Limbaugh’s brother weighs in, brilliantly

My Recurring Obama ‘Dream’

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    Update: Even High School Students Declare Obama’s Birth Certificate a Forgery!

    And, ironically, this is known as a liberal school!


  3. If anyone is thinking about voting for Newt Gingrich please view this video with John F. McManus , President of the John Birch Society. It will not be a waste of time. Gingrich is a NWO member.

  4. Without even reading or listening to the above, I already KNOW that I will not consider Newt. I never trusted him… NEVER! There are certain things that you can sense from listening and observing.

    As an aside, I keep hearing that Sarah Palin should not run, for this or that reason. And I consider their reasoning. And I say to myself, “OK, maybe their right”, but darn if I don’t keep coming back to her, and thinking… you know, this woman most closely represents my views and my hopes for this country. I would proudly vote for her.

  5. TERRY LAKIN… FREE AT LAST! God bless him.

  6. Don’t know about anyone else, but I like my Presidents to have a moral compass; that eliminates Wild Bill and many others.

    Because of Eye-of-Newt’s hanky panky (I like that phrase, but rarely get to use it), he’s been scratched off my list. His lame excuse for his inability to keep his britches zipped was something about the stress of politics.

    Well, if that’s the case, Newtman, get the hell *out* of politics if it’s gonna turn you into the equivalent of a male escort.

  7. I agree. No Newt. I am not a fan of Huckabee, either, should he get in the race tomorrow. Certainly not Ron Paul. Romney cannot defend his version of obummer-care light.

    I guess I want one of the guys that has never been a politician, like Cain or Trump.

    Seriously, considering what that lifetime politicians have done to this country, how bad would new blood be? The guys that come from the business world would certainly know how to balance a budget!

  8. I am glad that you guys (or gals) do not like Newt. He actually called my mother sometime before the last mid-term election. She had always been a big Republican donor (until they nominated McCain) and so had lapsed. It may have been significant that she was living in New Hampshire at the time.

    Anyway, Newt wanted her to contribute to the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. They had a nice chat – I imagine so as my mother is very politically savvy. She told him that she was furious that they hand strayed from conservative roots. At the end, she promised to send a contribution and Newt promised her a signed copy of his latest book. She sent the money, but is still waiting for the book.

    Not an honorable man.

  9. Trump4Potus

    Trump is writing a major policy book. I guess that means he will actually run this time!

  10. The thing that I like about Trump is that he inspires passion and he speaks plainly. I’m not an idealogue though. I do prefer the most conservative candidate, but always check myself with electability. I think that Herman Cain is electable. I also think that Donald Trump is electable. I’m not going to allow myself to go instantly negative on a man because he is not my cookie cutter guy. I love Allen West, but look how he is backing down on Obamacare and eligibility. They, we, each have our faults and weakness. Look at each candidate in totality. Don’t smear any that Have a preponderance of belief on our side. Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment. That OS why CW is going to hell in a handbasket because of the likes of Democrats like Leo Haffey.

  11. SueQ | May 13, 2011 at 5:18 pm |

    TERRY LAKIN… FREE AT LAST! God bless him.
    Sorry that I missed this awesome news the first time I read this thread!

    Were there any interviews?

    I am praying that as an MD, he will thrive in private practice with many patriots lined up outside his office!

  12. Trump4Potus

    Paxson | May 13, 2011 at 11:18 pm |

    The thing that I like about Trump is that he inspires passion and he speaks plainly.
    I could not agree more. I am sick of slick-tongued politicians. Did you listen to Trump’s speech in New Hampshire yesterday? He is learning (no f-bombs) and refining his message. I really like the part that countries – like South Korea – that are making billions off of us could at least pay us back for our military presence that protects them. Here is the link in case you missed it:

  13. For those that recognize the name, Leo Donofrio has weighed in on the new birth certificate. There are a lot of comments. but scroll through to nearly the end to read the comments of those that do not feel it it real.

  14. Cabby - AZ

    Hi Folks,
    You all pretty much sum it up for me, too. Newt was a champion when he led in ’94 with the House’s Contract with America, but a lot has happened since then. Have you seen the rerun of his “sofa chat” with Pelosi as they both pushed for clean energy (aka somewhat as “cap and trade”)? I am definitely opposed to him, BUT in a general election he’d get my vote over Barky. That is not to say he isn’t brilliant and articulate, but he is too Washingtonian for me and I don’t trust him much.

    The very best to Terry Lakin!! The is the first day of the rest of his life, and may the days ahead bring comfort and opportunities. He is a true American hero, and the saga is not over.

    Did you all see that Globe is featuring a special front-page report on the fraudulent so-called long-form birth certificate? Gordo at CW posted the following article. It sounds as though The Globe has done quite a piece on the report of an excellent photoshopping authority. This is the kind of publicity that can get the word out to the masses via newsstands all over the country: (Trump’s picture is also on the cover)

  15. Cabby - AZ

    Oops! Should be “This is the first day…”

  16. Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Run for President of Egypt

    As I said all along, it was always about Muslim Brotherhood ………. this is not going to end well. Be prepared for a silver-tongued sales job by big media on how wonderful the genocidal supremacist Brotherhood is.

    Well of course – look who’s the foreign policy advisor:

    CNN Host Fareed Zakaria: Obama Foreign Policy Advisor

  17. Browsing at the Terry Action Fund website, I ran across this from Dr. Lakin’s diaries, wherein he relates his reading from a book by Alexis de Tocqueville. I think it needs to be shared.

    Says Dr. Lakin:
    “Pretty amazing what de Tocqueville was writing in 1831:”

    Alexis de Tocqueville “Democracy in America” Quotes:

    Page 79: “An American Constitution is not supposed to be immutable, as in France; nor is it susceptible of modification by the ordinary powers of society, as in England. It constitutes a detached whole, which, as it represents the will of the whole people, is no less binding on the legislator than on the private citizen, but which may be altered by the will of the people in predetermined cases, according to the established rules. In America, the Constitution may therefore vary; but as long as it exists, it is the origin of all authority, and the sole vehicle of the predominating force…”

    Page 137… “However the predominant party in the nation may be carried away by its passions, however ardent it may be in the pursuit of it’s projects, it cannot oblige all the citizens to comply with it’s desires in the same manner, and at the same time, throughout the county.”

    “This point deserves attention; for if a democratic republic, similar to that of the United States, were ever founded in a country where the power of one man had previously established a centralized administration, and had sunk deep into the habits and the laws of the people, I do not hesitate to assert, that, in such a republic, a more insufferable disposition would prevail then in any of the absolute monarchies of Europe; or, indeed, than any that could be found on this side of Asia.”

    “I was going to turn de Tocqueville back into the library because I’ve had it so long – so I was skimming it – then it just started catching me again. How could this man write so well and insightful about our government and perhaps even predict weaknesses of the people and future government to such a seemingly accuracy?”

  18. Whenever a good, faithful man like Dr. Lakin has been unjustly interned, he is nearly always going to come back into freedom with greatly increased wisdom and insight. I pay particular attention to the musings and reflections of such a person.

    Notice the quote above from de Tocquerville, whose work Dr. Lakin has taken notice of:

    This point deserves attention; for if a democratic republic, similar to that of the United States, were ever founded in a country where the power of one man had previously established a centralized administration, and had sunk deep into the habits and the laws of the people, I do not hesitate to assert, that, in such a republic, a more insufferable disposition would prevail then in any of the absolute monarchies of Europe; or, indeed, than any that could be found on this side of Asia.

    Translate the above to our situation right now in America. I am getting tired of hearing how it’s “the policies of Obama” that are bad. The real problem is Obama himself.

    Last night I heard Huckabee say that Obama doesn’t understand how business works. Pardon me, I think he understands very well! He doesn’t lack understanding; Obama is anti-business through and through. He is a Marxist, plain and simple, and Marxism is anti-capitalism (among other things). The ultimate goal is to destroy private enterprise in this country, thereby bringing us to our knees.

    Why is it that so many among the conservative spokesmen are absolutely reluctant to place the blame exactly where it belongs? Where is that? On Obama’s stinkin’ thinkin’ – Marxism ideology.

  19. Here’s a great collection of photos from the recent may day rally in los angeles, showing communists and seiu marching together. Where do all these freaking communists come from?

  20. Today, Obama is calling for increased domestic oil production. Gotta laugh. Reminds me of brother Limbaugh’s recurring dream.

    ….”Well, just as relaxing border enforcement could not possibly increase border safety, imposing a virtual freeze on much offshore drilling could not possibly increase the volume of drilling.”

