Corsi Book An Important One

Corsi Book An Important One

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  1. Trump4Potus

    I have been out of town and just read the last thread. Not sure what I think about Trump leaving – although I do not think it was about money. If the USA fails, so does Trump. I may have more to say later, after I get some sleep.

  2. I have not been able to be here today, but I just found this from what I think is the major site that catalogs Obama’s records. More evidence that the new birth certificate is a fake:

  3. It seems the blogosphere is very quiet these days. I guess we are all feeling a little bit zapped?

  4. Cabby. I agree it has slowed down. One minor point that I’ve taken away from Corsi’s book is that he documents the million dollar plus that Obama spent fighting birther lawsuits. The left wing kept saying that wasn’t true. Minor, but another indication as to how sloppy and in the bag that the media is.

  5. Paxson,
    My copy of Corsi’s book is on its way. Apparently from what I’ve heard, many of US already know most of the information; but the White House is really very upset over the release of this one.

    That tells me that all of the data in one book is considered a threat by Obama. Everything printed in one place at one time has great value over a lot of random articles over several years, regardless of how good they have been.

    Right now the modus operandi by the enemy seems to be ridicule and mockery, even to the extent of trying to laugh it all off.

  6. How does that saying go?

    First they ignore you.
    Then they laugh at you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then you win.

    ‘Bout time for our win, eh?

  7. I’m guessing that Israel will now do a slow drip on some of the goods that they have, or will be given, on Obama.

  8. C’mon, Israel! Nail him!!!!!!

  9. SueK | May 19, 2011 at 7:30 pm |

    C’mon, Israel! Nail him!!!!!!
    I agree! Netanyahu has a golden opportunity. Tomorrow will be interesting!

  10. Heard this? This interview is from a TrueNews radio broadcast. A debt collecter from Chicago (knows Susan Daniels) is interviewed about what he stumbled upon during the course of his job. Something perhaps Mr. Netanyahu might be interested in at the present moment. The interview starts at 18 minutes.
    A new alias for Obama: Harrison J Bounel. This name shares the same Social Security number for Barak Hussein Obama.
    link to :

    Recent Broadcasts:
    Wednesday May 18, 2011
    Guest: Rick is unable to give the name of his guest today
    Topic: Possible identity, mortgage, and real estate fraud committed by Barack and Michele Obama. This program is too hot for CNN and Fox News!

  11. observer | May 19, 2011 at 9:17 pm |

    Thanks, observer, I just listened.

    If this is true, Barky needs to be taken out of the WH and immediately be thrown in federal prison.

    Everyone, please listen to this interview!

  12. observer | May 19, 2011 at 9:17 pm |

    Heard this? This interview is from a TrueNews radio broadcast.
    I very much wanted to listen to it but could not find it. Any help?

  13. Observer and SueK,
    I have trouble hearing videos, etc., so found this link for a site that the debt collector has established, which explains his exact findings. He certainly sounds on the level (re. new alias for Obama: Harrison J. Bounel – same SSN as Obama). Check it out:

    Very fascinating reading.

  14. Hi Obummer,

    It’s tough to find, but the interview links from the first page; it’s under the Listen Now link, but the link below will take you right to it:

    Scroll down to May 18 news and it’s there. Just click on that and you’ll get the interview. Advance to the 18 minute mark and listen. You’ll be stunned!

  15. Cabby – AZ | May 20, 2011 at 12:24 am |

    Thanks, Cabby! I just posted a comment and it’s in moderation. Can you imagine what this guy’s going through knowing what he found?

    I’m praying for his safety; we know what these thugs are capable of.

    Will bookmark that site. You’re a peach :).

  16. Hi SueK,
    Just listened to the interview you mentioned and I don’t mean to sound like a gloomy gus. Yes, it is shocking and Obutthead should be in jail, but it is only one of many revelations about this man that deserve scrutiny, yet ultimately goes nowhere. He is fiercely protected by the media and because of that, very few of any stature are willing to challenge him. It’s just disgusting.

  17. I just read an article over at Hillbuzz about “concern trolls”.

    “The “Concern Troll” is typically a Democrat National Committee, ACORN, SEIU or Soros-funded operative who is paid to sit in his mom’s basement in his Incredible Hulk Underoos and post fraudulent comments on blogs like Hillbuzz.

    The ultimate goal of a Concern Troll is to get Barry Sotero Barak Hussein Obama re-elected and/or destroy the American way of life. Concern Trolls accomplish this by impersonating Conservative, GOP, Libertarian and Tea Party voters who love (Sarah Palin/Herman Cain/a Balanced Budget Amendment/killing Obamacare/saving America) but are (concerned/worried/upset/unsure/doubtful/afraid) that (she’s not serious/it’s too hard/the media won’t like us/I’ll lose my Facebook friends/he’s unelectable/we can’t win).

    Concern trolls are paid to post comments that will:

    1. Demoralize the American Resistance
    2. Suppress Conservative, GOP, Libertarian and Tea Party voter turnout
    3. Sow strife and create arguments between Conservative, GOP, Libertarian and Tea Party voters so they attack each other instead of the Left.”


    Does this sound familiar friends of CW? Doesn’t this remind you of a certain some one who used to post quite frequently over yonder, but is strangely subdued lately?

  18. Uh oh … I think my last comment (still in moderation) mistakenly copied a bunch of comments rather than just the one I was replying too. I’ll try again:

    Obummer | May 20, 2011 at 12:20 am |
    observer | May 19, 2011 at 9:17 pm |

    Heard this? This interview is from a TrueNews radio broadcast.
    I very much wanted to listen to it but could not find it. Any help?

    Just in case you haven’t found and listened as yet here it is in a nutshell:

  19. Hi, SueQ,
    Just this morning I was over at Townhall and someone wrote in about “concern trolls”. That is the first time I had heard that expression until you posted it. Yeah, it DOES sound familiar and can certainly be a much more subtle attempt to infiltrate. BTW, the “withdrawal” over yonder is peculiar. I was just wondering if different “work orders” had been given?

    Thinking about the “concern trolls” emergence, I am also wary lest anything some of us might post that would be questioning another’s stance on issues could be considered to be “concern troll” stuff and would have a chilling effect on our free expression. This is a very clever maneuver by the Dems, because it not only can have a direct effect, but also an indirect one.

    Well, think back “over yonder” again (good case in point). Not only does a troll have an immediate effect, but overall the favorable climate for free thought is also damaged. I think the answer is to not be unduly suspicious, especially when posters we recognized and have observed make comments, but rather to notice when newcomers suddenly appear and begin to disparage most all discussion that is negative towards the Enemy. Just be alert and observant.

  20. In reading what the debt collector had to say up to this point, I am a little confused about much of what he had to say. What did come through was the names of a couple of Chicago Circuit court Judges if they have any bearing at all,and if they are in any way connected to Soetoro is another question. While the alleged Obama Social Security number may also lead to the new name, I simply can’t get my head around anything that he has said so far. Databases are sometimes strange critters. Not so much because of the information they contain,but for how they are sometimes formatted,and any subsequent information extracted from them could potentially be irrelevant. Interestingly when the various courts’ public information databases were searched for evidence of a Name Change Petition having ever been filed by Soetoro or in his behalf a lot of other erroneous,and otherwise unrelated names came back. This occurred because the search procedure used the wrong parameters the first time around. How the hell anybody can misread or input erroneous search parameters is a mystery to me but this nontheless did happen. This caused our first national search to be abandoned, until we could get some people doing the search who can at least read. It wasn’t until we found the wife of a law enforcement officer, who was also a professional EDC (electronic data control) expert herself that we discovered the reason why we were having so much erroneous, and unrelated information come from our search. She set up the SECOND search of the US Courts PUBLIC INFO databases, and all I could say was WOW what a difference. But as it turned out after nearly 6 months of (uncompensated) searching by several employees of our Clerk’s office nothing was found. This search was undertaken because Soetoro at some point started using the Obama name again.Potentially any court in the US could have been directly involved with any Petition for name change filed in Soetoro’s behalf. The public records of All US Superior Courts were methodically,and thoroughly searched. To date NO RECORD of any legal name change of Barry Soetoro shows in the PUBLIC RECORDS databasses of any Superior court in the UNITED STATES . As most know PUBLIC RECORDS, are accessable in ALL states,including US TERRITORIES. As Soetoro’s record stands,it is clear that he would have found it necessary to at some point file a LEGAL PETITION for name change from Soetoro,back to Obama. Since we have not been able to find any evidence of a legal name change having ever been granted we can only conclude that no name change was ever LEGALLY petitioned for,or granted. If that is accurate then we do not have a LEGAL sitting POTUS. The people in this country who voted for OBAMA, DID NOT VOTE FOR SOETORO. Since his legal name is thought to still be Soetoro then it is obvious that he was ILLEGALLY installed as POTUS, which makes chief Justice Roberts,an accessory to felonious,and fraudulant deception of the American people.

