDUCATE as well.
    by making

  152. typo sorry…BY MAKING does not apply.

  153. This must be about the “layers” mentioned in the link on Drudge (which I haven’t as yet been able to access). It’s from: http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/04/27/has-the-white-house-has-released-obamas-long-from-birth-certificate/comment-page-2/#comments

    The document posted here is a pathetically obvious forgery:

    This appears to be an official government website so that by approving the release of this clearly digitally forged PDF Obama has inescapably painted himself into a prison cell corner.

    One can see that most of the print was layered on top of the scanned document by panning or zooming the view in or out slightly while viewing the document at a high zoom level. The bottom layer (background, most of the witness signatures and some of the form text that is still original) clearly pops up and is displayed as a complete layer in its entirety before any of the forged upper layer(s?) begin to display. Check this out for yourself by viewing the document linked above (and be sure to save a copy before it gets fixed). Also, note that all the original document text, original signatures and other document features exhibit multiple levels of intensity and hue when viewed under high zoom. All of the forged upper layer text appears as an even, single dark intensity level. This clean digital characteristic of the upper layer is completely unnatural, even to my untrained eye.

    Why would Obama release such an obvious forgery? The evidence is so undeniably incriminating. Why is he not worried about going to prison. Is he laughing our faces? Is he that arrogant?

  154. Wow! Here’s another forgery analysis:


  155. Fernly Girl…………………
    Great to see you again! Hey I think your belief about the Kapiolani BC is dead on the money . I too believe that any record of birth originating from Kapiolani for Soetoro would LOOK EXACTLY LIKE the hospital issued BCs issued to the NORDYKE TWINS. NO MATTER how Soetoro,or his GOON SQUAD tries to twist it he CANNOT CHANGE THAT FACT. If he cannot produce a GENUINE hospital issued BC from Kapiolani then he was NOT born there. Simple as that. I think that anybody who can reason can figure that out. The only form of BC that he MIGHT have had is a CERTIFICATION of LIVE BIRTH, which was given to people who were REGISTERED AFTER THE FACT. Again simple as that. But understand this is my own belief.

  156. EVERYONE……………….

  157. observer | April 27, 2011 at 12:54 pm |

    Everyone must be trying this link from Drudge:
    Composed of layers?
    I can now get the link to work, but access is forbidden. Has it bee scrubbed?

  158. TRUMP FOR POTUS………………..
    The forgery analysis is dead on the money. If there is one curved line ALL lines will be curved,…..not just one. As a retired lithographer I do not need to look any further than that. Distortion of a form is linear. It doesn’t happen to just one line unless it is superimposed from another form. If a line is superimposed from ANOTHER form then the BC document is LEGALLY INVALID, because it has been ALTERED.

  159. Philo-Publius

    Obama said today:
    “I know that there’s going to be a segment of people for which, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. But I’m speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press. We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do.”

    Sounds like marching orders to the media…DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE.

  160. CJZAK………………..
    Infants that are born to black mothers do not appear black for a short period of time after they are born. They resemble all other infants. The skin pigmentation does not show up for a time. They get darker gradually. When my oldest son was born there was a black lady who gave birth to a son of her own just minutes after my first wife delivered my first son. I saw the infant that was born to the black lady, about an hour after it was born, but the infant while a little reddish in color appearred to be as white as all the other infants in the maternity ward . I asked a nurse about that,and she told me just what I reiterated here.

  161. Once again Abercrombie is looking like “BOSS HOGG”, after being exposed in one of his little schemes. What a HORSE’s behind! Total moron. Just my opinion.

  162. HEY EVERYBODY…………
    165 comments and it is only 2;00 PM where I live. Really great response. You are all part of it . Keep it up. Sorry CW, I guess we like FRIENDS OF CW blog much better. NO OFFENSE!

  163. Trump4Potus | April 27, 2011 at 1:35 pm |

    I can now get the link to work, but access is forbidden. Has it bee scrubbed?
    I got that too. Then finally got in later.


    When the PDF file given from WhiteHouse.gov is opened in Adobe Illustrator it shows up in different layers.

    Then it illustrates on a video. Kinda like taking a vision field test! Wish I knew more about such technicalities. Shows different amounts of the entire info on different fields. Each amount of info on form is demonstrated as showing up separate from the whole according to its layer.

