Items in the News

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver announce separation

Herman Cain wins GOP straw poll in Washington state

Obama Administration Still Prosecuting Heroes

Comment on these stories if it is to your liking, if not please post whatever is on your mind.


46 responses to “Items in the News

  1. All interesting articles.

    Taking them in order, but I think the order was odd:

    Perhaps Arnold would have been successful in California without a liberal Kennedy whispering in his ear. We will probably never know.

    Cain won a straw poll in Washington state! This is very good news. Voters are looking past the perennially elected.

    It is disgusting that the CIA agents, acting under presidential authority, that likely gave us critical intelligence, are still being prosecuted. If I write what I am thinking, I will surely be banned.

  2. Obummer and everyone……………….
    There is one CERTAINTY in anything that Soetoro has to say,that you must NEVER lose sight of. This is the simple fact that anything he has to say is RARELY the TRUTH. In his WARPED mind it is as I continue to say he either INVERTS, PERVERTS ,or otherwise VERBALLY TWISTS everything to make it mean,or otherwise fit whatever he thinks apporpriate. The Bin Laden story seems to change several times daily. I am beginning to believe that the story will NEVER stop changing. The more he lies the more he exposes himself for what he really is. The more he TWISTS the meaning of words the more he is distrusted. In his TINY little mind he seems unable to be truthful about anything. I personally think that he is a HABITUAL, and PATHOLOGICAL liar. Never accept anything that Soetoro has to say at FACE VALUE. Read,listen,and compare…..ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK.
    Similarly it is easy to think that Donald Trump has an ulterior motive in everything he does. He is a SUCCESSFUL NY REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER,and you DO NOT want to forget that fact. As such he is ALWAYS going to be involved in transactions that BENEFIT TRUMP. In short he will always have an ANGLE. BUT now Soetoro has tried to PUBLICALLY DISCREDIT,and otherwise EMBARRASS Donald Trump at the Correspondents dinner. In my own way of thinking Trump will do NOTHING about it .This sends a clear message that he really DOESN’T give a damn what Soetoro thinks. Trump already knows that ALL Americans know that Soetoro is a PATHOLOGICAL liar,so why waste the time and effort to REITERATE what everyone already knows. If Trump is serious about renning for the POTUS we will not know anything about it until JUNE anyway. I personally hope that he torpedoes all of those who keep firing their childish invective at him. The one thing that the childish assailants CAN’T change, he is a SUCCESSFUL ,and knowledgeable entrapreneur,and thiose who ridicule him are like UNION GOONS. They have nothing of value to use against him except their childish, jealous , and otherwise warped little minds, in which they invent totally absurd BS in their VAIN,and idiotic attempts to publically DESCREDIT Trump. Trump can rise above all of it,and give the little PUPPY DOGS snapping at his heels some LEARNING excercises. I personally think that Trump should continue to show the American people that the ONLY WAY they are going to win against Soetoro is to STAND UP AND FIGHT. Otherwise nobody will win a damn thing.If Americans have become so damn lazy that they do not want to fight to save America, then Americans DESERVE to LOSE THEIR A$$ES royally. Without a doubt then,and only then will they try to do something. But it will already be too late,and Soetoro will OWN everything that they have busted their A$$ES to build or buy. This is the YUPPIE crowd. They are so BUSY pursuing the American dream that they don’t have time to look at what Soetoro is doing, and even if they did LOOK they would not believe their MESSIAH could do any wrong to them. SAD,SAD,SAD.

  3. Obummer………………
    I seriously doubt that anybody would ban you from this blog for posting your views. That only happens at FREE SPEECH WELLS. Surely ,if I have not been banned then it is probable that NOBODY who posts their respective opinions will be banned either.

  4. With regard to Schwartzenegger,and Shriver one thing is CERTAIN…….they both still live in FANTASY LAND, otherwise known as the land of FRUITS ,and NUTS, particularly in HOLLYWOOD,and San Francisco.

  5. I was listening to Joseph Farah on Peter Boyle this morning and things are coming to a head. It’s a shame that Mr. Wells has let his blog be taken over by obots such as Leo Haffey/Free.Speech. It seems to have been Leo’s intention all along to.divide us with the misinformation coming from the regime. Dr.Kate is still staying the course.

  6. Is this how it begins? Get the U.S. to abide by such mandated personal interference and other nations will follow. And then will follow gradually the more personal incursions relegating more madated “acceptances” through other various chipping in order to make purchases of necessities of life. IOW, YOU WILL BE BRAINWASHED AND ACCEPT WHAT IS ORDERED VIA PERSONAL DEVICES OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED CERTAIN PERSONAL FREEDOMS FOR LIVING!