  21. Observer………………………
    If you recently changed or retyped your posting name and email you might want to closely examine both,because even the slightest mistake in spelling or spacing,or lower,case vs upper case, your comment could go into moderation automatically.

  22. oldsalt79 | May 20, 2011 at 11:52 am |
    In reading what the debt collector had to say up to this point, I am a little confused about much of what he had to say.
    OldSalt, I just left a comment, still in moderation, over at the “Obamahustle” website which the debt collector has set up. I, too, have some reservations about the reliability, not of him, but of the database searches that were done.
    Believe me, I am no one to be evaluating the actual process, because such is not my forte; however, I do know something about trusts, (different types), trustees and beneficiaries, including various reasons why people form trusts. My point is that I think more exploratory work needs to be done, lest some end up with egg on their faces. It seems the collector is resolved to continue investigating, so we shall see.

    You certainly speak from experience having yourself been involved with the Soetoro name change issue and the encounters you have had. Right now, the collector has gotten hold of a number of very suspicious threads. In the accounting field, we would call those “irregularities” . There may be a plausible, reasonable explanation for them (my gut feeling is NO), BUT to build a case without pulling those “threads” to see where they actually lead could be disastrous. Just some thoughts.

  23. CAIN IN?
    An American success story and tea-party favorite who could be Obama’s “worst nightmare” tells WND he will make a “very important announcement” to the nation in less than 48 hours.

    “We need a realistic candidate to run on the Republican ticket who can beat Barack Obama – not just beat the Democrats,” Cain said. “We’ve also got to beat Barack Obama.”

    He added, “Obama is a master of rhetoric. He is a master of deceptive language. And any white candidate who runs against him will be up against the race card. I take the race card off the table.”

    Will Republican Party welcome Cain?
    A May 17 Gallup poll measured the “favorability ratings” of probable GOP candidates. Although Cain rated 29 percent in name recognition (the third-lowest ranking in the poll), his “positive intensity score,” or favorability rating among those who recognize his name, was 24 – higher than any other candidate in Gallup’s poll.

    Read more: Obama’s ‘worst nightmare’ seeks showdown with prez

  24. Cabby AZ……………………….
    As an accountant you know the value of accuracy. This is why I am saying that while much more information is needed it is totally possible that just a few words accidentally extracted from a database could lead to either another GOLDEN find for us patriots or one hell of a wild goose chase. We really don’t need the latter. However I have to take off my hat to the guy for coming forward with what he found. We need more of this sort of patriotism. At least he “DONE SOMETHING”,other than RIDICULE,or call people names. He done exactly what he should have done.

  25. Cabby - AZ

    oldsalt79 | May 20, 2011 at 12:28 pm |
    However I have to take off my hat to the guy for coming forward with what he found. We need more of this sort of patriotism. At least he “DONE SOMETHING”,other than RIDICULE,or call people names. He done exactly what he should have done.
    Have to totally agree, OldSalt, and here’s hoping he can get to the bottom of it all, or, at least, as far as anyone can go.

  26. With regard to that guy that found the ssn stuff and the new name, I, too find it interesting but a little confusing. We don’t know who used that name with the ssn, and if it was obama, he would undoubtedly deny that he did it. So, it is just another piece of evidence that cries out from the rooftops that ….AN OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION IS NEEDED!

    Will they listen? Do I even need to ask.

  27. Earlier similar coverage by WND:

    Why do 3 supporters own Obama’s home?
    Listed as property tax payers for family’s Chicago mansion

  28. Hopefully all the databases are being copied since apparently things are being quickly scrubbed – names, numbers, etc.

  29. yo | May 20, 2011 at 1:13 pm |
    Anyway Michelle Obama’s name apparently came up for that alias name used as “sister/spouse”. This debt collector seems to have all his ducks from his normally sourced data bases all in line. And he notes that the CT SSN now comes up as non-existent! Wonder if Susan Daniels is doing more cross checking for what is now coming up against what she had found earlier.

    Are the citizens required to pay for protection of a house donated for someone not listed as an owner? If it is listed under some trust is the trust in Obama’s name and can that info also be located?

  30. Dear moderator

    Could you please delete my comment:
    observer | May 20, 2011 at 11:23 am |
    That was a goof up!

  31. I read someplace that the guy that is the head of the ss admin is one of barry’s big time backers. Sort of like Abercrombie in hawaii. Which means that even if we can get anything directly from the ss admin it will probably be absolutely worthless unless we also get the ability to have forensic examiners take a very close look at the original source docs, like the ssn application. We have to assume that there is a doc in their files at this point that has barry’s name on it from 1977. We know it would be phony, but can we prove it?

  32. Pawlenty to Announce Presidential Bid on Monday; Cain Tomorrow

    Herman Cain will announce that he is also running for president on Saturday in Atlanta, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

    Georgian Herman Cain plans to announce during a rally Saturday at Centennial Olympic Park he’s officially in the 2012 presidential race, according to Cain’s website.

    Cain is a former Atlanta-based radio host, former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza, and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He joins fellow Georgian Newt Gingrich in seeking the office.

  33. I admire this woman so much. She has truly been warrior for our cause.
    Update: Orly Taitz: Default Judgment Due in Obama Social Security Number Case
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  34. I really am pretty disillusioned over the possible candidates and candidates that have come forward. There are some that look good such as Cain, West, etc. I just do not see any with a fire in their belly to stop this charade with what we all know that could end this nightmare. The eligibility issue. No one will campaign on this. Why??? What about the fraudulent SS#??? Crickets……

    I think that there will not be any 2012 elections. Martial law will be implemented from whatever crisis that has taken place. I hope I am wrong.

  35. Hi Cabby @ 11:30 am
    I agree that we shouldn’t be overly suspicious of who or who isn’t a “concern troll”. I have posted things that merely express my exasperation, and that could easily be interpreted as “demoralizing”. I certainly don’t mean to be. But you are right. We should be alert and observant.

  36. cynkading | May 20, 2011 at 3:20 pm |

    ….I think that there will not be any 2012 elections. Martial law will be implemented from whatever crisis that has taken place. I hope I am wrong.

    Funny that you would mention this. My daughter and I have had the same thoughts. We were just talking about that not more than 20 min. ago. She said “I don’t think Obama will be reelected Mom. I just think he will cancel the elections”. Such a wise daughter I raised. Ha ha.

  37. Sue Q

    She is very wise indeed. Chip off of the old block 😉 Not that you are old.
    I have worn my children out with Obama and they have been paying attention. I am thankful for this.

  38. Cynkading,

    Yes, I am old… at least I feel that way sometimes. And I think that I am a block(head) also. Absolutely no offense was taken. Isn’t it sweet however, that your own children can surprise you with their wisdom and insight?