  164. Thanks Old Salt for the info. But still, why would Mrs. Nordyke not notice a black man visiting his wife and new baby? Would be very unusual for the times to have white mother/black father and would surely cause some talk. I would think this would be very memorable. Unless senior never visited—-or jr was not really there.

  165. Trump on Wednesday took full credit for the release.

    “I feel I’ve accomplished something really really important and I’m honored by it,” Trump said at a press conference held during his pre-scheduled visit today to New Hampshire. Trump noted that people have long been requesting the document, but Trump was the only one who got the president to release it. Trump suggested Wednesday this development will boost his own potential presidential candidacy.

    Trump said he and others are still going to have to assess the document’s authenticity. We’re “going to look at it. We have to see if it’s real, if it’s proper,” Trump said. But he added that he’s “sure it’s the right deal” and is looking forward to moving on to more important issues such as OPEC and China.


  166. Here’s another debunking:


  167. SCAROLINA………………………
    From all that I have learned I have concluded that Soetoro was born after the Nordyke twins yet the numeric order of the BCs suggest that he was born ahead of them. If there is numeric gaps then there probably was also other infants born at that time as well, and hopefully somebody will take the initiative to learn the nams of these people and contact them, to see if they will allow their BC (REDACTED) to be viewed for comparative purposes. We sorely need an ORIGINAL not a copy. We need to view the copy as issued to the infant at the time of his/her birth. It will be a PHOTOSTATIC copy, not one on SECURITY paper.

  168. CJZAK……………………
    Exactly my point! In addition most people who work at hospitals are responsible people and do NOT make mistakes about the numerical sequence of births. Yet there is substantial conflict as to who was born first the Nordyke twins or Soetoro. Numerically his BC shows that he was born first(NUMERICALLY). But the Nordyke twins have Certificates that were NUMERICALLY PRIOR to Soetoro’s BC. That by itself screams “look at me” something is wrong.

  169. CJZAK……………….
    The numerical conflict suggests to me that there was a prior child born who may have died soon after birth, and the Soetoro GOON squad learned the name and status of the infant,then used the certificate number as that of Soetoro. If this is a workable scenario then there was probably inside help in finding the death certificate, which once found would allow them to scrub names and dates on the BC accurately., and substitute the Soetoro BULLSH##. This again is only my viewpoint.

  170. CJZAK………….
    I think that I might have mistakenly twisted the birth sequence around. What I meant to say is that NUMERICALLY the BCs show that the TWINS were born first. Yet the NUMBER shown on Soetoro’s BC indicates that he was born first. Hope I have it right now. But whichever I am sure that you know what I mean.

  171. More on the “layered look”


    Obama’s NEW Birth Certificate proven to be fake hours after release

    Some great verification comments too.

  172. Here’s something I can’t understand though. Why would Obama and company even dare to put such an obvious fake out there? They have the best internet/computer people at their disposal and this is the best they can do? It must be they think most Americans won’t question it and that the media and pundits will say case closed and ridicule those obsessed ‘birthers’ who wouldn’t believe anything anyway unless it’s said that the bc doesn’t exist and Obama was born somewhere other than US.
    Here goes Beck laughing at all of us now on his show. I am so sick of his disdain for this issue and the fact that people have questions. Sheesh.

  173. Widow of Obama ‘birth doctor’ advises Hawaii Health Dept.
    Deceased physician’s name appears on document released today

    Read more: Widow of Obama ‘birth doctor’ advises Hawaii Health Dept. http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=292217#ixzz1KlA284yk

  174. Philo-Publius | April 27, 2011 at 1:46 pm |

    Sounds like marching orders to the media…DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE.
    Yeah, that reminds me of a story I heard about giving orders like that. Someone with authority told the folks, “Now I DON’T want you to think of a blue horse.”

    That is rather a stupid admonition, because what really happens? You can guess.

  175. Just more proof the LFBC was photoshopped and cropped images taken from other documents:


    go to the very bottom of her article and look at the date 8-7-61 on one of the Nordyke twins BC and look at the date on Bo’s BC – they ARE the same

  176. Just my opinion, I think that who ever is running the show behind the curtains (PTB), created this BC controversy to do just what it has accomplished. For over 2 years, this controversy has divided a nation, caused people to speculate , cloud the issues, kept Americans from being able to concentrate on the policies that have been implemented and has distracted and fractured this nation until we are so weakened that we are overwhelmed with how to get a grasp on where to start first to correct the damage. I would say he has done this purposefully for his advantage and it has worked perfectly.
    I pray that Lt. Terry Lakin will be the one who will have the standing to take him down. He has had 6 months to strategize on what his next move will be. He has nothing else to lose and everything to gain.