    Verizon and AT&T, the nation’s largest cell phone carriers, are already on board. Consumers would be able to opt out of all but those presidential messages.

    Getting you used to Big Brother Speak … or else:

    National Emergency Alert System Set To Launch In NYC

    And the comments there agree with the encroaching “dear leader” propaganda through chipping while we’re supposed to pay for it!

  7. Joseph Farah had a quiet confidence this morning on Peter Boyle ‘s program. He has been advising Trump. I imagine that Trump is biding his time for Corsi’s book to debut. Trump, contrary to some people’s opinions, is not one to sit quietly while being humiliated at the White House correspondent dinner. The problem with the idiots at Citizen Wells these days is that they don’t analyze the opinions that they present as facts through to the end. Somebody said it “that he he laughs last, laughs best”. This is a chess match and there are more than enough provable facts without diving into the absurd.

  8. CW IS FS. Note the latest thread as proof!

  9. This business about “Trump lying” is just stupid, quite frankly. He is being humiliated amongst the people he once called friends. In NYC, I’m sure that the liberal elite are treating him like a pariah. We know that he has been in close contact with Farah. WND has been putting forth a slow drum beat of information. Time will tell, but Farah kept saying this morning that he is CONVINCED about Obama’s lack of eligibility. They have the goods and when you have the goods, time is on your side. FS is a moron.

  10. Air Force Brat

    It’s my hope that, should this matter ultimately result in Obutthead’s early departure from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, America will IGNORE all the media hand-wringing and fearmongering predictions of “riots in the streets”. America needs to quit being so damned scared of one tiny segment of the population (just 12%, AT BEST). Normal, decent, hard-working, God-fearing, America-loving blacks won’t be involved. It’ll be limited to the animals who hold their guns sideways and don’t even know how to pull their pants up. If — and it’s a very big “if” — certain blacks in certain parts of certain cities decide to go on a rampage, the police, SWAT teams, etc., will be able to take care of things quickly, with minimum loss of lives. If the so-called “riots” spread out of the ghettos they originate in, there are between 80 million and 120 million KNOWN gun owners who will see to it that order is maintained and/or restored. If this means thousands of dead criminals, so be it.

  11. This business about “Trump lying” is just stupid, quite frankly. He is being humiliated amongst the people he once called friends. In NYC, I’m sure that the liberal elite are treating him like a pariah. We know that he has been in close contact with Farah. WND has been putting forth a slow drum beat of information. Time will tell, but Farah kept saying this morning that he is CONVINCED about Obama’s lack of eligibility. They have the goods and when you have the goods, time is on your side. FS is a moron.
    Paxson, Your comment made a big light bulb go off in my brain! It was your mention of WND. Could it be that Trump is waiting until Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate,” comes out on May 17 and the Celebrity Apprentice’s finale on May 22? Everyone believes that book will clearly explain the NBC issue. After May 22, things should bet very interesting.

    Speaking of WND, they have some great titles up right now – I do not have time to read them, but will later tonight.

  12. oldsalt79 | May 10, 2011 at 10:42 am |

    With regard to Schwartzenegger,and Shriver one thing is CERTAIN…….they both still live in FANTASY LAND, otherwise known as the land of FRUITS ,and NUTS, particularly in HOLLYWOOD,and San Francisco.
    LOL! You reminded of a story my late father used to tell. He opined that the United States must be slanted, with Los Angeles being the low point. He thought that was why when the nuts and fruits fall off the trees anywhere else, they roll right to Southern California. Thanks for reminding me!

  13. Obummer, in my opinion, there is a chess match being played right now. If he were to come out battling right away, it would be all about Trump. The Alinskyites would about him. Listening to Farah today, they seem to have the goods. So why not wait? It makes no sense to attack Trump. He is just one guy.

