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We have been looking for a compelling story for quite some time, to no avail. Please alert us to something worthy!


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  1. Although we have very few rules here, we will not tolerate multiple agenda-driven postings. You know who you are.

    We will see what happens now and pay more attention.

  2. Hi FoCW,

    How about something on the tax cheat, little Timmy Geithner?

    First, he was leaving, then he’s not; conflicting stories. Maybe you could do some snooping and see what you can come up with?

    Personally, I’d like to see his arse in jail; you *know* that if it was any of us who cheated on our taxes to that extent, that’s where we’d be!

    Have a great 4th!

  3. Philo-Publius

    UPDATED 11:16 AM – is censoring references to US Supreme Court cases which cite Minor v. Happersett as precedent for the citizenship issue. I have briefed this issue in full in my comments to this report. I have include links and screenshots. Please archive the information and images before can fix it.


    The US Supreme Court Center at is the leading resource on the internet which publishes United States Supreme Court decisions. They have been caught red handed in an Orwellian attempt to revise US Supreme Court cases which mention Minor v. Happersett as precedent on the issue of citizenship, as opposed to the other issue decided in Minor, voting rights.

    I have documented two incredible examples where has been caught in the act of taking a hatchet job to US Supreme Court decisions by removing, not just the case name, “Minor v. Happersett”, but whole passages related to Chief Justice Waite’s statements on the citizenship issue which were cited favorably in BOYD V. NEBRASKA EX REL. THAYER, 143 U. S. 135 (1892), and POPE V. WILLIAMS, 193 U. S. 621 (1904).

    I have published my complete investigation into this fraud perpetrated by – including snapshots and evidence collected from the Way Back Machine at the Internet Archive – in the comments section of my previous report, THE EXPRESS LANE TO NATURAL BORN CLARITY. My investigation was triggered by a reader’s comment regarding Boyd. The comment was on a separate issue. But I then noticed that the Boyd case, as currently published by, made reference to Minor v. Happersett without properly naming the case.

    Last evening, I had come across a similar situation in the Pope case. I was curious, but it wasn’t until I saw the same pattern in the Boyd case that it became clear was altering these cases to remove references to Minor v. Happersett when Minor was recognized on the issue of citizenship. But where Minor is cited on the issue of voting rights, no hatchet was taken to the references in later US Supreme Court cases.

    For posterity, due to the incredibly important nature of this information, I have decided to keep the investigative report exactly where I first published it, in the comments section of my previous report.

    This is beyond shocking. Somebody, back in 2008, just prior to the election, ordered these revisions and saw to their execution. This is direct tampering with United States law. And it is evidence that Minor v. Happersett was known to be a huge stumbling block to POTUS eligibility.

    [b]It confirms that Minor v. Happersett was seen as a dangerous US Supreme Court precedent which construed the natural-born citizen clause of Article 2 Section 1 to make only those persons born in the US to citizen parents (plural)… eligible to be President.[/b]

    According to binding US Supreme Court precedent, Obama is not eligible to be President. And we are obviously very late coming to this legal truth. Somebody at tried to control and alter our awareness by hiding important Supreme Court references to Minor dating back to 2008. This is smoking gun proof of tampering. Please read my full report here.

    There needs to be an investigation.

    Leo Donofrio, Esq.

  4. jacqlynsmith


    Posted By: watcher51445
    Date: Friday, 1-Jul-2011 15:26:07


    WE DO NOT SO READ THE CONSTITUTION whereby the Executive can circumvent THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, by the American Constitutional Process of Lawful Constitutional Government issue these so called executive orders intending to ‘enslave the We, the People’ by despotic, oppressive, executive orders by a president alleged to be ‘not qualified’ for the Office of the President of the United States, while the nation is run at the direction of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS as alleged by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Caught her on YouTube, posted it on RMNews

    Execuctive Order 13575 “RURAL COUNCILS” Agenda 21 NWO


    I sent that “jewell” out to my email tree for everyone else to send out on their email tree…

    THE CAMPBELLS response which pretty well sums the rest of the response’s up: Thanks for sending. This is a recent reiteration of Roosevelt’s Rural Emergency Act of 1933 in support of his Emergency Powers Act that has rendered us unwitting slaves since that time.

  5. SueK | July 1, 2011 at 7:24 pm | | Edit

    We are not journalists. We have just created a place for conservative folks to post. Our top stories are basically links to articles we have found compelling. Not much currently going on. Should you find a great story on Geithner, who we think is an idiot, we would happily make it a top post. Please send it to us.

  6. jacqlynsmith

    friendsofcw | July 1, 2011 at 2:34 am |

    Although we have very few rules here, we will not tolerate multiple agenda-driven postings. You know who you are.

    We will see what happens now and pay more attention.

    Is this directed at me and if so I don’t need to post here if it is NOT a free speech ZONE…..I am not into censorship as it is not part of our constitution that folks here are SO concerned about! Please let me know if you are directing this to me or someone else and who you are that wants to do this sort of censoring?? Thank you!

  7. jacqlynsmith

    Of course we lovers of the constitution already know this but here is yet another article focused on the FRAUD going on in our country…..

    Bogus Obama document ‘bigger than Watergate’
    ‘Not just a crime of some plumbers breaking into an opponent’s office

    A retired U.S. military commander who brought a court challenge to Barack Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office says the mounting evidence indicating the “Certificate of Live Birth” he released in April is fake should shock the American public.

    “If everyone was intellectually honest, they would admit those images put on the Internet are forgeries,” said CDR Charles Kerchner, whose lawsuit that alleged Congress failed in its constitutional duty to make sure the man elected president was eligible for the office, was turned down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Continues here…..

    Read more: Bogus Obama document ‘bigger than Watergate’

  8. Philo-Publius

    jbjd explained at CW that is a commercial web site and not an official publication of our laws or court cases. Leo D did not mention that fact and since I’m not an attorney, I was unaware.

  9. I hope everyone has a fabulous July 4th weekend! I’m just kickin’ back here by the beach, with sunshine and 80 degrees. Sweet!

  10. Hey Indy,

    And a very happy 4th to you and all FoCWers.

    Martina McBride was a *great* last-minute addition in lieu of Lional Ritchie bailing on the Pops at the Esplanade.

    I would go, but I’m adopting two homeless bunnies from a foster home in central MA; they come home on Sunday. I guess you could say that after two years in foster care, this will be their ‘Independence Day,’ too!

    God bless us all while we continue our fight to remain free!

  11. Cabby - AZ

    SueK, God bless you also as you nuture your new adoptees in the ways of freedom and a loving, new home! Happy Independence Day!

  12. NBC Vic Hern

    We must find a leader, an action person with an idea of how and
    when to proceed.
    It’s been said that great leaders find a parade (cause) and jump
    to the front.
    Where shall we find such a being?

  13. Everybody have a very happy 4th of July!

  14. Happy 4th, OldSalt and everyone!

  15. Happy Independence Day Everyone – Not been posting but still reading here.

    I invite everyone to ask yourself this question – What is Your Greatest Freedom?

  16. To my fellow posters,
    Don’t get bored, there is much going on. The fast and furious investigation is displaying the callous actions of an administration in endangering both mexican and american citizens for the sole purpose of controlling 2cd amendment rights. Treason and tryranny, would be the appropriate term, if our congress had the strength to call what they see.

    I don’t think the birth certificate and SS #’s problems are going away either. The problem becomes more understood and the reality is sinking in that this POTUS doesn’t act, think, or respond like an American. This will drive people to believe that he wasn’t raised an American, or wasn’t born with undivided loyalties to America. The political heat will boil as the economy worsens. However, the truth will not be told anytime soon because to many ‘washington insiders’ and the media would be catastrophically entangled.

    The economy is in the tank, waiting for October, after the summer, to shed it’s skin and semi-hibernate for the winter. The jobs thing is going to get worse, the deficit is going to get worse. Further, evidence is mounting that the Chrysler and GM government takeovers by the Obama administration were done for the sole purpose of UNION SURVIVAL, not for the American people.

    So go enjoy your summer, and your slow cooking grill. I am watching the current administration, and left wing nuts, get the ‘low and slow’ political cooking for actions that clearly were intended, at all consequences, to benefit their political allies, at the cost of this Constitutional Republic. Sadly, so many Americans have been poorly motivated to gather facts and evidence from the internet, to see through this giant political fraud and shell game. I still regret that I have been unable to clear their vision.


  17. Old Salt,
    I haven’t checked in lately because of my husband’s health, but I noticed your comment July 1 regarding similarities between Casey Anthony and Obutthead. How they were both allegedly sexually abused as children and turned out to be pathological liars. I can’t tell you how much that strikes home in my mind. I think you have some real insight. I have a son-in-law that we learned was molested by his pastor when he was quite young. My daughter’s marriage to him has been a complete disaster. He continually lies to her and cheats on her, and yes, he is a narcissist! He has caused so much destruction with no remorse. Thankfully she is getting her cosmetology license soon, and will be able to support herself, and keep her children.

  18. PS…Also, in case you wondered, at my daughter’s insistence they have gone for marital counseling numerous times with no positive results. She has tried her best. If there is no trust, there is no marriage.

  19. Pete,
    I am not bored. I see the multitude of things going on and feel helpless to make any change. In the past I emailed my reps in congress and got these pre-written stock letters in return that didn’t even address my concerns. I here rumors that Boehner is going to cave on the debt ceiling limit and cut deals to raise taxes. I sympathize very much with Sharon in VA. Yet I tend towards Cabby’s POV.

  20. Just checking in. Hello to all of you.

  21. Dabigragu……………………….
    Stop in more often! Set a spell,take your shoes off! Have a cup of coffee! Talk a bit!

  22. SueQ…………………..
    I personally believe that the jury is still out with regard to the effects of parent incest against a youngster. I am inclined to believe that in certain types of youngsters incestual behavior with children could EASILY harbor both concious,and unconscious deep seated hatred of others, even to a sociopathic level. I personally think it is not only possible but PROBABLE. But I do not accept the notion that this condition gives them a right to kill. First Kaylee was REPEATEDLY chloroformed. In reality chloroform is a POISON. It’s toxisity builds in the victims system until it finally causes death. To an extent it is similar to alcohol poisoning in how it behaves. I believe that this is what happened to little Kaylee. Sadly this was NEVER discussed at the trial.

  23. Pete……………………
    I have to say that anyone, especially an Attorney General is NOT ABOVE the law. When these people either themselves indulge in CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, or they witness it and DO NOTHING they become perpetrators,and/or willing conspirators. I personally believe that Eric Holder falls into both categories. “Only a person with something to hide refuses to be transparent.”…..Barrack H Obama.

  24. NBCVicHern…………………….
    You are right! Leaders are a DIME A DOZEN. But GREAT LEADERS are cats of a very different color,and are what I tend to think as being needles living in a heystack. Yet at some point they often manifest their presence by virtue of whatever drives them to act in memorable ways.

  25. Good morning Old Salt,
    You can’t sleep either?

  26. >>>Oldsalt: I have to say that anyone, especially an Attorney General is NOT ABOVE the law.<<<

    We are so far down the rabbit hole in cia/socialist land I can't even imagine that the law applies to any of them. Holder has committed treason, against the American people, with Obama's direction, more times than I can count. Our congress is useless. They have had the power to shut it down, they were elected for that purpose, yet it continues. I don't know where the bus is going to stop, but I suspect it involves me loosing more of my Constitutional rights.


  27. Oldsalt,
    I just wish the House of representatives would do the right thing and stay with the debt limit. The only deal is cutting spending, all the rest just end badly anyway.


  28. Sharon in VA

    I received a Great Find from a friend this morning…that I just HAD to pass around….

    The Supreme Court has ruled that an individual can sue the Federal Government. The article talks about Health Care, but…..I wonder if this will open up “standing” for the eligibility issue?

  29. Anybody hearing things about reactor leaks in Nebraska and New Mexico, or live there and can verify or deny?

  30. Pete | July 11, 2011 at 11:40 am |

    Hey Pete,

    Nothing from my radiation/nuclear perch here in MA.

    If I get anything, I’ll post.

  31. Pete,

    Here’s what I’ve got: Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station in Nebraska was shut down in April for refueling operations and the decision was made to keep the plant in ‘cold shutdown’ (the nuclear processes have been stopped and the heat from the process has been removed; the coolant water is maintained below 100 degrees Celsius) due to the projected flooding. The other NPS In Nebraska, Cooper, is up and running.

    No reports of any leaks at Calhoun; the facility is shut down.

    Nothing at all from New Mexico.

  32. SueK,
    Thanks, I always prefer to verify things I see on the internet when possible. The reports of nuclear reactor leaks are obviously false. Some evil people will do just about anything to scare others. Next thing you know they will tell the seniors and veterans that they are about to loose benefits………..oh wait…….Obama did that yesterday.


  33. Right, Pete…all kinds of stuff floating around in cyberspace; much of it not true.

    I’ll keep two eyeballs on these facilities and post if there’s an issue. A-OK right now. I can cover the nuke/rad stuff on my end.

    Just let Barky TRY to touch SS; I don’t think he has any idea exactly what the Gray Lobby is capable of… .

  34. In regards to an earlier post by Old Salt concerning a possible link between a victim of child molestation and compulsive lying, are there any folks out there with a background in that sort of thing? If so, what are your thoughts? Is there a link? I tend to think so, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself and assume things that aren’t true.

  35. While I don’t SAY that there is a definite connection between compulsive lying, I do believe that some sort of inter relationship might exist. I think that this might be true if the person who was put through such an ordeal was a youngster. In children the expansion of mental capability is in my view much like a computer in downloading mode, and in their formative years learn nearly all of their PRIMARY understanding, which includes basic right and wrong. If they are in some grevious way molested sexually, or otherwise,it could easily be permanently, and otherwise indelibly entered into their fragile minds, and becomes a hideous ghost that seems to never stop roaming their minds, and continues into their adolescence,and subsequent adult years. At which point they try very hard to blank out the mental GHOST,by inventing IMAGINARY things,and friends.

  36. Pete ……………Ref July 10,9:34 AM
    As I personally view it you are right, and there is NO OTHER ALTERNATIVES left. The insane and otherwise idiotic level of spending cannot go on with out catastrophic consequences. In my entire adult life I cannot remember such a LUNATIC ever being elected. Carter comes close but even he never seemed to be as errant as our present (ALLEGED) POTUS. Just proves that You can indeed “FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”. ABE HAD IT RIGHT!

  37. Suek…………………..
    As long as the US has had NUCLEAR energy at work producing LOWER COST electric services,there hasn’t been any instances that could have been looked upon as outright disasters,as would be my measurement of Japan’s recent debacle. Three Mile Island comes to mind but I do not look at that as the same level of disaster that Japan sufferred. I do agree that the engineering involved MUST be at a level that some people might see as “OVERKILL” but it simply proves the old addage that says “A stitch in time saves nine”. If this is applied to the DESIGN,the construction,and the operation of our “NUKES” it is doubtful that any of them will do anything other than exactly what they were designed to do………produce low cost electricity for a very long time.

  38. Hi OldSalt,

    As always, you’re 100% right!

    Three Mile Island was indeed the worst we had, but not even close to the magnitude of Fukushima and Chernobyl. The engineers and staff that operate these plants are among the best in the business; they have to be.

    The NPSs in the U.S are among the most heavily monitored anywhere on Earth; groundwater, air, surface water, vegetation and crops surrounding the power plant, plus seafood, moss, etc., are some of the items tested on a regular basis.

    The problem is that the power plants’ infrastructure is getting old; each time a facility comes up for relicensing, some ‘group’ shows up to point out that the plant is 30 (or whatever) years old. So, where the people involved are first class, the infrastructure issues need to be addressed so that, as you say, we can continue to produce low cost electricity for a very long time!

  39. Check this out folks…………..

    “Some of those who follow the FEC said Hassan’s request is almost unprecedented because it puts the FEC in the position of defining constitutional law. “I have never seen anything like it before,” said Paul S. Ryan, a lawyer with the Campaign Legal Center who works on election law issues.”

  40. A Crazy Old Coot

    Barack Obama is, according to the Constitution, an illegal President and has committed multiple felonies both in and out of office
    – Lawrence Sellin Saturday, July 16, 2011

    Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Congress is inviting rebellion.

    I do not know how I can state it any clearer.

    The American people are victims of the greatest fraud and the deepest and widest conspiracy in the history of the United States. This fraud and conspiracy stretches throughout our government and the main stream media.

    It is now widely known that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that Barack Obama is, according to the Constitution, an illegal President and has committed multiple felonies both in and out of office.

    Members of Congress are deliberately hiding the truth from the American people. By doing so, every member of Congress is also committing a felony; know as “Misprision of felony.”

    Read the rest at the above link.

  41. A Crazy Old Coot

    As I understand our government, Representatives are elected to represent the people and Senators are elected to represent the states. Our current and past congresses have only represented themselves and their party.

    When are they going to start representing the ones they were elected to represent??

    Cut spending by starting with cutting elected officials salaries, fraud and waste. Cut out the social programs and benefits for illegal aliens.

  42. >>>Oldsalt: cannot remember such a LUNATIC ever being elected. Carter comes close but even he never seemed to be as errant as our present (ALLEGED) POTUS. Just proves that You can indeed “FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”. ABE HAD IT RIGHT!<<<

    I think that Obama is an 'in your face to American Patriots' by the ruling unknown elite that they control America, not We the People. They are putting us on notice that soon the doors of freedom will be closed, and we will be serfs/slaves of the elite. The debt is not a symptom of the economy, it a symptom of the loss of a republic and the beggining of slavery. When you think about it, the democrats have never waivered from their pro slavery position.

  43. Hi Crazy Old Coot,

    Nice to see you here!

    Your link didn’t post; could you please post it again so that we can click on it?

    Thanks :).

  44. Who here is inclined to bet on which side caves in regards to the debt ceiling, tax increases and spending reduction? Will our guys stand firm? I tend to think not, because once they get to Washington, they no longer (for the most part) listen to us. They put many obstacles between us and them, maybe just for the sake of some normalcy because they don’t want to deal with lunatics. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. But just try emailing or calling them. You only receive scripted answers from staff members that usually have nothing to do with the question you asked. Is this representative government?

    Who will cave? Bets, anyone? I hope I am dead wrong! I pray that our reps will do what is right for what is left of our beloved country. Still… for now… the greatest country on earth, thanks to the wisdom of our founders. God bless US and keep us.

  45. NBC Vic Hern

    Perhaps a reason that Congress will not turn on Soetoro/Bounel/Dunham is because if all his stuff
    is overturned and lobbyists have lobbied and been paid,
    and campaign $$$ have been donated, pimps and prostitutes
    covered, under the table monies have been distributed, checks
    have been cashed, off-shore accounts fattened, what else???
    Then who pays back whoever for whatever by which way and when?

    As for these staffers, does a new Congress critter get to choose his whole staff or are many professional staffers assigned by career members as a special favor to the newbie? Do the pro staffers then report to the career boys “committee on excellence”?

  46. A Crazy Old Coot

    Sorry about leaving the link off!

  47. A Crazy Old Coot

    People wonder why Mr. obama ignores the U.S. Constitution. Well, I think I have figured it out. The U.S. Constitution only applies to American citizens.

    1. Mr. Obama has not provided any actual records showing his actual birth place. – Not a citizen.

    2. Mr. obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen. He was a British Subject which made Mr. obama a British Subject. – Not a U.S. cidtizen.

    3. No records showing how Mr. obama attended college. Foreign student or otherwise? – Not a U.S. citizen.

    4. Foreign governments (Kenya) openly and freely admitting that Mr. obama was born in Kenya and is a citizen of Kenya!!

    These are only a few of the reasons I believe that the U.S. Constitution does not apply to Mr. obama. He is NOT a citizen.

  48. I believe you are right, Old Coot, That he never has nor will ever qualify for the office he holds. I think you are being gracious in calling him “Mr.” Obama.

  49. A Crazy Old Coot

    SueQ, I refuse to check but, I don’t think Miss or Mrs would work. I could be wrong though.

  50. Old Coot, I meant you are gracious to call him “Mr.” because he is certainly not “President” Obama. If he is Miss or Mrs, Obama, I don’t know. You might ask the many people from his sordid past. The name Donald Young comes to mind. And a certain Ulsterman report pertaining to an incident before he was senator from Ill.

  51. A Crazy Old Coot

    TCRLAF | 7-18-11 | TCRLAF

    Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 8:36:48 PM by tcrlaf



    Read the rest at the above link. If anyone locates the lockbox, let me know. I could use 2.5 Trillion dollars.

  52. A Crazy Old Coot

    SueQ | July 18, 2011 at 9:23 pm |
    Don’t forget Larry Sinclair in Fla. He has some stories to tell about obama too.

  53. Can anyone explain this so called “gang of six” I just heard about? Who the heck are these people? Does this signify that Repubs are caving in regards to tax increases? When I think of gangs, I think of THUGS! Especially since the current occupant of the WH is a former Chicago thug himself. Anybody have a cogent understanding?

  54. Crazy old coot……………………..Ref July 18 12:29 AM

    You need to be careful saying things like that. You could be looked upon as being as crazy as I am thought to be. That is exactly what I have thought since long before 2008. Welcome aboard sir. You will find that aboard my ship my gunners are ready to fire when GRIDLEY gives the order.

  55. Sueq…………………….
    While I do not have the slightest idea who might be members of the “gang of 6”, I can tell you who the “gang of 14” is. They are the original group of extreme left liberals who hijacked the Democratic party. A few of these “foaming at the mouth” lunatices are “DICKEY BIRD DURBIN”, LAY’EM LEAHEY, MMMMSSSS. POOSI, and now deceased MAD MURTHA. DINKY DODD is ANOTHER.