  177. OldSalt,
    Have you seen this link lately?
    I was just reading at the following link this AM:


    Obama was born before the twins, but the twins mother has the following possible explanation:

    “Eleanor Nordyke told WND she thinks her twins got lower numbers because she went into the hospital Aug. 4, 1961, and was in labor for 20 hours before she delivered. She speculates that Ann Dunham came in after her and was given a later number, even though Dunham’s baby was born earlier. Nordyke’s twins were not born until the afternoon of the next day.”

  178. ‘Obama blinked. Now game begins’
    Author suggests disputed presidency won’t survive publication of book’s information….
    Read more:

  179. We are hearing all sorts of analyses of the rendition of O’s birth certificate today. I dare say that most of us – not all – but most, are not well schooled enough in such matters to give very authoritative opinions on all of the aspects of forgeries as they pertain to internet images, etc. We can see what we think we see but I have to hold reservation until a real authority comes along and explains it all.

    I believe in my heart of hearts that it IS fraudulent. After all, has he ever done or said anything that was truly honest? I believe the W.H. is running scared for two reasons. 1) Trump has been able to publicize the B.C. all over the media without fear or favor, and 2) Corsi’s bombshell book is soon to be released. Obama DID blink, in Corsi’s words.

    The way Obama smirked it off in the abbreviated news conference this AM and mixed in a large dose of sarcasm and ridicule for the public that wants answers – is enough to let us know that he is uncomfortable with the turn of events. That was NOT an act, imo.

    I think we do ourselves and our country a possible disservice to assume that his handlers are experts and complete puppet masters behind the scenes. They are NOT infallible. They are only greedy, self-serving humankind that don’t always get their own way completely. In fact, if they had been able to pull off everything they would have liked to, we would already been hopelessly enslaved. Conspirators have their limitations.

  180. Cabby……………………….

  181. Cabby………………..
    The big problem is that his BC is NUMERICALLY higher than the ones issued to the NORDYKES, yet like you stated the NORDYKES were allegedly birthed AFTER Soetoro. Seriously I don’t buy it at all. I know that people who work at professional levels in both healthcare entities and hospitals rarely make mistakes . Particularly numerical mistakes. My present wife was a healthcare provider herself for over 20 years. She is extremely fussy about accuracy.

  182. oldsalt79 | April 27, 2011 at 4:21 pm |

    The numerical conflict suggests to me that there was a prior child born who may have died soon after birth, and the Soetoro GOON squad learned the name and status of the infant,then used the certificate number as that of Soetoro. If this is a workable scenario then there was probably inside help in finding the death certificate, which once found would allow them to scrub names and dates on the BC accurately., and substitute the Soetoro BULLSH##. This again is only my viewpoint.
    Old Salt – you will be interested to see this!

    CHECK THIS OUT! Found on link on obamareleaseyourrecords…(the plot thickens.)

    Poster Fred Nerks going through BP2′s old postings found the birth and death of a baby born on Aug 4 and died Aug 5th, 1961.


  183. Hey everybody……………….
    Hannity has finally earned my turn off of his radio show. Today on his radio show he blatantly lied about the released BC.,and for all Americans to hear who listen to him to hear he REFUSED to read the line that told the nationality of Soetoro’s father. So now I know that he is a Soetoro SYMPATHISER, and wqithout a doubt a SUPPORTER as well.n I believe that he does in fact know exactly what an NBC is. Yet he keeps trying to make everyone think that Soetoro is eligible because he is a NATURALISED Citizen. Well Hannity I know better . You can LIE and you can be deceitful, but you need to read the Constitution again. We the people are a little smarter than you think. Goodbye to your ratings. People are now going to abandon your shows by the thousands. Me included.

  184. By the way Soetoro is NOT A NATURALISED citizen either. That is why the GOVERNATOR could go no further.

  185. I am simply shocked at what you are all discussing! Just kidding, of course. Nice to see this site has taken off!

    What a news day! I think I am on information overload. I have read many of the links that seem to indicate that this new birth certificate is a fraud, and I tend to agree. That raises some big questions to me. Why would someone put out such an obvious fake? Can’t Obama find some decent forgers? A friend told me today that a decent forger wouldn’t take the job – lest the con ever be discovered and he/she excoriated forever – not out of decency. Why put this out today? Was it because Trump was going to New Hampshire? Did Obama need something to chat about with Oprah? Are they scared about the fabulous pre-sales of Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” Was it the bad poll numbers? Bernanke’s news conference.