  39. Cabby AZ………………….
    I have my doubts that any investigation of any kind will occur. It is now clear that even the Social Security Administration is in bed with Soetoro. The view down the road is not a good one. I believe that we need to prepare ourselves for a complete loss of Social Security income,and if we are over a certain age limit,NO health care at all will be allowed. The government will deem any form of healthcare other than comfort measures will not be paid for by the Obamacare System. They are already trying to stop payment for devices such as electric wheelchairs etc. Crutches will BE THE ONLY AMBULATORY ASSIST allowed. The overall level of Healthcare for seniors in America is going to become PRIMITIVE at best. Many doctors are already refusing to accept MEDICARE PATIENTS, because they are NOT getting paid by MEDICARE FOR PATIENTS THEY HAVE ALREADY TREATED. I am not trying to be a fear monger,I am simply calling it as I see it COMING.
    Something else that needs to be examined closer is the alleged CASHLESS society. The Castro- Chavez type government will own everything,including the house that you bought and paid for. You will have a monthly credit issued that will be applied to your card. Once you have used the total credit NO MORE WILL BE ISSUED until the following month. You will be lucky if it even covers the rent that you will now be forced to pay to the government for your own home,that is …..if you are lucky enough not to be summarily thrown out of your own home early on. Remember what Castro done with peoples private homes. He took them from the owners and gave them to his friends. He also stole bussinesses, and turned them into GOVERNMENT property. He Nationalised American holdings. He has something coming. I still think that sooner or later he will receive what he has coming, as will his sibling. People will simply get enough of what is going on in Cuba and they will put an end to it. Similarly in the US after ENOUGH people get ENOUGH of what is going on,and is likely to go on for some time to come the PEOPLE will put an end to it. Lets watch and see how long the obots hang around once they have had a real good taste of Soetoro’s UTOPIA. When the people who were once the American YUPPIES have had their bellies full of the Soetoro menu look for mass uprisings which will result in MASS MURDERS by the Soetoro BROWN SHIRTS. Think this can’t happen? You better think again…………..NOTHING IS PERMANENT. So if you think it can’t happen to you just keep going the direction you are . Your deafening complacency will mask out the noise of the goose stepping brown shirts as they come for you. TOO LATE THEN! IT IS FAST BECOMING OBVIOUS THAT …WE THE PEOPLE are sooner or later going to be forced to do the DC house cleaning ourselves. LIKE IT OR NOT. DO YOU HAVE THE GOLF BALLS?

  40. Observer………………….
    While I think that the social security number leading to another person MIGHT be something VALID, there is a little guy inside of me who is whispering “be careful this may not be what it looks or sounds like” maybe even RUSE…..RUSE……RUSE. All I am saying at the moment there is a strange odor coming from it.

  41. Herman Cain was on Hannity today. I must say that his words are like music to my ears.

  42. Cabby - AZ

    oldsalt79 | May 20, 2011 at 6:32 pm |
    While I think that the social security number leading to another person MIGHT be something VALID, there is a little guy inside of me who is whispering “be careful this may not be what it looks or sounds like” maybe even RUSE…..RUSE……RUSE.
    Well, I must confess that the same thought crossed my mind, and I am not by nature a cynical person. This latest revelation certainly sounds plausible, but since we have been disappointed so often lately, AND since the Dems are in high gear to discredit us at any point possible, it would not be impossible that we are being “taken.” Let’s just wait and see what direction this investigation takes.

  43. oldsalt79 | May 20, 2011 at 6:32 pm |
    There is always that possibility which I doubt since the data bases were there for anyone beside this particular debt checker and IF they are being scrubbed selectively that in itself is a bit of proof. But it would also be something else that Obama would somehow have to explain to the public to defend himself and hopefully sooner or later the public just may think at least interiorly that there are an awful lot of things that this highly secretive pResident keeps having to explain … esp. when he’s always been soooo transparent!! I guess there aren’t as many whistle blowers in gov. agencies as in business … esp. when jobs are so scarce these days.

  44. Sueq…………………….
    I think that it would take a totally insane person to attempt to use martial law as a means of either delaying, or otherwise interfering with our elections. The dating and execution of our elections is absolute,and must be carried out on time. I think that even if martial law was invoked the elections would still be carried out. Perhaps even using the Military forces to ASSIST in that pursuit. Further it is my feeling that the next president is either going to CONTINUE Soetoro’s policies,or he is going to have to somehow get Congress to start repealing a hell of a lot of pure manure put in place by Soetoro, and his GOONS before he will ever be able to start managing the Federal Government. If Congress refuses to act then we start cleaning them out. Sadly Israel may NEVER trust the US again.

  45. Wow! Sue K, Cabby and Observer – that was some information. I am still absorbing it.

    If I understand what I read at Al’s blog correctly, has Obama’s Connecticut SS number been scrubbed?

  46. Obummer,
    This seems to be the week that was. Wow! No wonder we are experiencing drain-out.
    First, last Sat. we had Huckabee, then Newt’s big blow-out, then Trump’s withdrawal – now Obama’s open stance against Israel. Tomorrow that kook Camping has predicted the end of the world. (Aint’s gonna’ happen)
    Then season the above with the latest “news” re. seeming irregularities about Obama’s property ownership and SSN’s going viral on the blogosphere .

    The above is quite a bit for one week. It gives me somewhat of a brain fog. 🙂

  47. Cabby – AZ | May 20, 2011 at 10:24 pm |

    I has been quite the week. I, for one, feel drained.
    Next week is setting up to be quite eventful also, with a bunch of Reps officially joining the race, starting tomorrow with Cain.

    I almost killed my television this afternoon when Krauthammer, once again, declared that Cain has no chance. I do not think he understands that the old rules have changed and we are permanently disgusted with career politicians, including the pundits that keep propping them up.

  48. Cain has no chance if people like Krauthammer keep talking him down. Herman Cain is the man and when people hear his message he will spread like wildfire.

    Krauthammer has no idea how sick of the crud that people are right now. I used to be a fairly middle of the road Republican establishment supporter. Those days are in my rear view mirror right now.

  49. Of course that’s just my humble opinion. Not trying to foist my point of view.

  50. I also heard Krauthammer tonight talk down Cain. These folks have just been in the beltway far too long to even have a clue as to how we in the heartland feel about these career politicians. Personally I am sick of them for the most part.
    Right now Cain is at the top of my tentative list. He’s done some homework, his answers make sense, and he knows how to articulate them effectively.
    Just my feelings.

  51. oldsalt79 | May 20, 2011 at 9:46 pm |

    Wasn’t it you who recently asked “is everything up really down”? The absolutes that we once counted on have been replaced. All the rules have been changed. The constitution is just a shell of it’s former self. And call me silly if you like, but I do not put it past Obutthead to declare martial law and cancel the elections (all for our own good as you know), especially if a serious candidate emerges to challenge him. Desperate men use desperate measures, and my suspicion is that his poll numbers are much lower than what is being reported, and that he sees the writing on the wall. He is not about to let all his hard work go down the drain. I hope you are right, and Nov. 2012 comes and goes without a hitch but if it turns out that he is overwhelmingly defeated, it will not only be a repudiation of the first black president, but the MSM (who has propped him up) as well. These “enlightened” people seem to see everything in terms of race. BTW I truly hope that we don’t allow the MSM to pick our candidate for us this time around. There is way too much at stake.

