One of these is certainly false and, of course an open thread.

Dr. David A. Sinclair delivered Obama.

Dr. Rodney T. West delivered Obama.

Please weigh in, or just post away!


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  1. I cannot find the information at the moment – two new computers since Obama was inflicted on us – but I am sure when I first learned about Dr. West, I discovered that one of his sons was a reporter in Hawaii. I just tried to find the info again, to no avail.

  2. Eugene | April 29, 2011 at 10:06 pm |
    What do you guys make of this

    Expert: No Doubt Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Legit
    Read more:
    step by step debunking attempt of O’s bc:

    REALIST NEWS – Obama Birth Certificate absolutely fraud. Proof beyond any doubt.

  3. In the past we have been led to believe that Obama was born at TWO different hospitals. If TRUE he is the ONLY human being to pull off such a feat. So in conclusion it would follow that there might also have been two different doctors as well. While we are raving we might as well be absurd.

  4. Just a little humor to shed some insight into the “mind” that is LEO / FS. He is over there telling Pete (paraphrasing )”I was one of the first that began posting videos and articles from experts debunking the BC”. What a (narcissistic) maroon, as Bugs Bunny would say. The guy is full of “hisself” beyond belief and is an evil clown.

  5. The first I read of the Dr.West story was in my hometown newspaper –BuffaloNews– back a couple years. I almost fell off my chair when I opened the paper and there was this story from and interview of a nurse living in my town, who spilled the whole West dialogue. However, Dr. West didn’t say he delivered the baby I don’t believe. He just said “Stanley had a baby today.” I have the paper still I think, but it is talked about over at Texas Darlin’ and elsewhere. I think someone said both these docs–West and Sinclair–were not practicing OB docs at that time. Not sure though if true.

  6. At this point I have a little difficulty imagining Trump as a serious contender for POTUS .However I hasten to temper this with the assertion that he is really tearing some people a new backside with regard to what they have had to say about foreign policy. Perhaps Allen.West should consider running for Trump’s VP. I really am not yet convinced about Trump’s sincerety. Herman Cain would also make an excellent running mate for West.. The only reservation I have about Cain is that it is difficult to find anything about him above going to and from an office each day. I can find NO special accumen, or therwise outstanding feats. I can find only limited accounts of Cain’s life. It is almost as if he never done anything that would gain national recognition as something special or outstanding. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. At least we do know Allen West will indeed stand rock solid for the principles he believes in. This more than qualifies him in that department. He has proven that he can lead an Infantry group, but can he lead a country.? There are constraints upon a POTUS that it is likely an Infantry officer has never even heard of. The question in my mind can he if faced with such constraints still lead effectively.? If Allen West runs for POTUS it is likely that we might have to gamble a little if we decide to vote for him. There is still a lot of unknown values within his requim, or for that matter anyone else’s either. It is still a little too early to really get a handle on anyone just yet.

  7. CJZAK…………………..
    I read about 1 paragraph about the Dr,West thing. The further I read the more inclined I felt to look upon it in the same light as all of the PHONEY BCs now floating around.

  8. Old Salt. I too like Allen West and Herman Cain. They would make an excellent ticket by themselves. .

  9. Paxson, my personal opinion is that a Cain/West ticket would be one of the most formidable from the current R crop.

  10. …and Paxson, it’d be worth the price of admission to watch the Dems try to play the race card on that ticket 🙂

  11. It seems that Obama’s father was forced out of Harvard:
    Seems he had immigration problems.

    FTA: ” The immigration memos, contained in the elder Obama’s Immigration and Naturalization file, were given to a Boston Globe reporter in 2009 through a Freedom of Information request. The papers were first made public Wednesday by The Arizona Independent, a weekly newspaper. The Associated Press obtained copies of them on Friday.”

    If I read that correctly, the Globe has this story in 2009 – and it only sees the light of day by an Arizona weekly paper?

  12. SueK, Indy and Old Salt. Obama’s years after the age of ten were spent being raised by an upper middle class white family. Cain and West? They are really from the African American community and can call Obama out on his b.s.

  13. oldsalt79 | April 30, 2011 at 11:06 am |
    Herman Cain would also make an excellent running mate for West.. The only reservation I have about Cain is that it is difficult to find anything about him above going to and from an office each day. I can find NO special accumen, or therwise outstanding feats. I can find only limited accounts of Cain’s life. It is almost as if he never done anything that would gain national recognition as something special or outstanding.


    Herman Cain (born December 13, 1945) is an American newspaper columnist, businessman, political activist, and radio talk-show host from Georgia. He is best known as the former chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He is a former deputy chairman (1992–94) and chairman (1995–96) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Cain’s newspaper column is distributed by North Star Writers Group. He currently lives in the Atlanta suburbs.

