This site was created by a small group of former posters at the Citizen Wells blog, which we all dearly miss. We know there are several places others have created to fill the gap the decline of CW has left – and we have posted at most of them – but we missed the concept of a less directed discussion. We also wanted a place to vent and not feel we were infringing on someone’s hospitality.

Our intention is to simply link to some interesting news articles each day, if we can find any. These will most likely be political. We will not be writing editorials. Every thread will be open. There may be a new thread each day – we will figure that out as we go. There will only be one thread at a time.

We will ban major trouble-makers but other than that there will be no rules. We hope this open policy will not be abused.

Our ultimate hope is that the Citizen Wells blog will return to its former glory and we can close this blog and return to posting there.

Friends of CW


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