  56. Unfortunately I re read my comment after I pressed the post button, and there might be a certain sound to the various synonym prefix names which I have chosen to use for each of them. You can rest assurred that nothing other than “degradation of respect” of these people is the only thing that is implied by the synonyms used.

  57. Crazy old coot………………..
    Did you read Larry Sinclair’s original book? I did. IF there is any truth to it,then it lends affirmation to much of what has been,and still is the suspect character defects which our ALLEGED POTUS is ALLEGED to possess. Personally I have suspected much worse of him. I have a great deal of difficulty even understanding WHY so many Americans FAILED to see through him at the outset of his campaign. One of my questions then was “What the hell is wrong with the country that requires “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE” to fix? I personally think that there is NOTHING wrong with our country that returning to the SIMPLE BELIEFS of our forfathers wouldn’t fix. The simple beliefs of our forefathers was good enough for over two hundred years,and their simple beliefs are what made our country what it is today. Of course SIMPLE MINDED YUPPIES can’t seem to figure that one out.

  58. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsalt79 | July 20, 2011 at 10:12 am |
    I agree with you fully. Let’s go back to the original concept and only elect non-politicians. Do their job in DC and then go home to a “real” job, farming, construction etc.

  59. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsalt79 | July 20, 2011 at 8:30 am |
    I’m not worried about being thought of as crazy, hence my name. ha! I know, I am crazy for believing in God and the Constitution. But, I am still clinging to my bible and guns.

  60. Crazy Old Coot,

    Forgive my bible thumpery. “We are fools for Christ’s sake…” (1Cor.4:10)
    I think anyone who seeks truth in this world of lies will be scorned and ridiculed. You just have to suck it up and deal. After awhile, you don’t care anymore. In fact you accept it as a badge of honor. God bless you Coot.

  61. Dear Friends of CW,
    My suggestion for a possible topic is what’s going on in Quartzite Arizona. I just learned of it today at WND. Maybe Cabby has some insight on this matter.


  62. Knock, knock FoCW,

    Anybody home? I know it’s mid summer, and you’re keeping cool in your AC, but your garden needs some water.

  63. A Crazy Old Coot

    I’m home. Just been busy in the yard. Now that I have one!

  64. A Crazy Old Coot


    Yesterday I was at my local Walmart buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for my loyal pet, Dodge, the Wonder Dog and was in the check-out line when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog.

    What did she think I had an elephant? So since I’m retired and have little to do, on impulse I told her that no, I didn’t have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again. I added that I probably shouldn’t, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I’d lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms.

    I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and that the way that it works is, to load your pants pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.)

    Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff a poodle’s behind and a car hit me.

    I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard.

    Walmart won’t let me shop there anymore. Better watch what you ask retired people.

    They have all the time in the world to think of crazy things to say.

  65. Coot, you could have a career doing stand-up comedy…

    I e-mailed Rick Perry’s office over a week ago and asked what Perry was doing at the Bilderberg meeting in 2007.


    Another one gets knocked off the list.

  66. Did you know walnuts are drugs? Yep! They sure are according to the FDA.

  67. SueQ…………………………
    What else would you expect from a California nincompoop? Every time these MMMMSSSSSS.IMPORTANT type of people open their mouths, this sort of irrational reasoning becomes clear. But we must remember they are from the land of fruits and NUTS!

  68. Contrary to their reasoning there is NO EXISTING absolute and documented PROOF that Omega 3 DOESN’T help with all of the things that Diamond says it does.

  69. Crazy old coot………………….Ref July 23 11;33 PM.
    “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord, he is TRAMPING out the vintage where the GRAPES of WRATH are stored.”

  70. A Crazy Old Coot

    Old Salt, good to see you again. I have moved and been so busy, I haven’t been as active as before. More “honey do” projects now.

  71. SueK | July 24, 2011 at 1:06 pm |
    I e-mailed Rick Perry’s office over a week ago and asked what Perry was doing at the Bilderberg meeting in 2007.
    I here so much positive/negative about Perry that I don’t know what to believe. What exactly is your stance and why? I’m playing “catch up” in many ways, but I would appreciate it if you would elaborate.
    PS, So much depends on 2012. We need to get it right.

  72. OK, Sue, here’s my issue: You know who the Bilderbergers are, right? They’re not so secret anymore and attendance at their meetings is by invitation only. These are the New World Order folks; the richest of the rich and powerful who have an agenda we don’t even wanna consider.

    Now, Perry was invited to the 2007 meeting and he attended. Why? My thinking is that if he is part of this group, he’s just another Globalist in on the NWO. We don’t need his ilk in the WH with their plans for world dominance.

    If he attended (and he did), he’s one of THEM! Stay the hell away from the People’s House, Ricky, and go play with your NWO friends.

    Here’s a pretty good article from the Houston Chronicle:

  73. Thanks Sue,

    Yes I am familiar with who the Bilderbergers are. My husband used to receive publications from the John Birch Society. So, yes the meeting is troubling. I am just wondering how many other potential nominees have had contact with these folks. The only one you could safely say has not is Ron Paul and he is not electable IMO.

    Anyway, I’m sure that these questions will come up during the campaign and he will be forced to answer them. It remains to be seen what his answer will be. Who knows? Maybe he regrets the meeting. And if he says so, will anyone believe him? We shall see. I think, or at least I hope that what ever candidate we put forward will have answered all the tough questions to our satisfaction. So much is at stake! I have not crossed Perry off my list yet. I’m still kind of hoping Palin will run, yet I have reservations about her as well.

  74. Hi Sue,

    Each year, a mole on the inside of the Bilderberg meeting will publish the attendees list and sometimes, the agenda. I look for that and have been a bit stunned when I’ve read the list: the Clintons (of course), many entrepreneurs and even Congress critters.

    To me, anyone who attends that meeting is the enemy; there is no justification for attending because these people have one goal, and one goal only. Perry knew damned well who they are yet, chose to go.

    Heard on talk radio this week that former Gov. of NY, George Pataki, is thinking of throwing his hat in the ring. All well and good that a ton of folks are getting into the Repub nomination game, but we need someone to come forward who’s no crap, and head and shoulders above the rest.

    So far, I don’t see anyone and time is running out for America.

  75. Sue, can you tell me if Bush 43 was on the mole’s list? I’m almost certain that Bush 41 was. He spoke openly about a NWO. Are you hoping that Pataki will run? Isn’t he very liberal? I read once that you defended Romney, and I don’t blame you as that was the best Mass. could do. (Sorry for the way that sounded… probably condescending… I didn’t mean it that way.) I’m just thinking that any nominee MUST, and I mean MUST be clearly distinctive from Obama and his policies. They must be a truly unabashed conservative/capitalist/anti-Obamacare candidate. They MUST be for securing our borders (which may mean that Perry is out… don’t know). Most of fly over will not be able to vote for
    Romney/Pataki/Giuliani etc. Like I said, I’m waiting for Sarah, though with some reservations. Yet I think she would make us proud, truly proud.

  76. Even my husband who can’t stand Sarah’s screechy voice said “Yes, I can vote for her.” He is very critical of most of the candidates but believes that her heart is in the right place.

  77. Hi Sue,

    Can’t find anything on the moles’ list referencing either Bush at Bilderberg however, I found some interesting names on the Council on Foreign Relations roster: JFK, Nixon, Ford, Carter, H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Liveshot Kerry and…wait for it…..John McCain..

    H.W. Bush is the granddaddy of the NWO, I’m afraid.

    They’re all Globalists and have very sinister plans for America and the world.

    Don’t really care if Pataki runs; I just heard him on a local talk show. It’s kinda late to get into the race, so I’m thinking that even if he does run, he probably doesn’t stand much of a chance.

    I still defend Romney as Gov. of MA and here’s why: I was hired under Romney and feel that I made a real difference. Enter Cadillac Deval Patrick (whose new gig is trying to push through in-state tuition for illegal aliens) and wham! Two jobs eliminated on me in a span of only 4 years. Things here were good under Romney, even though the Dems bitched every day of his term. No tax increases (some fees were raised, instead), jobs, and millions of bucks left in the ‘rainy day fund’ when he left office. Patrick has driven us into the sewer, but I expected nothing less. Was Romney good for MA? Yes, indeed he was. Not sure about him as POTUS, but we’ll have to let it all play out.

    You’re right-our next POTUS will have to be the complete opposite of Barky. No RINOs allowed and that means you, Perry.

    We still have a lot to digest, and I think the picture will become clearer as the days go along. We need a hero/heroine and we need them fast!

  78. Sue, my understanding is that Ann Coulter is a member of CFR. And darn! This is so odd because she has been a guest on every right wing talk show I can think of (hawking her book… even Rush who never has guests). I’m thinking “WTH?” She has majorly dissapointed me lately with her endorsement of Chris Christie as she did with Hillary Clinton. I think she is a media hoe. Please understand that I admire Christie for standing up against the teacher,s union, but if that is his only claim to fame does he deserve to be POTUS? I used to admire AC but lately I find her just plain annoying and fake.

  79. PS, I think there is more than a couple of other so called conservative spokespersons out there that we need to beware of. May God give us discernment, and save us from trolls.

  80. Hi Sue,

    I can’t find anything regarding Coulter and the CFR. If you have anything, please post a link.

    Never much cared for her and probably never will; anyone who supported Ms. One World Government, Hillary, has blinders on, IMO.

    Christie has many good ideas, but amnesty for illegal aliens ain’t one of ’em; that scratches him of my POTUS scorecard.

    Bar a few ‘underground’ media folks we know and respect, they’re all ‘ho’s’ in my book. I think that at this point, we know where the *real* news is and don’t have to rely on these talking heads who dance around the important issues.

    Sad, isn’t it?

  81. Nothing to Post
    Posted on July 1, 2011 by friendsofcw| 80 Comments

    We have been looking for a compelling story for quite some time, to no avail.


    Honestly focw? There’s so much stuff going on now. I can’t believe you’ve run out of things to say. Look. You planted a garden. A beautiful garden. It grew quite well until mid summer. Then you decided for some reason not to water it. Is it because you can’t afford the water bill? Let us know. Are you tired of pulling weeds?

  82. A Crazy Old Coot

    Still no news??

  83. You can wish the Usurper a Happy Birthday today by going to this site;

    I did. You can leave a comment too! I asked him if he was the anti-christ, or should we expect some one else.

  84. Here was my birthday ‘wish’ for Barky:

    My Name: Barry Soetoro

    Message: Must be tough living life as a fraud and usurper.

  85. Living with one eye cocked over the shoulder is ,and has always been the modus operandi of Soetoro and his GOON squad. He has been practicing this nearly ALL of his life. When you lie just for the sake of lying you get good at covering your a$$.

  86. ……………but when you use OTHER PEOPLES’ resources to cover your a$$,sooner or later you WILL BE CAUGHT. ABE said it best when he uttered his well know statement relating to “SOME OF THE TIME”……..”PART OF THE TIME”, and “ALL THE TIME.” The LIBS apparently have NEVER read this little tale of truth,and wit. The election of 2012 will tell us exactly how many Americans believe the LIBERAL BULLSHI#.

  87. A Crazy Old Coot

    Federal judge orders director of health to appear in court and show cause, why she refuses to comply with the subpoena and allow inspection of Obama’s original birth certificate on file, which he, himself already made public

    Taitz v Astrue motion to show cause

    Today, as expected, Loretta Fuddy, director of health, continued stonewalling

    claiming privacy. See attached, scanned filed motion for order to show cause

    Motion was accepted by the US District Court in HI and was assigned to the chief judge Susan Oke Moulvanney and magistrate Richard Puggliose.


    Read the rest at the above link

  88. A Crazy Old Coot

    Georgia’s‘Pitchfork Rally’ – Kick-off Event to Pass the “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act” – Posted by helen @

    Fourteen states, with Republican’s leading the charge, introduced legislation between 2010 and 2011 that went to the heart of voters growing realization that an ineligible candidate and his Party apparatus hoodwinked Secretary’s of State Board of Elections by placing said ineligible candidate on their state ballots who the majority of voters then elected to the most powerful position in the world, the United States Presidency. These 14 states include: Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania (Sept 2011), Tennessee and Texas.
    Read the rest at the above link.

  89. A Crazy Old Coot

    A former Sergeant, having served his time with the Marine Corps, took
    a new job as a school teacher, but just before the school year started
    he injured his back.

    He was required to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his
    body. Fortunately, the cast fit under his shirt and wasn’t noticeable.
    On the first day of class, he found himself assigned to the toughest
    students in the school.

    The smart aleck punks, having already heard the new teacher was a
    former Marine, were leery of him and decided to see how tough he
    really was, before trying any pranks. Walking confidently into the
    rowdy classroom, the new teacher opened the window wide and sat down
    at his desk .

    When a strong breeze made his tie flap, he picked up a stapler and
    promptly stapled the tie to his chest.

    Dead silence… He had no trouble with discipline that year.


  90. A Crazy Old Coot

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Orly Taitz Files State Court Case Against Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy and Hawaii State Registrar Alvin T. Onaka

    Attorney Orly Taitz Files State Court Case Against Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy and Hawaii State Registrar Alvin T. Onaka. The presiding judge will be Judge Rhonda Nishimura.



    This court has jurisdiction, as the defendants Loretta Fuddy, in her official capacity as the Director of Health, State of HI Department of Health (Hereinafter “Fuddy”, and Alvin T. Onaka, Registrar of the Department of Health (hereinafter “Onaka”) are located at 1250 Punchbowl street within Jurisdiction the First Circuit Court of the State of HI. Governing Statute Unified Information Practices Act, as codified in statute 92F


    Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, Attorney Pro Se, President of the “Defend Our Freedoms” foundation

    Ms. Loretta Fuddy, Director of Health, Department of Health, state of HI.
    Dr. Alvin T. Onaka, Registrar Department of Health, State of HI

    Factual allegations

    1. Defendant Fuddy in her official capacity as Director of Health is a custodian of the original birth records of individuals born in HI, or individuals born abroad, who received Hawaiian birth certificates pursuant to statute 338-17, as well as Late Birth Records, created later in life under statute 338-6 when the original birth records are not available_

    2. Defendant, Dr. Alvin T. Onaka, in his official capacity as the registrar of the Department of Health is the state of Hawaii official responsible for the authentication of the original records and the certified copies of the original records. #####

    There’s 47 more pages related to this filing that will be uploaded sometime tomorrow. The Scribd document posted below will be revised as soon as the other pages are available.
    Taitz v Fuddy and Onaka(Hawaii Department of Health) – First Circuit Court Hawaii – Judge Rhonda Nishimura
    Bet you don’t hear about this on the msm or fox.

  91. Latest from Ulsterman WH Insider (in part)…

    “Insider: And the last time I sent you a message I mentioned that this Corsi had been brought up by somebody high up in the political food chain, right? That something seemed to be forming on that? Whatever is there it has people concerned. If he wanted to get their attention, it seems he got it. I would still recommend you don’t cozy up to it too close though. I will just say this about your Mr. Corsi…I don’t think he’s entirely right, but there’s a lot of chatter out there indicating he’s not entirely wrong either.

    Ulsterman: You keep stringing me along on this thing. You once didn’t want to hear anything related to questions about Obama’s birth record and now you seem more willing to entertain the possibility. Why the change? What do you know?

    Insider: Hell – I think I…I think I more than entertain the possibility. I have read some of the stuff you sent me. How much is true or not I can’t say. I really can’t. I have access to what-what some people are saying, or what they are worried about, or what they might be planning. And I have years of experience that helps me put one and two together to try and figure out what is coming down the political pike. And I have associates with access to their own information who agree with me that Barack Obama was a huge fucking mistake for the party and for America. But I don’t have some super secret Obama file. If I did I would most likely already be dead. I don’t know if it’s about his place of birth or if it’s something else that those records could reveal, but what I do know is that Barack Obama is covering something up related to that stuff. The guy is hiding something there. I am sure of that. Everything points to that being the case. The stuff you send me…look, a lot of it I just trash. I admit that. I’ve looked over some of it though, and some of it sounds…possible. Maybe even probable. But I don’t have a hand in any of that. Getting Eric Holder out of the DOJ, defeating Barack Obama in 2012 – that’s my thing. If somebody else wants to prove Obama isn’t who he says he is – more power to them…and join the fucking club.”

    Read more:

  92. Well, guess who’s back at CW’s pushing Bilderberger Perry. posting multiple posts, and calling us Obots again.

    I thought they had either they re-arrested Haffey or put him in the mental ward where he belongs.

    SueQ: Can’t wait for the next Insider installment :).

  93. SueK | August 15, 2011 at 9:28 pm |

    Well, guess who’s back at CW’s pushing Bilderberger Perry. posting multiple posts, and calling us Obots again.

    I thought they had either they re-arrested Haffey or put him in the mental
    ward where he belongs.
    And just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, eh?
    Hi Sue (both K & Q)

  94. Hi DABIGRAGU, from one of the Sues.

    Moron man is back for one of two reasons, IMO: Either he’s being directed to push Bilderberg Perry, or the comments are way low on that blog (and we know they are). I was really hoping that he was finally ‘confined’ somewhere, never to be heard from again.

    I just find it interesting that even before all the evidence and facts are in about the candidates some creepy stuff is leaking out about Perry, like the Gardasil fiasco, the 2007 Bilderberg meeting, and illegal immigration. I’m thinking that the field will whittle down quickly.


  95. Hi to All,
    The pot is beginning to boil over at CW’s once again. I am going to post this here in case you want to add it to your individual studies and review:

    Rick Perry Has Good Ties With Muslims
    In 2008, Perry helped expand the Muslim Histories and Culture Project, a teacher-training program spearheaded by Texas Ismailis that introduces Islamic history and culture curricula into Texas schools.

    “I have supported this program from the very beginning, because we must bridge the gap of understanding between East and West if we ever hope to experience a future of peace and prosperity,” Perry said at the signing ceremony.

    Read more :

  96. Free Speech is back with his LUNATIC REASONING. Looks as though FCW is going to start getting a lot of traffic.

  97. Hi Suek…………………
    Hope the buns are OK.

  98. DABIGRAGU……………………..

    Yeah, I second that! Hey the Ragu sounds like my favorite spaghetti sauce. But really though,I am like the little TACO BELLE Chihuahwa dog and I am still waiting for somebody to DROP THEIR CHILUPA.! I usually come back to a heaping helping of spaghetti and meat balls with Ragu Mushrooms and Green peppers. Good for whatever ails you! And that happens right on schedule. Don’t have to wait. Have a great day, bud.

  99. Suek……………….
    Looney toons is RANTING and RAVING about OBOTS having invaded CW BLOG and are spewing OBOT DISINFORMATION. Sounds like Free Speech has run out of MEDICATION.

  100. I am wondering if he sees little green people scurring about,and thinks they are OBOTS. Are OBOTS GREEN, purple, or pink. Has anybody seen one in action! Perhaps we should put out a WANTED POSTER for somebody to HUNT DOWN those mean old OBOTS who keep bothering poor old Free Speech. I had begun to think that “THE JUDGE CAME BACK FOR HIM AGAIN.” MAYBE SHE HAS A HANG UP ON HIM! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN TENNESSEE.

  101. A Crazy Old Coot

    Old Salt, careful about Tennessee comments. Some of us good folks live here too. haha
    Good to see you again.

  102. This is a refuge when it starts to get ugly at the other site. I find it hard to understand what caused this strong emergence of FS, unless it is because he is needed by his handlers to promote a certain candidate.

    Old Coot, it is good to see you again. I remember you under a different moniker when you lived in CA. You were one of the first ones I met at CW’s.

    Old Salt, I agree completely with your analysis of the political landscape and know that we MUST be careful about our allegiances at such an early date. We can’t help but have preferences, but they should not be cast in stone at this time. There is still much to learn, imho.

  103. BTW, I wish someone would use soap and wash the word “obot” out of FS’s mouth. It gets to be boring and disgusting.

  104. Hi All,

    Will be back latah; sneaking the latest installment from Washington Insider to y’all from work 🙂

  105. A Crazy Old Coot

    Cabby, I changed my name to reflect who I really was. ha!
    Good to see you.

    I check out CW’s site once in a while and even leave a stray thought once in a while.

  106. Coot, your thoughts are never “stray”; they are right on! I have to watch my appearance over there lest I become a catalyst to get one of the posters off base. 🙂

  107. A Crazy Old Coot

    Some of those “posters” are already wwwaaayyy off base!!

  108. A Crazy Old Coot

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Damage Control: Active Duty Air Force Staff Sergeant Daryn J. Moran Will Be “Honorably Discharged” From The Air Force

    ObamaRelease YourRecords on 11:36 AM

    SSGT Moran will be “honorably discharged” from the United States Air Force.
    Read the rest at the above llink.
    Guess our military members have found a way to get out early!

  109. oldsalt79 | August 16, 2011 at 11:18 pm |

    Hi OldSalt,

    Sent you an e-mail about the buns who are doing fine; I have a ferocious 1.92 pound guinea pig sitting on me as I type…

    I wasn’t gonna respond to the retard however, he started on Romney’s record in MA; his post was full of inaccuracies so I set it straight which, of course, got me the ‘Obot’ moniker.

    If that jackass wants to vote for a Bilderberger let him, but like religion or gay issues, or anything else, don’t try to shove it down my throat; we still have freedom of speech for a little while longer.

  110. A Crazy Old Coot | August 17, 2011 at 1:59 pm |

    Hi Coot,

    I’ll bite. Who *were* you?