    ….Business: After completing his master’s degree, Cain left the Department of the Navy and began working for Coca-Cola as a business analyst. In 1977, he joined Pillsbury where he rose to the position of vice president by the early 1980s. He left his executive post to work for Burger King – a Pillsbury subsidiary at the time – managing 400 stores in the Philadelphia area. Under Cain’s leadership, his region went from the least profitable for Burger King to the most profitable in three years. This prompted Pillsbury to appoint him president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, another of their then-subsidiaries. Within 14 months, Cain had returned Godfather’s to profitability. In 1988, Cain and a group of investors bought Godfather’s from Pillsbury. Cain continued as CEO until 1996, when he resigned to become CEO of the National Restaurant Association – a trade group and lobby organization for the restaurant industry – where he had previously been chairman concurrently with his role at Godfather’s.[4]

    Memberships: Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 1992; president, National Restaurant Association, 1994-95; board member, Creighton University, 1989-; board member, Super Valu, Inc., 1990-; board member, Utilicorp United Inc., 1992-; board member, Whirlpool Corp., 1992; member, Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission established by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.

    When Cain started working at a Minneapolis Burger King in 1982, he cleaned toilets and flipped hamburgers. After completing the management training program in only nine months, Cain was named vice president and general manager for the Philadelphia region of the Burger King Corporation. Attaining this position was particularly special for Cain, considering that he and several friends were refused service in a restaurant in 1952 when they attempted to buy a hamburger.

  14. Thanks Observer. That is the story of the American dream that Obama is trying to destroy.

  15. observer | April 30, 2011 at 9:49 am |

    Eugene | April 29, 2011 at 10:06 pm |
    What do you guys make of this

    Thanks, same thing I thought.

  16. I’ve noticed chatter about that alleged bc signed by grandma. There’s an old southern saying that comes to mind. It’s like a mackerel in the moonlight. It both shines and stinks. This doc surfaced a year or two ago and was debunked by Polland, Freepers, postemail, etc. Now all of a sudden it resurfaces. I see over at cw they’ve been trying to push it, first by cw himself, then bob strauss and now FS. C’mon guys, they want you to bark up this tree. Sure, the info fits the template that granny documented a kenyan birth after the fact, that’s why it is now being used as a lure to bait birthers into looking the fools.

  17. Indy, you are right that there is too much misinformation out their blurring fact from fiction. While that document is certainly interesting, it is best not to buy into too much. I haven’t been commenting much lately because I’m trying to absorb rather than regurgitate. I have a feeling that Corsica has pulled a lot of this story together in a methodical manner. There has been a slow drip, a teaser to wet the whistle, over at WND. I am certain there will be some major whoppers in that book. We’ll see. Did you see that the Washington Times is calling the new BC a “forensic forgery”?

  18. Corsi not Corsica. ..damn android. ..

  19. Paxson, I did hear about that, but don’t find a link on their site. Wasn’t it via a radio show that Washington Times has smomething to do with?

  20. How about a real team that has all the goods but might need to be forgiven for some rookie mistakes if elected: West/Ryan or Ryan/West. No offense and I am not trying to be racist here, but 2 black men running for the top spots could unfortunately prove troublesome to some people. Just pointing it out guys. I wouldn’t have a problem, but I forsee some issues popping up. I absolutely love Allen West and would be happy to vote for him. I would love to see a woman on the ticket as well–Bachmann, Palin, someone like that. West has plenty of background experience and we KNOW about it. I think he could handle it, but we need to see and hear more from him asap. Much, much less of a risk than electing the no job experience, secret past, faux prince we have now. JMO.

  21. Indy, Paxson I think you’ve hit the problem with the bc square on. Because there is sooo much controversy whether it’s real, not real, from HA, no from Kenya, there will never be a way to get to the truth about it. However, it seems to be irrefutable that his Daddy(if he is the real Daddy) was Kenyan/British citizen and therefore Obama II is not eligible under Article II. But the answer on what the meaning of NBC is according to this Article II also has to be once and for all defined by someone—SCOTUS. Are they honest enough to uphold the Constitution as stated? I have my doubts. But are they the final say in this? Who knows. Probably will never happen before the 2012 election anyway. SCOTUS has shown no liking for the whole subject as we all know.
    Also the other get out of jail card for OB is that Senior is proven to NOT be the Daddy and there is an actual American male who is the Daddy.(Davis, MalcolmX, other) OB can then say “Oh I didn’t know any of this. Please, please forgive me. I was an innocent bystander to all of it because I was just a kid.I’m so sorry to have inadvertently decieved you all. I never meant to, but looks like I’m really a natural born citizen after all.” Bingo, he gets to stay in office because Americans(well some of them–not me) will feel so bad for him they’ll excuse the whole thing, just this once. Game, set, match for the Chicago gang. They have a way out no matter which way this all goes. But the BC is never going to be the definitive answer to the Obama eligibility question imo. No way to definitively prove whether it’s legit or isn’t.