  52. Hey, did anyone besides me miss the rapture yesterday? Hmmm… nobodys saying anything. Maybe I was left behind.

  53. Like all people I have my own personal convictions,about most things that concern me. But now we find ourselves faced with lies, and perversions of the various values which we were raised believing. Our grandchildren are going through public schools that up to a point are telling them “UP” is “DOWN”,and many of our grand children BELIEVE what is being taught to them. In a few remote incidents certain FEMALE teachers felt it necessary to PHYSICALLY demonstrate how life works. Fortunately they are now in prison,or no longer teaching. Others have seen fit to attempt to verbally twist history into their own LIBERAL version which again is aimed at DUMBING DOWN our kids. If we are to ever get a PERMANENT HANDLE on the TRUTH in teaching we must somehow READ THE RIOT ACT TO NEWLY HIRED teachers, and TELL them EXACTLY what is to be taught to our kids…..not meekly ask them WHAT to teach. Remember ….these so called teachers are THEMSELVES the product of the LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DIPLOMA MILLS. Many of these people place a greater importance upon their SEX lives than teaching the TRUTH to a student. And a few even see fit to extend their sexual behavior to their classrooms. What the HELL is going on in the minds of these people? Apparently the people who hire them don’t even try to profile these alleged teachers. If they did it is possible that much of the classroom teaching perversion could be brought to a screeching halt.

  54. On another plane, I have to say that if Herman Cain is ever going to become a viable candidate to compete against the liberal CRAZIES for the POTUS he had better get started in a really meaningful way ……PRETTY DAMN SOON. So far I havn’t heard much out of him except an occasional muted “MEOW”. He needs to do some really audible GROWLING that everybody in the country can hear. That is if he ever expects anyone to pay any attention to him. He has the RIGHT story,now he needs to start making himself both SEEN, AND HEARD,on a DAILY BASIS. Further he needs to zero in on what CORSI is doing. But at the SAME TIME CLEARLY SHOW the public what Soetoro is NOT doing that he SHOULD BE DOING, as well as that which Soetoro is doing that is CRIMINAL in nature. When Cain starts doing this people will see him as a STRONG,and VIABLE candidate, and we will VOTE ACCORDING TO OUR PERCEPTION OF HIM. Otherwise he is going to LOSE. He has a DOUBLE WHAMMY AGAINST HIM at the outset. Just my own view. No offense to anyone.

  55. Old Salt @ 12:59

    I don’t disagree with you. But he is still the man!

  56. First Cain needs to get the word out about what he personally stands for as there is ample time to take on the messiah. If he comes out too far too fast, the MSM will take it upon themselves to make a caricature out of him, as they are already trying to do with no success.

  57. That being said, he’s taken a few punches at Obama. I do hope he goes further into all of the crapola surrounding the fraud soon as well.

  58. Air Force Brat

    First we must find out where Cain stands on affirmative action and on the Federal Reserve. I’ve read disturbing things recently that he favors both. Will continue researching, and will post what links I find. IF these rumblings are true, it would mean that no matter how well he speaks, it would still be a “blacks first,whites last” situation. We CAN NOT afford that again. The meme of “if we have a black ticket, racism will be gone” is bullshit. The entire governmental structure being composed of black Republicans wouldn’t be enough to satisfy race-baiters who want rulership instead of equality.

    It’s weird: I’d have no hesitation whatsoever about voting for Allen West, but I’m getting a little bit of a “be careful” vibe re Cain. Not bright neon danger flags like with Obutthead, but some slight degree of uneasiness nonetheless.

  59. Air Force Brat

    Here are a few links for review. Others I hesitate to post because, although the articles do contain some interesting info, their titles and the websites they come from might be considered incendiary. Again, my posting these links DOES NOT mean that I wouldn’t vote for Cain should he secure the nomination, but I do think caution and further research are indicated.

  60. Air Force Brat

    Swell. I just submitted a post with some links for readers to review, and it’s not showing up. What gives?

  61. Air Force Brat | May 21, 2011 at 4:52 pm |

    It’s weird: I’d have no hesitation whatsoever about voting for Allen West, but I’m getting a little bit of a “be careful” vibe re Cain. Not bright neon danger flags like with Obutthead, but some slight degree of uneasiness nonetheless.
    Brat, I know what you mean. I believe Allen West would not let us down. And I believe he could easily beat the butthead. And even though many (including my husband) are glombing on to Cain, I too have an uneasiness about him. I’m not sure why.

  62. Everybody has a weakness. Just a few weeks ago West came out against defunding Obamacare didn’t he? I still admire the man, even though I am opposed to that particular position. But I am not a “single issue” voter and assess the person in totality.

  63. Hi Paxson,

    You and I have at least one thing in common. We were both banned at one time from CW. I still am, but you are now “unbanned”.

    If you have checked over there lately, you will find that Pat 1789 is now pushing for Cain. Does that not raise a red flag for you, considering all that has occurred there? If I am inferring to much, I apologize.

  64. I’ve liked Cain for a long time and have made it known. The way that I see it, the more the merrier so it doesn’t bother me who supports him. This is an election. With respect to Allen West, he is not even running for President. I will add that I have the utmost respect for him and hope to get the chance to be able to vote for him some day.

  65. Most of you already know that we only post about administrative matters. We do post individually, but not as owners of this blog.

    Posts (because we cannot find a way to disable this) with more than one link instantly go to moderation. We only just learned that, so if you want to readily highlight many links, please put them in separate posts.

    That was what happened to the poster that wondered. We are here as much as we are able.

  66. Trump4Potus

    SueQ | May 21, 2011 at 8:58 pm |

    If anyone at CW was suddenly for Cain, I would be disturbed, the fact that it is the poster many of us think is an alias for FS is a huge red flag!

  67. Posts (because we cannot find a way to disable this) with more than one link instantly go to moderation.
    Have you looked under settings, discussion, comment moderation
    Hold a comment in the queue if it contains_____ or more links

  68. Good healthy debate is a good thing about each of the Republican candidates. I’d ultimately vote for any of them over Obama and will support whoever wins the Republican nomination with all of my heart and soul. Herman Cain just happens to excite me more than any of the other potential candidates right now. I’ve been watching him for some time now and I really like him. To each his own. There are plenty of reasons to like one of the other candidates.

  69. Paxson | May 21, 2011 at 10:30 pm |

    Hi Paxson,

    I agree…anything but Barky however (and again playing devil’s advocate, here) I’m not sure that the voting public will ever vote for another ‘of color’ after this fiasco.

    Obama isn’t ‘African-American’/White, he’s *ARAB*/White. People don’t realize that he’s only somewhere around 7% Black. BTW, I don’t use terms that have a hyphenated American anything; if you have to hyphenate, you ain’t an American, in my book.

    Anyway, many former supporters are disillusioned with the ‘first Black President’ and may not want to go there again. This is what I’m hearing from my very limited circle of voting friends; we know that there are elements in America who will simply not vote for anyone who looks different from themselves.

    Just sayin’.

  70. SueK. I hear you, but I don’t like Herman Cain because he is black. I’ve listened to his interviews and I like his vision for our country. He is inspiring. The fact that the words are coming from an African American is just icing on the cake. He sort of reminds me a bit of Clarence Thomas.

  71. I’ll add that I will support the Republican nominee, whomever it may be, with my heart and soul. That’s why you won’t hear me trashing any of them.

  72. Paxson,

    It is interesting that we are now both un-banned from Happyville. I do not know what happened over there, as I was banned for defending you. It does seem that the loudmouth has been beaten down a bit, but I do think it was odd that SueQ was also not reinstated.

    That is really odd.

  73. SueQ,

    If your are reading – you got banned at CW for no good reason. Many of us know that. Perhaps this unbanning – not that you may care – did not go back far enough?

    Once again, I am delighted that there are some positive signs in your life!

  74. I got unbanned because I made a comment about CW’s favorite topic, Chicago crime, and he obviously read it and let me back on. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the way that I used to post there. It was too contentious for my taste. I was shocked, but then again CW knew that the Health Facilities Planning Board, Rezko relationship etc. Was always a favorite topic of mine. One thing is certain, he has done a good job staying on top of that issue. We are in too deep of doo doo to let personal feelings get in the way of moving toward.