    Is anyone listening? His actions speak SO much louder than his pathetic words. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in “Wonderland”. Even Fox reports his Saturday radio address statements without question or comment.

  21. I think Newt Gingrich is another obama in sheep skin (NWO). Don’t trust
    him, togather with rest of imposters, Romney, Huckabee, Tim Pawlinty.
    Ron Paul is a Libertarian and too liberal for me. Herman Cain is a radio
    personality and is good with “WORDS”. On the Repub. debate he said
    all the right “words” just what the public wants to hear!! NOW, where
    have we seen that act before?? Beautiful words and just what you want
    to hear, “change”, and now look who you have in the White House just because you all heard all the right “words”!! NO, Cain is not the choice either. I’m going to be watching Rick Santorium and check out how
    he voted when he was a PA Senator. “Satorium/Palin 2012”

  22. indymac | May 14, 2011 at 11:47 am |

    They shoulda just dropped a bomb on the whole damned thing.


  23. Cabby - AZ

    Guesswhat | May 14, 2011 at 4:09 pm |
    Herman Cain is a radio
    personality and is good with “WORDS”. On the Repub. debate he said
    all the right “words” just what the public wants to hear!! NOW, where
    have we seen that act before?? Beautiful words and just what you want
    to hear, “change”, and now look who you have in the White House just because you all heard all the right “words.”
    That is why we must listen not only to the actual words that are said, but the context, implication, and core beliefs of the speaker. Many of us were appalled over the earliest words that proceeded from Obama’s mouth. We did NOT hear beautiful words, because we knew of his ideology and his background. We listened carefully and were not swept in by his supposed “oratory”. He really did tell us what he intended to do if we listened carefully. Moreover, early on we could tell that he was a liar. Just his closeness with Chicago politics told us much for starters. For some, the first enlightenment came when he dumped Hillary. That was too late.

    Now when it comes to Herman Cain, we should apply the same criteria. What are his core beliefs and how has he demonstrated them? We need to listen carefully with the same scrutiny and attention to all of the candidates. We have a lot of learning and investigation to do before making a final choice.

  24. Birth certificate doesn’t meet Hawaii standards
    Image White House released ‘may not be a certified copy’

    Read more: Birth certificate doesn’t meet Hawaii standards
    The history of Herman Cain is more than a “radio personality”!

  25. Did anyone watch the Huckabee’s show live? At the very end he had Trump giving the live news of his non-running. Does that mean that Huckabee likes Trump?

  26. Obummer | May 14, 2011 at 11:58 pm |

    Probably not, Obummer; it may just mean that Huckleberry knows Trump would beat the knickers off him.

    Let the games begin 🙂

  27. It would appear that TRUMP has plenty of trump,and perhaps the ACE AND BOTH BOWERS as well.

  28. oldsalt79 | May 15, 2011 at 1:26 am |

    Do you also play Bridge? I adore you! I am guessing your reference was to Euchre?

    I did well during breaks in High School in Minnesota, because I could play Bridge (I learned when I was six- long story) and everyone was playing Euchre. I was a new kid and suddenly a card shark! It was a great time.

  29. Obummer………………..
    The reference I made to trumpcards was indeed relative to the game of Euchre. In high school in the late fourties,and early fifties, some of us burned up the lunch break tables playing Euchre,while eating our lunches,and visiting in general. During my working life there was usually four of us who enjoyed great conversation,and laughs at lunch time. We played a few hands of Euchre from time to time as well. Donald Trump certainly has a name that can be utilised in the context of Euchre.

  30. Hope everybody has a safe, and pleasant day.

  31. Philo-Publius

    Not to take anything away from FOCW but for those interested in another great place to discuss strategy, Steven Craig’s forum posted this notice:

    We’re a small site with a focus on addressing the Constitutional Issue of who qualifies as a Natural Born Citizen. We realize that all of you have an opinion, perhaps even a new idea which might very well be the key to our success.

    Our hope is to one day have the U.S. Supreme Court finally do their job and Interpret those three words…

    We openly post our discussions here, to help educate citizens to the unique dilemma we face as a nation. For the first time since the passing of the Founding generation, we have a President who was born a British Subject with an American mother.

    You may, without registering, continue to enjoy reading though the open threads, but we’d rather have you join our group for intelligent, polite discussion of this, as well as numerous other issue.

  32. Someone needs to tell Newt that his Commie colors are showing. We don’t need know stinking Obamacare…….I don’t have health care but I can assure you I don’t want Obamacare.
    Gingngrich Backs Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Requiring Health Insurance

    Read more on Gingrich Backs Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Requiring Health Insurance
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

  33. cynkading,
    Glad we found this out NOW; not that I was going to support Newt anyway, but everyone should understand exactly where he is coming from. It certainly is not from the direction of the Tea Party or other conservatives!!

  34. Cabby,
    I believe he just sank his own ship. If he thinks that the conservative people want this mandated healthcare, he is completely out of it. Does he not read the polls about people being against healthcare??I do not trust the polls but occasionally they kind of get close on how the people feel about this topic.

  35. Rep. Paul Ryan’s Office Responds to Newt Gingrich’s Attack on Ryan Plan

    Yesterday on “Meet the Press” Newt Gingrich slammed the bold Republican plan to cut the national debt and deficit and save Medicare. The democrats loved it. This gave them more ammo to clobber Republicans with.

  36. cynkading | May 16, 2011 at 8:50 am |
    I believe he just sank his own ship.
    Wow! It looks as though he is torpedoing his ship! How can he be so clueless to the requirements of conservatives?

    I am just listening to Brit Hume give his appraisal of Newt’s “performance”. Hume says Newt is a sort of “bomb-thrower” and is very puzzled as to why he would say the things he did.

    Newt has just given ammunition to the Dems, greatly insulted Paul Ryan, the hero of the financial conservatives, and is behaving in a bizarre way. Hume says that has been Newt’s style – shooting from the hip.

    Why would any of us want THAT kind of a person in the White House? I think he is going a little bonkers. Perhaps his superior intellect and brilliance have led him amok. He was close to the bottom of my list, but now he has dropped off completely into zero land.

    BTW, Hume said that not too long ago Newt said he would vote for Ryan’s plan if he were in Congress. Is this guy off his rocker, or what?

  37. The Little Man Who Wasn’t There!!

    Another good summary of BC facts.

  38. cynkading…………………
    You reiterate my exact position. Add to this the fact that if the US Supreme Court was to convene today and take up NBC I personally believe that they would indeed side with Soetoro,and say that the NBC clause was put in the Constitution not for the purpose of separating the POTUS requirements from foreign influence, but rather only to imply that he needs to be a CITIZEN ONLY. Further they would rule that because his mother was a US Citizen he too is a BIRTHRIGHT citizen. Yes that is how I think that our cowardly foreign sympathisers at the SCOTUS would rule. The quality of the (alleged) SCOTUS justices leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. This includes the Chief Justice as well. I personally believe that he did KNOWINGLY support treason against the United States by administering the Presidential oath of office to a fraudulantly elected POTUS. Roberts in NOW A FELON.

  39. ………….BUT given the fact that it is NOW pretty damn clear to ALL of us that the (ALLEGED) POTUS wasn’t born in the US at all, we can now SAFELY believe that we do not even have a legally sitting POTUS at all….in addition to which the imposter occupying the WH is really an Islamic Muslim practitioner who is HELL BENT upon turning the US into a MARXIST SOCIALIST UTOPIA for himself and his slimey LIBERAL friends at the expense of ALL AMERICANS. Sadly he THINKS he is going to win a second term. He can do that either via voter fraud, or via the stupidity of the DUMBED down society who voted for him the first time around. I do not agree. The cat is now out of the bag,and either way he can no longer win a second term. He has long ago surpassed all of Jimmy Carter’s stupidity. Even the STUPIDIST Americans NOW SEE HIM as a complete MORON.