  14. Paxson…………………..
    Her is a little morsel that I am thinking about…………WHAT IF…….
    About a couple of years ago one of the Kenyan police administrators were in contact with people from the US who were asking for an investigation into the possibility that Obama was born in Kenya. The Kenyan police administrator is a gentleman whose surname is Misombe. In response to a letter from our US ambassador Misombe stated that he was unable to uncover any evidence or records that Barack Obama was born in the Grigg Maternity wiing of Coast Provincial Hospital at Mombassa. Nobody even asked about the Grigg Maternity Wing, so how the Sam Hill does he know that? In addition Misombe says that there is EVIDENCE that certain hospital records might have been either tampered with or removed.
    Paxson wouldn’t this be a great time to acquire a copy of Lucas Smith’s alleged Paid for copy of the Obama Kenyan BC with the footprint ,and send it to MISOMBE,then stand back and take notice of all that happens afterward.If nothing happens ,or they publically state that the BC is fraudulant, then it probably is. But if Orly Taitz suddenly has a black limousine and a black SUV come into her parking lot,and a real GOON SQUAD gets out and starts beatingt her door down,it would say a lot in the comfirmation of the Kenyan BC as being credible. Don’t you think?

  15. Misombe is probably terrified of being murdered. Kenya isn’t exactly a safe place to be on a normal day.. but you are right That it would be interesting to watch the fallout if he decided to follow up.

    With regards to Trump , I rarely think about the man except when he is helping our cause. There are other candidates that are way more appealing to me. I just find it odd that people like FS want to rip him to shreds. Trump is what he is… but he is 100% American. Your post over at CW said it perfectly. Trump doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone. He lives in uber liberal NYC. He is a businessman. He does what promotes his business. .. there is a lot of things that are appealing to me about the man, and much less that is not appealing.

    I Just hope that he stays interested in outing the usurper.

  16. Obummer…………………..
    Thought that you might like that one. Sadly though the FRUITS AND NUTS DOES NOT make reference to STRAY seeds rolling to California……….In reality “FRUITS,and NUTS is an offhanded reference to certain Californians.themselves,and relates to their behavior as well……..sort of like calling them LOONEY TOONS or something. Back in the fifties we used to refer to certain Californians as being either TUTI FRUITY, or LOONEY TUNES, out of which FRUITS,and NUTS eventually emerged.

  17. Obummer…………
    California is the only place on Earth where I have personally watched people strap things on their backs and jump off of high cliffs,thinking that they could fly. Most were taken to the hospital after their so very brief flights……STRAIGHT DOWN! Usually some unsuspecting EMT had to clean up the mess,and haul away the scrap aluminum, and general debris.

  18. oldsalt, Just to clarify – when my father was making his joke as to nuts and fruits rolling into California, my family was newly transferred to Los Angeles. We were living in the San Fernando Valley. When we arrived, Reagan was Governor. When Jerry Brown replaced him, that is when my father became concerned, and began telling us jokes.

    As my father is buried in Arlington, I imagine that he would have been your kind of guy and you would have enjoyed a few beers.

  19. Peter Boyle has a full lineup this morning. Unrue, Corsi, Farah, Cashell. KHOW Denver 530AM.

  20. Sorry. That is 630 AM. Mario is up next.

  21. Cabby - AZ

    Liberals in Southern Arizona Seek to Form New State
    TUCSON, Arizona (Reuters) – A long-simmering movement by liberal stalwarts in southern Arizona to break away from the rest of the largely conservative state is at a boiling point as secession backers press to bring their longshot ambition to the forefront of Arizona politics.
    The ultimate goal of the newly formed political action committee Start our State is to split Pima County off into what would become the nation’s 51st state, tentatively dubbed Baja Arizona.
    (The good news is that this is not likely to be approved by the AZ Legislature or Congress, but it is interesting to see what the libs are actually up to.)

  22. Cabby - AZ

    Old Salt,
    Maybe this is a start towards getting to Obama’s “57 states”? 🙂

  23. The funny thing is Leo’s self image is that he is on the same intellectual level as Mario. While Mario is staying focused on things that matter, FS is being manipulated by the White House to focus on things that are created to keep people’s eyes off the ball. Then the mental midgets follow. Citizen Well’s once great blog has been systematically destroyed by Leo/FS.

  24. Paxson | May 11, 2011 at 9:37 am |
    The funny thing is Leo’s self image is that he is on the same intellectual level as Mario
    Paxson, I think it was Observer who called attention to CW’s lead article about Trump as evidence that Leo is in charge over there. When you reread it, you do have to wonder. It just doesn’t sound like CW. I agree that the blog is being destroyed, or at least reduced to almost nothing of worth compared to what it was.