  111. Coot, I’ll tell SueK by email if you don’t want to publish it.

  112. Some of us are on the obot list again. FS just enumerated them.

  113. A Crazy Old Coot

    Cabby, but I was left off the list.

    At one time I was known as “Don in California” and other names too.

    I now use “Don in tennessee” and “Crazy ole coot” and “a dumb ole (Natural Born Citizen) country boy”. So, I answer to them all. haha

  114. A Crazy Old Coot | August 17, 2011 at 9:56 pm |
    Cabby, but I was left off the list.
    You have not antagonized him enough to earn your badge of honor! 🙂
    (Pssst – It doesn’t take much, just some history)

  115. Coot, BTW, I remember you as Don in California! So you have moved now to Tennessee? Do you live anywhere near the Smokies? Just answer yes or no sometime. That is my favorite spot.

  116. Coot! You’re Don! Of course 🙂

    I had an extremely venomous post directed at Leo penned but my computer froze and I lost it. That may have been an omen, but if he hacks me off enough, I *will* post it. I WANT to join the ranks of the Obots over there ;).

    For those here whose e-mail I have, please check it.

  117. SueK | August 16, 2011 at 9:15 pm |

    Agreed Sue, things are leaking way too fast. They had plenty of time though and this IS Axelrod’s specialty. And now the college transcripts.
    Next it’ll be the famous video of Perry in a ménage à trois with Burt and Ernie.

  118. oldsalt79 | August 16, 2011 at 11:13 pm |

    Hey bud, that’s quite a coincidence about the spaghetti, it’s what we’re making for dinner tonight (it’s still 5:30 here). I’ll have to check for the green peppers, sounds good! Thanks oldsalt.

    Funny story if you don’t mind, guys;
    My wife and our 4yr old were at a Farmers Market today and ran into a booth set up by the infamous Kapiolani Hospital. The Hospital was there for donations. My wife commented to the gentleman manning the booth (who was an administrator at Kapiolani) that they should use the our president’s picture and name on their brochures as it would really be of benefit to them. The gentleman just looked down and shook his head, remarked that for some reason they decided not to benefit financially in this manner. He went on to speak of our “president” obama…blah, blah, bhah. Our little one looks at him and said: “don’t you know our president’s name?” He returned with “why yes little guy, his name is Barack Obama, that’s our president” My son laughed and screamed out loud “No it isn’t, our president’s name is Borry Sorto, he’s a surper too! You’re just a silly man, even I know that!”. Needless to say it caused everyone around the booths eyes to pop and stop talking in shock.
    My wife said to me when she returned “well, now we have to talk privately about the “O” word”

  119. Hey DABIG,

    Yup, things are oozing out and I’m encourged to see old Barky’s base evaporating; what a thing of beauty! Even Maxine ‘The Beast’ Waters is sick of him.

    I still think that the shady real estate deals and/or SS# will be the things that hang him because the NBC issue, although crystal clear to us, is obscure to a lot of people. People do, however, understand fraud.

    Oh, and I wanna see that menage!!! 🙂

    Your son is *brilliant!* When he gets older, he should perhaps run for office (while you and your wife run screaming ‘NOOOOOOO!’) 🙂


  120. Morning, All,

    Referencing Part 2 of the Washington Insider’s interview, apparently the race card will come out for the 2012 elections like we’ve never seen before, even though Barky’s somewhere between 1/12 and 1/16 black. I guess mocha is good enough to drag out the old card again and again.

    As some of you know, I work with moonbats; there are maybe 5 of us here who are normal. I’ve found a way to diffuse Obot Nation if they try to flip the race card at you for not liking The Won. Ask them if they know who Ambassador Alan Keyes is. They will know him or, will have heard of him. Tell them that you voted for Dr. Keyes in 2008 so knock off the racist crap. This works, because the little rug has just been puilled out from under their Obot butts and they have no other ammunition.

  121. A Crazy Old Coot

    Obama halts some immigration cases
    By Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff

    The Obama administration took one of its boldest steps yet toward addressing illegal immigration today by announcing it would halt potentially thousands of cases in federal immigration court if they do not involve criminals or people with flagrant immigration violations.
    Immigrants classified as low-priority cases could receive a stay of deportation and the chance to apply for a work permit.
    Read the rest at the above link

  122. I suspect that most of you have heard this:

    Arizona sheriff promises Obama-eligibility probe
    Lawman responds to request from local tea-party leaders
    Let Sheriff Joe get ahold of this! Let’s see what he can do.

  123. Sherriff Joe could end up in his OWN SLAMMER,with a trumped up Federal charges outstanding.

  124. Old Coot……………………
    What made you leave California………I have a suspicion that you had enough of California to last you a lifetime. That was also the reason why I transferred to a ship that was being re assigned to the EAST Coast. I had all I could handle of Long Beach. (queersville).

  125. A Crazy Old Coot

    I’m trying to make friends on CW’s site.

    “Ron Paul for President
    Rick Perry for dog catcher!”
    FS seems to love Perry! LOL

  126. Sharon in VA

    Old Salt…

    I don’t see it that way, Sheriff Joe is apparently only going to require this in Maricopa County, at his constitutents request. I believe that he has the absolute authority to do this in his County.

    If it has national ramifications, all the better, but he is only “talking about” Maricopa County.

  127. A Crazy Old Coot

    Just posted this on CW

    Perry Backer linked to fund-raisers indicted by USA for Terrorist support ^

    Posted on Friday, August 19, 2011 4:21:50 PM by BereanBrain

    For those of you keeping score at home, google Grover Norquist.

    He actively campaigned for Perry, and they have had joint press conferences.

    Norquist has worked with “prominent Islamic radicals who have ties to the Saudis and to Libya and to Palestine Islamic Jihad, and who are now under indictment by U.S. authorities.”

  128. A Crazy Old Coot

    A few over at cw’s will really enjoy that report. LOL

  129. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsalt79 | August 19, 2011 at 3:32 am |

    I left Calif because I got sick and tired of their legal system and I could not afford to live there on my fixed income. In Tenn I pay $150 less buying a house than I paid in rent in Calif. Also, no income tax in Tenn. and one other reason, this is my home territory (KY and TN).

  130. Hi, Coot – I could agree with FS about one of his points re. Perry, but I’m not sure he’ll get my message – “consummate politician

    I believe that through the debate process Perry will “out” himself. We just have to wait and see what happens. Don’t worry, others on that stage will know things about his past that we already are aware of.

  131. Crazy old coot………………….
    Welcome back! One thing is certain, it is a hell of a lot cheaper to live, in Ky,Tenn, and in Indiana where I live. But we are seeing escalating prices for EVERYTHING. I left California, in August of 1954. As I crossed the state line into AZ, I went…….”.wwwhhhheeeeewwww.”

  132. A Crazy Old Coot

    I’m with Calif as I am with the military. When I was in it was illegal to be a homa, then it became don’t ask, don’t tell, I’m glad I left before it became required. Same with Calif, I’m glad I left before it became required to be braindead!

  133. Hi All,
    Breath of fresh air over here, nice.

  134. A Crazy Old Coot

    I was just over at CW’s and noticed the FS never sleeps or stops typing. That can’t be just one person posting as FS.

  135. A Crazy Old Coot | August 20, 2011 at 2:14 pm |
    “never sleeps or stops typing”
    Psych 101=BiPolar
    Perhaps Perry could hire him 24/7.

  136. Does anyone here have those “Smart Meters” (always beware of anything they call smart)
    Look at these symptoms?

  137. Wow, DABIGRAGU, that Smart Meter article was something! Thank you for posting it :).

    I just contacted National Grid, my electric supplier in MA, to ask if they’re installed here. I have many of those symptoms but then, I seem to have every symptom on the planet, I swear!

    Will let you know when they come back with an answer.

    It might be prudent for everyone no matter where they are to contact their local electric utility and check on this. Very scary, indeed!

  138. DABIGRAGU | August 20, 2011 at 4:01 pm |

    Does anyone here have those “Smart Meters” (always beware of anything they call smart)
    Look at these symptoms?

    I have one that was installed without my permission. It is located on the exterior of my kitchen wall. When I spend some time there, I get headaches and dizziness. I also care for someone who is recovering from cancer. He has many side effects from the chemo, so who knows if this “thing” is exacerbating them. His body is in a weakened state.

    Is there any recourse that you are aware of? Have you heard of cases where the electric co. was forced to remove them?

    I heard a month or so ago that these meters actually allow the power co. to spy on you. They can detect what sort of appliances you are using and when, as well as when you are away from home.

  139. A Crazy Old Coot

    Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8

  140. Yeah, Coot, I “get” it!!! Agree!

  141. The regular “copy and paste” artist is at it in full swing today over yonder. When he gets on a certain topic, he won’t be pried loose and practically takes over the blog.

  142. Cabby – AZ | August 21, 2011 at 6:49 pm |

    Hey Cabby,

    He’s being allowed to do that.

    Notice when he was gone the comments fell off sharply; I think it’s a ploy to get traffic to the site.

    There’s a car dealership in MA that advertises on TV every morning, heavily. It’s to the point that it’s ridiculous. Not only do I mute the commercials, but I will *never* visit that dealership for a car. The more advertising you do, the more you turn people off. Such is the case with moron and his boy from Texas; he’s losing support for Perry by posting garbage articles about him ad nauseam.

  143. SueQ | August 20, 2011 at 10:13 pm |
    I have one that was installed without my permission. It is located on the exterior of my kitchen wall. When I spend some time there, I get headaches and dizziness. I also care for someone who is recovering from cancer. He has many side effects from the chemo, so who knows if this “thing” is exacerbating them. His body is in a weakened state.

    Is there any recourse that you are aware of? Have you heard of cases where the electric co. was forced to remove them?

    I heard a month or so ago that these meters actually allow the power co. to spy on you. They can detect what sort of appliances you are using and when, as well as when you are away from home.
    I’m not aware of any recourse Sue, as of yet anyway. Something I’ll look into though.
    I’ve heard those “spy” rumors also, wouldn’t surprise me. Same with the HD TV’s.
    Where there’s a lock, there’s always a key!

  144. A Crazy Old Coot

    I would guess that the depend on electronic circuits and components which I would assume are very sensitive to magnetic fields. Just an assumption though.

  145. Look at Governor Perry’s response to a council member from Richland Hills, Texas concerning microwave “Smart Meters” forcibly attached to homes:

    I am a Council Member from the City of Richland Hills, Texas. Our Council unanamously approved sending a letter to Governor Perry two weeks ago requesting a moritorium on Oncor’s installation of smart meters in our city. The meters are scheduled to be installed within the next few weeks. The reply of our Governor was not favorable to our citizens and essentially indicates that the complaints about accuracy are baseless. He, of course, did not address our objection to citizens having to pay for the meters. I don’t believe any of our citizens requested a smart meter and very few, if any, will ever use the data from a smart meter in the manner Oncor portrayed to the PUC.

    It is disappointing that Governor Perry dismissed the concerns of our 7,800 citizens and has ignored thousands of other Texas citizens who have objected to the installation of the smart meters. Apparently, a private corporation holds more sway with the Governor than those who own property and pay taxes…. and vote.

    I fail to see the PUC’s logic in requiring customers to pay for a device that primarily benefits Oncor. I personallyl object to this unwarranted “tax” on our citizens and plan to continue to oppose the installation of the meters and the unwarranted taxation of our citizens to fund equipment that rightfully is the responsibility of Oncor.

    Memories of tax paying citizens and voters are long, particularly when a private company is allowed to get in our pocket books.
    And this guy wants to be POTUS? Handwriting is on the wall folks.

  146. A Crazy Old Coot | August 22, 2011 at 4:37 pm |

    I would guess that the depend on electronic circuits and components which I would assume are very sensitive to magnetic fields. Just an assumption though.
    They’re microwave devices! At least California has (had) to issue all those forced to have them installed an opt out. Not only are they cancer causing microwave, they’re making you pay for the units AND they have in several cases tripled their electricity bill. All approved by state legislature!

  147. Lawsuit filed in Texas to stop install of “Smart Meters”

  148. You all are aware of Devvy Kidd? Look at her first hand account with Smart Meters. This article is most thorough with links and sites to help. It is a mind boggling article when you realize what they have planned to attach to our homes without our permission. Devvy lives in Texas and has not a good word to pass on to the man Rick Perry who has allowed this travesty. When you realize he signed an EO for ALL young women to be forced to receive the HIV vaccine and now this, it will become clear what this man is all about;
    Population control/Nazi Eugenics:

  149. DABIGRAGU | August 22, 2011 at 5:51 pm |

    Hey DABIG,

    I heard from National Grid today. These meters are being ‘tested’ in central MA, but none are in my area. Yet.

    I got a name and phone number to call so you can bet your macadamias I’ll be calling tomorrow. They ain’t coming near my house with those things; NO WAY!!

  150. SueK | August 22, 2011 at 9:37 pm |

    Good for you SueK!!

    Here’s another good site:

  151. All,

    5.9 magnitude quake centered just to the northeast of Richmond, VA at 1:51 local time today.

    It was felt up and down the East coast and I got the shaking in downtown Boston.

    All is OK, just some frazzled nerves.

    Next, hurricane Irene has her beady eyes set on us for the weekend but ya know, it’s all Bush’s fault :).

  152. Hey DABIG,

    Just talked to Anna at National Grid (just before the quake) and she said that yes, there is a pilot program in central MA however, the program was to be funded by stimulus funds and there are no more funds available. This program is dead in the water. YAY!

    If it rears its ugly head again, I won’t hesitate to call the Dept. of Public Utilities and give ’em an earful because with an earthquake this afternoon and hurricane Irene due to pay us a visit this weekend, I ain’t in the rosiest mood right now :).

  153. Hey Sue,
    Let’s just hope for her sake it doesn’t come to that. You take care and buckle down. Will be thinking about you, thanks for the update. See ya around…

  154. Thanks, DABIG…we’re pros at battening down the hatches and it appears we’ll be having to do that in a few days.

    Will keep ya posted.


  155. I appreciate the discussion of the smart meters. So far we have not encountered them in my neck of the woods, but I suspect they will spread across the country if the ptb have their way.

    SueK, thanks for the report on the earthquake. I happened to be in the dentist’s office when the report was coming in and thought of you right away. Now you are facing the hurricane approach, too. Wow! Stay safe! I hope the buns and piggies weren’t too scared.

  156. Hi Cabby,

    We have to keep posted on which utility is trying out these smart meters and in what part of the country. I mentioned to National Grid how many law suits had been filed because of them, and she was stunned; hopefully, she was stunned enough to junk the project :).

    No quakes today however, it appears that hurricane Irene will smash into the outer banks (Carolinas) then head up to us. She should hit New England as a Category 1 on Sunday into Monday so all interests along the East coast *need* to pay attention. The track is still uncertain and how strong she is will depend on how fast she’s moving. We should know more on Thursday.

    We’re a little stressed around here, but it’s Mother Nature at her best.

    Thanks! Buns and pigsters were fine when I got home and waiting for dinner. It would take Armageddon to scare them but they’d survive as long as there was dinner or a snack :).

  157. Hello! to all my fellow compatriot “obots”. It’s good to be in the company of people who despise what is allowed to be done at that other site.
    My final straw came when the village idiot called Old Salt a vile name.

    Maybe we should plan an expose-the-bilderberger-athon and blast the site with Perry’s dirty laundry. There’s sooooo much to choose from!

  158. Katie…………………
    Those who resort to name calling always reveal their true MENTAL STATEin so doing.

  159. ……….FURTHER has the name caller ever CARRIED a RIFLE against an enemy of our COUNTRY? IS HE MAN ENOUGH? All he has is his TINY LITTLE WORDS which he spews about in his twisted belief that everybody BELIEVES HIM, just like the CHILD he is.

  160. Everybody……………….
    I think most of us already know the work of the CHILD on the CW blog, who does little more than talk to himself via his imaginary characters that he has invented in his sick LITTLE mind. I have forgotten more about being a man than he will EVER KNOW. He can’t even keep his own family together. He is so cowardly that he sics dogs on his neighbors instead of dealing with his neighbors HIMSELF. In short Judge Dumas had the right idea.

  161. The really sad part of his sick rhetoric is the fact that it unfairly reflects upon Citizen Wells. But CW IS right about it all……..if you don’t like the heat in the kitchen you get out…….and that is what most of the older commentors on CW blog HAVE already done………..with the end result that he only TALKS TO HIMSELF now.

  162. I have coined a new handle for him. MMMMSSSS. SHE SCREECH.

  163. Suek………………..
    Hopefully the storm will not get stronger than a category 1. This might be wishful thinking but such storms have pooped out in the past, and I see nothing wrong in praying for a MIRACLE now. Throw out an anchor, and stay safe friend! We are all praying for you.

  164. HEY……………..I just read that the movie Towering Inferno, and Earthquake are going to be remade into ONE movie………they are going to call it “SHAKE AND BAKE”. Oh well, so much for TIRED OLD JOKES! Just trying to lighten things up a little!

  165. oldsalt79 | August 26, 2011 at 6:03 am |

    Thanks, OldSalt!

    We’re doing the best we can to prepare for this thing, but there’s only so much we can do; the rest is in His hands.

    I will post as I’m able; appreciate the prayers, my friend!

  166. oldsalt79 | August 26, 2011 at 5:58 am |

    I have coined a new handle for him. MMMMSSSS. SHE SCREECH.
    OldSalt, you never fail to make me smile 🙂

    SueK – we’re all keeping you in our thoughts and hoping this thing fizzles out and you stay safe!!

    Please keep our dear friend (and blogger) jrCarolinas in your thoughts and prayers. She’s about 20 miles from where Irene is supposed to make a direct hit in NC.

  167. Katie | August 26, 2011 at 1:08 pm |

    Thank you, Katie; we’re preparing as best we can. Have just loaded up on pet supplies; I can always find something to eat, but they must have everything right here, right now.

    Yes, I already got word about jr’s location; prayers have already started for her and all the good folks along the eastern seaboard.

    Al long as I’ve been watching the weather (both informally and with formal training) I don’t mind admitting that this one scares me. A lot.

  168. I’m near the beach not too far from Boston. Should be a wild night on Sunday. At least the beach faces east so I’m not too worried about the flooding. Wind and rain is another issue. Might tape up the sliders. I better remember to close the cupola windows before all hell brakes loose.

    NYC/LI looks like it’s in the crosshairs. I’m glad I don’t live in the Rockaways. Time to evacuate.

  169. Hey Indy,

    If you’re on the south shore, you have a hurricane watch posted.

    Cadillac Deval declared a state of emergency early this afternoon for MA, so don’t be surprised if you see National Guard troops around.

    My pal is in south coastal CT and is in full panic mode.

    Since she seems to be making landfall in the NYC/coastal CT area, if that path holds up Worcester and west will see the heaviest rain; those of us on the eastern side will see the highest winds.

    Also, don’t be surprised if you see a tornado watch posted. This is standard with every landfalling hurricane because of the rotation of the storm hitting land. Any tornadoes are usually weak and short-lived.

    Will be tuning in to Harvey and Matt shortly for the latest.

    Good luck and God bless!

  170. Looks like Irene has weakened somewhat. Eyewall losing it. Maybe we’ll dodge a bullet.

  171. Hey, Sue, thanks. I’m gonna batten down the hatches. I expect power outages, branches and debris all over. I just don’t want to hear glass smashing or trees crashing!

  172. Hey, indymac and SueK, please stay safe! Prayers are with all of those in the path of Irene. The dangers of flooding, wind and rain damage, as well as probable power outages are something to be reckoned with. Stay inside and hole up, if that is possible. Thoughts abound for you folks.

  173. Old Salt, one of the basic problems with the star poster at CW’s is that he lies through his teeth. I cannot understand why he was gone for a couple of months, except for an occasional brief post, and then he came back full force in such an overbearing way. I personally feel that he is trying to ruin that great blog and that he has some ulterior motive in doing so.

  174. Cabby – AZ | August 26, 2011 at 7:11 pm |

    Thanks, Cabby….all preps are going according to plan. The petlets are fully stocked.

    For my area and Indy’s, we can expect deteriorating conditions Saturday night then, she’ll come in overnight (great….) into Sunday. Saturday is the day to get everything done you haven’t.

    Regarding the star poster, I’m now convinced he’s a paid blogger; no one can sit on a computer for 18 hours and not get paid for doing it. Wonder who the purse strings might be?

  175. SueK – this might help you sleep a bit easier –

    Let’s hope he’s right!!

  176. OLD COOT………………
    Have you ever been in Spencer County in KY? Until the manure hit the fan Spencer was the fastest growing county in KY.

  177. Katie | August 26, 2011 at 8:42 pm |

    Thanks, Katie, and I do believe he’s right!

    In my nearly 30 years of observing the weather (both formally and informally), we’ve seen Category 5 storms that will stay that way for only a few days; they truly cannot master their own strength, and the ‘perfect’ conditions that caused them to become that strong begin to fall apart.

    My weather cronies and I have all agreed that when she got out over cooler water (hurricanes need at least 85 degree ocean water to keep their heat engines going) she would weaken. In New England, our ocean temps at the height of seasonal heating (usually now, in August) are in the 60s. The way we get hammered is if a storm comes up the coast booking at 50-60 MPH and doesn’t have the chance to ‘feel’ that cooler ocean water; they maintain strength because they’re moving so fast.

    We figured that she’d come into New England as a weak Category 1, or a strong tropical storm, and the latest info seems to point to that still, the preliminary wind estimate for my area on Sunday is 53 MPH sustained, with gusts.