  40. CabbyAz…………………..
    Early on I looked upon Newt Gingrich as a potential POTUS. But after seeing, and hearing what he has said recently I now tend to look upon him as a potential wolf in sheeps clothing. This unfortunately drops him to the bottom of my “DON’T FORGET LIST”. Right now Donald Trump is still at the top of the list,with Allen West as potential VP. But please remember……this is only because I see NOBODY else even on the HORIZON who could concievably steer this ship on the correct heading. Even HUCKLEBERRY HOUND has publically HUNG UP HIS JOCK. But be very careful because Sarah Palin is still a powerful wild card. But I personally do not see her as having true WH potential. Perhaps if she is elected to Congress for a few years first. She needs that extra curricular involvement to sprinkle her with the right seasoning. The potential for the ex Massachussets Governor is waning as well. The Republican thing could end up between Pawlenty, and Santorim. Both will lose. This means that Ron Paul would have a FIGHTING chance, along with people like Cain. They are ALL dark horses but there is a word which might come into play where they are concerned. It is the word “DEFAULT”. One of them could end up as POTUS by virtue of this word. Of course if Donald Trump decides to run then this field changes it’s complexion radically. I then hold with my first choice which would be Trump and West. Both have the all important HANDS ON EXPERIENCE. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

  41. Cabby - AZ

    Well, Trump is out of the running according to Drudge. The field is shifting and being “sifted”.

  42. Geithner’s got a big red bullseye on his back after this one:

    Any Federal employees here: Lock and load; you’re about to be financially raped by this ‘administration’ to pay for Barky and Moose’s lavish lifestyle.

    Social Security is next; fasten your seatbelts.

    They and little Timmy Geithner need to go NOW!

  43. I find myself depressed that Trump quit. I want to know the real reason. I realize that he had flirted with the idea in previous elections, but this time it was clearly different. He had hired campaign pros – already been to New Hampshire several times – spoke at CPAC. Several people reported that he was scheduled to announce on May25 in the atrium of Trump Tower in NYC.

    What happened? Anyone hear any rumors? The story that it was all about the TV show are just not believable to me. He knew when he began this process he would be unable to do the show.

    And why today? Could it be that Corsi’s book comes out tomorrow?

    It just seems so strange.

  44. Do you recall when Perot dropped out of the Presidential Race. Threats had been made against his daughter, who was about to be married? I’d hate to think Trump caved because of threats, but I could understand it.

  45. Cabby - AZ

    Obummer | May 16, 2011 at 5:38 pm |
    I find myself depressed that Trump quit. I want to know the real reason.
    That’s the way I feel, also. Were the deliberations which took place between Trump and NBC re. The Apprentice so consequential as to cause Trump to choose the millions offered to him rather than be a presidential candidate?
    If that is true – if that was the factor – then Trump is not really made of the stuff that he purported to have – fervor, steadfastness, zeal and love of country. That makes us sad and disappointed, because he seems to not be who we hoped he was.

    On the other hand, there just could be many sinister forces at work behind the scenes – things of which we have no knowledge. There may be threats to life and property from people in high places. Such threats could not be revealed to any of us.

    Conclusion: Whichever of the two above explanations applies, there can only be a pall cast over those of us who carry a heavy burden for the future welfare of our country.

  46. Cabby – AZ | May 16, 2011 at 7:31 pm |
    Were the deliberations which took place between Trump and NBC re. The Apprentice so consequential as to cause Trump to choose the millions offered to him rather than be a presidential candidate?
    That seems to be what is rumored to have happened, but I just do not buy it. I have listened to every Trump speech I could find – since his CPAC speech – most recently last week in New Hampshire. He has said repetitively that the next election is the most important in the history of the USA. In NH, just a few days ago, he gave the most information as to why he was potentially running. He said that he was proud that he has built a great company but it would not be great anymore if the USA goes over a cliff. I thought, “Great! If he saves himself, he might just save the rest of us! That makes him motivated!”

    And would The Apprentice matter as a decisive factor at all if the USA fails? That just makes no sense.

    I am leaning more towards sinister forces. As rich as Trump is, I imagine there are threats even his personal security cannot protect him from.

    Also, did you or anyone see Huckabee’s live announcement? Trump gave the “breaking news” of it on FoxNews at the end of the show. What was that about? At the time, I thought that Trump must be running and Huckabee likes him. I was never a Huckabee fan, but every endorsement helps.

    This can only help Cain, but if he starts to move up the polls and suddenly drops out, we will have a lot more information.

  47. Cabby - AZ

    Thanks for your input, Obummer. I hadn’t heard all of Trump’s speeches as you have but deep in my heart find it difficult that he could end up being so hypocritical. To have him turn “‘turtle” so abruptly does smell very fishy. Then again, it seems that people are forever letting us down, so I guess we have prepared ourselves for letdowns.

    I did see Huckabee’s live announcement and Trump’s commendation at the end of the show. It has been said that he had prepared two such statements, so that whichever one was needed would be used. Frankly, I wasn’t sure exactly what the purpose was. I’m not a Huck fan, but we don’t know but what there were threats or bribes made re. him.

    Wow, if Cain drops out then, as you say, we will have more information. The power of the presidency is great in any event, but the diabolical power of this one is monumental and unprecedented. This is a sad day, imo.

  48. Cabby – AZ | May 16, 2011 at 8:10 pm | | Edit

    I just discussed the Trump situation with my mother, who has friends in New Hampshire that are politically connected. They tool her yesterday that Trump was being very well received.

    She thought that perhaps Trump – who obviously has a great ego – my prefer to be drafted near the end of the nomination process and therefore skip all the small-group-handshaking. I had not considered that angle.

    And did anyone notice that The White House Insider has spoken again:

  49. Obummer,
    That idea your mother has may be possible, because you can’t really rule out anything in politics especially these days; however, there would be the matter of the contract for his successful show, which would have to be remedied some way.

    That Insider report has some very interesting, possibly true info. I’ve always felt that the financial crises in 2008 were contrived, at least in part. Insider seems to bear that out and holds some hope for future exposure of Obama. I hope he is right.

  50. Hey Obummer,

    I’m next door to NH and yes, Trump was indeed well received there. Heaven forbid he step foot in the moonbattiest of moonbat states, MA. I’m doing my best to turn this dopey state from blue to red, but it is and always has been a one-party Dumbocrat state.

    Perhaps Trump will be drafted; that would be interesting. As it stands today, the only choices we have are between cat poop and dog poop. Someone needs to step up to the plate with the scoop, and fast! Not much time to get a viable candidate to take on Barky and his corrupt machine.

    Thanks for the Insider link. I’m leaning towards believing this guy; the info is just too detailed and makes too much sense to be fabricated.

  51. BTW, where’s big mouth over at CW’s? Mississippi wash him away, or something?

  52. SueK, I thought the same thing about CW. I expected to see gloating. Hmmm?

  53. Well, Ladyhawke, it may not be permanent. He’s like that recurring nightmare you have: He just keeps coming around and never leaves.

    Strange, however, to go through a whole thread and not see his crappola posted every other post.

    We’ll see.

  54. I just got Corsi’s book on my Kindle. I will read as long as I can stay awake and report tomorrow.

  55. NBC Vic Hern

    On Drudge this AM, articles referencing perhaps that Donald wanted
    his son to do the show if he ran, and NBC said NO. Also NBC upped the contract to $60 mil per season.

  56. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    NBC Vic Hern,

    And we expected Trump to run our Country on the paltry salary we pay the President?

    ONLY 60 million for a season? I would have to cut off my cable, and probably stop payment on my cell phone, but I could probably scrape by on 60 million.

  57. Interested Bystander

    Hey All

    I commented over in Happyville about how nice it was not seeing repeated posts.

    What happened to FS anyway?

  58. I can’t make heads or tails of it anymore except that the ptb’s have been biding their time to push Romney. 4 years ago I would have been o.k. with this. I’m not so sure anymore.

  59. Interested Bystander | May 17, 2011 at 7:47 am |
    Check again! Like a bad penny.

  60. Cabby - AZ

    Folks, this is serious business:
    Obama’s Newest Ambush
    On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that while Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is in Washington next week, and before the premier has a chance to give his scheduled address to a joint session of Congress, Obama will give a new speech to the Arab world.

    In that speech, Obama will praise the populist movements that have risen up against Arab tyrannies and embrace them as the model for the future. As for Israel, the report claimed that the Obama administration is still trying to decide whether the time is right to put the screws on Israel once more.

    Read more:
    While we are consumed (and rightly so) with matters here at home, Obama is continuing his undermining of the right of Israel to exist and extolling her enemies. This is VERY dangerous stuff for us AND the world.