    I kind of get the sense that Rush likes Trump. Levin hates him. Tom Sullivan seems on the fence. I do not listen to Hannity. Did anyone listen to Rush today? He signed off with saying something like the events of the last three days have been so eventful that he needed to take a few days off to think about what he thinks about it all. I thought it was very strange.

    I hope some of you are wondering some of these things and I am not crazy!

  186. The .pdf file image does not look authentic to me. Is it possible insiders set up POTUS for a fall?

  187. Everybody…………….
    Anybody who is willing ,or can should look in on Hannity tonight to see if he mentions LINE 11 of the alleged BC. That is the line that says “BIRTHPLACE OF FATHER”.Which on the alleged BC that the WH released is KENYA. By his this admission, again he in not eligible to hold the office of POTUS, because he was NOT BORN TO TWO PARENTS who were themselves CITIZENS of the US. He is NOT AN NBC. In addition I would look upon anybody who thinks that the US has 57 states as in all probability an illegal alien. Somebody needs to track all of the childbirths at Kapiolani on August 4 1961. See who else might have died . Irregardless if the infant died or lived the BC number should have remained as belonging to a deceased person. Mr. Nerks will hopefully carry his investigation to the point of REASONABLE DOUBT. Keep on fighting and digging everybody. I refuse to believe that Soetoro was even born there. That is why he does NOT have a BC that is EXACTLY like thhhose of the NORDYKES. In the end he has tried to FALSIFY a BC but you cannot change the PAST TENSE to jibe with the FUTURE tense. The past is recorded history. Try all you want Soetoro you can’t change that which has already happened. All you can do is LIE ABOUT IT.

  188. Ladyhawke – 7:59 PM
    What a news day! I think I am on information overload. I have read many of the links that seem to indicate that this new birth certificate is a fraud, and I tend to agree. That raises some big questions to me. Why would someone put out such an obvious fake? Can’t Obama find some decent forgers? A friend told me today that a decent forger wouldn’t take the job – lest the con ever be discovered and he/she excoriated forever – not out of decency.
    On information overload!! Those are my sentiments exactly. There are too many theories floating around out there in the blogosphere, and I will have to sort them out after more info comes in. Not that there are any doubts in my mind – IT IS A FRAUD! But how do we accurately and forcefully prove it?

    There are more questions being raised than answered. For example, what took him so long? Why NOW? What about Lt. Col. Lakin who has spent six months of his life incarcerated while Obama dallied around and refused to bring “it” forth? Obama is one big, lying piece of humanity – a low life, lower than the low. Just my opinion.

  189. Cabby – AZ | April 27, 2011 at 8:25 pm |
    Not that there are any doubts in my mind – IT IS A FRAUD! But how do we accurately and forcefully prove it?

    There are more questions being raised than answered. For example, what took him so long? Why NOW? What about Lt. Col. Lakin who has spent six months of his life incarcerated while Obama dallied around and refused to bring “it” forth? Obama is one big, lying piece of humanity – a low life, lower than the low. Just my opinion.
    Your last point first. I find it hard to discover a word for something lower than I think of Obama! I feel that I would be insulting that thing.

    What happened to Lt. Col. Lakin is a tragedy, and the evil POTUS pretends to produce a birth certificate today?

    One thing that struck me odd on the supposed birth certificate, besides the well-reported layers, was the father’s birth place. Kenya, East Africa? I guess that makes me born in United States, North America.

  190. oldsalt79 | April 27, 2011 at 8:03 pm |
    Watching Hannity now. Thanks for the heads up!

  191. Has anybody bothered to look at the type set for Obama released BC, and that from the ‘claimed’ same hospital and typewriters as the Nordyke twins.



    Funny, they don’t look like it’s the same size or font.


  192. Check this out:

    Apparently, there was a baby born on the same day as Obummer, that only lived a day. Could this be the number Obummer is using?

  193. Fernley Girl

    oldsalt79 | April 27, 2011 at 1:21 pm |

    Fernly Girl…………………
    Great to see you again!
    You too, oldsalt! I was hopin’ all the nice regulars for the old site would show up over here…..and it looks like they have! Feels like home. 😀

  194. Trump4Potus | April 27, 2011 at 9:16 pm |
    Watching Hannity now.
    This is the first that I learned of Michelle Malkin’s views about birthers. She disregards the issue and feels it is a distraction, as do many other conservatives in the vanguard.