  22. Good article about Allen West. He’s driving them crazy already.

  23. Washington Times: Newly Released Obama Birth Certificate Forensic Forgery – 4/29/11

    One of the simplest explanations to understand about the forged bc.

  24. Drudge now has it:

    Obama’s father forced out of Harvard

  25. Observer…………………..
    Thanx for the Cain information. I knew only about the Burger King affiliation.

  26. You are very welcome oldsalt!

  27. While Cain is without a doubt more than qualified in the area of business. Perhaps I should now be asking if he has any FOREIGN POLICY experience. Again I cite the special constraints of the POTUS office. To me it comes down to finding somebody who can devise,and call his shot,and then make it happen exactly as he called it………everytime, and with his nose only inches away from the faces of those who would try to stop him. If you know about Tommy Lasorda then you will understand where I am coming from. That is the sort of assertiveness that I admire in a person.

  28. I am getting out of here for today……….I wish everybody a very happy day tomorrow, and all the next days to come. Now all we need is CW HIMSELF, to show up and comment from time to time.

  29. There are many postings to peruse here. I will go back and read them all and the links tonight. Like many of you, I am amused that “That other place,” seems delighted that we don’t have as many postings. We also do not count repetitive nonsense as actual posts.

    Quickly, regarding Trump and my support of him: This time we must win. We need a General Patton like pit-bull who will take it right to Obama’s throat. This is war. No more of, “I disagree with the Distinguished Gentleman” crap! If you disagree, the DG is most likely lying. and I, perhaps for one, would rather that you call him what he actually is – a LIAR! I will readily admit it if I am wrong, but I think that Trump may be that guy.

  30. Zero roasted We the People and Donald Trump and got digs in at Fox, Bachmann and Pawlenty. While there was some cleverness to his remarks, to me it was an unseemly and disingenuous performance. He thinks he is continuing to pull one over on all of us. Trump remained composed and left me wondering if and when he will weigh in again; he surely has been given enough information to report the BC is fake. Zero showed a video of his birth, which turned out to be a clip from Lion King, which I understand was supposed to depict wildlife in an environment similar to Kenya. He is rubbing this in our faces. I am more angry and outraged by this usurpation than I was by the Vietnam War or Watergate or the Iran hostage crisis. I am actually more outraged by this than by 9/11. Because this threatens our very Democracy and it seems so few care for the sacrifices made by millions before us who secured our Liberty, which so many seem willing to give away.

  31. I was perusing my usual haunts before expecting to end up here and see what is up. I came upon a story where the ladies (using the term with its loosest definition) of the View were dissing the Queen for something about the latest royal wedding.

    But I learned something I did not know. This makes me even more angry that our current idiot POTUS sent back the bust of Churchill as one of his first acts. Shortly after 9/11, Queen Elizabeth II ordered this played at the changing of the guard, and it will make you feel good, watch the crowd:

  32. Bill G | May 1, 2011 at 12:30 am |

    Zero roasted We the People and Donald Trump and got digs in at Fox, Bachmann and Pawlenty. While there was some cleverness to his remarks, to me it was an unseemly and disingenuous performance. He thinks he is continuing to pull one over on all of us. Trump remained composed and left me wondering if and when he will weigh in again; he surely has been given enough information to report the BC is fake.
    Was Trump there? Do you have a link?

  33. Trump4Potus

    I found a link, and I think it pissed off Trump, who was there. I think they are worried about Trump.

  34. Air Force Brat

    What I’m wondering is: What, exactly, did the investigators Donald Trump sent to Hawaii find? As you’ll recall, in more than one interview Trump said the American people would be “very surprised”, and that “you wouldn’t believe what they’re finding”. Why have we heard nothing about these “surprising” and “unbelievable” finds since that time? Was Trump just blowing smoke, or is he going to spring it on the world at an appropriate time?

  35. Obummer | May 1, 2011 at 12:43 am |

    Thanks, Obummer….it made me cry, too.

    What Barky did to Great Britain by returning that bust makes me hate him even more. I thought it was impossible to hate him any more than I already do.