  61. CabbyAZ,and EVERYBODY…………………
    if you are a Federal Employee and have Federally funded retirement you might very soon want to consider rolling your retirement money into PRIVATELY held and administered annuities,or other safe financial instruments. If Soetoro and snot nosed Geithner have their way they are going to take back all of the Federal funding that has been already applied to your account. Yes there is a Federal Law against this sort of employee robbery. Pledged, and/or paid money must remain that way. In the old days many US companies LEGALLY robbed their employees in this manner. A federal law was passed against this practice many years ago. Apparently Geithner,and Soetoro,are NOT aware of it,or have chosen to IGNORE it. You make the call! Either way your retirement funding could very soon shrink by at least 50%. I personally think that Soetoro will indeed try it. Further it is my feeling that the ILLEGALISATION of GOLD will soon follow. If FDR could do it in 1933 and get away with it, then there is nothing to stop Soetoro from trying to emulate FDR,and once again RAPE the owners of gold. I am constantly hearing this from many of the OLD TIMERS who lived through the depression as I did. They like myself were kids then,but we saw first hand what our parents went through. Yet $20.00 would more than feed a family of four for a week, and few people were ever hungry. If he /she was hungry it was their OWN FAULT. Those of you who the probable Federal action effects might be able to save the money from being robbed from your account by rolling it over into a 2nd generation annuity, or perhaps a family trust. I done this myself but for another reason. I rolled my IRA over into a self directed annuity,which is in the custody of Ivy Funds. But this was MY decision. It is up to you to figure out what is a safe holding that the Fed cannot touch,and avail yourself of it.

  62. …………….BUT…..I hastily add that there WAS INDEED a HELL of a lot of people who had NO SOURCE OF INCOME, and lived at the soup line, and if he /she was lucky they might have had a very large pasteboard carton to put over their respective heads to sleep in which was often located along a Railroad RIGHT OF WAY.

  63. CabbyAZ……………….
    From a private source I have learned that what might have chased Trump out is the fact that he was Threatened by NBC. He was told that his show would be recast if he continued with the political issue. This sounds pretty truthful. We all know who OWNS NBC. The CEO of General Electric is IN BED with Soetoro. SEE the CONNECTION? Just a thought. There might even be a little more incentive that the CEO of GE has provided TRUMP with. Maybe a little TAXPAYER MONEY as well. Trump does like money.

  64. Cabby - AZ

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking off and on about Trump. It IS possible that NBC (yes, that connection with Obama DOES exist) threatened him with something like you indicated. Trump has already been promised 60 million for this new contract.

    The problem that lurks is that, although we know Trump likes money, he so often disavowed that in his speeches. I mean that he ardently said that he loves America so much that he would not let money stand in the way of his saving the country. He spoke so eloquently about the fact that if the country goes down, none of his wealth will mean anything. I know people are so often disingenuous, but this is really downright hypocritical.

    We are braced and prepared to accept disappointments so often these days. I’m not shedding any tears over it all, but somehow I feel that there must be something more of which we are not aware. TIME WILL TELL, that’s for sure. I’m not giving him much slack, however. I’d rather think the worst and be pleasantly surprised otherwise.

  65. Old Salt, the problem with your thinking is that if the system collapses, the government will keep it’s promises while the private sector dies. Why? They have the power to tax, no matter what currency replaces our current one. Not to mention they will want to stop the riots and give people.a.false.sense of security that “Uncle Sam” is really here to help you. Unfortunately, good old “Uncle Sam” has changed. This government has shown no interest in saving private companies unless they take them over or are associated with big labor (unions ). You can say, what about the banks? I say that all they did was move the banks closer to nationalization through blackmail. Ultimately, I have no idea what is happening right now and I (like you) pay very close attention.

  66. CabbyAz…………………..
    Not to be critical of anybody,but you just said the magic word. It is the word that primarily put the HORSE’S BEHIND IN OFFICE to BEGIN WITH. The word is ELOQUENT. Which primarily cuts in several directions,but after all is said and done means that the person who is said to be eloquent, has the gift of gab, and the AURA about him/her which makes all that is said look like what he REALLY thinks. Remember when Soetoro while on the campaign trail had women weeping, and their arms outstretched towards the heavens, as if the Messiah was about to reward them. Remember when some women were asked why they had voted for SLICK WILLY, the reason that at least one of them gave their interviewer…….she voted for SLICK WILLY because he “HAS NICE BUNS”. Don’t you think that she might be the epitome of intelligence. This sort of intelligence is everywhere around us in the so called YUPPIE group. They are BOTH ELOQUENT,and as stupid as a BOX OF ROCKS. Watch out people don’t let them take you in with their NICEY,NICEY, VERY SLIPPERY…………BULL SHI#.

  67. Old Salt, I wasn’t disagreeing with your assessment that they are looting the federal employees pension funds, I was merely saying that there really are no “safe places” any more. They’ll find a way to get it.

  68. Paxson…………….
    You read what I said in a different plain than what it meant. It was meant to show the COMPLETE DISHONESTY OF THE GOVERNMENT, and NOT any form of honesty. Perhaps I should have worded it differently. But I do stand with what I said. I do think that the attempt by Soetoro and his crowd to take back the funding that has already been placed in the retirement accounts of it’s employees is genuine and that it could occur anyday. No offense buddy.

  69. That’s why I wrote the second post. I read what you said and I essentially agreed with it, except that they will ensure that the beast (Federal government ) stays alive at the expense of all else. As usual, we are on the same page. I shouldn’t have said disagree, I should have said “in addition “.

  70. Also, like everything else associated with Federal Funding, the Federal Employees Pension Funds are a ponzi scheme. Everything about the stability of our government is an illusion backed only by the ability to tax more and print money.

  71. Paxson………………..
    This all sort of runs parallel with what LBJ done with the Social Security trusts, which were then holding a huge sum of money and the Dems couldn’t stand it because it had NOT BEEN SPENT. Finally LBJ could stand it no longer. He was able to convince, or otherwise LIE to congress and make them believe that UP is DOWN, and ….VOILA in the wink of an eye the trusts were orderd liquidated and the money placed in the GENERAL FUND where it remains today. That is whatever remains of the funds, that havn’t yet been squandered. Now all of the Congress,all the employees of the FED.the POTUS,and his GOON squad are all being paid out of the Social Security money. From another angle do you remember the recent theft from Medicare of $520 billion part of which was turned over to the IMF so that abortion of Europe’s whores could be funded…… your expense.. ? Just another RAPE of the Social Security money. The LIBS are the sick spenders who think that the funds is their own personal money. They even steal 25 % increases whenever they feel like it as well. I am wondering what you propose that we do about all of this BULLSHI#?

  72. Paxson…………….
    Here is a litle something else for you ,…. what do you think will be the series of events leading up to the eventual illegalisation,and subsequent confiscation of gold,precious stones, and any other form of wealth that any American holds. You have to realise that NONE OF THIS WILL EVER BE REPAID. If Soetoro is able to somehow cheat his way to another term it is in the second term that he will do his damdest to reduce the US to a THIRD world country. If the people of this country are so damned stupid that they can’t see what is going on then yes they deserve to become slaves to a Marxists. Then after they have had a real good taste of reality they will try to do something, but it will fail. It will be too late to do ANYTHING but lay down and die, because that is a very large part of the plan. The death of MILLIONS of senior people who Soetoro perceives are sucking the system dry of money. This is money that he could be spending on his lavish trips, homosexual life style, and his drugs. Yet the DUMBASS AMERICAN VOTERS TOLERATE IT. So I would have to conclude that perhaps the problem isn’t as much Soetoro,and his GOON squad as it is the (alleged) American people themselves who are the problem.

  73. I am convinced that the entire plan of the DEMENTED MESSIAH, is to have all Americans so poor that they cannot buy, beg ,or steal any survival necessities. If companies are broke they cannot produce. If they are broke they cannot hire anyone. This cycle could get to a point where everything grinds to a halt. Unemployment could get to a figure of 60 ,70 or possibly even 80 %. Have you wondered what you would do to survive if you didn’t own any ground at all. Of course part of the ruination of this country involves nobody owning any ground at all either. At which point a Chavez Castro type government will exist.There will only be GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP of farms, business etc. Get my message folks. This could all come to pass in a Soetoro second term. The DEATH OF AMERICA, along with 200 million Americans. You can either fight like hell.or you can whine and rollover. It is your call.

  74. Old Salt. I agree and this is why I am so worried about the Republican Party. We are splitting away from the establishment and they seem to be just as much at war with us as the Democrats. I will still vote Republican, but I’m not Happy. Funny thing while I was typing this I got a call from the Republican National Committee looking for a pledge, which I gave, but I let them know my displeasure. I’ve been a Republican my whole life and I don’t plan on changing or going to a third party, but I am completely disgusted at having Mitt Romney forced on me because he has the support of the ptb’s. I did support Romney last go around, but the country was in a totally different position at the time.