    You know what I think about so many of these spokespeople? Folks like Hannity, Levin, Savage, Limbaugh, Malkin, Beck, etc., are in a place of leadership because of their public platforms – syndicated columns, talk radio, TV programs, books, etc. They are powerful people.

    That leadership gives them power and prestige among a certain segment of our society. They often make predictions, indulge in hypotheses, and they have a wide audience. There is nothing at all wrong with that; however, that power CAN and sometimes does go to their heads.

    Therefore, when the birther issue came front and center with so many of us common folks (we could see so much that they refuse to see), some of these leaders decided not to run the risk of sullying their careers. I don’t think it is one grand conspiracy among them – they all seem to have their own particular brand of avoidance.

    If they yielded to our pressure to take on the birther issues, then they just might jeopardize their own base of POWER. They would prefer not to upset the apple cart right now by espousing that issue.

    That is why we are going to see this fraudulent piece of trash shoved under the rug if possible by the above-named folks. It just doesn’t fit into their individual ideas of preserving the power which they now enjoy. Plain and simple. Maybe that is why Rush indicated he would have to think about these things for a few days.

  195. ritabootoo | April 27, 2011 at 10:11 am |

    Hi Rita!

    Sorry, I’m waaaay behind! Thanks for your trust :).

    Tell hubby to go ahead and drink Nectar of Cow. The FDA and local and state boards of health are monitoring all this closely to make sure no radioactivity gets into the food chain. Very closely.

    I will post if there’s anything of concern.

    Haven’t heard from twe for over a year. If you recall, his Mom wasn’t doing well and I assume she’s passed, by now. I pray for his family who I believe are local to me. Remember all the funny stuff he used to post? No commentary, just a link that’d have you backdrafting your beverage out your nosey. My carpet protector is lonely without him. Maybe he’ll pop up one of these days?

    Let’s hope!

  196. Hawaii Elections Clerk: These People Must Be Held Accountable, Punished, And Removed From Power, By Whatever Means Are Necessary.

    April 27, 2011 6:50

    Tim Adams says,

    “These haven’t changed one bit today – except that it has taken three years of national controversy for a sitting president to grudgingly dole out a milksop of compliance with the laws of the country, this is the best lesson from today.”

    For more, read:

  197. Anyone catch Eric Bolling just now on FOX “Follow the Money” with Pam Geller and others? It was pretty darn good notwithstanding the learning curve most are on and Eric was really firey about the big screened BC that he kept pointing out was photo shopped. And Monica Crowley began a discussion about NBC and how its definition has been fluid over the years since it hasn’t as yet been defined by the courts. I really think Eric would accept and run with more info re: SSNs and Indonesian adoption, etc. if he was sent the info. And his email box is probably not as yet over-run with info. Perhaps now, after this show showing his openness and determination to continue studying all this, it will be.

  198. The shame of what has happened to Lakin is just disgraceful. Obama would not allow the release–even to the military court–his so-called long form bc in order to save one of his military men, and a good reputable one, from being stripped of his career and going to jail. This is just reprehensible imo. Yet it is standard procedure for the arrogant a** Obama. If the bc is real(I doubt it) then there should have been no hesitation on the CIC’s part to release it to clear Lakin, except for spite and to strike down anyone who would question the most great One. This fraud Pres. is evil and vindictive to the core. Corsi’s quote from the WND article linked above was spot on:

    “Also, he asked, why did Obama withhold the birth document that had been legally requested by an Army doctor, Terrence Lakin, but instead watch him be court-martialed and imprisoned over the issue? ”

    Read more: ‘Obama blinked. Now game begins’ http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=292213#ixzz1KmT9yiTn

  199. Observer: I caught that too. Pretty good for a Fox guy to push it like that. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that whole discussion except for JWilliams and his rant that people questioning the bc issue were ‘racist.’ I’m so sick of that statement when anything questioning Obama is immediately called racist by the libs. Otherwise good stuff from that panel.

  200. Philo-Publius

    Yes, Monica Crowley finally brought up the NBC issue. Crowley made these points:
    1. The Founding Fathers put it there for a reason.
    2. NBC has never been defined by the courts.
    3. Because its never been defined, the concept keeps changing & has different meanings to different people.
    4. Some say NBC requires TWO citizen parents, others say it only requires ONE citizen parent.