    Tomorrow should tell us more. My conditions (and Indy’s) will begin to deteriorate rapidly on Saturday night; that means a very busy day tying up and tying down any loose ends.

    Thanks again for the link; I’ll hang on to it!

  178. Hi SueK and Cabby,

    Just returned from a vacation cut short by Irene at the Outer Banks (mandatory evacuation). Kind of pissed (sorry) because I went to DRUDGE when I got home, and there was news that the whole thing has been hyped. We made the decision to leave based on the information that was available at the time. I still may have made the right decision. Who knows right now? Better safe than sorry. But I’ve been thinking, if this has been greatly overblown just to sell advertising, then many family’s vacations have been ruined, and much time, effort and money has been spent for naught. Golly! I spent 2 out of my 4 days just screwing up plywood over windows. I would have much rather been enjoying my kids and grandchildren.

    My other thought was, if this storm is indeed what some have said it will be, then it is a Keynesian dream come true. DESTRUCTION! Isn’t that what they say will boost economic growth? Cash for Clunkers for example?

    And third, if the news media is totally discredited by this episode, and it turns out to be mild, will anyone listen to them in the future… when it really counts?

    These are my little pea-brained thoughts.

  179. SueQ | August 26, 2011 at 9:16 pm |

    Hi Sue,

    Glad you’re back, regardless!

    I lost the whole comment I was typing (must be old Irene), but I was just saying that Meteorology isn’t an exact science, unlike Chemistry or Physics; there are just too many variables to be able to say that something will happen with 100% certainty.

    I’m sorry that your vacay was ruined, but we’d rather have you back safe and sound than take a chance with this storm! I think it’s better to be informed about that *could* happen then, make your best decision.

    Here’s hoping that it really *won’t* be that bad!

  180. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsalt79 | August 26, 2011 at 9:04 pm |
    OLD COOT………………
    Have you ever been in Spencer County in KY? Until the manure hit the fan Spencer was the fastest growing county in KY.
    No, I grew up in Western KY, McCracken county.

  181. Joe Bastardi (formerly of Accuweather) has been predicting this storm for several years, based on historical data. He’s no longer w/ Accuweather, now at a new forecasting site.

    If you read between the lines, it’s clear he left because he’s not a member of the global warming religion, and now he’s free to do his thing.

  182. Hi Katie,
    Love and respect Joe. He’s the main reason we left. Even so…

  183. Hi SueQ – Been missin’ ya! Too bad that your holiday was cut short, but maybe it is better to be safe than sorry. These events are often very unpredictable.

  184. Wouldn’t it be great if mother nature owned some really hairy artillery.She could zero in Soetoro while he is outside jogging,and make him EVAPORATE in one round. SUURR….PRISE…..SURPRISE! How are the obots going to prosecute MOTHER NATURE? (Not that they wouldn’t try!)

  185. Probably a 10 billion volt lightning bolt would do the job. They probably wouldn’t even be able to find his sneakers afterward.

  186. OldSalt, I gather that you don’t like the “one” very much! 😉
    (Psst…….the feeling is mutual)

  187. A Nation’s Prayers Being Answered

    Over the past one hundred years, America has been steadily and carefully steered down the path of atheistic socialism. Under President Obama, it has appeared as if America was nearing end of the path and that there was no means of return.

    But with God, all things are possible. Christians around the nation have been praying for America and for a way to return us back to the nation our Founding Fathers intended it to be.

    A year ago, it appeared that there was no hope of voting Obama out of office in the upcoming 2012 election. However, in the past few months, much of his support base is finally seeing him for what he is and they don’t like the vision they see.

    Read more: A Nation’s Prayers Being Answered | Godfather Politics

  188. A Crazy Old Coot

    Just posted on CW:

    Governor Perry was sent by certified mail the official National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Candidate Survey to see where he stands on gun rights. His campaign people refused to go and sign for it. I want my guy to shout it from the rooftops…not mince around with focus groups and poll numbers. You either believe in your heart that our right to buy, own, keep and lawfully use a GUN is unalienable and irrefutable or you don’t. It’s that simple.
    By: Max Sprague

  189. Cabby – AZ | August 26, 2011 at 10:34 pm |

    Hi SueQ – Been missin’ ya! Too bad that your holiday was cut short, but maybe it is better to be safe than sorry. These events are often very unpredictable.

    Thanks Cabby,

    If we are permitted, we will return to our vacay Mon. morn. If I’ve learned nothing else these past 6, 7 months, it is that life itself is very unpredictable and fragile. Savor every smile and every hug and every opportunity to pass on encouragement to your children and grandchildren. They will need it in the coming days (Biblically speaking). We live in perilous times.

    Teach your children well… their father’s hell, will slowly go by…

  190. CabbyAZ…………..Ref. 12:08 PM
    What would you consider to be YOUR FIRST CLUE! LOL

  191. I tend to believe that MOTHER NATURE would have NO PROBLEM AT ALL whipping up a 10 billion volt lightning bolt type of whammy. Can you imagine the DOJ attempting to prosecute MOTHER NATURE for VAPORISING Soetoro?

  192. The LIBERAL LOONEY LEFT DOJ would probably think MOTHER NATURE is a female senior citizen,who operates some sort of HEALTH SPA.

  193. oldsalt79 | August 27, 2011 at 7:20 pm |
    You so often give me a good chuckle! “….a female senior citizen, who operates some sort of HEALTH SPA” is an absolute riot!!! 🙂 🙂

    In all seriousness, though, you are exactly right about the looney left. I am observing more all of the time how dumb they really are in so many ways.

  194. I see that the turd otherwise known as FS is pushing Perry hard over at that site he trashed. There’s no way I’ll support anyone who FS pushes. As FS is a dem undercover op what else do I need to know?

  195. Indymac, I just read what you posted over yonder, as well as here. I agree completely. No one in his right mind would continually harp on this subject. It is beyond reason, and the more he pushes Perry the more suspect Perry becomes.

    Even without FS’s continual posts, I know that there are a number of issues which Perry has been involved with which lead one to be cautious and to learn more. Today politicians say one thing to gain advantage and then do something opposite, simply because their core values are not that strong.

    What would happen if some of us continually posted negative articles about Perry to counteract FS’s posts? I don’t know….. He is very volatile, and it could just result in one big brawl.

  196. Cabby – AZ | August 27, 2011 at 8:31 pm |

    Hi Cabby,

    Indy’s post over there was bee-you-ti-ful!

    Katie suggested the negative article thing; see her post here on August 25. A few people are already doing that, but he continues to hog the blog.

    The more Perry is shoved down my throat, the more I tend to spit him out. FS reads here so if he’s reading, we already know that he’s a paid blogger/ dem operative. The question is: Why has he been brought back to wreck that blog yet again?

    Just some heavy rain here but no wind. Yet. That’ll hit us on Sunday. Hopefully, all hatches have been battened down.

  197. Hi SueK,
    Good to hear from you. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. it is very hard for me to concentrate on my work, because I seem to be on a vigil with everyone!
    That has to be a given – a paid blogger/dem operative. For the months that he was relatively silent, what was he doing? Now he is back in full force, which is very suspicious. The relentless, unreasonable push for Perry is suspect indeed.

    Stay safe and I’ll be watching for reports re. Boston area.

  198. A Crazy Old Coot

    The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.

    We are all familiar with a Herd of cows, a Flock of chickens, a School of fish and a Gaggle of geese.

    However, less widely known is a Pride of lions, a Murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens), anExaltation of doves and,

    presumably because they look so wise, a Parliament of owls.

    Now consider a group of Baboons. They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of

    all primates. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons? Believe it or not ……. a Congress!

    I guess that pretty much explains the things that come out of Washington!

  199. Coot – Excellent! You are on a roll today. 🙂

  200. A Crazy Old Coot

    Cabby, I received that in an e-mail. I can’t take credit for it. But, thanks anyway!

  201. Hi All,

    Holding our own here in eastern MA; Indy may have been blown to Cape Cod by now :(.

    Torrential rain and very gusty winds are the order of the day; debris all over but thankfully, no trees through roofs that I’ve heard. Flooding is a major issue and will continue to be for quite some time.

    Irene is now a tropical storm and is centered near Danbury, CT; she will continue to head northeast. Thousands of people are without power and unfortunately, this is an usual long-duration storm; tropical systems are usually in and out within hours.

    So far, so good, but I’m located on the east side of Irene’s center, so the winds will continue. Expect to hear or read about severe impacts with this storm wherever you’re located.

    For all my friends who ask, the petlets are safe, secure and oblivious to what’s going on outside and that’s the way it’ll stay.

    Will post updates as I have them. Thank you all for your concern!

  202. SueK, great to hear from you!! I’ve been wondering since last night how you were faring! That is good that the petlets are in their own little, secure world. You won’t be able to go to work tomorrow, will you?

    Appreciate the updates because it is hard to relate the TV broadcasting in certain areas with what is exactly happening to those we know and particularly care about. Continue to stay safe!

  203. Hi Cabby,

    We dodged a huge bullet on this one but that doesn’t mean we’ve escaped unscathed; still a lot of damage around and the winds continue. The petlets are ready for dinner!

    I may take Monday off to clean up if ‘Governor’ Coupe Deval Patrick doesn’t close the State; right now, there are 500,000 customers without power and that’s just in MA. Trees and utility poles are down in downtown Boston and many suburbs, so the problem will be *getting* to work; I don’t think the crews can clear everything in time for the morning commute.

    Cape Cod and coastal MA/CT/RI were hit particularly hard, with boats washing ashore; that’s an awful sight. Public transportation is shut down but Logan International in Boston is open however, no flights are departing or arriving. Likewise, Amtrak and Greyhound have cancelled all trains and buses in the DC/NY/MA corridor. We’re basically at a standstill right now.

    Power crews are on their way from TX, OH, and Canada to help us out. They seems to be like a ‘brotherhood’ and go wherever they’re needed; I know that National Grid in MA sent crews to Houston when hurricane Ike hit a few years ago. Nice to know that utilities in other parts of the country (and beyond!) will rally when needed.

    That’s it from the field for now. Will update as conditions warrant, and thanks for caring, Cabby :).

  204. Suek…………………..
    Perhaps our prayers were heard!

  205. Suek……………….
    Do you think that we all should have PROTECTED lives like our pets? Oh excuse me we do have………the problem is our PROTECTOR is not a legal PROTECTOR. He doesn’t even have a BC. Oh well,he did show up to take control of things AFTER THE FACT.

  206. Thanks, OldSalt!

    Although there is damage, it could’ve been a heck of a lot worse!

    I think we all need to be ‘protected’ but not by the likes of that thing squatting in the WH.

    I laughed when he took his post at ‘hurricane central.’ As we know, he effs up everything he touches and with an approval rating of only 38%, he would’ve destroyed the Earth if he was allowed to do anything there. They just made it look like he was doing something and I’m grateful that all they let him do was stare at stuff in his constant cocaine-induced state.

    We can do *very* well without him, thank you….

  207. SueK, I could hardly stand to look at the “one” sitting at that table at ‘hurricane central’. For him It is all show and politics. I even passed up the opportunity to hear his presser, or whatever it was. It is too much to take, imo.

    I hope you won’t be subject to unexpected flooding! Continue to take care and give the babies a big hug, as appropriate. 🙂

  208. To all whom suffered recent flooding and damage, as well as delays my best to you. I hope all is well, or at least repairable.


  209. SueK – glad to see that you are ok – been praying for you and the petlets.

  210. Thanks, Cabby, Pete and scarolina,

    OK in my neck of the woods; thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Many haven’t been as fortunate.

    ‘Things’ can be repaired or replaced; people and petlets cannot.

    The wind, which really came howling through on the backside of Irene tonight, has subsided. My trees are still standing, my basement is dry, my 80+ cactus are secure, and bar a lot of cleanup, all is well.

    Thank you, Jesus (and you, my friends!)

  211. Hopefully mother nature will get her earthquake sights zeroed in on the WH. But instead of creating any more earthquakes she needs to create a huge sink hole right at the bottom of the steps where Soetoro has to walk to get to,and from Marine 1. Hopefully the hole will open up in the wink of an eye,and he will fall into it and never be seen again. Then the hole will close up as quickly as it opened up. Maybe she is keeping her next try secret,for now. I still like the Billion volt lightning bolt. That would be pretty easy for her to whip up. They wouldn’t even find his sneakers! Totally vaporized. Was it ZUESS who was the God of lightning?

  212. Anybody notice the recent decision by the federal judge preventing investigation of obama’s fraud SS number? We now live in a country without respect for the law, or peoples right to a non-fraudulent election. The end is near, as no democracy or republic has survived this level of corruption in history. Earthquakes and storms may kill people and destroy things, but lawlessness is a greater risk. Perhaps the democrats have found a way after all to bring back slavery.

  213. I agree, Pete.

    Taxes and spending and obamacare and global warming regs will hurt this country dramatically, but the trashing of the rule of law is going to destroy the country. It is only a matter of time.

  214. Would love to see everyone here go back to posting on Citizen Wells since this site seems to be dying on the vine. Or post on Aussie’s site. Your opinions matter and need to be seen, not sidelined here, giving FS and Pat free rein on CW. Just an idea.

  215. 4 days no power, phone/net. Glad to be back up. All’s okay, just a lot of downed branches and a rancid fridge. Spent today cleaning up. I guess it could have been a lot worse. Anyway, Irene, you sucked!

  216. Citizen wells has been overrun by Freespeech love for Perry. I don’t mind free speech, or even Freespeech, but it’s way excessive now.

  217. indymac | August 31, 2011 at 6:50 pm |

    Hey Indy,

    Glad you’re OK; a little beaten up, but OK!

    For the most part, the Merrimack Valley did well, but many are still without power. It went out a few times here, but came back. Peak wind gust was 63 MPH.

    You can replace the fridge stuff, but not yourself :).

    Irene did indeed suck, but Katia is gonna suck worse. She’s in the Atlantic now, and will be a Cat. 3 by the weekend. She’s sitting in a bad spot, so I hope that a few low pressure troughs (extended areas of low pressure) over New England will keep her away. I think we’ve had enough excitement for a while!

  218. Pete | August 31, 2011 at 7:30 pm |

    Citizen wells has been overrun by Freespeech love for Perry. I don’t mind free speech, or even Freespeech, but it’s way excessive now.
    I’m surprised those 3 Alex Jones vids of Rick Perry Sexapades hasn’t shown up over there?
    Hope you all are (storm) ok?

  219. kiltie | August 31, 2011 at 5:05 pm |
    Your sentiments are understood, but you must realize that there are some things we want to say without being viscerally and mercilessly attacked. There are some of us who have endured more than enough.

  220. Hi DABIG,

    OK from the storm; Indy fared a bit worse.

    Go ahead and post those Alex Jones vids; there seems to be a new thread with old Perry in the lead and that’d be the perfect place to throw them :).

    One thing I’ve noticed is when FS is asked a question (see William’s excellent post on 8/31) it’s ignored; he just moves on like a robot posting crap. Serious mental issues, there; just wants to post garbage and have no dialogue at all.

    Pretty pathetic excuse for a human being….

  221. Thanks Sue and glad to know all’s well

  222. Hi Sue, you say,
    “One thing I’ve noticed is when FS is asked a question (see William’s excellent post on 8/31) it’s ignored; he just moves on like a robot posting crap. Serious mental issues, there; just wants to post garbage and have no dialogue at all.”
    FS cannot carry on any kind of discussion whatsoever. You are right about the robot qualities. He is fixated on mostly one subject ad nauseam except for the lashing out at those who he thinks are antagonists. It reminds me of the chariot race in Ben Hur, where Masalla (sp) and Judah are in a neck to neck race. Each is concentrating on winning, but the evil Masalla takes time to lash out at the wheels of Judah’s chariot in order to destroy him. I’m done over there for the duration. Who needs it?

  223. This came in an e-mail. Perhaps others here have received it as well:

    “Lawless” … that’s how Congressman Steven King (R-IA) describes Barack Obama’s decision to trash and circumvent the laws that he swore to uphold by dictatorially granting backdoor amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

    King specifically stated: “Congress writes the laws and the Executive Branch enforces them. For the president to have his subordinates declare and announce they’re not going to enforce the law is de facto amnesty. It’s essentially a de facto repealing of immigration laws; it’s a lawless decision, and I am very offended by it – and we must take action.”

    And Congressman King is about to do just that… Take Action. King has joined others, including Congressmen Allen West (R-FL) and Candice Miller (R-MI), and is calling on Congress to initiate Congressional hearings into Obama’s latest attempt to circumvent the law and the Constitution; and it is imperative that we add our voices to King’s right here and right now… at this very moment.

    Barack Obama has gone too far. He’s like a spoiled child out of control. He’s crossed the line, one too many times, and now is the time for our elected officials in Congress to finally do their Constitutional duty and put Barack Obama in his place.

    It’s time for our Republican officials in Congress to finally grow some spines and send Barack Obama a message that they should have sent him long ago. You are NOT above the law Mr. Obama; and you are NOT the law. The United States is NOT a dictatorship. And the time to send Obama that message is right now.

  224. CabbyAZ………………..
    While I pray that King along with the others are somehow able to motivate Congress to ACT I am not going to hold my breath. I have my doubts. I personally think that the only effective way to nail Soetoro is via a Congressionally convened Federal Grand jury. But I am doubtful that people like SCHUMMER and his cohorts would ever allow Soetoro to be indicted. I think there is now FAR MORE than enough documented evidence of Soetoro’s crimes to convene a Federal grand jury. If they indict him

  225. ……………… can be sure that Schummer,and his so called friends will attempt to stack the deck, with verbal inuendo. Schummer is also a master wordsmith.

  226. OldSalt, I agree that it is a long shot that Congress will do anything substantial, but at least there are several congressmen who are vocal about it. That is a little progress, but probably not enough in the end. We have been disappointed so many times in the past that it is easy to lose hope.
    The problem with a Federal Grand jury is that the U.S. Dept. of Justice is controlled by Holder, who has been positioned to be a shield for Obummer and to protect him from any effective litigation. Even if Holder resigns or is removed, Obummer will likely just appoint another of like kind. Sigh.

    With all of the lawyers in Congress, certainly someone could come up with the most effective procedure to bring this usurper to justice.

  227. Given all the lawyers in Congress it even more imperative that we keep turning over stones. We must not abandon our search for an unprotected path. Nobody is so good that he has his backside protected from ALL possibilities 100% of the time. There is a pathway out there and it is up to we the people top find it and neutralise any snipers guarding it then use it to gain access to the crime factory,which Soetoro operates.

  228. Well, old FS is quoting from this blog again.

    Something BOTHERING you about this place, FS? We are NOT anti-CW, but are definitely ANTI-YOU.

    It would do the entire planet a lot of good if you’d just self-commit yourself to an asylum. Meds won’t do you any good at this point however, a full frontal lobotomy might.

    Mind you own damned business and go ahead and continue ruining CW’s blog or, is it CW’s blog anymore? You obviously have administrator rights over there. How sad that a severly mentally ill person is given free reign like that.

  229. Hi Sue,
    Yes, that person is snooping around at what he calls anti-CW sites. I can see no other reason for his being so interested except he wants to misquote people and make trouble on CW. That is absolutely unconscionable and deplorable.

    I agree that he needs to mind his own business (if the other sites are so bad, then why is he over there?) and seek some professional help. Anyone with their normal faculties does not keep reposting the exact same comments, not once but several times. Also, he must sit at that computer endlessly for hours. He is what we call a blog hog.

  230. If anyone hasn’t been over there tonight, take a gander at what he said to SueQ.

    That’s obviously a sign of severe mental illness.

    I don’t give a damn what he’s been through; you don’t treat people that way on a blog or anywhere else.

    Judge Dumas should’ve done the right thing when she threw Free Speech/Leo Patrick Haffey in jail; she should’ve thrown away the key and let him rot! I wonder if she’d perhaps reconsider her decision in light of the inhumanity he’s displayed on the blog; setting a dog on his neighbors just shows lack of good judgment and a volatile temper and attacking people he doesn’t know for no good reason proves that.

    Go to hell, Leo.

  231. Air Force Brat

    I posted the following comment at CW, but for the first time, my “comment is awaiting moderation”. In other words, it won’t be posted. So here it is.

    “Free Speech, you are an asshole. Please see a proctologist”.

  232. AFB.

    Thanks for the giggle :).

    It was the word ‘asshole’ that sent you to moderation hell; try a repost with something like as*hole. That’ll get through.

    His offensive post to SueQ has been removed. I wish he would be removed; he has again effed up that blog.

    If we could find a good story for FoCW to post, let’s send it along. Computers seem to bog down when the comments get lengthy.

  233. Suek……………….
    It appears that if you post any more than 100 words the computer begins to misbehave. I think that this is NOT anybody’s computer misbehaving, rather it is being deliberately done to keep the comments from becoming lengthy. I have been seeing this for some time.

  234. It is likely that you will not have any trouble with your computer when you post on any other blog except CW Blog. I tend to believe that the problem is that WordPress has changed the format. Exactly why I don’t know ….yet. I do have my suspicions though. All you have to do is test other Woprdpress sites,and you will have the answer.

  235. Hi OldSalt,

    That may very well be however, my computer is junk and tends to bog down with graphics, too many windows open, or a large volume of comments; poor old thing just can’t handle it!

    I find the same thing happening on local newspaper comments sections, so I tend to blame my computer rather than the site but you’re right; it’s worse with that particular WordPress site, as well as Greg Goss’ site.