  25. (A hard-hitting article that will stir you up in case you need it)
    Obama Can’t keep His Osama Stories – or Anything Else – Straight

    …..Then, he claims he doesn’t want to offend the sensibilities of Muslims by releasing pictures of the dead murderer of 3,000 Americans. This from a provocateur who, in 2009, had to be begged to reverse his decision to release 2,000 pictures of detainee abuse (incidents which had already been punished). These pictures were guaranteed to get the Islamists rioting in the streets again, far more that pictures of a dead, symbolic has-been…….
    Only the “mainstream” media have less credibility than Pinocchio on the Potomac.

    One of the issues Obama-Soetoro and his Marxist lackeys fear most is that people will realize that the high gas and oil prices that are driving inflation are the direct result of Democrat policies. A tip off might be the Energy Secretary publicly stating that he really, really, wants to see gas prices at least at $8.00 a gallon……..

  26. Obummer………………..
    For your father to be buried in Arlington he would indeed have been MY KIND OF MAN. I salute him in great respect for his sacrifice and memory. We are a BAND OF BROTHERS.

  27. Obummer………………
    In the Long Beach area around the OLD DESTROYER BASE there was a lot of property owners who very much disliked sailors. They used to put signs on their lawns reading SAILORS and dogs please stay off the GRASS. Yet the very same people thought that we were supposed to patronise their businesses exclusively. Well we used to walk real slow right past their stores,restaurants or whatever the case was. This was for the purpose of letting them know that their signs did not provide sailors with much INCENTIVE to patronise their businesses

  28. CabbyAZ…………………….
    I can’t believe the number of people who I talk to who never heard that Soetoro made the statement about having visited 57 states.. I was talking to a middle aged person at the doctors office last week and I told him about the statement. He implied that I was LYING about Soetoro. I nicely advised him that I was old enough to be his father,and as such I don’t feel the need to lie to anyone about anything. I implied that only people who are poorly informed,and not very well educated do not want to hear the truth. I gave him a website that he should visit so he could hear the truth for himself. I doubt seriously that he actually visited it. If he did I am wondering what he thinks now about his obvious Messiah.Perhaps he has some questions for Soetoro.

  29. Old.Salt, on the same note, otherwise intelligent people.don’t know anything about BHO. I argue with my Marxist friends daily on Facebook. They deny that they are commies, but display all of the standard beliefs. .

  30. Cabby - AZ

    Paxson and Old Salt,
    Along the same line I find there are many who don’t even know there is anything amiss going on, especially if they have a job and a home. Oh, they don’t like the gasoline prices, but don’t have too much to say even about that. It is truly amazing and very worrisome to us who at least know part of the truth of what is happening. They have their heads buried deep in the sand.

  31. Yes, this explains the current state of our union:

    Stacked Courts and Dissolution of US Laws set to officially establish the Obama Tyranny 14
    Share 0diggsdigg


  32. Obama to Further Prostrate Himself in “Renew[ed] Muslim Outreach”

    Obama intends to renew his Muslim outreach to the ummah. Renew? Uh, when did he stop?

    You mean Osama bin Laden’s elaborate Islamic burial wasn’t enough?

    Wasn’t Obama’s last submission tour to the Muslim world enough?

    Obama ‘to deliver speech to Muslim world’ — wasn’t his last speech capitulation enough?

    I contend that the American people are sick of this submission. The President of the United States should not be prostrating himself for a supremacist ideology whose objective is to destroy and dominate us.

    The Muslim world should be doing the outreach to Coptic Christians in Egypt, to Jews in Israel and across the world, to Christians in Indonesia, Nigeria, Timor, Thailand, Bangladesh, Kenya, Chechnya, etc., Hindus in India, non-Muslims in Pakistan, women, children …….. their idea of outreach is “dawah” (proselytizing).

  33. I Just can’t get that excited about Newt.

  34. Paxson, Newt doesn’t inspire me either.
    Did you read the American Thinker article about “Citizen Cain”?
    It is enlightening and the author says many of the same things I feel:

  35. Thanks for sharing that American Thinker article. It about sums it up.

  36. Cabby AZ………………
    Those who have their 20,000 square foot homes,on 20 acres,a 50′ motor home,a 1000 HP sports car,money coming in by the wheelbarrows, at least 3 Cadillac Escalades, powered and surveilled driveway gates, and all the wine they can cram into their 20,000 square foot wine cellars, etc,etc,etc gives these people the incentive to consider themselves ……VIPs. Yet NONE OF THEM , as such have been able to stop dogs from peeing on the wheels of their SUVs,None of them have been able to stop mother nature from dropping golf ball size hail on their SUVs. So I guess what I am really saying is that until these people start paying a little more attention to what is happening in the US Soetoro will probably remain in office,and perhaps even garner a second term. The YUPPIES simply “DO NOT HAVE TIME TO STOP LONG ENOUGH TO LOOK AT THE STATE OF AMERICA. Many of them couldn’t care less about who is the POTUS. When their hard earned UTOPIAS turn into piles of utter ruin perhaps then they will re examine their support of the prevailing POTUS. Isn’t HIND SIGHT GREAT,It is ALWAYS 20-20,and that is when you get to look at the truth.