    Although the two liberals were very vocal about dissing the birthers, they did not respond to her.

    Too bad Crowley did not have time to explain why the Framers put that requirement there.

    BTW, I, like may others, have been puzzled about Hannity thinking he was either woefully ignorant or not being honest. He said he always believed Obama was born in Hawaii and a naturalized citizen so that is why he never debated it. Tonight he gave himself away when he brought up Chester Arthur as an example of another President who was questioned. If he knows about Arthur’s case with dual citizenship, that tells me he knows about Obama’s so ignorance is no longer a factor.

    On Bolling’s show, one of the Fox panelist openly admitted Roger Ailes told them not to get in the middle of all this.

  201. Philo-Publius | April 27, 2011 at 10:55 pm |
    Thanks for the report on Fox Business Channel. I like Bolling when he has been on Cavuto’s program.

    That was really an eye opener for someone on the panel to openly admit that Roger Ailes told them not to get in the middle of all this. Now the cat’s out of the bag!

  202. Wow Philo. I didn’t hear that Ailes comment. Interesting. Could explain alot. Wish Judge Napolitano would get into a discussion about what NBC is according to his take on Article 2 and the 14th amendment and all the court cases where it has come up. He’s very strict about the principles of the Constitution but he’s never really gotten into the nbc issue that I’ve heard anyway.

  203. Good article linked by a poster over at the RightNetwork/GatewayPundit:

    “In fact, evidence mounts that he has executed the most brilliant coup in world history. (This argument also rules out any likelihood that Obama is covering up just to be obstinate.)

    4. Alternatively, Obama may in fact be a natural-born American, but then took dual citizenship during his Indonesian years, which he never relinquished. If so, a cover-up on Obama’s part now would still be necessary because he knows U.S. voters would never abide a clandestine dual citizen as President. In that event, a monumental scandal would still prevail.

    In fact, when Obama lived in Indonesia as a child, that nation’s government required Indonesian citizenship for school attendance. Obama’s early school records do confirm his Indonesian citizenship. This information may be the closest thing to a smoking gun, as it clinches at least dual citizenship in the strange case of Barack Obama’s background.

    (Yes, Obama is already established to be a citizen of Kenya as well, per a technical quirk of that country’s law — even if born in Hawaii to one Kenyan parent, that is — but two foreign citizenships out of three may be too much for the U.S. electorate to digest. Obama probably sees it that way, too; hence, the cover-up of other records, including collegiate, that would impinge on contemporary citizenship.)

    Therefore, the Hawaiian birth issue may ultimately and ironically be an immaterial red herring. The critical condition necessitating the gross political deception may have eventuated later and elsewhere. Even if those old Honolulu birth clippings are genuine, it would not matter. If not constitutionally disqualified from office, Obama might be pragmatically. Would that not be the supreme irony?

    5. Perhaps the most plausible scenario is that the presumed Mr. Obama never had his legal name changed from Barry Soetoro, and therefore has committed a form of fraud by signing official documents with a false alias, as well as perjury by falsely swearing to that effect on many occasions (as in legal application questions about past use of an alias). That would be in addition to a massive deception of the American voters about his true identity. If this is so, no wonder the so-called Barack Obama feels he must cover it up.

    We have been here before more recently. Barack Obama has had a long and close association with an anti-American terrorist involved in the bombing of the Pentagon and multiple police stations. The associate’s name is Bill Ayers, of course. No, Ayers was not just “a guy in the neighborhood,” as Obama tried to pretend. Moreover, and maybe worse, there were those 20 years as an even closer acolyte of the manifest anti-American, Marxist, racist preacher, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    So lying about citizenship (or one of the reviewed possibilities that are nearly as bad) is junior varsity compared with Obama’s sordid personal history. Therefore, the preceding analysis is rendered mild and moderate, which makes it all the more plausible and troubling.’”


  204. We appreciate you all! There is a new top thread.

  205. I agree with Karl Denninger that the proof that the certificate that was made public yesterday was manufactured on computer and not either a scan nor a photographed copy of an actual paper document. It’s all about the lack of chromatic aberration around the edges of the lettering, which should be easily detected when the image is enlarged, yet it’s completely absent.

    Anyone else want to weigh in on that?

  206. Cabby AZ………………
    This is what I mean when I say DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  207. Hello colleagues, how is the whole thing, and what you want to
    say about this paragraph, in my view its actually remarkable for me.

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