  36. Trump is calm on the surface because he knows Ob and friends are waiting for him to lose his cool and go off at them. Good for Donald for taking it like he did. However, I do believe he has his people doing some mighty investigating and at the appropriate time he will loose the attack dogs straight at Obama. My only fear is they may have threatened Donald/hisfamily/his businesses with something so bad that Trump will back off. Most stuff won’t matter to him, because of his wealth and his contacts, but there probably are some things he’d be concerned about. We shall see soon enough, because Trump does have all the goods to deliver a mighty blow to Obama and friends and wreck their chances for re-election. Will he do it is the question??

    Go Donald!! We’re with you.

  37. Well, with the question of foreign policy experience (re: Cain) it might make people feel better knowing that Reagan didn’t have it either and look what he accomplished on foreign land! And Obama picked Biden for just that and look at the mess Libya is – no real purpose, no leadership, on and on!

    With Reagan it came to personally held convictions and principles in that area.

  38. This site has some current updates and the info here is some of the best I’ve seen re the birth certificate.

  39. Cabby - AZ

    cjzak | May 1, 2011 at 6:14 pm |
    Trump is calm on the surface because he knows Ob and friends are waiting for him to lose his cool and go off at them. Good for Donald for taking it like he did.
    That’s it, cjzak! He is too savvy a business man to go bonkers over the O attacks. He would lose all credibility if he flew off the deep end. Let’s just watch, be patient, and see what direction this all goes. If you all are like me, you would like to know what’s going on right now, but we just are not in that position at this time.

  40. I have for a very long time believed that Soetoro is in fact not even a citizen of the US. I point to just one of the many slip ups that he has made,which was during an interview with George Steffanopoulous. In response to a question by Steffanopolous, Soetoro said “I have been in 57 states”. I have only one question regarding his answer……..Since when is there 57 states in the US. The only place whare 57 states exist is in the Islamic world. I really don’t need any more to realise that this knucklehead didn’t go to school in the US. I personally look upon Soetoro as one of the 9-11 people. He is cut from the same bolt of cloth.

  41. Old Salt @ 9:38

    I agree.

  42. Air Force Brat. I think that WND is his investigation team. Just my humble opinion.

  43. Old Salt @ 9:45.

    I’m moving back into the Herman Cain camp with West as his running mate. With respect to foreign policy experience, he is COMMON SENSE SMART. I’m getting to the point that I am thinking we need to take our ball (assets around the world) and go home. Game over. Know what I’m saying? I’ve always been a proponent of pro active foreign policy, but my opinion is changing.

  44. Old Salt @ 9:55

    Have a great evening OS. Thank you again for all that you have done in your life to ensure freedom for me and my children.

  45. Cabby - AZ

    Why am I skeptical about the timing of the announcement of Usama Bin Laden’s death? Just can’t help myself.

  46. ‘Tough Sale’
    Referring to reports that Trump used salty language in an April 28 speech in Las Vegas, Graham said that “most Americans don’t want their president to go around saying the f-word.” While Trump “has a lot to offer,” Graham said the developer “will have a tough sale in South Carolina.”

    (Evidently Lindsey forgot our current VP uses the word too – see below). I think it will be Sen. Graham who will have a tough sale in SC!!

    Vice President Joe Biden apparently thinks it is funny that an open microphone caught him using an inappropriate expletive when speaking with President Obama. This obviously unscripted moment came during the signing of the healthcare bill on Tuesday at the White House. Mr. Biden introduced the President and, leaning away from the cameras and microphone, was heard in a not too careful whisper to say, “This is a big f&^%ing deal.”
    Of course, Mr. Obama kept on smiling, approached the microphone, and acted as if Biden had said nothing untoward. I can understand the President acting as if it were no big deal, considering the importance of that moment, but on Wednesday Mr. Biden proceeded to joke about the matter when speaking at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Baltimore. He even went so far as to say that the President told him that his comment was “the best thing” about the ceremony on Tuesday. Oh really?
    Read more:

  47. Cabby, because we have no faith in our government or press. They probably could have killed him years ago, but kept him alive for propaganda.

  48. Cabby - AZ

    Paxson, thank you. You hit it right on the head. He has been dead for a week now even according to their reports, and as you say, he could have well been kept alive until the right time. Somehow there is a feeling of phoniness…….

  49. Trump4Potus

    I am likewise suspicious of the timing of this! Is Obummer going to take credit?

    Isn’t The Celebrity Apprentice on tonight?

  50. Cabby - AZ

    T4P – Yes, and a poster on the other blog said that they were watching The Apprentice when the notice broke in. It could appear that the timing was very apropos for O to snub Trump. Hm…… I personally think that O hates T.

    Also, there were threats made sometime ago that if Bin Ladin were killed, a nuclear bomb hidden in Europe would be detonated by other terrorists. This could be a very dangerous time for us and the rest of the world. We may be facing very troubling times.

    When O speaks, will we be able to believe a word he says?