  75. In my last comment I said what I said because if you look around you closely you will see certain things happening on both a US and an International level that are indicative of what is coming. We see our so called POTUS passing out money to so called REFUGEE Palestinians so that they can come to this country in complete DISRESPECT of our alleged IMMIGRATION LAWS, so that they can start firing homemade rockets at some of our cities. Yet most Americans know that the money to bring them here came from our GENERAL FUND, which I reiterate also contains our MEDICARE FUNDING,and our Social Security funds as well. Our Kids have a well founded reason to doubt that Social Security will even exist after 2024. If Soetoro, and Geithner have their way Social Security and Medicare will be ended and millions of Senior Americans will starve to death,or be thrown into the streets, or BOTH. Yet the table of the Soetoro GANG will be running over with food,drink, lavish parties,fine medical care, NON STOP HOMOSEXUAL activity, and lots of drugs.


  77. Old Salt @ 6:26

    I’m sure that you’ve read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. The pigs who lead the revolution get all the spoils, while the lives of the other animals actually get worse. .

  78. Cabby - AZ

    As your junior by only two years, I know you speak the truth about what the future holds if Soetoro gains a second term. In fact, the only thing holding back the floodgates right now is that he is busy campaigning for 2012. His entire “career” to complete the change he promised is at stake if he loses, so he is going to the mat to win – whatever it takes he’ll do. Lie, cheat, steal, misrepresent, deceive, and a multitude of other vices are all at his disposal and he will use them to keep his present power.

    Moreover, the DOJ is protecting him from all criminal accusations and doing it very well. The courts and Congress are silent. We are in a very bad situation – That is to put it mildly.

  79. Cabby - AZ

    oldsalt79 | May 17, 2011 at 4:35 pm |
    Not to be critical of anybody,but you just said the magic word. It is the word that primarily put the HORSE’S BEHIND IN OFFICE to BEGIN WITH. The word is ELOQUENT. Which primarily cuts in several directions,but after all is said and done means that the person who is said to be eloquent, has the gift of gab, and the AURA about him/her which makes all that is said look like what he REALLY thinks.
    So, Trump’s ability to articulate and his eloquence were not genuine apparently. What was deceiving about Trump were his nerve and stamina to take on the hostile media and hold them at bay over the BC issue. In some sense that gave credence to his message. That is where some of us erred in feeling that he was really sincere in his speeches about his devotion to America. I guess everyone has his price.

  80. Old Salt and Cabby. I always listen intently to what both of you have to say. No offense intended, but you’ve both been “around the block “. I was taught to respect the wisdom of my elders and I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of you.

  81. Very interesting comments today.

    Old Salt, I appreciated you comments about our apparently corrupt leaders. I saw a poll a few days ago – I’ll try to find it and post it – where a large majority think that the crooks in government keep getting re-elected due to voter fraud.

    Re: Trump: It was announced last Thursday that he would publish a major policy book:

    And then he suddenly quits yesterday? It just makes no sense, although threats from NBC/GE do. I hope he still writes the book or has it ghost-written per the article.

    Does anyone here watch The Apprentice? I have always enjoyed it. I have heard stories that should Trump become POTUS, he wanted his son to take over his role from several sources, including this thread. The Donald, Jr. has had a prominent role for several seasons. My point is that the Trump brand is so much of the show. I certainly believe that NBC threatened to recast Trump if Trump became POTUS. As a fan of the show, I think it was an empty threat. I came to that conclusion when I tried to think of a replacement. Steve Forbes? Bloomberg? I do not think they would do it. It would have to be someone very rich with name recognition.

    Sorry if this was a bit rambled, I was mostly thinking out loud.

  82. Cabby @ 6:42

    What I was trying to articulate about my feelings about Trump at CW, I didn’t care if he was running for President or not. I was happy that he was calling things like he saw them and I wanted him to continue. So now he’s gone. I’ll bet that NBC has him by the short hairs with regards to attacks on the administration and they are paying him a ton of money. I really hope that somebody else steps up to the plate.

    Right now I’m supporting Herman Cain.

  83. Cabby – AZ | May 17, 2011 at 6:42 pm |

    Rush Limbaugh took a call today from someone criticizing his lack of support for Romney and his great support of Trump.

    Rush did not think he had been dissing Romney, but defended his liking Trump. Why? Rush because Trump was the only one taking it directly to Obama, with no fear of being called a racist.

    Rush never thought Trump would get in the race but always said that Trump was showing the other Republicans how to win. Interesting.

  84. Obummer. Go to Free Republic and other blogs, you’ll see the slow drip of the Romney support from “establishment “. Which is fine as it is a campaign. However, they take subtle jabs against the others, specifically Cain, calling them unelectable etc. We, the masses (of registered Republicans ), hold the power in the primaries. Let us not be dictated to by those types. Not that I wouldn’t support Romney in the general election, but I like some other options right now.

  85. Old Salt @ 6:26

    Also, the future for my kids (also my wife, brothers and sister for that matter) is very bleak with the picture that you paint in this comment. Your assessment is spot on.

  86. Paxson | May 17, 2011 at 6:56 pm |

    We are on the same page. Right now I like Cain.

    Romney should have disavowed Romney-care. That will continue to be a problem for him.

    I guess I am in the “No Professional Politicians” crowd. Seriously, how bad could a political rookie do? Considering the debacle the political pros have created?

  87. Cabby - AZ

    Paxson | May 17, 2011 at 6:44 pm |
    Thank you, Paxson, for your kind words, but the truth is that I (and I’m sure Old Salt also) very much appreciate your insight. In this situation in which we find ourselves, every voice – young or old – is needed and wanted. Yeah, we have been around for awhile and have had many of life’s experiences, but new insight and youthful views are very welcomed by us older ones, too.

  88. Cabby - AZ

    Obummer | May 17, 2011 at 7:04 pm |
    I’m with you and Paxson when it comes to Herman Cain, who is being greatly neglected by Fox News. So what else is new?

    My nose would have to be held if I were forced to vote for Romney. Of course, there is no question as to who would get my vote in Romney vs. Obama.

    Here is something else I’ve recently thought about the oft touted Ron Paul. Do we all realize he has been in Congress for 30 years? He is now 75 and would be 76 when taking office if elected. Talk about a dyed-in-the-wool career politician?!?! He has had some good ideas in certain areas, but let’s face it. He is too old and too much of a Washingtonian. He could never win against Obama unless the latter was completely out of commission and there was no other Rep. contender.

  89. Anyone having second thoughts about Sarah Palin? I know a lot of you guys (my husband included) can’t stand her screechy voice. But even he said he would look past that and vote for her.

    She seems to embody the tea party values more than anyone else I know. She’s not afraid to fight… she’s proven that.

    It seems to me that conservatives are floundering right now… trying to glomb on to a candidate… any candidate… that will stand up to THE ONE, as well as the MSM, without apology. That is what made Trump and Christie so attractive. Yet these people… just disect their views… they’ re really pretty liberal. I don’t think our nation can endure their ideologies. I don’t think we can endure a Romney or a Gingrich either.

    At one time I was even willing to consider the Libertarian party. But really? Legalize heroin? They seem to attract a multitude of nuts.

    At this point, I hope that Sarah runs. She was the ONLY reason I voted for McCain last time, and I was proud to do it. She was eminently more qualified than the community organizer

  90. BTW, I think I heard Katie Couric is out? Good riddance.

  91. Cabby - AZ

    Has anyone listened to O’Reilly tonight? He related his conversation today with Trump, who gave two reasons for not running, according to O’R. Those two reasons are: 1) The financial incentive was so great that he couldn’t refuse and 2) the press abuse would be so great that he couldn’t subject himself to that… (e.g., the Washington Press Corps dinner)

    The latter reason is what surprised me. He has a much thinner skin than what we surmised. Charles Krauthammer was O’R’s guest at the time and O’R made no bones about Trump mentioning how much CK had hurt him politically. CK said something to the effect that he has always called them as he sees them and the Trump saga was over.

    If this is all true, then Trump could never be a good president. Our president has to be a bigger man than that. Trump’s ego would apparently be a detriment. Can’t we imagine what a problem that could be on the world stage?

  92. Obummer and Cabby. I’m not anti Romney, I’m just not backing him in the primaries. With respect to Ron Paul, I had a buddy text me that he was going to support Paul with Cain as VP. This guy was best man at my wedding and has the same views as the rest of us. I told him that I agree with 90% of the things that Ron Paul believes or promotes, it’s the 10% which are deal killers for me. I would support Romney over Paul. But Paul is head and shoulders above the usurper.