  75. Was there any coverage of Cain’s announcement? I was away all day and could not find any.

  76. Paxson | May 21, 2011 at 11:10 pm |

    I was un-banned for no apparent reason – good that you have one.

    I was just regularly posting “test” messages because I was curious and suddenly one got posted.

  77. SueK. On a different topic, I read today that the Brits are planning on drilling to the core of the earth. Are there any potential negative ramifications? Seems to be quite bold considering They don’t know what will happen when they get there. I’m naive.

  78. Ladyhawke. I replied to you, but accidentally did it at CW. So I may get banned again. 🙂 wow. I caught it as it was posting.

  79. Paxson | May 21, 2011 at 11:24 pm |

    I commented to your post at CW – I doubt that any of us will be banned any time soon. Best I can tell, there is no one in charge, and if there is one – it is not FS!

  80. Paxson | May 21, 2011 at 10:47 pm |


    I couldn’t care less what color he is. I like him, too, but my point is that others may not wanna dip their toe in that water again simply because of what this current ‘person of color’ has done.

    Like it or not, racism is alive and well and has been continually fostered by the old race card being used again and again as an excuse for just about anything.

    People may simply not want to take that chance again; race relations are worse now than they’ve ever been.

  81. Paxson | May 21, 2011 at 11:16 pm |

    Hadn’t heard that and my question is: Why?

    I don’t know of any equipment that would be able to do the job and I truly don’t know why this is being attempted. We have pretty good imaging data, but drilling in my estimation is foolhardy.

    Can’t think of any ramifications but I hope that by doing this the balance of the Earth would not be disrupted.

    Crazy, if you ask me!

  82. I wasn’t too keen when Obummer bombed the moon supposedly looking for water. Wonder why he really did it.

  83. kiltie | May 21, 2011 at 11:58 pm |

    I wasn’t too keen when Obummer bombed the moon supposedly looking for water. Wonder why he really did it.
    I may be slow tonight, as I am tired, but perhaps you could define your meaning?

  84. Trump4Potus

    kiltie, could you please explain your meaning?

  85. BiBi and Barry in their early 20s

  86. SueK @ 11:46

    Lamecherry has a post up essentially saying the same thing that you said about Cain’s race.

  87. Nancy Peacock

    Obama bombing the moon. Left-wing lunacy from 2009.

  88. Paxson | May 22, 2011 at 10:39 am |

    Thanks, Paxson, I’ll take a peek at LC. Just my observation as I scour the globe for opinions and commentaries.

    On another note, I waited for the Rapture last night. At 6:00 PM I looked for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse but didn’r see ’em, so I clicked the heels of my red shoes three times whilst repeating ‘There’s no place like home.’ Still nothing.

    So I made dinner.

    Have you heard of anyone who got ‘raptured?’

  89. When I see Herman Cain say what he is thinking with the same intensity as Rev Manning, and KEEPS on saying it at even a greater intensity,and KEEPS on doing it until election day,he will receive my vote. He needs to get really intense,and start sounding like Manning.

  90. Better still it probably wouldn’t hurt him to be seen with Allen West as well. Maybe even campaign together if he can convince West to run for VP. Boy wouldn’t that blow the OBOTS minds,and the MSM all to hell. For a change MSM,and the OBOTS wouldn’t be able to invoke their RACIST BS. The silence would be DEAFENING.

  91. Old Salt, nobody running is saying the same things with the same intensity as Reverend Manning. I wish they would too. But Cain has been pretty tough on Obama’s foreign and economic platforms. Out of the folks likely to run, who stokes the fire in your belly? I don’t see anyone else personally, but I accept that people’s preferences are different for many different reasons. To be frank, and I’ve said this before, I like all of the candidates (I just like some better than others ). We need to hash this out so we can win in 2012, whoever the eventual winner in the primaries may be.

  92. Paxson…………………….
    At this point I don’t see ANYBODY who can win against the CROOKED DEMS, except SOMEBODY with a REAL fire in his belly, and is NOT AFRAID to EXHALE some of the fire when called for. We need somebody who will BURN a few BUTTS, in more ways than ONE. GO GET EM HERMAN………SIC EM.

  93. Paxson……………..
    Like you say,bud time will present the proof of the pudding. If Herman Cain is the person whipping it up I would say that he is probably the most qualified to do it. ( again in more ways than one),and having been in his position at Godfather PIZZA,and Burger King he probably has a really great recipe.

  94. Old Salt, this is just my opinion, I believe that Cain needs to endear himself to some of the more establishment sectors of our party before he can go out and open up a can of whoop ass on Obama. If he comes out of the gates too hard, he’ll get smashed by the MSM. There is plenty of time for him to take off the gloves for some bare knuckle brawling. In the mean time, people like Jerome Corsica is doing ALL of their dirty work. Just my humble opinion.

  95. Corsi, not Corsica. Damn android.

  96. I absolutely believe that Cain in a “mono et mono” march up will kick Obama right to the curb, even with the MSM in Obama’s corner.

  97. Old Salt, we’ll hash it out and the cream will rise to the top. Our job is to keep the powers that be from “appointing” another John McCain. I’m open minded and not blindly following Cain. So don’t think I am trying to push him on people. I encourage others to listen to the depth of his message in calling out the “socialist plantation “. That’s all.

  98. The other day Hannity asked him who would be his top VP choice and the first person he named was Michelle Bachman. This gave me goose bumps and brought a tear to my eye in a good way in that he is saying exactly what I am feeling. Perhaps my brain has been stereotyped for political purposes.

  99. ANDROID with HICCUPS! LOL………………..
    But you gotta agree he needs to glean as much INADVERTENT MSM coverage as possible . That entails hitting hard, and FIRST. If he can clean house at the primary, I think he would have ALL the conservatives on his side be they DEMS or MID folks. But there is a possibility that the REPUBS will reject him. If he somehow can get together with West, especially if he gets the nomination……. West would be a real asset to Cain. I personally see that combination as the best possible at present. Frankly I don’t trust any of the others. I exclude Sarah Palin from that statement.

  100. I love how Bachman gets Chris Matthews all worked up. She is an attorney, raised 20 plus foster children in addition to her own kids. She has owned a Tax Attorney firm with 50 employees. She is a member of Congress and has been re-elected.

    All the dwarf, Chris Matthews, can do is call her stupid. I don’t hate many people, but our leftists swine in the media are as close as you can get with me.

  101. Old Salt @ 2:50

    I agree that he needs to separate himself from the pack in hitting Obama hard at the debates. If he does this, he will rise in the ranks.

  102. Corsi is not going to stop prospecting Obama’s history. I am hoping that he will soon hit the mother lode and at that point the force field of MSM will no longer be able to keep their fingers in the dike.

  103. We handed the LIBS their heads in 2010, and we can do the same again. I personally held my nose and voted a STRAIGHT REPUB ticket. If the situation in 2012 demands it I won’t hesitate to USE the REPUB name for the purpose of unseating as many LIBS as I can, just as I did in 2010. Who knows we might even take back the Senate in the process. BODY ODOR has done a lot of SH## on people and there is even now a lot of OBOTS who are starting to ….GET IT.

  104. Paxson……………….
    Mathews should do himself a favor and go out and get a decent job. To me “SHE “is a FIRST CLASS M-O-R-O-N. I REST MY CASE!

  105. Old Salt, Matthews is not first class at anything. He is gutter trash. That sneer on his face is ridiculous. Lawrence O’Donnell is similar. Bachman throws their brains into chaos AND she isn’t afraid to confront their assaults. I love her.

  106. Old Salt @ 3:01

    I agree!