  236. A Crazy Old Coot

    Bombshell: Elected Official Names Obama in Commission of Treason


    by Sharon Rondeau

    Rep. Harry Accornero has stated that Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of treason against the United States

    (Sep. 5, 2011) — New Hampshire State Rep. Harry Accornero has publicly named Barack Hussein Obama in the commission of the crime of treason. As far as we know, he is the first elected official to do so.
    Read the rest at the above link.

  237. A Crazy Old Coot


    by Warren Gacsi on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 6:04am


    Jimmy Hoffa, in his address on September 4, 2011, Jimmy Hoffa instructed his union members to”take these son-of-a-bitches out” and declared war on the TEA Party.

    Refer to his statements as said in this video: ( in Mr. Hoffa’s own words), which I therefore submit as evidence to this complaint.

    Such statements constitutes numerous acts of domestic terrorism under section 802 of the Patriot Act.

    Given that Mr. Hoffa holds a position of power and influence in the Teamsters Union, and that the Teamsters have previously been active in inflicting acts of violence, I am therefore concluding that Mr. Hoffa has instructed his union members to inflict further violent acts.

    I view Mr. Hoffa’s statement to be one of CULPABLE harm.

    Section 802 of the Patriot Act: DOMESTIC TERRORISM

    5) the term `domestic terrorism’ means activities that–

    `(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

    `(B) appear to be intended–

    `(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

    `(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or

    `(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and

    `(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.’

    I also interpret Mr. Hoffas statements to be intended to instruct his union members to inflict physical harm and mayhem upon those who oppose the Teamster’s agenda, and specifically to be inflicted upon those of the TEA Party or those who support the TEA Party.

    Therefore, I am filing this criminal complaint upon Jimmy Hoffa. Furthermore, I also file this criminal complaint upon Joe Biden and also Barak Obama who have endorsed the statements of Jimmy Hoffa and request the FBI to file criminal charges upon those three individuals for violations of Section 802 of the Patriot Act.

    I will be seeking a Federal Protection Order in Riverside, California District Federal Court, naming Jimmy Hoffa, Joe Biden, and Barak Obama as well as the entire Teamsters Union, and also seek an order from the court to (1) order the teamsters to not infiltrate or seek to disrupt TEA Party events, and to order that the above three named persons, and any member of the Teamsters to refrain from any activities within one thousand feed of my primary residence and place of business.


    Warren Gacsi

  238. A Crazy Old Coot | September 6, 2011 at 9:08 pm |

    Unbelievable! Nice find bud.

  239. Hey Don and DABIG,

    I linked the Hoffa video in an e-mail to FoCW earlier with the hopes that a new thread could be started so that we could rip the sonofabitch Hoffa to shreds :).

    Whenever you hear statements like this, or garbage from Maxine ‘The Beast’ Waters or Joe BiteMe just remember that *we’re * the ones who are hellbent on violence.


  240. A Crazy Old Coot

    War on terror
    Do you think it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice some rights and freedoms to fight terrorism, or is it never necessary to sacrifice rights and freedoms to prevent terrorism?

    Total Votes = 130
    Sometimes necessary
    62 Votes, or 47.69 %
    Never necessary
    66 Votes, or 50.76 %
    Don’t know
    2 Votes, or 1.538 %

  241. Coot – Wonder how those 62 votes will vote AFTER they’ve been assaulted by TSA?


  242. To all…………….
    Hoffa has lit the match. Lets see if he is stupid enough to light the fuse. There are a lot of his own TEAMSTER friends who have FAMILY members,and wives who are active in the TEA Party. I seriously doubt if they are going to allow some drugged up UNION SLIMES attack their wives and family. I would strongly suspect that HOFFA could start one hell of a war right in tht misddle of his OWN CAMP. The only person who might cet “TAKEN OUT” is HOFFA HIMSELF. He could end up saiiying …..Hi DAD.

  243. Hoffa is even a bigger BLOWHARD than Soetoro,(if that is possible).All he really does is suck the blood of his constituents. He is a PARASITE. At the very least Hoffa is on a par with Soetoro.

  244. The day of union scum beating up people to get their compliance with the union crap is nearly over. People are not going to sit still any longer and allow union SLIME to beat people up ,and destroy property, which is ALL that these a$$holes know how to do. When these BASTARDS attack you attack BACK. If there are more of you than them then take advantage of it. Don’t be afraid to dish out some real lumps. That is what their intentions were with you. Remember nobody,or no court can hold you liable in defending yourself. They would have tried to put you in a hospital……. keep that in mind. Use their own tactics……….baseball bats usually gets some attention. Ram it lengthwise hard into the bottom of the offender’s gut then deliver a blow to the back of his head. He won’t bother you anymore. You also have the option of hitting the offender hard across the back of his upper leg. Most of the time this will take the offender off of his feet. You need to get them before they can hurt you. Above all don’t be afraid of them. Above all NEVER give ground.

  245. When somebody asks for war….you give him war. Then you do not stop. You attack,attack,and attack until the war is WON. You dish out as many lumps as possible. Each lump you give an enemy teaches him respect .If he returns for seconds then you give him an even more hurtful war. Such confrontations are by their nature DANGEROUS at best,but it sure as hell beats STANDING THERE and letting somebody do bodily harm to you. Either way you could get hurt. You pray,and fight like a crocodile.
    Try to be in groups of at least three whenever you are out and about. Keep some hardware in fairly close proximity. Learn self defense techniques. The more skillful you are the bigger knots that you will be able to put on your attacker’s head.

  246. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsalt79 | September 9, 2011 at 1:00 pm |

    Remember Mr. obama’s advice. If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.

    Thanks Oldsalt for the good advice.

  247. Old Coot……………..
    We don’t bring a “GUN” to war……we bring a RIFLE. A rifle is for fighting,and a gun is for fun. LOL

  248. A Crazy Old Coot

    Oldsalt, I was quoting Mr. obama. Not my words. LOL And I know what you mean. haha

  249. SueK | September 7, 2011 at 12:11 am |

    Nice job SueK 🙂

  250. The Nutritional Supplement Prohibition Act

    If Arizona Senator John McCain has his way, many of the supplements you rely on for good health will disappear. And the cost of the few you can still get will explode in price.
    Earlier this month, Sen. McCain introduced a bill falsely labeled the “Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010” (S. 3002). Sounds good, right? Nothing to worry about. McCain says: “Legitimate dietary supplement companies should have nothing to fear from this legislation. The purpose of the bill is not to create a sweeping regulatory structure, but instead a targeted structure that provides for openness, transparency and safety.”

    This bill would require every person involved with supplements – all the way down to mom-and-pop health food stores and multi-level-marketing distributors — to register with the FDA. Next, every “dietary supplement facility” must turn over a complete list of the products and ingredients they sell or handle.
    It gets worse. Should this bill become law, the state will determine if an ingredient can be sold. You see, under DSHEA passed in 1994, any ingredient sold before the bill passed could be sold legally forever. Well, no more.
    Under this bill, the FDA will assume any ingredient “adulterated” unless “there is a history of use or other evidence of safety.” Manufacturers and distributors must provide the FDA “with information, including any citation to published articles, which is the basis on which the manufacturer or distributor has concluded that a dietary supplement containing such dietary ingredient will reasonably be expected to be safe.”
    And guess who is the ultimate judge and jury? The FDA!

    A recent study shows there were ZERO deaths from supplement use in 2008. Zero. Nada. Ziltch. Big Pharma racked up about 150,000. Hospital infections another 48,000.

    Gosh, if we didn’t know better, we might think they’re trying to kill us

  251. DABIGRAGU | September 10, 2011 at 5:57 pm |
    The Nutritional Supplement Prohibition Act
    Say, Dabig, thanks for the heads up on this one! Not very long ago McCain was also responsible for a similar bill that people rejected and he pulled back. Now it looks as though it is back in a new suit of clothes. Grrh……. This just makes me sick and angry! When we try to help ourselves and eliminate some doctor visits, guess who comes calling? I am a great believer in the wise use of supplements. (emphasis on “wise”)

  252. A Crazy Old Coot

    It seems like CW’s site is all about Perry and Greg Goss’s is all about Ron Paul.

    Guess I will just stay here!

  253. Hi, Coot – I haven’t been to Greg’s blog for a long time, but you are certainly right about CW’s. It is too much, because a certain poster is over-dominant. Sigh.

  254. Perry/Paul 2012! (Katy, Ru)

    And yep, that Citizen FS blog smells of FS turdiness. I think he’s using an ap to help him with all the cut and pasting.

  255. Cabby – AZ | September 10, 2011 at 11:28 pm |

    I hear you loud and clear Cabby. There’s an old saying; To control any country’s population the three steps are
    1. Control the money
    2. Control the media
    3.Control the health-care


  256. indymac | September 11, 2011 at 11:53 pm |

    Perry/Paul 2012! (Katy, Ru)

    And yep, that Citizen FS blog smells of FS turdiness. I think he’s using an ap to help him with all the cut and pasting.
    Dude is INSANE, possesses most traits of obama doesn’t he.

  257. Yeah, Dabig, that threesome that you gave IS very scary!! It looks as though they have been on the fast track with the first two, and are now revving up the third one to the max.

    Isn’t it a complete waste of time to corral that “Dude”? Tone deaf, I would say. Goodness knows, I’ve tried it a number of times, as others have done, also, to no avail.

  258. indymac | September 11, 2011 at 11:53 pm |
    Perry/Paul 2012! (Katy, Ru)

    And yep, that Citizen FS blog smells of FS turdiness. I think he’s using an ap to help him with all the cut and pasting.
    Did you ever see so MUCH repetition? I mean, right on the same thread he will repost the same articles, as much as three times, and maybe more. He has to have that stuff backlogged on his computer to be able to post so often, like every few minutes, at times.

  259. Morning, All,

    Some of us have been yapping via e-mail and the reasoning we’re kicking around regarding the reemergence of the Ill One is this: When TurdBoy was gone, the comments dropped off considerably; there were actually reasonable discussions and no name-calling however, the comment count was way down.

    ‘The Attorney’ was resurrected to get the comments back up to astronomical levels and that has been done; many threads now carry hundreds of comments. Sure, they’re all repetition and junk, but the counts are up there.

    This makes a lot of sense if the goal is ‘traffic,’ but the substance isn’t there….it’s all garbage, and the rantings and ravings of a seriously disturbed individual.

  260. A Crazy Old Coot

    DABIGRAGU | September 12, 2011 at 12:12 am |

    Cabby – AZ | September 10, 2011 at 11:28 pm |

    I hear you loud and clear Cabby. There’s an old saying; To control any country’s population the three steps are
    1. Control the money
    2. Control the media
    3.Control the health-care
    4. Control privately own guns.

  261. A Crazy Old Coot

    ‘It has been said that politics
    is the second oldest profession.
    I have learned that it bears a
    striking resemblance
    to the first’
    – Ronald Reagan

  262. A Crazy Old Coot | September 12, 2011 at 11:44 am |

    A most accurate add there, ACOC!

  263. SueK | September 12, 2011 at 11:11 am |

    Morning, All,

    Some of us have been yapping via e-mail and the reasoning we’re kicking around regarding the reemergence of the Ill One is this: When TurdBoy was gone, the comments dropped off considerably; there were actually reasonable discussions and no name-calling however, the comment count was way down.

    ‘The Attorney’ was resurrected to get the comments back up to astronomical levels and that has been done; many threads now carry hundreds of comments. Sure, they’re all repetition and junk, but the counts are up there.

    This makes a lot of sense if the goal is ‘traffic,’ but the substance isn’t there….it’s all garbage, and the rantings and ravings of a seriously disturbed individual.
    How true. Now, we all are also a group who can put 2 & 2 together, CW knows this. Apparently he’s willing to let this seriously disturbed individual run amok just to generate traffic at the expense of his and the site’s reputation. Says alot about CW AND the Citizenwells site. CW “gets it” but only when it’s someone else, he’s just as guilty of playing in the same sandbox. It indicates CW isn’t what he professes to be. “Scam and fraud” comes to mind for him to allow the personal info digging and allow the nut to post it over and over. CW is complicit in every way, shape and form, if not more so than the seriously disturbed one himself. The whole thing is really quite sick as well as disturbing. CW has some personal info of all of us AND has allowed FS access to it. People have and can be sued for allowing a mentally disturbed person access to personal information.

  264. Hi DABIG,

    I agree. Traffic in place of a good reputation. His reputation has tanked, however, in favor of letting a sick person take over the blog. This could’ve been stopped a long time ago; repeated requests have gone unanswered and the menace remains. WHY?

    We’ve also been thinking that old Leo *does* have administrator rights on that blog because comments that should never go into moderation, do. It’s scary to think that a deranged person has access to our info. I will say this: NOTHING had better be done with that info or it could get very messy in a legal sense.

    You reading this, Leo?????

  265. Anyone surprised that Barky’s ‘jobs bill’ doesn’t even exist? Did we really expect anything of substance from the Poser-in-Chief?

  266. Executed with a single shot: Chilling last moments of top British publisher as Kenyan gunships search for his kidnapped wife

    “a luxury Kenyan resort”
    One would think this an oxymoron.

    Fresh fears wife Judith may have been seized by Islamic militants

  267. A Crazy Old Coot

    SueK | September 12, 2011 at 4:37 pm |
    I have seen on the internet where no dem would advance the bill and a Rep has submitted a House bill with the same name (America’s Jobs Bill) since Mr. obama’s didn’t go anywhere. Of course the new bill is a LOT different from Mr. obama’s.

  268. Hi Don,

    Yep, old Barky’s ‘bill’ (if it ever existed when he was singing its praises) must’ve been just like him: Illogical, moronic, illegal.

  269. Thought I’d pass on this trick:
    How to comment in BOLD

    Assuming the comment window you are typing into supports HTML then to comment in bold you will need to do the following:

    1. start your comment, when you get the word you want in bold stop

    2. type the begin bold tag:

    3. then type your words

    4. the type the end bold tag:

    5. finish your comment.

    So for example if you wanted to comment on this post: “Wow this is such a useful post.” and say you wanted to emphasize the word useful with some bold then you would type: “Wow this is such a useful post.” Which should look like this after it’s posted: “Wow this is such a useful post.”

    Go here to see what symbols to use before and after your bold choice:

  270. A Crazy Old Coot

    WHY is the USA BANKRUPT?

    Most of these can be verified.
    It’s easy to dismiss individual programs that benefit
    non-citizens until they’re put together and this picture emerges. Someone did a lot of research to put together all of this data.

    Often these programs are buried within other programs making them difficult to find.

    A Real Eye Opener
    WHY is the USA BANKRUPT?

    You think the war in Iraq was costing us too much? Read this:
    We have been hammered with the propaganda that it was the Iraq war and the war on terror that is bankrupting us. I hope the following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them. I also have included the URL’s for verification of all the following facts.

    $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

    $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance
    programs such as food stamps, WIC,
    and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

    $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.
    Verify at:

    $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!
    Verify at:…0.HTML

    $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.
    Verify at

    $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent toincarcerate illegal aliens.
    Verify at:

    30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.
    Verify at:

    $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal
    aliens for Welfare & social services
    by the American taxpayers.
    Verify at:

    $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegalaliens.
    Verify at:

    In 2006, illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their
    countries of origin.
    Verify at:.

    The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration:
    Nearly One million sex crimes committed
    by Illegal Immigrants In The United
    States .
    Verify at:http:

    THIS AMOUNT OF MONEY; IT IS $338,300,000,000.00 WHICH

    Are we THAT Stupid?

    If this doesn’t bother you, then just delete the message. If, on the other
    hand, it does raise the hair on the back of your neck, I hope you forward it to every legal resident in the United States .

  271. A Crazy Old Coot

    Please Lord, let this come to pass.

    Psalm 109:8

  272. A Crazy Old Coot

    Compelling story:

    Wayne Madsen: Obama’s Confirmed Indonesian Citizenship and Bogus Social Security Number

    ObamaRelease YourRecords on 1:59 PM

    Video: Wayne Madsen: Obama’s Confirmed Indonesian Citizenship and Bogus Social Security Number – 9/15/11 – VIDEO HERE

    Last Of A Dying Breed: Investigators Wayne Madsen and Robert S. Finnegan at Obama statue in the courtyard of the public school he attended as an INDONESIAN CITIZEN. It was illegal for ANY foreigner at that time to attend ANY public school, and Madsen now has the Indonesian Law Statues to prove it, along with the documentation to prove Obama’s attendance.


    Read the rest and view the video at the above link.

  273. A Crazy Old Coot | September 16, 2011 at 6:26 pm |

    Compelling story:
    Good one, thanks!

  274. Air Force Brat

    Well well well. Another of my comments at Free Speech’s buddy’s blog is “awaiting moderation”. It has no profanities or “questionable” words at all. See below:
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Air Force Brat | September 18, 2011 at 2:57 pm |
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    SueK — re your 1:21 p.m. comment.
    Leo the Lyin’ is a living incense burner.
    Think about it. Visual is funny as hell.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    My comment was in response to an earlier post by SueK, wherein she asked Leo if he was just blowing smoke out of his ass. I figured the correlation between that phrase and “living incense burner” was kind of funny. As I don’t know how to use the “quote” function in WordPress, I hope you’ll overlook the primitive formatting on my cut-and-paste.

    Lately, I’m thinking that either CW is actually another of Leo’s personae, or he’s the biggest enabler the blogosphere has ever seen. I’d avoid that site like the plague if I were you. It’s just not worth the trouble of slogging through elephant-sized piles of crap to get to tiny nuggets of genuinely reading-worthy posts.

  275. And still not out of moderation AFB, very interesting indeed.
    I agree, CW IS now FS.

  276. Hey AFB and DABIG,

    He took off on me a little while ago. Waiting for permission to say ‘something.’

    If the other party OKs it, I’ll do it and then, get everything off my chest that’s been on there. It will be my last post. I won’t even read there.

    CW is enabling Leo and I do think it’s because of traffic/comments; others feel that way, too. Not sure if they’re the same person (don’t think so-he doesn’t have the time) but CW is complicit in libeling other posters, myself now included; he’s just another flim-flam man and his credibility is in the toilet.

    I remember trying to donate last year before Arseman reared his ugly head, and was told to hold on to my money, for now. Do you find it curious that a donation would be refused? Ya, something came down: Blackmail? We’ll never know.

    I won’t go back there to see Cabby, OldSalt and Paxson abused by a mentally ill moron. Just not worth my time.

  277. A Crazy Old Coot


    => Obama By Executive Order ~ Dictates 2500 Elite Japanese Soldiers To Be Stationed ON U.S. Soil: Propping For Imminent Severe Rioting In The U.S. ~ During The Coming Months

    US President Barack Obama signed an executive order allowing 2500 elite Japanese soldiers to be stationed on US soil, according to a Japanese military intelligence agent. The Japanese self-defense forces have been authorized by Obama to use force if necessary to defend Japanese corporate interests on US soil, the source says. The move was made in anticipation of severe rioting and turmoil in the US over the coming months, he said.
    Read the rest at the above link.

  278. Air Force Brat

    SueK — not sure whose permission you needed to get to speak your piece, but have you let loose yet “over there”? I haven’t been back even to read it, but if you gave it to ’em with both barrels, I’ll momentarily rescind my vow.

    Or, if you’d rather e-mail me the text of what you were going to say, please feel free. I admit that you’ve got me pretty curious. 🙂

  279. Air Force Brat

    By “haven’t been back even to read it”, of course I meant “read the blog” 🙂

  280. Air Force Brat | September 21, 2011 at 4:56 pm |

    Hey AFB,

    Still haven’t heard from the other party. I hope I will because in one post and one post only, I’ll say everything that’s on my mind. It won’t be pretty. I’m a very observant person; I remember a lot of things many would fluff over.

    I’ve also been privy to information from someone ‘in the loop.’

    If I don’t hear from the other party, I may just direct the post to them and let the fur settle where it wants.

    That jerk is a boil on the butt of society and needs to be lanced :).

    Actually, I could e-mail you the text, but I don’t have your addy and the folks at FoCW haven’t replied to my last e-mail so I don’t know how we could get in touch. Any suggestions?

  281. Air Force Brat

    Wow, that is a conundrum, SueK. If I post my addy here, the boil will almost certainly see it and do God knows what. On the other hand, he’s never responded to anything I’ve ever posted over there, so he may be “blind” where I’m concerned. Regardless, I don’t want to take that risk. I regret now that I didn’t establish communications with any of the other long-time posters back when communicating was still possible over there.

    Only thing I can think of, should the owners of FoCW not reply to your e-mail, is if there are boards dealing with other subjects, that we both happen to view and/or post on. Say, you’re an animal lover — what about budgies (parakeets)? Do you view and/or post on Lucianne?

  282. Air Force Brat

    SueK — another idea. What about Open Threads (Aussie’s board)? I know SueQ has posted there, but I don’t remember if you have or not. If you’re registered there, I’ll send Aussie an e-mail asking her to forward you my addy.

  283. Right, AFB; don’t take a chance with your addy….

    What about budgies? I’ve had a good series of them in my life!

    Don’t really go to Lucianne but I may start reading over there.

    Yes, please do get in touch with Aussie! Due to many time constraints on my end, I don’t have much time in the day to read; I do pop over to a few blogs when I can.

    Will wait for your addy from Aussie :).

  284. Air Force Brat

    Cool beans, SueK. WIll get on it as soon as I finish these transcript summaries I’ve been doing for one of my clients.

    Re budgies, I have two of the naughtiest little guys to ever come out of the egg. 🙂 But I post on one budgie board in particular under another handle, and didn’t know if that might also be the case with you.