  93. Cabby. Honestly, I can barely bring myself to O’Reilly any more. In fact so much so that I would prefer to listen to the other side in that I at least get insight into where they are coming from. With respect to Trump, the press would have ruined his “brand”. Something that he has spent his whole life building. Give him some credit, at least he was brutally honest about it.

  94. Cabby - AZ

    When Sarah Palin was introduced to us by McCain in 2008, I felt she was a breath of fresh air and believe that she could have saved the election IF there had not been other forces at work behind the scenes.

    Since then, although I like her as a person and appreciate her conservative views, it seems that she has gone on to more lucrative projects (she deserves them) and I doubt she wants to subject herself to the scrutiny and unfair abuse that will definitely be leveled at her. In fact, although we admire her for being gutsy and standing up to her detractors, she hasn’t had the restraint that a president would have to have when in office.

    If she were to run and was the best the Repubs had to offer, she certainly would get my support. I do feel that she needs some coaching as to how to respond more effectively with fewer words and to lower the pitch of her voice. Those are certainly secondary issues but important to some folks and could help her candidacy.

  95. Old Salt. I hope that you don’t think that I was disagreeing with you and I offended you in any way. Your opinion of me is very important to me. I have a lot of respect for you and the life that you have lived.

  96. Cabby - AZ

    Paxson | May 17, 2011 at 8:26 pm |
    Cabby. Honestly, I can barely bring myself to O’Reilly any more,
    I don’t like O’R either but do listen once in awhile with a jaundiced ear. His lead attracted me tonight. And, yes, I do have to give Trump credit for leveling about his feelings; however, it is disappointing.

    When you really think about it, it will take a brave, totally committed person to subject themselves to the ire of the media and the leftist White House. This is probably the most dangerous election we have ever had in America. Anyone who shows a trend towards beating the One will certainly be attacked mercilessly.

  97. Cabby – AZ | May 17, 2011 at 8:20 pm |

    I saw O’Really. It just did not ring true to me. Last Wednesday, when Trump was giving that major speech in NH and on Thursday when it was announced that he would be issuing a policy book, he knew the negatives that O’Really just announced. By all accounts, his adult children are all very accomplished, all Wharton MBAs.

    I just do not think someone supposedly so thin-skinned could have made it as far as he has. He regularly does business deals internationally and therefore has learned to deal with many different cultures. (Reminds me of the time we were doing business with many European cultures – it is tough.)

    I think the claims by O’Really make it more likely Trump was somehow threatened by NBC/GE and what O’Really reported was the message they have concocted for public consumption.

    I have heard that Krauthammer and George Will are the GOP kingmakers. Voters should revoke their supposed power as I am pretty sure neither one of them liked Ronald Reagan. Trump should get bonus points for calling Krauthammer, only to be ridiculed by him on Fox News.

    There has to be more to this story.

  98. Cabby. Regarding Trump, I agree that it was disappointing. Watching MSNBC, the left are going to be so nasty this cycle to anyone who runs. They are filthy people, Cabby. They were already showing a portion of their hand in their vitriol towards Trump. That would be bad enough, but guys like Mark Levine and others were doing the same to him from our side. Trump is a smart guy and probably did a “cost benefit analysis ” that included statistical analysis on the probability of winning the Republican primary and ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth it. I have a feeling that the attacks from the right, as evidenced by his Krautheimer comments, had more to do with it than anything the left would have dished to him.

    As always, just my humble opinions.

  99. Cabby - AZ

    Obummer | May 17, 2011 at 8:47 pm |
    I think the claims by O’Really make it more likely Trump was somehow threatened by NBC/GE and what O’Really reported was the message they have concocted for public consumption.
    This could be true about a message for public consumption; however, would Trump go along with a misrepresentation like that? Also, I remember that after the Correspondents’ Dinner he said, according to interviews, that he was frankly shocked at the level of abuse directed toward him. Although he kept his cool, he was apparently inwardly affected to a great extent.

    I agree about Krauthammer. Sometimes he has some good views, but I don’t always like his appraisals of certain issues and candidates. So many of these press people let the power go to their heads. O’R, Geo. Will, and Krauthammer come to mind.

  100. MSNBC’s entire lineup just have nasty looks on their faces. They are horrible people.

  101. Cabby - AZ

    Paxson, your observation about the right’s criticism and attacks against Trump is a very important point. The MSM nastiness was to be expected, but when the conservatives whose votes you need are being influenced by snide remarks by Levin and others, that raises the bar considerably.

    Also, I remember that lately Trump had been reported as having dropped considerably in the polls, for whatever reasons. He probably took that into consideration also. He is used to making well-informed, fully-studied, decisive choices. Therefore, applying his usual criteria to this matter caused him to make this call – and to make it promptly without dithering.

  102. Cabby – AZ | May 17, 2011 at 8:59 pm |

    This could be true about a message for public consumption; however, would Trump go along with a misrepresentation like that? Also, I remember that after the Correspondents’ Dinner he said, according to interviews, that he was frankly shocked at the level of abuse directed toward him. Although he kept his cool, he was apparently inwardly affected to a great extent.
    Agree, Trump said as much in his NH speech. Rush warned Trump in one of his radio interviews that as soon as it appeared he might have a chance as a conservative, people he thought were friends would suddenly attack him. Perhaps that has happened.

    Perhaps the story told on O’Really is part of the new agreement he made with NBC? When I think about it, everyone does save face. Time will tell and the truth will eventually come out.

    As I was writing this, I just heard that O’Really made Trump his pinhead/patriot question of the day. That made my ears perk up. O’Really is using Trump. Not sure where that fits in, but it is part of the puzzle. I am not sure they even talked today!

    I am enjoying this discussion!

  103. Regarding Trump and polls, it seems to be a widely reported untruth. He was mostly holding his own high average in a wide field:

  104. Evening, All,

    Let me play devil’s advocate for a minute, here. What I’m about to say is not meant to influence anyone, merely what I’ve observed living in the #1 moonbat state in America.

    At one time, Romney was my ‘boss.’ I liked him and his family a great deal and once he was in the Governor’s office, we began to see some of the changes in a system far too corrupt and broken to even try to explain.

    He raised some fees, but didn’t raise taxes. He truly did try to work woth the Demoncrat legislature; after all, we *are* a one party state, regardless of what anyone’s heard. He did indeed leave the state with a budget surplus, which Cadillac Deval Patrick has squandered and sunk us into horrible debt over the last 4 years.

    Romney governed with a tough but fair hand and I liked him. Still do.

    When he left office and Patrick was elected we saw more changes, but for the worse. Companies were closing due to the increased cost of doing business here, and municipal and state services started to be cut or eliminated and employees laid off. With the morons of this state electing Patrick again last November it has gotten worse; more companies gone, more people losing their jobs in every sector, both public and private.

    Say what you will about him, but he was a bloody good Governor and I miss him.

    With regards to Romneycare, please understand this: The Dems have created a nanny state here with generational welfare a common lifestyle. Something had to be done to try to lift the burden for these layabouts from the taxpayers’ backs. The idea was that if insurance was mandated, costs would come down for the average citizen because they would no longer be subsidizing those who refused to pay their own way. Those who couldn’t afford to pay were offered bare bones low-cost insurance so that they’d have something; for the very poor, there’s MassHealth. Although it didn’t quite work the way the Romney administration intended *something had to be done* to try to reverse the nanny state status.

    Romney tried.

    Now, it’s been said that Obamacare is a direct result of Romneycare, but that’s not entirely true. Romney instituted this law *on the state level* and I believe that each state should take a look at their own situation and choose the direction that’s best for its residents. This SHOULD NOT be a FEDERAL mandate! Let the states decide on the plan that works best for them, and don’t shove a one-size-fits-all law down everyone’s throat!

    Bottom line is that Romney did indeed try to reverse the mess the Dems had cause over many years. At times he didn’t do too well but other times, he was brilliant.

    So, please don’t dismiss him because of Romneycare; he’s a good, decent man and a savvy businessman. Something we sorely lack right now. We have choices, albeit not great ones at this point, but let’s let it all play out and choose the best candidate who will get that bastid out of the White House.

    That’s what we need to focus on.

  105. SueK. I’m not anti/Romney. In fact, I supported him last go ’round in the primaries and voted for him. Also, I completely understand the distinction between the “federal mandate” and states implementing their own mandates. I will vehemently support him in the general election if he wins. However, where I am at right now (versus four years ago ) is that he is a bit too soft for what I believe our country needs. Also, we need an inspirational leader as much as we need a technocrat with respect to the economy. I also am put out by the so called “establishment Republicans ” who are trying to give Romney the win through demeaning his opponents. It is not a “right of passage ” just because you have contributed a lot of money and are filthy rich. It’s the country club Republican image that I’m not really into right now.