  107. annoyingmoose

    It would be a good thing methinks to organize all kinds of
    well-shouldered, anti-assimilation tornado scouts with full
    subterranean transport support to corral and lead the leaders
    of the leeming libs to the sea side cliffs.

  108. I can’t help wonder just how many people are NOW researching anything,and everything that pertains to Soetoro, no matter how remote it might be. The more research that is done the greater is the liklihood that somebody is going to stumble into a heretofore hidden issue that could turn into a ticking NUCLEAR TIME BOMB with respect to Soetoro,and If presented to the World just right the DOJ, Congress, or SCOTUS will NOT be able to circumvent it, or otherwise sweep it under their rug. That is why it is important that whatever it is it must be made known to the world quickly before it can be verbally twisted by the LIBS to mean something it DOESN’T mean. The more people who know the truth the greater the liklihood of Soetoro becoming another JIMMIE CARTER. Personally when Carter was defeated I went………”WWHHEEWW”.

  109. What we need is a whistleblower or a constitutional witness (the opposite of a gov’t witness) to come forward.

    The periphery may be answer to our problem.


  111. Trump4Potus

    It seems to be a very slow day in blog world.

    Did anyone see Dick Morris tonight, I think on Hannity? Morris met with Trump today and according to Morris, Trump may not really be out. And, The Apprentice is now over. Why would Trump take the time to meet with Morris?


  112. T4P. Perhaps Corsi and Trump are playing their own game? Corsi hot on the trail right now. If Trump were still out there, the Alinskyites would make it all.about Trump as he is a lightning rod. Who the f knows. I just hope that Corsi has the goods with some real insiders at HDOH like he claims. I’m so sick of this fraud.

  113. Trump4Potus

    Paxson | May 23, 2011 at 11:30 pm |

    I agree. And Trump is certainly not stupid. This county must be saved from The Won!

    It is just so curious to me that the day after The Apprentice wraps, Trump meets with Dick Morris. After thinking a bit more since I posted above, I do not think Morris would have spoken about the meeting without Trump’s approval.

    Again, this is an election that Obama must lose.

  114. Trump4Potus,
    When you say “The Apprentice wraps”, do you mean that the season is over?
    Or is the contract off? I heard Morris say that about Trump, too. It is interesting.

  115. T4P. While I think that it could be plausible that Trump and Corsi could be working some sort of psyop, in the long run I’ll have to side with Corsi if that isn’t the case. I don’t think Trump would set himself up for ridicule if he didn’t believe That he would be justified in the long run. Even for money. Who knows, maybe Rush and others are in on it?

    Corsi says he has names coming out this week. I guess more wait and see, something that I am tired of doing.

  116. Trump4Potus

    Cabby – AZ | May 23, 2011 at 11:43 pm |

    When you say “The Apprentice wraps”, do you mean that the season is over?
    Or is the contract off? I heard Morris say that about Trump, too. It is interesting.
    Hi Cabby,
    Yes, the season was over last night. The final show aired. John Rich won.

    I do not know that status of any future contract. However, the day after the final show, Trump meets with Morris – and allows Morris to announce it? I do not believe that Morris would have said anything without Trump’s approval.

    This could get interesting. I have always thought that regardless of what NBC offered Trump, most of Trump’s assets are in the USA, so if the USA fails, so does Trump and his TV show.

    We shall see what happens.

  117. Trump4Potus

    Paxson | May 23, 2011 at 11:50 pm | | Edit

    I had not heard about Corsi naming names this week. I sure hope that it is true!

  118. Cabby - AZ

    Trump4Potus | May 24, 2011 at 2:38 am |
    This could get interesting. I have always thought that regardless of what NBC offered Trump, most of Trump’s assets are in the USA, so if the USA fails, so does Trump and his TV show.
    Trump is no dummy! Let’s just watch and see how this saga evolves. I heard Monday that Trump said he would reconsider in the fall IF none of the Repub candidates suits him. It seems that he is keeping his options open.

    Maybe this involvement with Corsi is being made public on purpose to take the opposition off balance. Goodness knows, our political enemies are masters at this game. Perhaps it’s about time we fight fire with fire.

  119. Rudy Giuliani ‘very close’ to 2012 White House bid
    The congressman said that Guiliani “realises how close he came” to winning the Republican nomination in 2008, when he held a double-digit lead in the primary field in November, less than two months before voting began in Iowa.
    King said he thought that one of the problems in 2008 was that his advisers “were keeping Rudy from being Rudy” and that he had told the then candidate: “You’re a Son of a Bitch, that’s why people voted for you – we’re at war.”
    For more:

  120. Hi yo,

    Not sure if it’s the real McCoy, but I am sure that if that’s a picture of Loretta Fuddy, it’s a man; Adam’s Apple and all. Looks like Dustin Hoffman in ‘Tootsie.’

  121. Has anyone read this about Sarah Palin?
    Palin’s Secret Weapon: New Film to Premiere in June

  122. SueK @ 8:06


  123. Soetoro now has his own personal JOSEPH GOEBBELS TYPE of propaganda minister. He has hired a person to further TWIST words to make them mean that UP is DOWN. Perhaps a cruder way of saying it is BULLSH## MAKER. At any rate watch for even more bizzarre stories to emerge from the WH. Remember to Soetoro it is perfectly OK to LIE so long as there is a “RETURN on the (ALLEGED) investment”. My question is since when is a lie an “investment”? Perhaps this is the underlying reason why Soetoro posted ALL OF the PHONEY BCs. According to his ISLAMIC VALUES it was OK to FORGE A PHONEY DOCUMENT. Perhaps Corsi will be able to convince the FBI that presidential sponsoring,sanctioning,promoting or otherwise engaging in such creation of illegal, and /or counterfeit legal documents is grounds for IMPEACHMENT, and Congress should be so informed. SOETORO publically stated that this is his LONG FORM BC. Of course he ALSO publically said that the PHONEY CERTIFICATION of LIVE BIRTH was his OFFICIAL BC. HEY SOETORO,…..WHICH PHONEY IS THE REAL PHONEY? NEITHER ONE WAS GENERATED BY KAPIOLANI.

  124. Old Salt. You and I think alike. I just let all of my “lie”beral friends have it over the propaganda minister. If this were George W the press would be beside themselves.

  125. OldSalt,

    You’re getting slammed today with the same storm system that clobbered the midwest.

    Please keep an eye to the sky, my friend, and be safe!

  126. Corsi has turned over the breaking story of the birth certificate story to infowars and Alex Jones. This story of the forgery of epic proportions and will destroy the DemocRAT party.

  127. found this posted by misstickly over at Hillbuzz:

  128. Scarolina. Miss Tickly should be in all of our prayers. I cannot believe that email that she received. She should get it to the FBI immediately. I know that she’s had a few runins with people (who hasn’t? ) but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for her and a very high regard for her work. Same with jbjd.

  129. If anyone has Miss Tickly’s e-mail, please just say you have it. One of our trusted allies desperately needs to get in touch with her.

    Thanks 🙂

  130. SueK. You can probably contact her through Obamasgarden.

  131. Donald Trump has declared the long form a fake…This will get some press.

  132. Hi Paxson,

    I believe everything’s been shut down on that site.

    Have sent out a shout to other blogmasters/mistresses to ask if someone has a current addy.

    The Donald has been in touch with Jerome Corsi. Still wondering what his angle is but no matter, it’s again getting out there and that makes me smile 🙂

  133. Paxson,

    Oops….here’s the WND link. No android here, just a brain cramp 😦

  134. Trump4Potus

    Paxson | May 25, 2011 at 8:59 pm |

    Donald Trump has declared the long form a fake…This will get some press.
    Seriously? that would make my year!

    Do you possibly have an link?