  51. Crowds gathering outside the WH shouting USA. Obama will be gloating for weeks. I am not going to be able to listen to the msm without wanting to puke.

  52. Obama’s “rent a crowd” is in front of the White House right now.

  53. Trump4Potus

    This jerk is taking credit!

  54. Trump4Potus

    Correct me I heard this wrong. Did he say that he directed the compound attack TODAY? What about the reports that this happened a week ago?

    I am confused.

  55. Cabby - AZ

    Yes, he did say TODAY. Something is fishy here. The stories don’t jibe, but what would we expect?

    I wonder how this ties in with O’s plans to have Leon Panetta moved to the Pentagon and Gen. Petraeus to head up the CIA. Wasn’t this announcement made just last week?

  56. Cabby - AZ

    cjzak | May 1, 2011 at 11:29 pm |
    Crowds gathering outside the WH shouting USA. Obama will be gloating for weeks. I am not going to be able to listen to the msm without wanting to puke.
    Please pass out the barf bags!

  57. Cabby - AZ

    I think I’ll switch to Animal Planet network. Can’t take all of the hype.

  58. Trump4Potus

    Cabby – AZ | May 1, 2011 at 11:55 pm |

    I think I’ll switch to Animal Planet network. Can’t take all of the hype.
    I agree. We are going to the Food Network!

  59. Cabby - AZ

    T4P – Anything has to be better than what we are hearing. No question about it: This is going to take the oxygen out of the fraudulent BC and Corsi’s upcoming book, IF “they” get their way. However, we are NOT going to go away! Not on your life!

  60. Trump4Potus

    Does anyone believe these gatherings of large groups at very late hours in NYC or Washington, DC are actually spontaneous?

  61. Trump4Potus

    Seriously, Where are the demonstrations in Chicago, Denver or San Francisco?

    Those cities are in better time zones for this fakery. Must go to bed. All the best to all of you!

  62. loaves&fishes

    Body being handled with Islamic tradtion – debating to show proof – young people wildly screaming with new flags outside whitehouse ???????yesterday last week which is it / which came first OBL death or BC – if the first how dare he sit on this info ? I think it happened yesterday / DNA testing done ? yea right – those results take weeks – as usual everyremark has a right hand left hand answer – truth is always veiled in suspicion . Freakin tired of all the lying – my gut right away said hummm something not right then I lstened and heard the stumbling with mis reported supposed facts – just like he was born in two hospitals and two countries and has many parents and cant decide who he is Christian , Muslim , Black White , ALIENNNNNNNNNN- no one could write this bulls//T!!!!!!!

  63. Morning, All,

    Yes, timeline of the raid is suspicious. Is it possible that Barky’s lying yet again? Poor fool can’t help himself.

    Let me just say that those of us who are/were involved in anti-terror activities for the last several years feel particularly vindicated today now that this piece of human sewage has finally been taken out.

    We must, however, be aware that there may be repercussions; you will see heightened security at airports, embassies and any place where people gather. Just please be aware of your surroundings more than you usually are.

    All in all, however, it’s a wonderful day! 🙂

  64. I am bringing this post over from Dr. Kate’s with the video. This is great…

    Tenacity April 30, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Hey Kate’s Gang! Growing up in Nashville, I was just about sick of country music by the time I went to college. Well, time has a way of changing a person and today I have a new favorite song. As a matter of fact, I’d like to propose this song as the new theme song for DrKatesView.

    When You’re Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)
    his note from a friend in Hawaii came with the link.

    Subject: Tennessee Football Coach fired for making Obama song –

    He’s going to make more money when this song becomes a big hit than he would teaching school.

    Tennessee middle school assistant football coach, age 26, fired for a song he wrote and played!

    When you go to the link for the song, there are a couple of sites that give the news on the firing. This could be the next number one hit country song. It’s the best effort yet at encapsulating the outrage at the oversteps of this government in an entertaining song.

    Apparently, the guy was fired over the song because some parents complained. If you like it, help it go “viral” by passing it along to everyone you know.

  65. We’re gabbing around the water cooler this morning.

    Back in 2005, we got some *very* good intelligence that bin Laden was dead.

    Is Barky using this revelation to bolster his reelection bid?

    It’s odd that the timing of the announcement was in the middle of Trump’s Aprentice show.


    I wanna see photos!

  66. Hi Sue K.
    What are your thoughts on this video and what the deceased prime minister stated. Who do you think is or was lying????Just don’t know who or what to believe.

  67. Sue K,
    I have felt that OBL has been dead for awhile. His name has not surfaced for quite sometime. I am skeptical of anything coming out of the WH. They lie so much that I remain doubtful……

  68. Hi cyn,

    I tend to agree with Mrs. Bhutto, and what she said lines up with what we knew 6 years ago.