  285. AFB,

    It has been started over there……..

    Nope, not on the budgie board; I’m on Guinea Lynx right now; one of my piggies is in medical trouble.

  286. Ulsterman has moved; he now has his own place:

    Let’s hope an Insider interview will be forthcoming soon.

  287. Air Force Brat

    SueK — I rescinded my vow long enough to take a look. Well done! Remind me to not get on your bad side. 😀

    I’ll be looking forward to the Insider’s next revelation; seems he’s been right a pretty large percentage of the time. I’d still like to know who he is. The writing style is different from time to time, so I doubt it’s just one person. For a while there, I really did think it was Rahm Emanuel, due to the liberal use of the F word.

  288. Air Force Brat

    Unbelievable — my final, absolute last comment on the CW snake pit didn’t go straight to moderation. But it will likely disappear shortly, in which case here it is:
    Air Force Brat | September 22, 2011 at 7:53 pm |

    Funny how FS is allowed to say anything to anyone at any time, and nothing is done about it by the owner of this blog. EVER. Some posters are actually able to post rebuttals, which I regard as miraculous in light of the joke this blog has become. Yet every single thing *I* have tried to post for the past few weeks immediately goes into moderation and never comes out, regardless whether it has any “naughty” words in it or not. What a damned double standard — but what else can one expect from this place?

    And Leo — if you really are (or ever were) an attorney, you might want to refresh yourself on the law with regard to slander and libel. The Internet is no longer the safe haven it once was for people like you.

    My vow is now reinstated, and I will not rescind it again. If anyone sees anything of worth over there, post it here because there is no way in Hell that I will ever go there again for any reason.

  289. Air Force Brat | September 22, 2011 at 7:58 pm |

    Unbelievable — my final, absolute last comment on the CW snake pit didn’t go straight to moderation. But it will likely disappear shortly, in which case here it is:
    Thanks for posting that here, as this is where I would read it. I too couldn’t stand it any longer. It made me sick to watch the vile attacks on such nice people over and over without any moderation. We don’t always agree, but part what makes life beautiful is in spite of disagreement, we can still respect one another. I did leave my last comment today also. I’m sure I’ll be banned, but I’ll never know, for I’ll never be back unless the impotent one is removed (Is this where hell freezes over?). You guys take care, best to you all. I’ll check in once in awhile.

    Oh, SueK…awesome job, lady 😉

  290. The last couple of days CW’s has entertained some good, civil debates, and the offender pretty much left us alone to do so. Now all of a sudden, like a fury, he has come back spewing venom all over the place. I am beginning to feel that part of it is JEALOUSY, pure and simple. When I say “come back”, I don’t mean that he ever left; rather,that he was subdued.

    He absolutely MUST be the central focus, and if he can’t get it through repetitive posts he’ll get it by being extra abusive to the other posters. He simply cannot STAND for the center of attention to be drawn away from him. There are other factors, of course, also.

    Another factor this time around is the way he went on and on the past few days about the alleged offenses of Sarah Palin. Now today CW himself had his own essay on the sleazy piece of journalism that spawned these rumors. That would rub the offender the wrong way. I sensed it this morning on the blog, so he retaliates by being abusive and nasty.

  291. Hey AFB, Cabby, and DABIG,

    AFB and DABIG, I consider your kudos the highest compliments in the world. Thank you!

    The gloves are now off, and there’s a new comment. There’s more to come (are ya ready, Leo?) My computer is old and I can’t copy it, but if you don’t wanna pop over, I’ll try again on Friday.

  292. I’d love to see the comment, but no way in Hell will I go to that site again. However, I heard from Aussie, and she’s forwarded my e-mail addy to you, so maybe you can forward me the text on Friday?

    Well, now that the transcript I was working on is done, guess I’d better get to ripping the rest of the crappy carpet up. Recently discovered that I have hardwood floors underneath, throughout the whole house! It’s going to be a buttload of work to restore them (there’s pretty bad damage in a couple of places), but well worth it in the end.

  293. AFB, Aussie has come through.

    It’s late here so I’ll catch up with you at a decent hour on Friday :).

  294. OMG! I am SO VERY HAPPY that CAIN WON the STRAW POLL IN FLORIDA! This is such great news. I’m beginning to think there is hope (real hope) for our country!

  295. I am also delighted that Cain won! There is hope for the USa!

  296. A Crazy Old Coot

    I just checked out CW’s blog and FS is NOT pushing Perry anymore. lol

  297. A Crazy Old Coot

    Greg’s blog (JS) is still pushing Ron Paul though.

  298. A Crazy Old Coot | September 24, 2011 at 11:58 pm |
    I just checked out CW’s blog and FS is NOT pushing Perry anymore. lol
    No, Coot, FS has been tempered some. This breakthrough of Herman Cain has surprised most everyone. Perhaps this will give the recognition that he really needs to have his voice heard. The debates have not given equal time to the lesser known candidates up until now. That may change!

  299. SueK | September 22, 2011 at 9:27 pm |

    Hey AFB, Cabby, and DABIG,

    AFB and DABIG, I consider your kudos the highest compliments in the world. Thank you!
    Awwww, SueK you’re such a sweetheart. Mahalo my fair lady. I hold you in the highest of esteem.
    A Crazy Old Coot | September 25, 2011 at 12:00 am |

    Greg’s blog (JS) is still pushing Ron Paul though.
    I really don’t think Greg cares who you post or support over there. Or at least I hope not, no one’s ever said anything derogatory if I happen to post other than RP, which on occasion I do. JS is just very vocal, she’s calmed down quite a bit, compared to FOS, she’s VERY pleasant. I keep thinking; we’ve got plenty of time to decide. I like both RP and Cain (so far) Great that Cain won though 🙂 Happy for him.

  300. Mahalo, DABIG!

    I promise to keep you ‘flu informed’ this winter (which you really don’t have in Paradise; it’s those %$#* tourists! 🙂 ).

    I did check with our Immunology/Infectious Disease nurses last week because I’ m being asked (already) if the H1N1 crap vaccine is in this year’s flu shot again.

    Yes, it is. (They have so much of it left over that they’re sneaking it into the seasonal flu shot again this year).

    Please log this into your brain and make an informed decision as to whether or not to get the flu shot this year.

    I’m happy for Mr. Cain, too!

    Aloha, my friend :).

  301. A Crazy Old Coot

    A question that I never see being asked, based on questions of Mr. obama’s background is; what is his legal name and is that the name he is signing the bills with? What happens if, after he is gone (replaced or fired) it is discovered that he signed the bills into law using a fake name??

  302. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    I just thought I would inform you all that F(o)S has not made a single peep so far today at CW’s.

  303. My posts no longer showing up on CW. Guess I must have done something right, lol. FS is thin skinned. He can’t take the heat so he bans you if you strike too close to home. He can’t afford to get too called out on his Alinsky tactics. FS owns and runs that blog (into the ground). . .CW? Who is that supposed to be?

  304. Air Force Brat

    I hear ya, indymac. There were several of mine that never got out of moderation, even though they had no objectionable words at all. That blog is dead to me — allowing FS to do whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants, to whomever the hell he wants, for however long he wants, and then banning longtime posters who dare to say anything about it, is tacit approval of his actions. No point in going there at any time, for any reason.

  305. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    I am sorry folks I spoke too soon. F(o)S just made a statement at CW. He must watch everything that we say. .

  306. Air Force Brat

    In that case, I hope he saw me cyber-moon him. 😀 😀 😀

  307. Hi All,

    Yep, everything we post goes to moderation hell. I guess we know who’s in control of that blog now, RIGHT, LEO?

    In a perfect world, everyone would leave there and go elsewhere; let the mental case talk to himself. RIGHT, LEO?

    Oh, one more thing: The Demented One mentioned a few threads ago that he attended a neighborhood party or BBQ and how nice it was to talk to adults (or something like that). I guess it’s nice to talk to adults when you’re still a child….

    Anyway, I hope he left his DOG home this time. Wouldn’t wanna get arrested for another ‘dog incident’ now, would we Leo?

  308. Air Force Brat

    SueK — I wonder sometimes if he’s not actually possessed, instead of just nuts.

  309. Linked previously, but well worth the read.

    Just a gentle reminder…..

  310. Air Force Brat | September 27, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Hi AFB,

    Ya, I can see the pea soup spewing as I type….

    Certain forms of mental illness manifest in different ways; he fits the profile of several of them. Pity that someone like that is allowed to prowl the Earth unattended.

    I will go into moderation if I ask this over there, so I’ll ask it here: He was praising Gardasil as a safe and effective drug whilst banging Perry’s drum recently. Now, he has a tween daughter, I believe. My question to him is this: If that shot was mandated (knowing some of the adverse/fatal reactions that have occurred with it) would he bring HIS daughter to a clinic and allow the medical professionals to inject her with it?

    Would you, Leo? Huh?

  311. Like others I’ve been intrigued by wh insider. But he reminds me of a ‘medium’ who tells us what we already know. I mean, he’s telling us that the dims are working on making a deal with a third party ‘spoiler’. This is news? wh insider didn’t expect that development? Is he kidding? I’ve long said that I think that either Ron Paul or Donald Trump are in position to fill that role. Sadly nothing seems to ever develop from wh insider info. The Wookie threw a nutty? I’m shocked, I tell ya, shocked! Oh well. I’d love to be proven wrong.

    In other news, FS is still a creep!

  312. Air Force Brat

    I agree, SueK, it does seem, per Ulsterman, that things are coming to a head pretty fast. Obutthead has looked terrible health-wise for a while now, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him decide not to run “for health reasons”. As for a third-party candidate, I honestly don’t think it will be Perot Redux this time around. For all the bitching and moaning a lot of Republicans do about the inability to field the 100% perfect candidate that meets ALL criteria and makes EVERYBODY happy, I think they know that to split the vote may very well put Obutthead back in the White House. And when they go to the polls, I think they’ll have that in mind when they vote. For all the carping and griping, I honestly believe that the lion’s share of Americans don’t want to see this country obliterated.

    Btw, did you get a chance to view the video clip I e-mailed you? Ping or no ping? LOL Will check my Inbox from time to time.

    Lastly, I will say many prayers for your little furry pal, and ask St. Francis of Assisi to watch over every hair. Our animal friends are so small, yet they have such huge personalities and such a powerful hold on our hearts . . .

  313. indymac | September 28, 2011 at 6:48 pm |

    Hey Indy,

    Hope all’s well ‘down south’ of the Big Bean.

    I’ve been following Insider from the beginning and there were only a few times he/she was wrong. In my brain, many of the ‘predictions’ were spot on and if for nothing else, we get a different slant on what’s going on in this Mickey Mouse administration.

    I do believe they’re in full panic mode at this point. The ‘first family’ is melting down. Wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall to see Sasquatch’s meltdown; would’ve been worth the price of admission.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the rats run someone against Barky in the primary; I feel that his over the top narcissism won’t let him quit and not run for a second term.

    This is getting interesting…..

  314. Air Force Brat | September 28, 2011 at 6:58 pm |

    Hi AFB,

    Yup, it’s beginning to come apart at the seams…

    Have you seen a recent pic of Barky? He looks like he’s aged 20 years in just 2.5; I guess that’s what happens to you when you’re a complete fraud living a total lie.

    Let’s hope that now is NOT the time for a third party run. I say this because in 2010, our less-than-illustrious ‘governor’ (Cadillac) (Coupe) Deval Patrick (D) was running against good guy Charlie Baker (R) and our former state Treasurer, Tim Cahill, decided to run as an Independent. Timmy wouldn’t get out even though his poll numbers were in single digits up to the last minute and….you guessed it…..he split the vote and Patrick was reelected.

    No candidate will be everything we want; we just have to come as close as we can and vote not only for the person whose platform, for the most part, coincides with our own beliefs AND the person who can beat Barky. We have a tough job ahead of us!

    Yes, thanks- I viewed the clip and found it very interesting. Unfortunately, my French isn’t what it used to be, but I did ping it.

    Thank you for your prayers for little Pepper. She doesn’t realize it, but she has a team working for her: My local Vet, the expert in Boston, and on Monday, I’ll be pulling in my former ‘traditional’ Vet whose since branched out into homeopathy and acupuncture. Where this tumor is inoperable, we need all hands on deck to try to stop it in its tracks and offer this little one some measure of relief. She is *very* special.

  315. Hey, Sue, going good here. Hope you’re right about insider. I still cringe when I think about what he said about Pelosi and how she was ready to bring down the whole house of cards but then ‘made a deal’. Sure, believable, but maddening. After that I just never expected anything from him but a good read. We’ll see.

  316. Air Force Brat

    SueK — I’m being perfectly serious when I say this: I’ve seen things (healings and such) in my lifetime that have NO rational explanation. For one example, when I was 7 or 8, I had a significant heart murmur. The heart guy at Tinker AFB saw me on a Friday. CIvilian heart specialists were scheduled to come from OKC to the base on Monday to do more tests and give their opinions regarding surgery. My mother went to her church ladies’ group that evening, and they held some kind of intensive prayer session on my behalf. On Monday, Mom took me back to Tinker, where the civilian heart specialists checked me thoroughly. They turned to the base’s heart guy and said, “You’re crazy. There’s nothing wrong with this little girl’s heart. Why did you waste our time?” Maybe the same type of thing won’t happen with Pepper . . . but maybe it WILL.

    Re the French film — did you mean “ping” in the ordinary sense, or in the sense of the protagonist being, well . . . “bent”, LOL? To me, nothing looks out of place, but then again, I could very well be fulla crapola . . . 😀

  317. indymac | September 28, 2011 at 9:23 pm |

    Hey Indy,

    Good; glad all’s well! All’s well in the Merrimack Valley and the City of Beans, too. I heard Mayah Menino reading a prepared statement today and I still don’t know what the hell he said. I met him face to face a few years ago and I was only about 2 feet from the man; you guessed it…I didn’t know what the hell he said *in person.* At least it’s entertaining to try to figure out WTH he’s talking about…

    I think we were all thrown by the Pelousy thing but it just goes to show that even those who are ‘in the loop’ are deceived, sometimes. Do we expect anything less from these thugs?

    Insider can only report what he/she hears; I’m sure that there’s a *ton* of crappola going on that only Jarrett the Terrorist and a handful of wannabe terrorists in the D.C. cesspool know. I don’t fault Insider for that, but I was sorry that the Wicked Witch was not gone; no more disappointed than Insider, I’m sure!

    The new Ulsterman site is a lot easier to navigate that Newsflavor; I’m glad that he/she now has their own place. It bears watching and reading :).

  318. Air Force Brat | September 28, 2011 at 9:28 pm |

    Thanks for the pep talk, AFB!

    I’m glad to read that you were OK after the prayer blitz; I do believe He hears. That’s a wonderful story and I’m happy that the heart problem vanished and that you’re still with us :).

    A lot of people are praying for Pepper. She doesn’t know it, but she now has a 3-woman team of the best Vets in the area and they will all connect to figure out how to proceed. It’s just that she’s so small and has lost weight. We will get more answers on Monday. Thank you again!

    I pinged the piece in the ordinary sense; some friends are much better French speakers than I :).

  319. A Crazy Old Coot

    Republicans eye Hispanic half of the ticket
    By Richard McGregor in Washington


    But Mr Rubio has a too-good-to-be-true political biography that could broaden his appeal nationally at a time when the Republican base is narrowing.
    Read the rest at the above link.

    Rubio is NOT qualified to be Vice President or President. He is NOT a Natural Born Citizen as required by the Constitution. His parents were not citizens when he was born.

  320. A Crazy Old Coot

    AFB… I retired from the AF at Tinker AFB. They have some good people there and if they can’t fix you, they will send you to outside hospitals.

    Wonderful memories of Tinker.

  321. Hi everybody…………………………

    Just came from CW where I apparently ruffled FSs feathers. He put me in MODERATION. HAR DE HAR! He is such a child! You call a spade a spade,and he puts you in moderation. I am beginning to think that the site is becoming OBOT oriented. Apparently he cannot face reality,which leads me to believe that he is either off his medication,or is returning to his previous OBOT orientation.

  322. Oldsalt — I agree. Something’s just not right at that place. It long ago ceased being respect-worthy, and will never regain its former stature. That’s unfortunate because I always enjoyed reading your posts, but would not visit that site again for anything. So please post as much as you like here! 🙂

    Crazy Old Coot — wow, what a small world! I was born on base, and was extremely sad when my military ID expired upon turning 23. Just to drive by it today and see the varous aircraft on display brings all the memories back. And the docs there are very good, true — which makes it all the more strange for a well-documented heart murmur to just vanish over the course of a weekend, after my mom’s church group prayed for me.

  323. A Crazy Old Coot

    Air Force Brat | September 29, 2011 at 10:50 am |

    I very much believe in the healing power of prayer. My wife had a lump in her breast and after the tests, but before the results, the Dr started talking about surgery to remove the breast. The church prayer for her and when the results came back in the Dr. was amazed because it was not cancer. Praise the Lord!!!

    Have a great day!

  324. Hello All,
    Have you seen Mario’s latest?

    See this new blog called, Terrible Truth. The owners of the new blog are writers and researchers, Martha Trowbridge and Erik Rush. They have just written an article entitled, Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair, accessed at

    The authors maintain, based on evidence of tampering with photographs of Obama’s mother, that “Obama’s Mother And Son photo was falsified to deceive us.”

    They state: “Truth is, mama Stanley Ann didn’t have long hair when Barack was young. Until, of course, with photoshop-type tampering, The Obama Campaign made sure we’d think that she did.”

  325. SueK,
    Good luck to your dog…

  326. Hi DABIG!

    Thanks, but Pepper is a tiny guinea pig I adopted in 2010 from the Boston SPCA. She’s only two years old and is an adult, but only weighs 1.5 pounds.

    That’s why I’m so worried; she has an osteosarcoma between her back teeth and cheek….bone cancer in her left jaw. Surgery would remove the tumor, and also part of her jaw. I need an alternative!

    Trying the homeopathic route on Monday and my two traditional Vets are also involved.

    Praying for her. Hard.

  327. A Crazy Old Coot

    E-voting machines vulnerable to remote vote changing
    By: Elinor Mills September 28, 2011 3:38 PM PDT


    The Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argonne Laboratory, which is a division of the Department of Energy, discovered this summer that Diebold touch-screen e-voting machines could be hijacked remotely, according to team leader Roger Johnston. Salon reported on it today, noting that as many as a quarter of American voters are expected to be using machines that are vulnerable to such attacks in the 2012 election
    Read the rest at the above link

  328. SueK | September 29, 2011 at 7:49 pm |

    Prayers for your little Pepper. Hope you find the treatment that will work for her.

  329. Thanks, Indy.

    She is a runt and is very small; she has lost weight because she’s not eating….her mouth is bothering her.

    My local Vet and a specialist at Angell/Boston have already seen her and now, my former traditional Vet who’s now got a homeopathy/acupuncture practice is next in line. All three docs know each other, and will compare notes.

    Pepper is special and will kiss you silly! Let’s hope that these three brilliant docs can help her.

    Appreciate your concern! I wish there was a way to post a pic….

  330. A Crazy Old Coot
    By: Sorcha Faal

    A new report prepared by Russian Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko about the Eurogroup meeting of the Informal Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) in Wroclaw Poland on the growing European debt crisis states that EU Finance Ministers were “left stunned”Friday after they were told by US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that President Obama was “not in charge.”

    Read the rest at the above link.
    I don’t know anything about the site listed and can not verify.

  331. SueK | September 29, 2011 at 7:49 pm |

    Hi DABIG!
    Bet that garnered a laugh, Sue. I’ll learn to pay closer attention and read every word, that’s too funny. Here’s to hoping Pepper responds well!

  332. SueQ | September 24, 2011 at 8:09 pm |

    HEY SueQ! Glad to see you here. I just read a post, the subject was FOS (FS). Excellent piece, very enlightening.
    Agree, demented obot. Now that’s one sick puppy!
    Take care SueQ!

  333. A Crazy Old Coot | September 30, 2011 at 12:01 am |
    By: Sorcha Faal
    Careful of Sorcha Faal, from what I understand from years ago it’s pretty much “entertainment”

    I’m in no way trying to discount your source it’s just that I’ve been down that road years ago. Hope this helps.

  334. A Crazy Old Coot | September 30, 2011 at 12:01 am |

    I just made a comment to you about Sorcha Faal, it is in moderation probably due to the number of links, I should have known.
    Hope this helps or just search who is sorcha faal?’

  335. A Crazy Old Coot

    Researchers Hack Voting Machine for $26
    By Matt Liebowitz Published September 30, 2011
    | TechMediaNetwork

    Campaigning for the 2012 presidential race has already begun, but what the candidates don’t know is that come election day, hackers could be the ones whose votes have the biggest impact.

    Researchers from the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois have developed a hack that, for about $26 and an 8th-grade science education, can remotely manipulate the electronic voting machines used by millions of voters all across the U.S.

    Read more:
    Read the rest at the above link.

  336. Dabig, I read that link regarding Sorcha Faal. While I doubt the veracity of anything coming from this mystery source, can you explain for us what is an “agent of Zionist disinfo” ? Whenever I see language like that I figure it’s just codeword for “Jews”. If there’s another explanation, fill us in.

  337. Ya know, DABIG, I read your dog comment at work then, came home and looked around; no dog to be found, just two bunnies, 3 pound Lucy pig (she’s a real heifer!) and little Pepper. Looked again, and still no dog; maybe he’ll show up later :).

    Your post gave me a needed giggle….thanks!