  135. Cabby - AZ

    Here is the link re. Trump’s declaration re. fake long form BC:

  136. Morning,

    Have not been able to post lately due to internet problems and tornadoes constantly surrounding my area (Arkansas). We just dodged a bullet yet again yesterday. They have been all around me with sirens going off. One touched down about 30 miles north of me. This madness has been going on for while now. We have lost lives in a small town about 5 miles from me just a few weeks ago where a little 3 year old boy was killed by a fallen tree on his house. Another family close by lost a father and child as well from tornadoes. So sad. God has been good to me once again.

    Did I mention we are having to deal with small earthquakes?? I feel like I am on high alert constantly not to mention the crap coming out of the government daily.

    O/t , I have been reading about Herman Cain and I really want to get behind him but he has ties with the Federal Reserve. I believe he was affiliated with the the Kansas Federal Reserve. When I read this, this sent a flag up for me. He knows the players and he knows what the end game is.

    Here is a link that might help explain a little more about Herman Cain.

  137. If I had to choose between him or Obama, there is no question who I would vote for. At least Cain was born in USA. NO foreign allegiance to any other country.
    I feel like that I am so suspicious of everyone and their motives that it will be hard to settle with any candidate because there always are negatives. I would love to see West run. Even he has some things about him that bother me.
    I am totally distrustful of Trump. But I also have to give him credit for his in your face attitude.

  138. cynkading,
    This is just the beginning of the PRIMARY season, and I think no one needs to have reservations about expressing themselves as to candidate preferences. We have the prerogative to bounce back and forth, waver, examine and scrutinize each and every candidate freely. That is all part of the process, and it is healthy and necessary. This is the means by which the light is cast upon each aspirant.

    At THIS point Herman Cain’s prior affiliation with the Federal Reserve is not a stumbling block to me, but I am still listening and learning. We simply MUST evaluate carefully to the satisfaction of each of us. It is the rough and tumble period that lies ahead which is going to sift the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. The process is really just starting considering the grand scheme of things.

    Now, as time progresses and the sifting takes place, a couple will emerge as “finalists”, because some will drop out along the way during the primary voting. Then we will have to make a final choice for the nominee. After that choice is made (next year, of course) I believe we will lay aside our preferences and throw our weight behind the one selected, even if we have to hold our noses. If we don’t, Obama will win.

    But NOW is the time to examine and criticize in order to cause the best ones to rise to the top. Just my thoughts.

  139. cynkading……………………
    You must have scared mother nature off. She came to my neck of the woods(N.E.)Indiana and CRIED all over us, stomped her feet, and flashed all of her lights. In all she dumped 3″ of tears on us,and even cleared out her ice cube maker. Unusual for around here. I guess having to put up with the POTUS is more than she can stomach. She might even start having some really nasty tantrums.

  140. Cabby - AZ

    cynkading and old salt,
    So glad that you are both safe, although your experiences must have been harrowing. It is almost as though “mother nature” is revolting over what is happening here in the USA.

    Old salt, you are in N.E. Indiana. Are you perchance anywhere near Fort Wayne? I come from Lima, Ohio, just about on a straight line due east from F.W. – 60 miles. From time to time we had tornado warnings and did have one actually hit the ground in the 1950’s. It was very localized, however.

  141. Trump Denies Reading Book He Signed Agreement to Get
    Issues statement distancing himself from suspicion about Obama birth certificate fraud.

  142. CabbyAZ……………………..
    Yup, I am a native Wayner. Brief part of my life spent in Brooklyn NY, but that is a story for another time. Met my first wife in Brooklyn. We were married in 1954. She passed away in 1981,as a result of the ravages of cancer. My wife presented me with two sons.

  143. CabbyAZ……………………
    I think that where Trump is concerned I would walk softly, and carry a very big stick. Somebody is trying to make him appear as an “ON again off again Finnegan.” Just like always the OBOTS try to make UP out to be DOWN, and left out to be right. That is STANDARD EQUIPMENT with them. I don’t see any logic at all for Trump to say one thing then 10 minutes later completely reverse himself. In the business world such a practice can ruin you. As I said before don’t listen to people who spout this sort of bullsh##. Use logic, reason,and a little common sense. You will be rewarded handsomely.

  144. Cabby, thank you for your voice of reason and common sense. I appreciate your thoughts and enjoy your calming spirit. I always gleen knowledge and comfort from you…Thank you!

    Old Salt, you are such a blessing to all that read you….You are one great man. I enjoy and get lots of laughs and common sense information from your posts.

  145. brought this over from another blog
    Fernley Girl says:
    May 27, 2011 at 9:20 am

    She’s asking for our help:

    A Letter From A Fukushima Mother

  146. I really don’t think Sarah Palin has what takes for our country needs, she can’t even straingten out her daughter. Bristol is a mess and is getting worst. The MSM will eat her and Bristol alive.

  147. So look at one of our very best presidents, Reagan’s, kids!!

  148. Cabby - AZ

    Thanks for your kind words. My unheard rants here at home usually precede my posts – 🙂

    I, too, always love to read what you have to say! You are a breath of fresh air and a rock of stability – truly. Apparently you escaped the tornado activity in your neck of the woods. How were things in that “little shack” in trailer town, or wherever? Hahaha!

    I always liked Fort Wayne, having been there several times, one of which was a day’s train trip on the Erie RR, if I remember correctly, directly from Lima, O. to F.W. to take the small daughter of some good friends of ours. She had never ridden on a train, and, of course, at that time Lima was quite a hub of RR activity. It was quite a fun day for both of us. Also I had friends at Fort Wayne Bible College back in the 50’s.

  149. RadarZiva @ 12:38 PM… What proof do you have that Bristol Palin even needs straightening out and is ” a mess and getting worse”? Dont make com ments like that without offering evidence to back up your accusations. Are you perfect? I didnt think so.

  150. CabbyAZ…………………
    In the 50s the Fort Wayne Bible College enjoyed huge success. Slowly but surely the Bible College has seen a ever erroding student enrollment. Now it is no longer Fort Wayne Bible College. It is now an obscure organisation which seems to have an equally obscure mission.
    Yes Lima Ohio was an important center of business. To mention just one is the Ford ENGINE plant. A lot of automotive suppliers also saw fit to locate in Ohio. Sadly small business in Ohio like in many other states has been riddled by escalating costs to produce their products. A number of the companies have already given up,and /or gone into bankruptcy. The last I heard the Ohio unemployment was then averaging about 13%. Our RV industry in Northern Indiana has also been severely decimated. Their suppliers are also hard hit. It seems as though there is always an exponent to these figures as well. Could the exponent be really referred to as Soetoro?

  151. My “Little grass shack at Waikiki” is only a verbal thing that I invented,as is the case with my “Dirty little trailer at slime city.” This sort of adds a NOVEL FINALITY,if you will.

  152. Air Force Brat

    RadarZiva — is English your first language? Or were you just extremely drunk when you put up that post?

  153. Air Force Brat

    Random question: What happened to Fulla Sheeyit over on CW? I just now took a peek there, and there wasn’t one post by him on the latest thread.

    I have a hard time believing that something was finally done about Fulla, as the blog owner let him get away with his crap for such a long time. Just curious as to whether anyone here had any idea what was up.

  154. Cabby - AZ

    Air Force Brat | May 27, 2011 at 8:52 pm |
    Random question: What happened to Fulla Sheeyit over on CW? I just now took a peek there, and there wasn’t one post by him on the latest thread.
    There is an appearance once in awhile, but very subdued. Either a new assignment, laying low, or illness, or on meds? Mysterious.

  155. Cabby - AZ

    Old Salt,
    Interesting about F.W. Bible College…..I hadn’t heard anything at all for about 40 years. Yes, Ford Motor is big in Lima. Other businesses have come and gone. At one time Lima-Baldwin-Hamilton was big (formerly Lima Locomotive Works and there was a time in the ’30’s when it was the only game in town)
    Yeah, I know the background of “little grass shack” and “dirty little trailer”! (I’m chuckling while typing this). 🙂 Keep it coming!