  106. SueK,
    Excellent observations from someone who has lived under a Romney governorship. I appreciate hearing your views, because it is very easy to draw conclusions without getting the full picture. Compared with others I don’t prefer him, but if he were to become the party’s nominee, of course, he would get my vote.

    He definitely had a hard working environment in a nearly totally Democratic state. And that should absolutely be taken into consideration, in all fairness. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    I do know that we must be careful not to be too regimental in our evaluations as we learn more about the candidates. Not one is going to be perfect or have all of the attributes that each of us so desires. As time progresses naturally there is going to be the temptation to unduly cannibalize each candidate.

    We must be circumspect in that process, not pulling any punches, but at the same time being well-rounded and patient. That’s not weakness or vacillation, but rather wisdom. Just some thoughts.

  107. Cabby. Good points. We will end up having to support one of the candidates eventually and it does our side absolutely no good to smear any of them. SueK, I hope that you don’t think that is what I have done with Romney. He’s just not my guy this go around in the primaries (at this point).

  108. Hi Cabby and Paxson,

    Both of you make some stellar points; right now we are ‘filtering’ them out. My only point was to give you my perspective as I have the personal experience by living here, and to try not to dismiss anyone until we find out a bit more.

    Paxson, I understand completely and agree.

    We all have our ‘short lists’ but in the end, there will be only one nominee. We will need to listen to those declaring their candidacy and choose who we think is the best person for the job. I don’t care for Ron Paul, but will certainly listen to what he has to say.

    I trust that the American people will choose more wisely than the last time. At least, I hope that’ll be the case.

  109. I will vote 4 any,but obama

  110. Kudos. Ain’t that the truth!

  111. Sue K, I certainly appreciate you perspective, and would like to know more about living under Romney-care. I have heard that much has been added by liberals to its original form.

    I have a huge problem with the wait and see, in its early theory. We did that last time and with fraud and Acorn the evil Democrats managed to hand us McCain as a terrible candidate.

    I am so angry Trump quit that I am without words. Hopefully, Cain will gain traction.

  112. Chicago Cubs

    Wow! there is much to take in here. I just want a candidate that can beat Obama, period.

  113. I still think people should be feeding Trump the latest info on O’s forgery like this:

    As many have said Trump could still be a “king maker” and force those running to pursue the obvious – that O has a record of crimes and there is evidence to prove it – esp. the latest provided forged BC and SSN. Besides one would think that the Donald still has a score to settle about his take down at the dinner and would get ultimate sastisfaction by forcing the issue perhaps behind the scene.

  114. observer | May 18, 2011 at 8:34 am |
    I still think people should be feeding Trump the latest info on O’s forgery……
    Without question it does no harm, and perhaps good, to continue to communicate with Trump. I don’t think he was a phony when he brought up the B.C., nor do I think it was all some conspiratorial plan to get us off the track and make way for Hillary, as some suppose.

    I believe that his decision was made quite suddenly because of some factors having to do with his commercial interests. A commenter over at American Thinker (article by Jack Cashill on Corsi’s new book) wonders if Trump got the word from “on high” that there would be consequences if Trump pursued the presidency. “IRS carries a big stick.”

    I had not previously thought about an IRS threat, but we know from past experience that IRS audits can be devastating to a business, and Trump has loads of commercial interests. That would be a risk that no one could afford to take.

  115. CabbyAZ…………………..
    While I will NOT go so far as to say that Trump was NOT sincere, I will however say that his demeanor is always,and has always been the same,hence it is easy to misjudge Trump because he possesses, and utilises all of his verbal attributes so well. Trying to judge his sincerity is really difficult at best. He has also learned how to use facial expressions to enhance whatever he is saying. Yes this is ELOQUENCE taken to the absolute extreme. That is a large part of the reason why I had several times said that I didn’t have enough information to accurately determine much about him. That is to say his intentions ,etc. Trump is an absolute expert at the craft of “GAB”.

  116. Trump: NBC gave him the carrot and the stick. Reports say that if he ran for pres they would not let his son take over the show. It also said that that if he didn’t run for pres and stayed on the show, GE would give him 60 million per year. I wonder if anyone from the white house talked with anyone at GE. We already know Immelt is an obot.

    I suspect the polls showing trump falling were just as phony as the polls that showed obama at 60% a week ago. That poll had democrats oversampled by 17%. Polls are just as phony as everything else you see on television. All produced for an agenda.

    Trump is done though, so it all makes no diff.

    I will vote for nobody that “takes Obama at his word” as virtually all of the current candidates have said. I wouldn’t even consider voting for them for a nanosecond.

  117. I believe that Trump’s whole raison d’etre re: his bringing to the public his attack against Obama was for the benefit of the U.S.’s business life and following that – what is happening because of that to international business and our way of life. He couldn’t just have repeated only the anti-American policies that don’t seem to bother most people even to their own future detriment. He had to find something to discredit the man himself – to cut off his ability to continue to make such policies and along with that his loud attempts to demean the country, its principles, and it history before the world. And the tea party as well as the real evidence being ignored by the media that the “birthers” argued gave him that ammo. I don’t think he on his own ever had the time to delve that deeply into the matter so he simply took what was out there and instinctively learned that these things ignored by the media made sense. I don’t think his heart was ever in the position to accept the structure of the presidency but he could use the present environment to try to do some damage to those policies that effected the future of business and thus his large enterprise.

    That said, IF this kind of regulation on business and on the spirit of freedom continues and business’ own freedom continues to get squeezed I think he will continue to look for more evidence to save what he and others have built. He did make it known just what leadership people are looking for in their same desperation for their country. I doubt if he will go down without continuing the fight. I’m sure the IRS has already had many dealings with his various holdings, etc. They’re out to get what they can get. I think though he may have dreamt of having his cake and eating it too – he’d gained his reputation in business and perhaps thought there was one thing more to establish himself as somebody in that other realm of power UNTIL he got enormous pressure against his main way of current recognition – his NBC series where he was always kept visible before the public. They weren’t going to play his game and they threatened replacing him. He then made the choice of the reality of the moment against some only possible “other” idea of himself which asked for far greater sacrifice.

    But he still has his empire to save against what Obama can do to that … so he can still be of some service with vital info BECAUSE he continues to have too much to lose.

  118. CabbyAZ…………….
    Along with what I just said about Trumps verbal attributes,it would be completely well within reason to think that the IRS would not hesitate to undertake an audit of his empire. Having said that I also believe that Trump employs only the best specialised corporate tax accountants,and legal advice obtainable. I tend to think that the IRS would find VERY LITTLE IF ANYTHING prosecuteable.I am sure that the IRS knows this. Yet if the IRS so chooses they can,and will audit the empire no matter HOW long it takes,or how much it costs the IRS, or Trump. But you can be sure that this is all a very cleverly interwoven part of his political conduct which dictates his level of contributions to the political party who treats him to a satisfactory tax requisite. This is ,and has for a very long time been the penant of the political GAME if you will.

  119. Yo……………….
    What you have just said,is primarily where I stand regarding Trump’s reason for allegedly abandoning any pursuit of the POTUS. I would have to agree that in any language $60 million is a considerable chunk of change. It can even influence political decisions,no matter how passionate a person might be regarding his own personal pursuits. To Inmelt and all of his political friends it is PEANUTS, or if you will…… PETTY CASH.

  120. YO………………
    ………………but there again is the trade off between politics,greed, and station of allegiance to one’s own country. Which is the greater draw for a person WHO CAN BE BOUGHT. I would certainly consider such a person (no matter how much money he commands) a WEAKLING, and should not be ever allowed to become a POTUS.

  121. Yo………………….
    Where Trump is concerned I am doubtful that even the POLLS could GET IT RIGHT.

  122. Observer, Yo, and Old Salt,
    All have made excellent points and given food for thought. I concede that the polls were probably rigged at the last, but still it is often the perception rather than the reality which folks believe. There is so much gullibility out there among the masses. In other words, if fraudulent polls say someone is losing, more people than not will believe the lie.

    Old Salt, you are absolutely right about the use of “eloquence” in Trump’s communications – not just the words, but the expressions and body language as a whole. We would have to try to get into his head and his way of life to understand that aspect fully.