    We had a clue when the vids of binLaden ceased and ‘audio’ recordings commenced; recall that we’d not seen him deliver a vid for several years.

    He was on dialysis and anyone who’s had a loved one on dialysis will tell you that it’s not a ‘forever’ procedure; it is finite and can only be performed for a few years.

    I’m also very suspicious of the fast burial at sea. Get rid of the evidence of whoever it was. The forensic analyses should be very interesting; DNA analysis will take several days..

    Although it’s still a great day that his death was finally announced, I’m thinking that either an assassin got to him years ago, or his kidney disease killed him.

    I don’t trust anything coming out of Barky’s mouth or the WH, and think that he made the announcement for political gain; even the loyal MSM is saying that it’ll be a tough reelection bid for him.

    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    As they (who are ‘they,’ anyway?) say: In life, timing is everything.

  69. Cabby - AZ

    Hi, SueK and cyn,
    My sentiments exactly! There is just too much room for hanky-panky, to put it bluntly. Another thing – Barky was about an hour late in appearing on TV, so the time was probably spent in getting the stories “straight”, either that, or sobering up Barky. Body destroyed, so it will take time to get the “evidence” ready to try to convince the alert ones (like us) in the public.

    Barky was also out golfing part of yesterday before a final meeting with security personnel. What president would be doing THAT on such a “momentous” day? The whole thing makes me want to toss cookies.

    Also, announcing his death now is bound to stir up terrorism around the world. Barky knows that, too, and so……….(you fill in the blanks)

  70. This article meshes with the intelligence I got around noon:

    Please remain alert and aware, Friends of CW…

  71. Everybody…………
    If you think that UP is really DOWN, then it is also pretty likely that you will also think that OBL is really dead!

  72. SueK or Indy. I’ve misplaced Aussie’s link. Can you post it here? Thanks.

  73. Air Force Brat

    Bin Laden may be dead all right, but I can’t help having a little bit of doubt as to precisely when, where, and in what state of health. I guess time will tell if there really is something to be doubted.

    I also can’t help thinking that it might not be a bad idea to publish a list, in numerical order, that would be turned into fused-glass parking lots if the goat-shaggers launch “retaliatory” attacks on America.

  74. Air Force Brat

    Paxson — do you still need the link? I have it, if it’s a while before Indy and SueK return.

  75. That would be great AFB. Thank you.

  76. Cabby, Cyn & Sue,
    I tend to agree with you. Went to bed early last night but was awakened by my husbands radio saying ” Bin Laden… dead at age 54.” I was shocked. Then I heard Obama’s speach. It was all about him! It sickened me. It was as if he had carried out the whole operation himself.
    My impression beforehand was that he (Bin Laden) died some years back. From kidney disease or whatever. How convenient that he was buried at sea and no pictures have been released. Too gruesome? Sorry, but this one and only thing I have in common with Muslims… show the picts!

  77. Air Force Brat

    Paxson — it’s

  78. For the life of me I just cannot buy into the OBL death. It does not feel right. I do not believe in coincidences so with that being said I believe as most here do that this was an intentional diversion. I was discussing this with hubby and said that this will definitely put Obama in a very precarious position with his muslim buds……

  79. If OBL had kidney disease and had to be put on dialysis, I cannot see him surviving this disease without a transplant or some treatment that would have been noticed by someone.

  80. Trump4Potus

    oldsalt79 | May 2, 2011 at 3:52 pm |

    If you think that UP is really DOWN, then it is also pretty likely that you will also think that OBL is really dead!
    Old Salt, I agree, Sir! My suspicions are at high alert. I think this is all about Obama’s re-election. Why now? I cannot help but think that there is just enough time to produce the perfect documentary depicting The Won doing everything but personally shooting OBL and release it just before the next election. I hope the Republicans have a plan.

    Did anyone listen to Rush today? It seemed the every time he meant to say Osama, he mistakenly said Obama and corrected himself. Rush did it so often that I began to think he was doing it accidentally on purpose.

  81. Where’s the Death Certificate?

    At the risk of appearing overly skeptical in America’s great moment of joy, it seems to me that the wonderful news concerning Osama bin Laden’s death must be tempered by the probing question: Where’s the death certificate?

    Skepticism is most appropriate given the fact that it took President Barack Obama nearly three years to release his birth certificate. Clearly, transparency is not a hallmark of this administration, the president’s campaign promises notwithstanding.

    Furthermore,Obama’s lowest-ever approval numbers raise an urgent red flag.

    Reports indicating that the slain terrorist has already been “buried at sea” are further red flags that must be pursued.