  156. Nancy Peacock

    Amy, Ziva’s right. Bristol is pretty messed up. It’s a shame. Sarah Palin will be a greater force off of the world stage. All Ziva is verbalizing is what a lot of people are thinking . . . on and off the blogs.

  157. Cabby I was wondering the same thing about FS. Where’s he gotten off to? Been very calm and rather sane over there recently.

  158. Not quite understanding the comments re Bristol Palin. Just because she moved to AZ, got some plastic surgery to correct a facial issue–jaw misalignment I believe–and is making a career for herself she’s considered a mess? Sarah Palin is supposed to “straighten” her out or something? Bristol is an adult now. Just for the sake of questioning and relevance, how many former Presidents’ children are questionable in their behaviors? Do we blame them for their adult children’s choices on how they live their lives? Why is Sarah Palin ALWAYS held to a different standard than anyone else in the political world???

  159. Nancy Peacock

    cjzak, et al., I don’t see many Rhodes scholars at this forum. All RadarZiva was doing was expressing an opinion. It’s one thing to disagree with someone, but to publicly denegrate them is wholly another. Reminds me of some of those yahoos at the other site. Discretion is the better part of valor, and discretion is not Bristol’s strong suit. She’s not the first political offspring to exhibit questionable behavior; however, her mother IS held to a higher standard by the MSM, and she is well-aware of this. She just won’t cut Sarah a break. It’s just RadarZiva’s opinion, and I still believe in the first amendment. She’s probably making conversation, however controversial it might be. You guys need to lighten up. Hi, OldSalt, good to see you again. Been verrrrrrry busy. Have a nice day!

  160. Hello all: Sorry for the grammatical errors and the typos this morning. I was in a hurry. I’ll slow down. Didn’t mean to cause a firestorm with my comments about Bristol Palin. Thanks, Nancy, for your kind words. I don’t want everyone to be mad at you because of me. What I said was my opinion, and time will tell. I guess if I want to be attacked, I can always go back to the old blog.

  161. Nancy I didn’t say a word about or against RadarZ. personally. I just asked some simple questions because I get tired of SP being blamed and trashed for every little or big or in-between issue that comes along. If you have adult children you realize that you cannot control their lives. Yes SP is in the political limelight. She knows that she will be scrutinized fiercely by the msm etc. She has chosen her path voluntarily. I’m sure she took into consideration the fact that her family may prove to be imperfect at times. She seems to have their support as she has stated she would consult with all of them before doing something like this, willing to spending the time and money to embark on such a mission. She has withstood some of the most viscious personal attacks that I’ve ever seen by the media. All this is true. We do not know what the private conversations have been between mother and child in their case. It would be great if Bristol would keep a low profile for her parent’s sake but the media will not let that happen. Bristol will be headline hate /ridicule fodder if she so much as crosses the street wrong. Should she hide away for the next 2 years while her mother pursues her possible Pres. run? Maybe SP accepts her daughter’s right to live her own life and will take the good with the bad and love her daughter anyway and go on with her own plans in spite of that. Will it hurt her? Maybe, but I don’t think SP will worry too much about it. She’s been hit by much worse in the last 3 years. It bothers me though that one person is held responsible for the world turning in every little matter and SP IS held to a different and very unfair standard by the lefties. They will be relentless with this and it will only get worse as the 2012 campaigns get closer. They are very afraid of her and will not stop even if she should be elected Pres. which I think is unlikely anyway. But she deserves a fair chance at running if she wants to.

    And I think this site is nothing like what happened over at the other place. Good discourse and intelligent disagreements are handled very well here. The people posting here are very rational and courteous and provide good information that is interesting to all of us. No offense to you, but I think you misinterpreted the comments as a personal attack when they were not, I assure you by me.

  162. During the coming months, we will be subect to all sorts of fabrications concerning the primary candidates.. These comments will be coming from people who are determined to sway people away from some candidates by saying things about the candidates or their families.. Let us hope that we have the decency to leave family members out of the discussions and focus only on the candidates qualifications and views… I hope we all will keep an open mind and wait until after the debates before we make our decisions.. The person we vote to represent us should have the guts to take on Obama.. That person has to be a real fighter and not afraid to take all the stuff that the liberal MSM will be slinging at him/her.. Once the primaries is over, I plan to support that candidate regardless of who he/she may be.. We MUST unite to get the ONE out of the WH.. During the 2008 election, many republicans did NOT bother to vote, because they said McClain was a Rino, and look what happened. We need to unite and not let that happen again.

  163. cjzak @ 11:08 PM…….Well said!

  164. amy | May 27, 2011 at 11:16 pm |

    cjzak @ 11:08 PM…….Well said!

  165. Don’t know what happened to Big Mouth over there; Pat seems to have taken over.

    I was thinking that the Mississippi must’ve washed FS away, and deposited him in Italy.

    He will jump on, however, if one of us ‘Obots’ posts just to let us know that he knows we’re there.

    Maybe his past is catching up with him???

  166. SueK @ 12:39…Maybe CW banned him for pushing us away

  167. There is new top post!

  168. Everybody………
    It is now official! Soetoro now has a person who monitors the INTERNET 24/7. This includes all blogs. You might want to remember that the internet is the equivalent to our PRIVATE land line telephones. Any use of language that is seen as DEFAMATORY,or in any way detrimental to Soetoro the person doing so will be hunted down prosecuted,fined and probably jailed. This means that we NO LONGER have any RIGHTS TO THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AS GUARANTEED BY THE BILL OF RIGHTS. This is one reason why I always use the name Soetoro. That is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HIS LEGAL NAME. If he tries to prosecute me for referring to the name Soetoro,he will be PUBLICALLY ADMITTING that HE NEVER HAD HIS NAME LEGALLY CHANGED. So here we come Venezuela,and Cuba. All the DO GOODERS will really like this. They think that this does NOT apply to them. Of course you need to remember it is the DO GOODER YUPPIES who support Soetoro anyway. Even a lot of the DO GOODERS have awakened to the deafening sound of the NOW PROVEN lies that cloud the alleged TRANSPARENT TROJAN of politics.

  169. Air Force Brat

    Amy — definitely not. CW let things go on and on and on for months and not only refused to ban Fulla Sheeyit, he refused to even hear anything against him. In fact, he banned Paxson, Carlyle, and many others for daring to speak against Fulla! Fulla got away with whatever he wanted to do, whenever he wanted to do it, for as long as he wanted to do it.

  170. Air Force Brat

    Maybe Fulla and Starla are the same person. Both people’s posts are long, tedentious, largely meaningless and definitely scroll-worthy.

  171. Air Force Brat,
    No, Fulla and Starla are not the same. Starla was posting long before Fulla came on the scene, and they got “into it”, too, on occasion. S’s style has not really changed, except the previously long scripture passages have been eliminated.

  172. Herman Cain is ever so slowly gaining momentum. Inch by inch he creeps forward. I guess creeping forward positively is far better than moving forward leaps, and bounds then moving backward in leaps. He seems to have a much improved authoritarian mannerism in his voice which while there early on was not as pronounced as it is now. Perhaps he is being consuled in specialised public speaking. At any rate he has improved! I can’t seem to find much regarding Allen West of late. I would like to see him get a little more agressive,and I would like to see more of him. ……..Allen …….are you reading this? The door is partially open mister, you need to push it open the rest of the way, pass through it,and get in the faces of those who would otherwise torpedo you in a HEARTBEAT, and beat their stupid asses to the ground. You need to SHOW them the difference between “UP”and “DOWN”, because damned few of the Soetoro supporters KNOW THE DIFFERENCE

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