  338. indymac | September 30, 2011 at 7:54 pm |

    Sure, they’re referring to a ‘Zionist’ (formally Nationalists) which is in no way codeword for a Jew. Zionists and Jews are worlds apart. As Joe Biden stated “you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist” runs quite true. I guess it would be similar to saying all Conservatives are Fascist Neo-Cons, which is a false statement.
    It was the Nationalists (now Zionists) who reported the Jews whereabouts to the SS, to work in the camps to exterminate their own. No, it is not a code word for Jew.
    Are you familiar with the below site? My wife (a Jew) uses it from time to time to educate some as to the difference.

  339. SueK | September 30, 2011 at 8:15 pm |

    You’re most welcome. Glad I could be of some giggle service (embarrassingly so). 😮

  340. indymac | September 30, 2011 at 7:54 pm |

    Bottom line: Zionists are the bad guys posing as Jews.

  341. DABIG, no worries and no need for embarrassment! Just think of me as a non-traditional pet mom :).

    I read the jewsagainstzionism link you posted…what a great site and they’ve got it right! I shall bookmark it.

    Please wish your lovely wife a very happy Rosh Hashanah and may this New Year bring you and your family happiness, good health and peace!

  342. My understanding is that a Zionist believes Israel has a right to exist, while those in opposition to “Zionists” don’t believe so. I base this on the fact that Islamic supremacists like Ahmadinejad use the same language in attacking their hated enemy, Jews, and I find it troubling that there are paleo-Libertarians such as Ron Paul and his supporters who find common ground with these scum. I guess Paul made it really clear how out of the mainstream he is in his comments in the recent debate and it was great to hear the boos from the crowd. If believing in Israel’s right to exist makes one a ‘Zionist’ count me in. . .BTW, appeasement doesn’t work.

  343. This idea that “Zionists” are bad guys posing as Jews sounds like something from the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. No thanks.

  344. I think jewsagainstzionists might wanna change their name to jewsagainstisrael. What’s the difference?

  345. Perhaps that jewsagainstzionists is from that radical orthodox sect that met with Ahmadinejad. Netaru Karti or something like that. Wacked out self-haters. Dumb too.

  346. SueK | September 30, 2011 at 8:53 pm |

    Thank you SueK.

  347. Here’s what that aussie Rabbi that runs jewsagainstzionism site said:

    “Zionists Were Spiritually And Physically Responsible For The Holocaust”

    Just like ‘the usa was responsible for 9-11’. We asked for it, blah blah. Sorry Dabig, this thinking is not only way off base but counter-productive and plays into our enemy’s hands. It makes one truly a ‘useful idiot’ to buy into this, IMHO. Ahmadinejad sends kisses.

  348. indymac | September 30, 2011 at 9:05 pm |

    Weren’t you the one who railed when I put up a links (on purpose at CW’s) to expose your beliefs in line with the JDL (a mere hate group founded by a pedophile). You bit, hard that night too. I knew what to expect, I knew you were just baiting here. With your type it seems to be Israel 1st, America 2nd. That’s fair, just can’t admit it though.
    I should have know better than to extend the olive branch though, should have know you weren’t sincere. Thanks for the confirmation, all 4 of them!
    We’ll just leave it at that, Indymac.

  349. Gosh, my error, all 5!

  350. Dabig, man you Paulies have a Jew problem. I don’t know about your JDL links and outrageous accusations bud.

    To anyone who would like a better understanding of these issues, an article from last year on Jerusalem Post is a good place to start:

    some exerpts from the article titled: Anti-Semitic themes found in mainstream British circles:

    “At the heart of revived anti- Jewish sentiments, according to the study, is the “corruption and debasement” of the word “Zionism,” which is found not only in extremist discourse but more commonly in mainstream circles. The overlap of the words “Zionist” and “Jew” also manifests such corruption and reflects modern-day anti-Semitism, according to the CST report.”

    ““When mainstream journalists and politicians use the word ‘Zionism’ in a pejorative way, it can be very difficult to distinguish their words from those of actual anti-Semites who conceal their anti-Semitism by swapping the word ‘Zionist’ for ‘Jew,’” the document states.

    While the report emphasizes that the anti-Israel and anti- Zionist campaigns that exists in certain media outlets, liberal-left discourse and trade unions is not inspired by anti-Semitism, it says that such discourse often inadvertently has anti-Semitic effects.”

  351. Chicago’s “Wellness” Program for City Employees— Imagine if This Went National! (I think that’s the plan)

    If employed by Chicago, you’ll take whatever “preventive” medicine the city demands—or pay far more in insurance premiums!

    Under Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan, unveiled last week, city employees must enroll in a conventional medicine–structured “wellness program” to manage chronic health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Employees who do not participate in the program will be required to pay an extra $50 per month in insurance premiums for each family member covered.

    The Chicago program includes “enhanced screening and wellness training to establish benchmarks and long-term goals, including weight loss, medication, exercise, and kicking the smoking habit.” A form of this plan appears in the healthcare reform act as well—which should be no surprise, as Rahm Emanuel was one of its chief architects.

    So imagine this picture. Conventional medical doctors tell you to take your blood pressure medication, whether you think it wise or not, whether you want to try natural alternatives or not. And if you don’t, you pay. Same for taking statins for high cholesterol, medications which many medical professionals agree are really dangerous to your health.

  352. indymac | September 30, 2011 at 9:44 pm |

    Dabig, man you Paulies have a Jew problem. I don’t know about your JDL links and outrageous accusations bud.
    Well bud, there you go again with the Alinsky name calling (Paulies? Since when?) Look, I have a lovely Jewish bride who happens to be well aware of what’s what in the Jewish sense, she’s not JDL/ADL brain washed in the least bit. I don’t posses a “Jew problem”. I have a problem with those with an agenda who try to shove it down others throats. America is always first.
    I really don’t care to go tit for tat with you on this subject. You have a history of wanting to argue where this is concerned, quite frankly I’m not interested. Do you wish to continue to expose your agenda, as you’ve done here and in the past? You’re not going to change my mind-nor I yours, that’s apparent, so why do you beat a dead horse with added personal insults (of which you initiated). I’m done, let’s just agree to disagree. Have a good evening.

  353. BTW Dabig, I personally know a police chief in MA who is a great guy. The town is lucky to have him. When he was young he worked for the NYPD and he infiltrated the JDL. Got that Dabig, the JDL.

  354. Paulies isn’t Alinskyite. Paulrhoids maybe, but I didn’t use that LOL!

  355. Bombshell: DOJ Considering Elimination of ATF

    Multiple sources, including sources from ATF, DOJ and Congressional offices have said there is a white paper circulating within the Department of Justice, outlining the essential elimination of ATF. According to sources, the paper outlines the firing of at least 450 ATF agents in an effort to conduct damage control as Operation Fast and Furious gets uglier and as election day 2012 gets closer. ATF agents wouldn’t be reassigned to other positions, just simply let go. Current duties of ATF, including the enforcement of explosives and gun laws, would be transferred to other agencies, possibly the FBI and the DEA. According to a congressional source, there have been rumblings about the elimination of ATF for quite sometime, but the move would require major political capital to actually happen.

    “It’s a serious white paper being circulated, how far they’d get with it I don’t know,” a confidential source said.

  356. India Sues Monsanto
    India vs. Monsanto: seeds of discord

    For the first time ever, a country – India – is accusing a multinational company of “bio-piracy”. That means stealing indigenous plants, and then trying to develop genetically modified versions of them, without giving any compensation back to the local people or nation where the plant originally came from. Our reporters travelled to one of the affected areas and spoke to those who say it’s their environment which has been stolen.
    Article & Video:

  357. Prayers for Youcef Nardarkhani
    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – September 29, AD 2011 7:37 PM MST
    This man may be mere hours away from being hanged in Iran because he left the totalitarian political system of islam, and is now a Christian pastor. He has been given the ultimatum to either reject Christ and return to the islamic political system, OR BE EXECUTED ON FRIDAY.

    Youcef will hang before he renounces Christ.

    You people won’t even cancel your damn cable.

    This man, this husband, this father of two boys, is going to have a cord put around his neck and be hung from a construction crane.

    Pray for Youcef Nardarkhani. Pray for his wife and for his sons. And then pray for yourself, that you may someday possess one percent of the strength that he has. Pray that you will follow in his footsteps when the ultimatum, “Christ, or the gallows” is given to you. Pray for the grace of SHAME when you compare yourself to this man.

    Pray that you are able to reclaim the ability to discern the difference between reality and entertainment, and have the proper emotional and intellectual response to a young husband and father being hanged because he refuses to bow to islam, and does bow to Christ.

  358. This is one gal with no fear
    After receiving a death threat on her Youtube account, this is her reply:

    Hello mufcadnan123!

    You don’t need to “find” me. My address is 9175 Kornbrust Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124.

    Luckily for you, there are daily DIRECT FLIGHTS from Heathrow to Denver. Here’s what you will need to do. After arriving at Denver and passing through customs, you will need to catch the shuttle to the rental car facility. Once in your rental car, take Pena Boulevard to I-225 south. Proceed on I-225 south to I-25 south. Proceed south on I-25 to Lincoln Avenue which is exit 193. Turn right (west) onto Lincoln. Proceed west to the fourth light, and turn left (south) onto Ridgegate Boulevard. Proceed south, through the roundabout to Kornbrust Drive. Turn left onto Kornbrust Drive and then take an immediate right onto Kornbrust Circle. I’m at 9175.

    Just do me one favor. PLEASE wear body armor. I have some new ammunition that I want to try out, and frankly, close- quarter body shots without armor would feel almost unsporting from my perspective. That and the fact that I’m probably carrying a good 50 I.Q. points on you makes it morally incumbent upon me to spot you a tactical advantage.

  359. Ann Barnhardt is a little tightly wound. She should switch to decaf. And she should try not to look so psycho when she is lighting korans. Heheh, guess that’s a tall order.

  360. Oh now the Christian Pastor is a “Rapist”??
    They claim our media has lied to us.

    “Washington (CNN) — Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani will be put to death for several charges of rape and extortion, charges that differ greatly from his original sentence of apostasy, Iran’s semi-official Fars News agency reported Friday.

    Gholomali Rezvani, the deputy governor of Gilan province, where Nadarkhani was tried and convicted, accused Western media of twisting the real story, referring to him as a “rapist.” A previous report from the news agency claimed he had committed several violent crimes, including repeated rape and extortion.

    “His crime is not, as some claim, converting others to Christianity,” Rezvani told Fars. “He is guilty of security-related crimes.”

    In a translated Iranian Supreme Court brief from 2010, however, the charge of apostasy is the only charge leveled against Nadarkhani.”

  361. So let me get this straight, dabig. You Paulies think we were attacked because we support Israel. But you sing the praises of a woman who burns korans. Where do I begin?

  362. Where our enemies are psychotic cultists, we need to keep our sanity in opposing them. Descending to their level is counter-productive IMO. Why throw a rock into a hornet’s nest? Better to keep our emotions in check. I’ve never believed in book burning, even if you’re talking about those I find repulsive. Better to be educated yourselves. If you know about things like “abrogated verses”, dhimmitude, history of islamic supermacism, etc, you can better help educate your fellow Americans and counter the propaganda they are fed by media know-nothing fools. So you would better be able to explain something like what the GZM victory mosque is all about. Now if someone can tell me where I’m wrong, have at it. In the meantime, here is one of Ann’s greatest hits:

  363. Ann Barnhardt is someone who likes to put a target on her own back. (Here are the directions to my house, lol.) Would you really put that in the “brave” category, or the idiotic?

  364. A Crazy Old Coot

    Ann Barnhardt is someone I highly respect for her standing up against the muslim (supposedly) religion.

  365. Air Force Brat

    Not 100% sure how to take Ann sometimes, but I do know that I like her pink AR-15.

    It’s also notable that so far, no one has followed through yet on threats to kill, rape and/or behead her. The AR-15 probably has a lot to do with that.

  366. Coot — I think that there are those that are much better at standing up against islamic fundamentalism than Ann Barnhardt. Deeper thinkers like Geert Wilders, Walid Shoebat and Daniel Pipes and a few others come to mind. I’m not a fan of the Terry Jones/Ann Barnhardt approach.

  367. Let’s not forget Nonie Darwish!

  368. Bridgitte Gabriel.

  369. A Crazy Old Coot

    I really don’t care what other people think of her. I respect her and her methods. I especially liked the way she used bacon strips as book marks. She is one gutsy lady!!

  370. Pam Geller did some real yeoman’s work in her expose of the GZM backers. I understand she’s had her share of threats as well, but don’t you think her work does a better job at standing up to islamic fundamentalists? I think burning koran pages bookmarked with bacon strips does more to encourage jihadists than to oppose them.

    The approach seems immature to me and emotionally driven. I’d rather listen to an Egyptian Coptic translate and describe the meaning of the abrogated verses, as I think that does more to advance understanding of what motivates these people and less to encourage them. Maybe the Coptics could even teach the Paul supporters about the roots of islamist hatred of Jews, about how the hatred became part of the foundation of muslim thought at the Battle of the Trench (seige of Medina). (I doubt Paul supporters know the first thing about it.)

    Sure, modern islamist hatred of Jews was advanced as a result of the collaboration of hitler and the mufti amin al husseini, and we see the ugly fruits of that now (look at arab nazi style propaganda) but we should be well aware of the roots of this hatred. This is why I see Paul supporters as ‘useful idiots’ regarding this issue, as they find common ground with islamic historical revisionists, and are more than happy to parrot the islamist propaganda.

    I think that with a deeper understanding and a more mature approach we are better able to oppose the islamist forces that wish to destroy and dominate us. But that’s just my opinion.

  371. Poking a hornet’s nest with a stick isn’t guts. It’s nuts. Though I will admit that it’s kind of entertaining to watch someone do it from a distance.

  372. Hi Indy and dabig,

    I don’t really understand the disagreement going on previously. I don’t know much about Zionism at all. I am a believer in the Lord Jesus who was born a Jew, under the law. Yet he set us free from the law of sin and death.

    I’m sure there is a lot of political infighting in Israel, just as there is here, even between people of the same party. Just like there is between many in Muslim countries. They kill just because some don’t prescribe to their form of religion.


    Galations 27-29 “For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek (gentile), there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s descendants, heirs according to promise.”

    This is one of my favorite scriptures. And when the poop hits the fan, I believe this will ultimately unite us.

    Paul… What a guy!

  373. That was Gal. chapter 3. Sorry.

  374. Air Force Brat

    Excellent reality check, SueQ. While there will always be differences of opinion anywhere the group numbers more than one person, let’s remember that, in the end, we must remain united against the common threat.

  375. Air Force Brat

    Damn it, clicked “Submit” too soon, AGAIN !!!!! 😦

    Anyhow, I like BOTH Dabig and Indymac, and am glad they have a place to post where they don’t have to fear some lunatic tearing them apart for daring to express an opinion. I just think it would be best for everyone to focus our energies on the similarities we all share, before differences of opinion cause a rupture that can’t be mended.

    A rare moment of peacemaking on my part . . . 😀

  376. AFB, thanks. I know Dabig and I share similarities; we’re surely on the same page where it comes to FS, lol. I actually do have some Libertarian leanings, though not the Ron Paul variety. The area where Dabig and I have strong differences of opinion regards our approach to foreign policy.

    Dabig and other Ron Paul supporters represent an old strain of paleo-Libertarian isolationism in the R party. While I understand their perspective, I don’t agree with it. I believe that Paul and his followers, by negatively singling out Israel, make a grave error. While they want to “put America first”, which is something we all can appreciate, I see our support of Israel as America’s best and really only friend in the middle east as critical to our national interests. They don’t.

    I think if we sell out Israel we are not putting America first in any way shape or form. Israel as the “tip of the spear.”

    Their approach seems more like at best a head in the sand ostrich and at worst, appeasement. What do they think? If we turn our backs on Israel and let the muslims throw the Jews into the sea they’ll like us? Islamists who seek a Jew-free middle east must be laughing their asses off at the ‘sucker kaffirs’ such as Ron Paul. Because he parrots their talking points. About the “evil Zionists” and such crap. Let alone the fact that he now appears by his comments to be the Iranian regime’s newest and best American lapdog that no money could buy.

    I would love to ultimately see Ron Paul supporters come into the R mainstream. My fear is that they may follow him if he runs as a third party candidate. He reminds me more of a Pied Piper than anything. Sort of a cultish following. His support may only be a yard wide but it’s ten miles deep.

    All that said, I have no ill will toward Dabig. I hope he will have an epiphany and recognize the error of the Paul approach. Ultimately, IMO, Paul is not going to be the R candidate, so his supporters will have to make a hard choice. The question may well become, do they wish to help 0 squeak to another term?

  377. indymac | September 30, 2011 at 11:57 pm |

    So let me get this straight, dabig. You Paulies think we were attacked because we support Israel. But you sing the praises of a woman who burns korans. Where do I begin?
    Question is, indymac, where do I begin (and end again)

    “You Paulies think we were attacked because we support Israel.”
    1. There you go again, I’m a “Paulie”.
    2. Who ever made this statement?
    Must you continue to label (Paulie), does that make you somehow superior?
    Who said we were attacked because we support Israel, besides Islam of course, or are you referring to someone repeating what they were told by the CIA?

    As I stated last night, Indymac, I don’t wish to continue any discussions with you. Seems if I call: black, you’ll most assuredly call: white. You’ll tell me what I am, how I think, THEN how I should think. I do believe you have an agenda. Is it in the best interest of America? Don’t know, but why does it always lead back to what’s best for Israel? Look over your comments of last night, after I stated I’d had enough, and it was probably best to stop, you continued to pick, pick, pick at posts unrelated to our original “disagreement”.
    I don’t care to converse with your type, I find you overly sensitive, highly opinionated and quite sarcastic, in a most ugly mean spirited way.
    Got it? Hope so.
    I apologize to those on this board for the outburst, I meant in no way to cause undue tension. I will cease commenting to indymac and I expect her to do the same.

  378. SueQ | October 1, 2011 at 5:50 pm |
    Air Force Brat | October 1, 2011 at 6:52 pm |

    Thanks guys, it’ll be fine. You’re right also, we don’t need this here, we know where to go for that!

  379. FYI: The Post & Email will once again be accepting comments, with restrictions of course:

  380. A Crazy Old Coot

    Good night gang. Have a great night!!

  381. Dabig, you seem to be the touchy one. My “agenda” is really no different than the majority of R’s that I know. I understand how Paulrhoids have a thing against Israel. Most R’s support Israel strongly as it is in America’s best interests and it is obviously beyond your understanding of how or why.

  382. If Paulrhoids were obsessed with our support to Egypt, or the Palestinians, or the Pakistanis say, instead of Israel, perhaps it would resonate with the base. It always comes back to Israel because the Paulrhoids are the ones who insist on it with their anti-Israel focus. (I had been trying to be nice to Paul supporters by referring to them simply as “Paulies” which is quicker to type than “Paul supporters” but I will no longer use that term.) Paulrhoids it is!

  383. Listen to the Judge:

  384. Arizona Sheriff Explains Fast And Furious

  385. Dabigragu – Thanks for posting that excellent video re. government killings. There is so much lack of clarity on this issue, because these actions are wrapped in a cloak of eliminating Islamic terrorists. Hardly a person would not want these bad people removed. However, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Already a number of patriots are considered possible “terrorists” by HLS. What does this authority by the President mean someday to them?

    Last evening I heard Judge Jeanine’s program on Fox. One of her attorney guests was asked by her if this killing was legal since it violated the Fifth Amendment. He shockingly said, “It is against the Fifth Amendment, but it is legal.” So here we have it. His explanation was that a law had been passed that would provide for such killings by the CIA and approved by the President.

    So this is it in essence: Something can be legal but violate the Constitution. Hogwash, as we all know!
    The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and anything that violates it IS illegal, regardless of what law it is. There needs to be deep, serious discussion of this issue among conservatives, too, because many of them have fuzzy thinking and are uncertain.

  386. Cabby – AZ | October 2, 2011 at 4:55 am |

    You’re most welcome Cabby – AZ.
    You’re correct, the Constitution is not a menu.

  387. In my “heart of hearts” I totally agree with Indy about supporting our friend Israel. It is a miracle from God that she exists today, and opposition to her right to exist tells me who in fact is an enemy. Yet, at the same time I realize that, (if I interpret scripture correctly), there will be a time when a temple will be rebuilt and animal sacrifices will be reinstated. Thus, totally negating the finality of the cross. Jesus cried out from the cross “IT IS FINISHED!” Read Hebrews 10:1-10. When animal sacrifices are resumed, it will be a very sad day.

    I will do my best to refrain from posting such religious rantings in the future, as I’m sure the host doesn’t want to attract this kind of thing.

  388. SueQ | October 2, 2011 at 5:25 pm |

    I’m in total agreement with you SueQ. We should support Israel, I just don’t believe it should be to the detriment of America. I’ve read read Hebrews 10:1-10, and at your suggestion, once again. A very sad day indeed.

  389. How is our support of Israel to the detriment of America? I could see our support of Pakistan being in that category, though.

  390. Why do Ron Paul and his supporters trash our friend and suck up to our enemies?

  391. Ron Paul is wrong: Ahmadinejad’s Iran is armed and dangerous:

    “Ron Paul’s wacky statements about Iran should be properly addressed. The country poses a threat to our nation’s well-being, its own inhabitants, and the rest of the free world.”