  37. oldsalt79 | May 11, 2011 at 2:20 pm |

    For your father to be buried in Arlington he would indeed have been MY KIND OF MAN. I salute him in great respect for his sacrifice and memory. We are a BAND OF BROTHERS.

    Old Salt,
    I just read your message to my mother and she teared up. My father was a bombardier on a B-29. There is more to the story, but my father would not want it publicly told. T4P is my husband, and my father told him more than me. He is away and may have more to say when he returns.

  38. A bit of Trump’s speech today in New Hampshire:

  39. There is a new top thread. We would be grateful for any top thread suggestions!

  40. Cabby - AZ

    Old Salt,
    As always, you articulate so well the problem we are facing with an often disinterested citizenry, who are indulgent and self-centered. Isn’t it ironic that when these yuppies you so aptly describe finally wake up (only after their world comes crashing down around them) it will be curtains for them, and they will, no doubt, be the biggest howlers. Right now they are totally useless in the battle we face. In fact, they are a drag to those of us who are in the battle.

  41. CabbyAZ………………….
    The YUPPIES that I so eagerly chastise are not a DRAG, they are an IMPEDIMENT. Most squarely support Soetoro,and his policies. They are so caught up in their so POLITICALLY CORRECT LITTLE WORLDS that they can no longer use the power of REASON. They live in their OWN little vacuum wherein UP is DOWN,and FANTASY is REALITY. They walk around in their $1000.00 business suits,and wear their cloppity clop high heels, and bleached out hair do. They MUST be the CENTER of attraction 24/7. Those of us who see through them, know that in true reality these people are NOTHINGS, and are the epitome of the CHEAP looking,little PHONIES that they truly are. Real people do not have to TROWEL junk on their faces to hide this or that. Nor does anyone really need to be ELOQUENT 100% of the time. In short these people give themselves away by virtue of the natural demeanor that they CANNOT hide no matter how much crap they trowel onto their faces,or how expensive their suits are. They CANNOT escape REALITY. They only THINK they can.

  42. A very long time ago when I began to date my present wife I told her that she did not need to add anything to her physical being to be attractive to me. She only needed to be herself. She subsequently agreed to throw away all her grease,powder,and eye shadow along with the trowel. I love her DEARLY for the natural being that she is, and at 68 years of age she is still a very attractive lady,and trips my trigger. NO THANKS TO THE GREASE,AND STUFF.

  43. God designed our respective bodies. God is the finest sculptor, and artist ever. Whatever he manufactures does not need externally applied stuff to hide this, or that perceived imperfection. Anything that is perceived to be an imperfection is truly part of the theme of the tapestry. You DO NOT hide it … allow it to be seen exactly as it is. Otherwise the value of the tapestry is greatly diminished. Similarly it is the BOUQUET of a fine wine that attracts the connoisseur of fine wines. God’s handiwork is a fine wine.

  44. Thank you Old Salt for your words. I do not post often but you are a jewel to behold. I look forward to your words and relish the knowledge and life experiences that come with them. I know that you do not know me but I feel as if I know you. The people who come to this blog are some of the most caring and America loving people that make me proud to live in this country.

    My pastor did a sermon recently on the power of words. If people truly realized that words have a huge effect on others and can cause all kinds of reactions whether good or bad. We give little thought sometimes to what our words do to others. We are to edify each other and I struggle with this daily.

  45. Here is one for the road……On another website a commentor who calls himself THUNK responded to someone’s remark by telling the commentor that “He hit one right out of the park for a touchdown”. I find this a little confusingin that you do not hit a football you kick it, and if you kick it out of the park it is NOT a touchdown. Touchdowns are achieved by TRANSPORTING the football to the INZONE,either via a pass to a receiver already in the inzone or by carrying the ball to the inzone physically. But HITTING it out of the PARK, for a touchdown sounds as though the commenter might have arrived at the stadium for a Baseball game,then PASSED OUT from either too much alcohol,or drugs,and woke up during a football game. He/she is a little confused.

  46. Have a great day everybody! I’m out of here!

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