    Also, your words,”Which is the greater draw for a person WHO CAN BE BOUGHT. I would certainly consider such a person (no matter how much money he commands) a WEAKLING, and should not be ever allowed to become a POTUS,” haunt me, not because I don’t believe them, but because I DO. That’s why if Trump ever made a comeback (unlikely now), I would have a considerable amount of skepticism and scrutiny at this point.

    However, I will give him the benefit of the doubt now and want to think that there was an overwhelming incentive (more than the 60 million) for him to drop out. Of course, the cynics feel that it was all staged from the beginning – everything – the B.C. – the false run, etc. They would say “Fake all the way.”
    I am not among that group.

  123. As it stands now I tend to summarise by saying GOODBYE to a person who obviously was FOR SALE. Yet for a heretofore unknown reason decided to force Soetoro to act. I think that he knew all along that he was going to bail out,but was deliberately forcing Soetoro’s hand. He knew that he could still bail out if things took a wrong turn. As it pertains to the show if he was offerred $60 million to get off of Soetoro’s back, then it all fits beautifully. Soetoro calls up Inmelt and says “Hey I need this guy off my back, and if you will act as a go between and offer him a deal to stay with the show,I will see to it that you are compensated……..handsomely”. It is a PERFECT SETUP. Yo, the answer was right under our noses all the time.
    But now Soetoro has put himself in even a worse spot than he was in. Now he has PUBLICALLY said that the latest PHONEY is in fact his LONG FORM BC. HE IS NOW COMMITTED TO THAT STATEMENT. We all know that he COULD NOT HAVE been born at Kapiolani. Otherwise he would have already had a long form BC,and without a doubt would have LONG ago showed it rather than spend nearly $2 million dollars to HIDE IT. This doesn’t require a ROCKET SCIENTIST to figure out. In reality he DOESN’T have a long form BC, and probably was not born in Hawaii either. Gramma saw fit to register him AFTER the FACT,and that is the reason why he only had the CERTIFICATION of LIVE BIRTH, which we now also know was NEVER accepted by the STATE registrar of Hawaii. To me this says there was a problem. Something called foreign adoption. Then we learn that if he was legally adopted then he is probably not even a US citizen to begin with. Remember the CERTIFICATION-BC was never acted upon by the State of Hawaii. Until it is accepted he is not a citizen of the US. Therefore we do NOT HAVE legally valid POTUS.

  124. National mag publishes fabricated report attacking Corsi book
    Esquire claims best-seller being disavowed by publisher, ‘pulled from shelves’

    Read more: National mag publishes fabricated report attacking Corsi book

  125. I also would add that if Trump was only at the level of the weakness of “being bought”, that is, that the money meant the most then I don’t think he would have allied himself with the media-discredited “birthers” in the first place and chance his reputation and thus a possible real loss of income to his establishments. I still think that it was a real personal anger to the controlling agents of this country’s talent and the feeling of being used and kowtowing to the users that motivated his actions. He was used to being free wheeling without more and more limitations. It was more visceral (which came out in his statements and interviews) than due to any desire for a political position which, as he honestly admitted to when he said that his passion is and always has been for business and that’s what governed his decision. Pray he continues the fight … for the sake of business … and more jobs … because the politicians themselves don’t have that same personal stake unlessed threatened by such businessmen and the jobless.

    What is really the shame of these times is that it appears that generations so dependent upon faith in the nanny state now have no principles or love of country and will believe anything if it looks like the easy life for them.

  126. Trump won’t open his mouth again about Obama because he was bought off, in my opinion. If Americans were smart they would not watch his show, let his rating drop. I think he would get the message.

  127. Whatever the future … Trump stuck his neck (and reputation) out when I don’t recall any of the other so called brave personalities doing the same and with quite the same challenge! And most were certainly thrilled for the help at the time … how fickle is the nature of so many!


    Jerome Corsi: Obama Birth Certificate 100% Forged; Sources Say Hawaii Forged Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth Placed It In DOH Book

    Video: Dr. Jerome Corsi: Obama’s birth certificate is 100% forged; Inside sources say Hawaii made Obama’s forged Certificate of Live Birth and placed it in the Hawaii DOH book. The interview was on the Peter Boyles show and aired on 5/18/11.

    … and a smiley face too??

  129. Obama Campaign Hawks Birth Certificate T-Shirt, Campaign Claims Its A “Mobile Version” of Truth Squad to Refute Birther Book

    President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign today started selling “Made in the USA” t-shirts featuring images of both President Obama and the long-form birth certificate he released copies of last month.

    “Wear your support for this campaign with an official Made in the USA T-shirt,” his website advertises. Donate $25 or more today and we’ll send you your limited-edition shirt.

    Coffee-mugs are also available.

    So get out the counter t-shirts that show the phony bc and say “why is this different from all legitimate birth certificates?” and put on a website by one of the experts that explains all of the forged info.

  130. Citizen to Hawaii Health Director: “Release the Information!”

  131. Cabby - AZ

    Here is a good article about a disgusting subject – written by one of the few, remaining true journalists, Cliff Kincaid, whose research and publishing efforts did much to enlighten me as to Obama’s true motives back in 2007-08.

    Senator McCain Becomes Shill for Al-Jazeera
    By Cliff Kincaid
    The Arab-funded Al-Jazeera is hosting a two-day inaugural “Al Jazeera U.S. Forum” in Washington, D.C., featuring Bob Woodward of The Washington Post among the celebrity journalists. But of particular interest is Politico’s revelation that Republican Senator John McCain showed up at the opening night of the forum to praise the channel’s coverage of the Middle East.
    “Over dinner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Sen. John McCain praised Al Jazeera’s role as a catalyst in the Arab Spring uprisings before a room of journalists…” the publication reported. In fact, the “Arab Spring” has resulted in a government in Egypt that is less friendly to the U.S. and more accommodating to the Iranians and the terrorist group, Hamas.
    Politico reported that former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in remarks to the Al-Jazeera dinner in Washington, D.C. on Monday said, “I’m very delighted to be here with Senator McCain. When I accepted this invitation to speak here this evening, I didn’t realize that he was going to be here until I arrived. You can just imagine how happy I was to see him, because I was preparing for the onslaught of criticism that I was going to receive. But now I’m covered!”

    For more:
    Comment: We shouldn’t be surprised, but here again RINO McCain’s true colors are showing.

  132. Ladyhawke | May 18, 2011 at 1:59 am |

    Hi Ladyhawke,

    Romney’s original plan to have all citizens insured was good. In theory. Of course, because it was Romney up against a bastardized Dem legislature, the ‘all things for all people’ Libs turned the whole thing into a nanny law.

    Yes, bare bones insurance was offered to those who were on a tight budget however, those who refused to work were put on MassHealth (read that as welfare) so while others were paying for their insurance, the dregs got theirs for free and theirs covered a helluva lot more than the bare bones plan the working poor were stuck with. Yes, there are some very poor/disabled people who need MassHealth, but it’s pretty much been taken over by 27 year olds with 4 kids all with different last names (I’ve seen this). Again, we reward bad behavior.

    Now, the emergency rooms are even more packed than ever before. A few years ago, I needed to visit the E.D. for a breathing treatment. In walked 19 people, all together, from goodness-knows-what-country. One of them had a hangnail he couldn’t solve. Of course, a translator was provided and he got his hangnail fixed on my dime as I sat there and waited for 5 hours with my insurance card in hand.

    This is how the system has turned into a joke.

    I don’t remember how this came about, but those who are caught with no insurance are fined 2K per year. These are the folks struggling to make a dime and are concerned about paying for food and rent; buying insurance is about #200 on their ‘to do’ list. There have been lawsuits filed to prove that people who just cannot afford the basic necessities will NOT be buying insurance. Oh, and if you choose to shop for your own insurance, it must be a *state approved plan!* You receive a statement from your insurance company to be submitted with your taxes to *prove* you’re insured. No statement=fine. Land of the free, ya know.

    So, what started off as a good idea to make it a fair system for all has turned into a mess with the working poor unable to afford insurance while the skanks still are getting decent insurance for free. The original plan was gutted in favor of the bloody moonbat majority here, so we’re worse off than we were before.

    This, I feel, will indeed sink Romney’s chances because no matter how he tries to explain his thinking several years ago, the MA plan will *always* be identified as the ‘model’ for Obamacare.

    I would again vote for Romney because I saw what he was able to do to try to fix this state, but I’m afraid that the rest of the country will look at Romneycare/Obamacare and see one in the same.

    Not holding out much hope….

  133. Suek………………

  134. oldsalt79 | May 18, 2011 at 8:41 pm |


    Roger Wilco


  135. There is a new top post, to comment upon, or not!

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