    Bin Laden’s death, if true, is the best news that Americans have received in a goodly while. Let’s hope it is true!

  82. Bin Laden dead! American and Navy Seal Victory – not Obama administration

  83. Trump4Potus

    cynkading | May 2, 2011 at 7:17 pm |

    Bin Laden dead! American and Navy Seal Victory – not Obama administration
    Great article – but did you notice the author kept writing “Obama” when she should have said, “Osama?”

    FTA: “This weekend, Bin Laden was found in his brother’s million dollar compound in Pakistan. This was apparently only a mile away from our military institution. The Navy Seals – 6 team, got word from a known courier of Obama’s, (who ironically was the only one Obama trusted) where Obama was. Attack plans were put in place and after a 40- minute fire fight, Bin Laden was shot and killed, then his body dropped in the ocean. ”

    Too funny! I bet that is happening all over today!

  84. Thanks, AFB and SueQ for posting Aussie’s link; just pulled into the old garage a few minutes ago.

  85. SueQ | May 2, 2011 at 5:29 pm |

    Hi Sue,

    I agree. Back in 2005-ish when we were all working in anti-terror, the word came down from very reliable sources that he was outta here. Now, if he was hunkered down in a cave, a dialysis machine was pretty much impossible and even if he had one, as I said in an earlier post, dialysis will only keep you going for so long. He also may have had unknown lung issues, but that hasn’t been corroborated.

    He may have been assassinated, as Mrs. Bhutto alluded to in her vid.

    Here’s what I think: He bit the dust several years ago and was frozen; he was defrosted at the opportune time, just in time for the 2012 elections (as Barky’s tanking fast in the polls). Two reasons this may have been the case: 1) If his ‘followers’ knew their skank of a leader was dead, there’d be bloodshed and infighting for the honor of being the ‘top terrorist.’ Complete disarray in the terror ranks and a grave danger to the world with factions all over the place doing their thing trying to kill the infidels (all of us). 2) The war on terror may have come to an abrupt end if he were declared dead years ago. If that were to happen, no more (or diminished) $$$ coming to DHS to fight him. We know how the gub’mint loves those dollars!

    Now, none of this may be; it’s just conjecture on my part having worked in that nasty field for several years BUT, there’s gotta be a reason why this was revealed now. Of course, the story of the ambush may be true however, more evidence needs to come out before we can make an informed decision as to whether this went down recently, or not.

  86. Apparently Ulsterman, who gets info from the White House Insider posted this on his Facebook page, although I have not been able to confirm that. Very interesting if it is true!:

    “Please get this out ASAP. Want specific people to know we know.

    RE Osama Bin Laden. Significant push to take him out months ago. Senior WH staff resisted. This was cause of much strain between HC and Obama/Jarrett. HC and LP were in constant communication over matter – both attempted to convince administration to act. Administration feared failure and resulting negative impact on president. Intel disgusted over politics over national security. Staff resigned/left. Check timeline to corroborate.

    Now Intel already leaking to media facts surrounding how info obtained. Namely from enhanced interrogation efforts via GITMO prisoners. Obama administration placed in corner on this. Some media aware of danger to president RE this and attempting protection. Others looking for further investigation. We are pushing for them to follow through and already meeting with some access.

    Point of determination made FOR Obama not BY Obama. Will clarify as details become more clear. Very clear divide between Military and WH. Jarrett marginalized 100% on decision to take out OBL. She played no part. BD worked with LP and HC to form coalition to force CoC to engage.

    IMPORTANT SPECIFIC: When 48 hour go order issued, CoC was told, not requested. Administration scrambled to abort. That order was overruled. This order did not originate from CoC. Repeat – this order did not originate from CoC. He complied, but did not originate.

    Independent military contacts have confirmed. Stories corroborate one another. This is legit.

    The killing of Osama Bin Laden was in fact a Coup within Obama WH.

    Speaking with additional contacts RE info. “

  87. What I just posted is now on Ulsterman’s website, titled: Did Senior Military/Intelligence Officials Overrule President Obama Regarding Mission to Kill Osama Bib Laden?:

    And a key to the initials:
    HC – Hillary Clinton. LP – Leon Panetta. BD – Bill Daley.
    also CoC= Chain of Command or Commander in Chief

    This could be explosive stuff!

  88. Obummer | May 2, 2011 at 8:32 pm |

    Hey Obummer,

    Very well could be. Barky wouldn’t take out one of his own now, would he? Get a load of the puss on him in the War Room; he looks less than pleased that his brother is taking one in the noggin.

    Don’t know if Insider is legit, but he/she gives an awful lot of specifics with his/her conversations to Ulsterman.