  392. Has anyone seen this? Realize the source however, if this is true.
    (Understand, just asking..)

    “Cain served on the board of directors throughout Aquila’s ill-fated trading misadventure and the subsequent collapse of the company’s retirement fund. In fact, he chaired the board’s compensation committee, which, according to the lawsuit, had direct oversight of the push to get employees to invest more and more in Aquila stock. As chair of the compensation committee, Cain also saw fit to dole out $30 million in bonuses, not including stock options, to the top five execs at Aquila in 2002, with the company’s stock plummeting. A month after the Kansas City Star reported on the hefty bonuses in July 2002, the company laid off 500 employees, and the losses to employees holding company stock had reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

    As a board member, Cain would’ve had direct knowledge of Aquila’s activities, says Fred Taylor Isquith, a New York attorney who litigated the employee class action.

  393. motherjones? Bwahahahah!

  394. Anwar Al Awlaki Terrorist? Or Pentagon / CIA Asset? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

  395. Debate Is Over! He’s Not Natural Born

    (by JB Williams 10/3/11)

    This is a good article, even though most of us know the details. This is the first part of two, with the second to be released later. The writer’s arguments are air-tight, imho.

  396. Cabby – AZ | October 3, 2011 at 1:34 pm |

    Debate Is Over! He’s Not Natural Born
    Mahalo Cabby

  397. Majority of IEDs are traced to Pakistan:

    U.S. confirms attacks by Pakistani military units:

    Paulrhoids, you paying attention? (doubt it)

  398. The U.S. gave $20.7 billion in military and economic development aid to Pakistan from fiscal 2002 through fiscal 2011, according to a new report that was issued by specialists in South Asian Affairs for the Congressional Research Service [CRS] to Congress on May 2011.
    The report also shows that the U.S. gave Pakistan $1.3 billion in 2003 and 2004 to help cancel an earlier $1.5 billion debt Pakistan owed U.S. taxpayers. The U.S. gave $4.46 billion to Pakistan in fiscal 2010. The Administration purportedly wants to lift Pakistan’s 2012 total aid to $3.4 billion from the $2.96 billion CRS says has been requested for 2012.

  399. Good Dabig, this is where we are giving aid to our detriment. On the other hand, the Israelis aren’t trying to kill us. (They’re Jews, after all, not muslims.) Instead they are our beachhead in the middle east. And we get our investment back many times over just in technology alone. (Let alone that loan guarantees get paid back.) Now look at what Pakistan does with our support. They must laugh their asses off at us stupid kaffirs. And I’d bet they just love Ron Paul for trashing their mutual enemy, Israel (da jooz).

  400. 1949-1996 time frame, the total of U.S. foreign aid to all of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean combined was $62,497,800,000–almost exactly the amount given to tiny Israel.
    We currently give 6x as much to all of Israel’s neighbors as we give to Israel, so if we stopped foreign aid to the region (as some are suggesting) the net effect on Israel would be POSITIVE. Not to mention the absurdity of us *borrowing* 40% of the money we’re giving to Israel and it’s neighbors from China and Russia. Let them borrow money from China and Russia directly rather than having the American tax payers pay their interest for them. If we removed our influence from the area, then Israel would be more than capable of taking care of themselves, as they proved by blowing up that nuclear reactor in Iran years ago. The only thing stopping them from controlling that situation now is *us*, and if we started minding our own business, as advocated by a few, Israel would take care of the situation MUCH more effectively.
    Some just don’t get it or they do and attempt to justify it, still a fail either way you look at it. We’re broke, or haven’t you heard.

  401. Unbelievable:
    “Calling himself an “underdog,” President Obama today said the faltering economy is a drag on his presidency and seriously impairing his chances of winning again in 2012.

    “Absolutely,” he said in response to a question from ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos about whether the odds were against him come November 2012, given the economy. “I’m used to being the underdog. But at the end of the day people are going to ask — who’s got a vision?”

    The American people, he conceded, are “not better off” than they were four years ago.”–america–not-better-off–today-than-four-years-ago.html

  402. My take is that if we pull our support (which we get back many times over) from Israel, the muslims will go for the kill. First the little Satan, then us, the big Satan. They would rightly see it as weakness on the part of the kaffir if we were to go the Paul route. They’d like nothing more than to see us turn our backs on Israel. They are our “insurance” if you will in the middle east. And btw, just because one thinks they are “broke” doesn’t mean they should forgo insurance or leave the door unlocked in a bad neighborhood. Perhaps we should even increase our aid to Israel, to send a message to our mutual enemies that we mean business. (That should make dabig’s head explode, hahaha)

  403. There are much bigger problems this country than Israel. How unfortunate most topics turn in this direction for some. Frankly, that focus is small minded and self absorbed. The time has past to put America first. You want to continue to bring every topic back to the Israel issue, berate posters for posting their views? Perhaps you should visit another blog where that is the focus. You can all join in song as you chant your school yard hate names in unison (perhaps over at CW’s?). I do believe most here are tired of your cr@p, note that sucking sound as of late?

  404. Actually Dabig, the reason it gets back to Israel is because of your messiah Ron Paul. He is the one with the obsession with Israel. And then we see his supporters, such as yourself, harping on Israel first, putting up links like jewsnotzionists, and thus spreading disinformation about zionism (which I believe to be simply supporting the right of Israel to exist), it becomes obvious where the issue originates.

    The cry “put America first” was also heard from the isolationist libertarian wing back before WW2. They did not want us involved whatsoever. (OMG! save da joooz? BTW, Britain, you’re on you’re own pal!) . .Wonder how that would have worked out.

    I do agree that we have much bigger problems than Israel. In fact, I don’t see Israel as a problem at all — but you Paulies certainly do.

    As for where I will post, I’ll decide that. Now on the other hand, perhaps you’d like for me to tell you where to go. And post.

  405. “The show of German arms in Spain, especially Luftwaffe bombings of Spanish cities terrified many. With the growing military might of a rearmed Germany, war talk in Europe began. This fueled the desire of many Americans to remain neutral. Isolationist leaders opposed any involvement in a European war and clashed with President Roosevelt who increasingly saw the need to confront the NAZIs and Japanese militarists. Some like Charles Lindbergh, thought that America could not win a war against Germany’s vaunted Luftwaffe. Many not only opposed American involvement, but even military preparedness and military expenditures were strongly opposed in the Congress.”

    So their position was basically, go ahead Hitler, have Europe!

  406. And here we have today, Ron Paul,,, ,,go ahead Ahmadinejad, have your nukes! It’s your right!

  407. re: the bible and Christians and the Jews

    Paul told us how to feel about the Jews in Romans. How to feel about them all the way to the end times, which includes the time when they have the new temple and animal sacrifices.

    Whether or not we support Israel financially is important, but not nearly as important as whether we support the dividing of the land. The bible is clear that those that divide the land are in deep, deep trouble.

  408. A Crazy Old Coot

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Democrats Introduce Legislation To Seal Obama’s Presidential Records After He Leaves Office

    ObamaRelease YourRecords on 12:30 AM

    Dems Want Law To Keep Obama Records Secret

    Judicial Watch

    In an obvious effort to protect President Barack Obama, a group of congressional Democrats has introduced legislation to create an official process that will allow the commander-in-chief to keep presidential records secret after he leaves office.

    Ironically, Obama revoked a similar George W. Bush order in one of his first official acts as president.
    Read the rest at the above link.

  409. I think that we can now conclude safely that the entire US Government has become a subverted entity,in which Congress has LOST all control over their own mission,as such. At least ONE MEMBER of the SCOTUS has OPENLY STATED that they are EVADING the eligibility issue.(COMPLICITY). The DOJ has blatantly lied and otherwise refused to expend any effort to allow court action relating to eligibility(COMPLICITY). There is no longer any arm of government that WE THE PEOPLE can turn to to peacefully correct the course of our country. The ENTIRE Federal Government is supporting,and perpetrating treasonous acts against the sanctity of our Constitution,and our Country. The only remaining entity which can still act is WE THE PEOPLE, who still have the Constitution at our backs, and the Declaration of Independence as our ROAD MAP,and INFORMATION SOURCE. It tells us what we must do,and also tells us HOW. I pray that we do NOT have to venture such a cure.

  410. Hi, Coot – I would never be surprised that this legislation could be passed by Congress. Many, if not nearly all, want to protect their hides from any charges of complicity in protecting the usurper. I would hope that there would be enough to reject it.

  411. You’re absolutely correct oldsalt & Cabby, what they’re essentially protecting is themselves and the ever complicit media. Anyone can see this.

  412. Hi All,

    This is Elizabeth Warren, moonbat extraordinaire and hand picked by Barky to run for the U.S.Senate in 2012 with the hopes of defeating Scott Brown, who currently occupies the People’s Seat, formerly known as ‘Ted Kennedy’s Seat.’ You are judged by the company you keep, lady:

    Here is Scott’s reply to this Communist beatch bringing up the fact that he posed nude for Cosmo to earn money for college back in 1982:

    Touche, Scott! 🙂

  413. SueK | October 6, 2011 at 1:52 pm |

    I would have to vehemently agree with Scott Brown.

  414. Obama Brags About His New HHS Regulations Vehemently Opposed By Catholic Church: “Darn Tooting!”…

    The proposed regulation, designed to implement part of Obamacare, will require all private health plans in the United States to cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives — including those that cause abortions — without charging any fees or co-pay. These regulations were drawn to implement a provision in Obama’s health-care law that calls for all health-care plans to cover “preventive services.”

    Muslims of course exempt from paying for this insurance, but do pass go to collect the benefit.

  415. SueK,
    It’s been a few days now, how is Pepper responding to the Homeopathy?

  416. Hi DABIG,

    Thanks for asking!

    I gave the remedy on Wednesday night and I’m not sure yet. I will call her Homeopath on Saturday to see if we’ll need to give another dose, or try the second remedy. From what I understand, these remedies address the *entire* body system, and not just the cancer. We WILL find something that works. I hesitated stopping her pain med because tha last thing I want is for her to be in pain. Monitoring all this closely….

    On another note, I’ve e-mailed FoCW a few times asking for a new thread, but haven’t received a reply. My home computer is old and will not load this volume of comments so I may be away from here for the weekend.


  417. A Crazy Old Coot


    Hawaii Court Sets Hearing About Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate: Fox News Reporter Will Be In Attendance

    This case was filed against the registrar Alvin Onaka and Director of Health Loretta Fuddy, seeking access to the original birth certificate of Barack Obama for expert examination.
    Read the rest at the above link

  418. LOL, CW/FS must have decided to ban me for my crack about a possible FS head injury. All I said was he might have taken a dive off his motorcycle after intimidating one his neighbors with it and driving off in a huff. I thought it was funny! Guess it must have been a little too close to the truth. Hahaha. Don’t know why I wasted any time over there to begin with, other than it was somewhat amusing tangling with the evil entity otherwise known as FS. But there’s no winning with a psycho.

    Anyhoo, FS, being true to form as a disinfo agent gets around to trashing any R candidate sooner or later. Today it’s Herman Cain. Recently it was Palin and Bachman. Gotta give CW/FS credit though, for doing a bang-up job in spreading disinformation via that blog. He/they are professional in the deception being used.

  419. Have you really been banned, indymac, or was your comment put into moderation? Using the name or initials of the star poster will automatically put a post into mod. over there. Today has been very quiet. The comments made last evening by that one were absolutely reprehensible.

  420. Cabby, since last week my posts don’t show up, they aren’t going into moderation. I believe I became persona non grata due to my exposing FS for the demRat plant that he is (besides the motorcycle joke). I actually welcome being blocked. I’ll wear it as a badge of honor. Anyway, it’s not worth it wasting any more precious time in that FS rat-hole.

  421. Air Force Brat

    Agreed, indymac. That’s why I no longer go there. What’s the use of it? It stopped being a decent blog long ago.

  422. A campaign that cheats is a campaign that should be rejected forcefully. To deceptively create a phony level of support shows the lack of values of said campaign.

    Ron Paul and his supporters are comfortable with cheating their way to victory. Straw poll ballot stuffing has become a pattern of the Ron Paul campaign. (Recall who did this in ’08. Check out )

    “Values Voter straw poll organizers suggest a fix in Ron Paul’s win:”

  423. Of course, they stuffed electronic ballot boxes. It’s been debunked, sour grapes. LOL

  424. Video Exposing Occupy Wall Street Was Organized From Day One by SEIU / ACORN Front – The Working Family Party, and How They All Tie To The Obama Administration, DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides, and George Soros

  425. LOL, debunked? Isn’t that what the obots said about the caucuses in ’08? It’s been debunked! Fight the Ron Paul smears, lol!!

  426. “Why did I see a bunch of Ron Paul supporters & signs at the OWS protest?”

  427. So to recap, SEIU and ACORN and MOVEON all involved with the OWS protests, and Ron Paul supporters too.

  428. Proof? None what so ever. Sour grapes. LOL
    Irrelevant, angry and agenda driven as FS?

  429. No sour grapes about Ron Paul supporters stuffing the straw poll, I just wouldn’t support such a candidate who relies on cheating. Anyhoo, you Paulies can’t have it both ways on the OWS protests, now that we all know that SEIU, ACORN, MOVEON, and other similar groups are involved…..

    Libertarians Lurk Among the Occupy D.C. Protesters:

  430. Hawaii Court Sets Hearing About Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate: Fox News Reporter Will Be In Attendance

  431. FS again? You think I’m FS, or just like FS? Bwahahahah, I knew you Paulrhoids were crazy but seriously, dude! Recall I’ve been booted from that sewer for tangling with that SOB.

    So anyhoo, just what is it with the OWS protests? Organized by SEIU/ACORN with Paulies well represented. How do you spin that?

  432. Time to change the subject, give the obvious baiting and attacks a rest (shades of FS).
    Have a nice Sunday all!
    A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic

  433. Exposing Ron Paul equals “baiting” to his supporters. Touchy, cult-like group there. As soon as you point out any of the problems with the Paul candidacy, they attack you in Alinsky fashion, accusing you of “having an agenda” and such bull, having “sour grapes” (for losing to cheaters, lol.), or being like “FS”.

  434. Riots over church attack in Egypt kill 19:

  435. Hi DABIG,

    Don’t know where you are in HI but if you’re on Oahu will you be going to Orly’s hearing?

    I would take some time off and go if I were there; heck, I’d just like to be there again. Period :).

  436. Cabby – AZ,
    Excellent work exposing FOS on CW as a DEM !

    State of Tennessee
Democratic Candidates for Tennessee House
August 6, 1998
    (look it up) *********** 553
GaryOdom 2,684

    (scroll down to District “55″)

  437. SueK | October 9, 2011 at 5:41 pm |

    Sue, not on Oahu, however it might be worth the trip. Entertaining at the least. 😉

  438. This weekend Terry Lakin attended the Values Voter Summit. The summit is sponsored by the Family Research Council. FRC is perhaps the preeminent conservative lobbying group and their programs and events have been hugely effective.

    The event drew a substantial representation of conservative candidates, spokespersons, and organizations. You can see the entire list at the Values Voter Summit website.

    When we spoke to Terry on Saturday afternoon he sounded extremely discouraged. How could this be when he is largely among friends?

    Here’s why. This is very important.

  439. The Cain Train is picking up steam:

    (And he didn’t need to cheat like that Ron Paul creep!)

  440. Don’t know why, but I’ve had an ongoing concern that Paul will run as an Indie and his rabid followers will follow him like the Pied Piper. At the end of the day, I think Paul will either be influenced by fear due to coercion (would you want him to be the guy next to you in the foxhole?) or simply a desire to go for the gold (literally).

  441. DABIGRAGU – October 9, 2011 10:49pm
    Cabby – AZ,
    Excellent work exposing FOS on CW as a DEM !
    Thanks, but the credit goes to another wonderful poster here, SueK, who at the suggestion of yet another, did the necessary, laborious research. I was only the messenger and pleased to be. Things are really quiet over there now.

  442. Just posted this over there; it’s in moderation and will never come out. It will be deleted, but I just had to say it. This was in response for someone being thrown into moderation for saying something about the jackass.

    Talk about a hypocrite!
    Citizenwells | October 10, 2011 at 3:43 pm |
    This blog was not designed for comments about commenters.
    HA! This comment will never see the light of day, but this is hypocracy at it’s best.

    I guess it’s OK, then, for Haffey to insult, threaten and degrade posters but when one of us fights back all of a sudden, the rules change.

    This blog is a laughingstock; glad I’m banned, never to return.

    Look at what you’ve created, Wells: A monster and his name is Free Speech. Too bad; this used to be the premier blog for factual info and now, it’s nothing more than the rantings of a madman.

    Good luck to you.

  443. Air Force Brat

    Wow, SueK — you have quite a way with words!

    Whatever is happening over there is exactly what “Citizen” Wells WANTS to happen. He is no more deserving of our respect, sympathy, consideration, or what have you, than Leo the Lyin’. “Laughingstock” is indeed the correct word for that place. Let those two have each other.

    Btw, did you ever hear back regarding a new thread being started here? And how is the tribble doing? She reminds me of a furry little Greta Garbo. 🙂

  444. SueK | October 10, 2011 at 6:05 pm |

    You’re right, it will never see the light of day, thank you for shining the light here. Nice job.
    I see credit is also due to you for exposing ‘FOS’ for the DEM he was/is. Another job well done, kudos to you.
    Any word on a new thread?

  445. Cabby – AZ | October 10, 2011 at 1:41 pm |

    Thanks for the clarification Cabby, you still played a hand so this one’s clapping for you too 🙂

  446. Air Force Brat | October 10, 2011 at 6:44 pm |

    Hey AFB,

    I’m pretty PO’d about the whole thing; apparently, what’s good for the goose ain’t good for the gander. What a crock he is and he’s as bad as the rest of the LSM!

    E-mails to FoCW have gone unanswered and my old computer takes forever to load all these comments; I know OldSalt was having trouble, too.

    The tribble is about the same and I’ve been directed to accelerate the remedy to once/day for 3 days. Don’t see much of a change, but I did introduce her to one of the buns today; don’t know if that did either of them any good :(.

    I shall start calling her ‘Greta’ :). Thanks for checking; this is very stressful all around.

  447. Hi DABIG,

    Had to say what was on my mind. I don’t give a rat’s arse if it’s ever posted however, I wanted the ‘owner’ to know how I felt and what a hypocrite he is. I’m so *very* sorry I was a contributor to that blog in the past.

    No word on a new thread. None.

    Yes, I did the digging for the TN election results. Cabby put me in touch with one of our old pals (a poster) and he suggested that I look within the state. I’m pretty good at navigating state web sites and found where I needed to go almost immediately. I have the years 1998 to the present to comb through, and am up to 2005 (working forward). That’s all I’ve got, thus far.

    Since everything I post goes into moderation, I asked Cabby and another of our pals to kindly post the info and that was done, so I thank them very much! The thing is that he ignores everything you say and continues to steamroll over posters who disagree with him. Gotta ask yourself who really is in charge of that blog…..

  448. SueK, your post survived moderation and IS posted in full!!!! CW posted a short response to another poster and then there it was for anyone to see, so maybe things are changing. No word from the other poster for several days.

  449. Cabby – AZ | October 10, 2011 at 7:49 pm |

    I’m stunned, Cabby, but it’ll probably be yanked shortly….

  450. Here’s a video exposing’s staged ‘police brutality’ with hired actors who play different roles!
    From Obamafake!:
    “Trust me, this video author got it right: these “shocking” shots are fakes, from the obvious Halloween store vibrant technicolor blood to the Move On officers, to the very recognizable stage marks in chalk on the pavement. These scenes have been faked. This is how Obama’s people operate. And it’s only going to get worse unless Obama’s political momentum is legally halted, and his forged birth certificate is the evidence of wrongdoing that cannot be explained away. ”

  451. A Crazy Old Coot

    Attorney Leo Donofrio
    October 10, 2011

    Recently, the New York State Board of Elections was caught trying to amend the US Constitution with an eraser by listing POTUS eligibility as available to any person “born a citizen”. (Please review Pixel Patriot’s excellent analysis on this issue, “New York State BOE Web Site Cover Up“.) The Constitution states that only a “natural born Citizen” may be president, a much more stringent requirement than simply being “born a citizen”. This effort in New York is part of a much larger effort nationwide to falsely revise history (in this case by scrubbing the very words of our Constitution). The tactic contributes to an insidious pattern of behavior being perpetrated just so Obama will be allowed to occupy the White House despite US Supreme Court precedent which states directly that he is not eligible. (This report assumes Obama was born in Hawaii.)

    Read the rest at the above link

  452. How a Fraud Was Elected President

    J.B. Williams has written the second of a two-part series about the Obama ineligibility. This second article discusses WHY nobody will do anything about it.

    “When push came to shove, and a true constitutional crisis was staring them right in the face, they simply chickened out. They decided to let Obama destroy this nation for four years, allowing the people who voted for him to learn their lesson the hard way, and then sweep it all under the carpet in 2012.”

    Read more: How a fraud was elected president (part II)

  453. Hey guys (that means gals too in SoCal talk). It’s been stated this thread is too large (currently at 465 comments!) for some to load effeciently on their computers. What do you say we go here until the blog owner opens a new one? Hate to see someone left out because the thread is too long. I found one that only has 16 comments and the thread title is quite appropriate:

  454. Hey guys (that means gals too in SoCal talk). It’s been stated this thread is too large (currently at 465 comments!) for some to load efficiently on their computers. What do you say we go here until the blog owner opens a new one? Hate to see someone left out because the thread is too long. I found one that only has 16 comments and the thread title is quite appropriate:

  455. There is a new top post. Sorry to have been AWOL!

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