  89. I read this today and thought this was great comment……
    Let’s be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama, just a few weeks ago, was debating on whether or not to PAY, did. Obama just happened to be the one in office when our soldiers finally found Osama Bin Laden and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory!

  90. cynkading | May 2, 2011 at 9:51 pm |

    I read this today and thought this was great comment……
    Let’s be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama, just a few weeks ago, was debating on whether or not to PAY, did. Obama just happened to be the one in office when our soldiers finally found Osama Bin Laden and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory!
    This bears re-posting! Awesome comment! Should be on billboards!

  91. There is a new top post. Strange things are happening.

    Also, for those asking about a link to Aussie’s site, it was here all along in the links area. It is called, “A world at war.”

  92. Remember also that not too long ago, belying O’s UBL kill report where he praised our intelligence agents, etc., Obama tried to announce to the world specific crimes committed by our intelligence agents wishing to have them tried before the World Court and thus spreading vital information to our enemies, ruining just those agencies he now praises!

  93. Tight security at Obama granny’s Kenya home
    endangered by terrorists … or …. a possible weapon FOR terrorists against Obama and his legitimacy??

  94. Obummer | May 2, 2011 at 8:32 pm |
    Thanks Obummer. I had seen that info and was looking for a specific link.

  95. Did the U.S. Military Act on its Own Authority to Kill bin Laden?

    I expected something as a flashback. I expected that at some point, somewhere, someone in the military was going to stand up and say, “Mr. Obama, you can go to Hades. We’ve had enough.” And this opportunity was just too big a deal to follow his orders. Because they went to the White House to get permission and didn’t receive it – it wasn’t that they expected to receive it; they knew what the answer was going to be, and they were going to act on what they knew – going after OBL was a really big deal. He really was a threat to the national security, and there are military people who recognize that and were willing to risk their careers to take out Osama bin Laden because they realize that that is more important than their careers, and they probably realize also that if Obama tried to take them out at this point, that it would just accelerate his decline.

    I’ll tell you something else: I think it’s being leaked because people in the military want Obama gone. This is completely in keeping with everything that you would expect to have happen. It makes sense to me. This was just one order that they could not accept. They knew they had the guy; they had the intel; they acted on it; they said, “We don’t care what Obama says; we’re going to take this guy out.” And then they did, and they don’t care what happens to them now. And I don’t think anything is going to happen. By the time I got this, Obama has already taken credit for this. “Oh, yeah, we meant to do this all the time.” So Obama is not going to go after any military commander, and then the information was leaked. So they know they have Obama cross-wired. Obama is stuck right now and the military knows that. It’s been leaked out. These are the kinds of conversations that would go on in the environment we have today.


    I think it will build from here. I think that the information has been leaked so that it will build from here. I think that there are military men and women who are really ticked off about Obama having gone into Libya.

  96. EVERYBODY…………………..

  97. Observer…………………..
    Very well written and stated. My belief exactly. I think that it is not very far down the road until the dam finally ruptures. I think that now there are upper echelon figures who now realise that they are soon going to be forced to act whether they like it or not. Just stop for a moment and think…..where the hell is it written that we are supposed to give our ENEMY a bath,and bury him acxcording to his alleged beliefs. He gave the people at the WTC a bath in flaming fuel oil, and falling debris, yet we are supposed to HONOR him with an appropriate funeral. We also know exactly who ordered that sort of treatment for the enemy. That is in my book an act of TREASON by the sympathetic MUSLIM at the WH. In warfare you give no quarter or comfort to an enemy of the United States. nor do you give your FALLEN ENEMY POSTHUMUS RIGHTS of any kind. You simply BURY him if you choose. Everybody remember this in 2012, and also remember who it was who ordered the funeral.for the enemy.

  98. All that I have heard and read so far indicates to me that from the first moment on during the argument at the WH immediately before the order was given that Soetoro was COWERING under the nearest table, and WHINING about failure. Once again we have confirmation of his COWARDICE. I do indeed believe that it was NOT his decision to take out UBL. Rather it was a joint decision of the CIA, and JOINT CHIEFS. In all probability they simply overrode Soetoro. Such a necessity screams of his cowardice, and military ignorance.

  99. Observer…………………
    You are right about Libya as well. Withyout a sdoubt Quadaffi has something coming for what he was responsible for regarding the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie. Once again her is another mission for the Navy Seals.
    but that is for another time.

  100. You can sink the enemy’s ship, but that doesn’t necessarily stop a determined enemy. You must take away his ability,and resources he needs to build the ship in the first place.
    The alleged killing of UBL won,t necessarily bring an end to AlQuada either. As long as there are lunatic religous fanatics this sort of craziness will persist. Hopefully the coming months and years will provide us with a diminishing religious fanaticism.

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